"I have been coming to Soukya from USA for 13 years. The holistic care keep my 80 year old body healthy and fit and they follow up with guidance for the coming year. Soukya is an environmentally glorious and calm 30 acres of gardens. Within the organic gardens they grow their own food, a medicinal garden for their own medicine, a 2km walking path, a yoga building for daily therapeutic yoga and a nurture of birds. It reaches out to the body, mind and spirit."

- Ms. Brackett (USA) after 20 days, 13th visit, February 2016

"Since many years every February we say the same words: Fantastic – A great thank you to everybody for their competence and excellent care. Even one single day is a bliss. Thank you Dr.Mathai for keeping SOUKYA so beautiful and calm. With its marvellous team of caring doctors, therapist and all the other nice people living and working here, it is a very, very nice place to come back to."

- Mrs. & Dr. Rosetto (Belgium) after 16 days stay, 10th visit, February 2017

"Soukya is deservedly called "The Best". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here."

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) after 7 days stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

"Thank you so much to everybody for my ninth stay in SOUKYA. I can feel here as in my home. SOUKYA is my second family. Big bijou for all and full of love."

- Ms. Gerbal (France) after 16 days stay, 9th visit, March 2017

"Once Discovered never forgotten. I now have 3 time in 5 years from USA.I come because the Dr & staff make results happen. It is always hard word. But at the end of my stay I see my body clock turned back 15 yrs."

- Mr. Baker (USA) after 8 days stay, 3rd visit, April 2016

"Dear Dr Mathai, this is my third visit to Soukya. At the outset both my sister Eleena and I would like to convey our heartful- Thanks to your good self, Dr.Suja and all of the Soukya staff who took such careful care us both for the past 10 days. We both feel completely rejuvenated in mind and body. Especially my sister is very thankful for the vigorous and trustworthy manners we were treated by your staff. My sister is truly happy with healing of her frozen shoulder ailment. Once again thank you for everything."

- Mr. Michael & Ms. Eleena (Dubai) after 10 days stay, 3rd visit, September 2016

Soukya is beyond my expectations. I booked for a week to test out the place as I had been to the best centres in Europe. I spent about $1000 a day in Soukya which is well worth the luxury and standards they provide. I extended my stay for a week on the doctors advice and this was a life changing experience for me. My sugar level became normal, I had to stop my insulin.. My blood pressure reduced and I lost some weight. It is amazing the amount of time the doctors spent with me explaining each and every treatment as Ayurveda was new to me. They supervise all the treatments. The therapists and the staff are awesome. Where would you get 6 doctors for 25 guests.!!!!! I am a pure non vegetarian but the vegetarian food served here was tasty, wholesome and delightful.The 30 acre Organic farm is like art work. I will be going back in 6 months. I also met with Dr.Mathai the Founder who is truly a visionary! I would recommend Soukya to anybody who is interested in serious health treatments.

- Mr. Brentcalvert (Iran) after 14 days stay, November 2016

"’Prevention is better than cure & the best time to take stock is when you are still alright'-Dr Mathai belief translates into SOUKYA. The outdoors & Indoors blend into a seamless experience. A wonderful peaceful, rejuvenating & transforming experience. Thank you all for an awesome healing time-14th year.

- Ms. Suzan (India) after 10days stay, 14th visit, November 2016

"My 7th visit. That should be the endorsement. High level of everything has been maintained."

- Ms. Sarabhai (India) after 18 days stay, 7th visit, May 2015.

"I have come twice. I feel very good overall. My Gout is 100% better now and my body shape is very good. Will come back again. Very good staff and very good service all around. Thanks!"

- Mr. Manjit Lit (UK) after a week stay, May 2015.

"After searching in internet among 1000 places, I decided to come to Soukya, and after my 28days, I can affirm that I made the right decision. I am going back home with other body, other mind and other spirit and all this was possible. Thanks to the relaxing peace that soukya gave me and to the help, attention and kindness of doctors, therapists and all the personal. Thank you to all of you. See you next year!"

- Mr. Villasenor (Mexico) after 28days stay, April 2016

Dr.Mathai you opened our eyes to another world of possibilities. This new world has so many levels you are the world sight of what you have created here!!"

- Mr. Pheiffer (South Africa) after 35 days stay, October 2016

"A life mile stone, a whole month in Paradise cannot be more thankful and satisfied. Quality and entire experience will remain unforgettable. See you soon!"

- Mr. Paracone (Italy) after a month stay, November 2016

"SOUKYA has truly been an amazing journey for my daughter and myself. Losing weight has always been tough, however SOUKYA made it very easy and pleasant for us. God bless all the people at SOUKYA and may be bless SOUKYA too!!"

- Ms. Divya & Ms. Rajvi (Canada) after 2 weeks stay, December 2016

"Thank you a lot for you are great and kind too. Great result (-10kg, normal cholesterol, normal liver) and great people."

- Mr. Volkosh (Russia) after 21 days stay, January 2015.

"5th visit. I was fearful of travelling so far and alone, but at 84 years old I knew I had to do something drastic. I was feeling old and lacked energy and incentive to do much of anything. I forced myself to take the 20 hr trip to SOUKYA. After 1 month, I am very hopeful that my life will become greatly improved. I am on the way to a healthier lifestyle through Yoga. Diet, proper exercise and mindfulness of the path to wellness. There is no place like SOUKYA to learn the lessons of healthy living. I am grateful to have been here. Thank you Dr Mathai and all of your outstanding staff for an unforgettable experience."

- Ms. Kidder (USA) after 1 month stay, 5th visit, March 2015.

"SOUKYA has been a very nice experience. It has not only cleansed our body but it has also cleansed our mind as well. Everyone, right from the doctors, therapists and specially the food department has taken very good care of us. Hats off to DR Mathai to come up with such a concept. The 40 days that I have spent here will be cherished by me always. Lastly, but most importantly- SOUKYA for us in one word would be simply ‘HEAVEN’. And I pray to God, coming here will be the beginning of a new life for me."

- Mr. & Mrs. Agarwal (India) after 40 days stay, January 2015.

"I lack appropriate words with which to adequate describe this heavenly sanctuary for the benefit of others, may be to call it the 8th Wonder of the World is close to actually describing the facilities here, the people and their professionalism as well as the effectiveness of their treatments, advice and prescriptions. Hats off to Dr. Issac Mathai and wife, to all staff and doctors."

- Dr. Gono (Harare, Zimbabwe) after a 22 day stay, August 2014.

"It was a very sudden decision for me to come to SOUKYA, originally planning to go to Kerala for Naturopathy treatment, however after going through your well informative website, I made up my mind. The seven days I spent were are truly remarkable, I was overweight, back pain, skin problems etc., I lost 4.5 kg's in 7 days, back pain is normal feeling great. Therapist are truly friendly, everyone great with a smile. I would rate the whole experience with an 'EXCELLENT' and look forward to sending my mother for her back treatment. Keep up serving humanity."

- Mr. Sadangi (India) after a week stay, October 2014.

"I found this to be a world class wellness centre. I have taken treatment in many places in Finland, Thailand, and China but nothing like SOUKYA. I got the best treatment, more than what I expected."

- Mr. Shreedhran (Dubai) after 15 days stay, August 2010

The rustling & the leaves
In the calming gentle breeze
Brings a tranquillity of ease
Which with every day brings peace.

The sea of green & bloom of flowers
Accompanies the choirs of birdsong showers
The daily ritual of sheep to grass
And rooster announcing that time has passed.

The quiet endeavour of all around
Whose smile and warmth do us surround
Creates a place of such harmony
And fills us all with nature’s glee.

This garden of delight
Welcomes its guests day & night
It fills hearts with hope & peace
And provides for us a bountiful feast.

A place where time rests for you
And allows a broader, better view
With thanks to all who make it run
And for all God’s grace and guidance in one.

- Ms. Canellas (Spain) after 21 days stay, February 2017