Guest Experiences


It is absolutely rejuvenating experience in totality. All the team members are motivated for the same. I hope the association of ours remain permanent feature. Wishing all the success.

- Mrs. Savita Hande, IPS (India) October 1999

You have an extra ordinary clinic!! So nurturing and caring and special. I must recommend you to everyone I know. I will miss you all!! See you next year!!

- Mrs. K.D.Kidder (USA) March 2000

Thank you to Dr. Mathai and all of the staff for a gracious, healing experience.

- Mrs. K. D. Kidder (USA) March 2001

This is my third year coming to stay and be nurtured by my SOUKYA family. I have watched SOUKYA grow from an empty field and it warms my soul to see the healing magic materialise - The healing peaceful vibrations here can penetrate any negative thoughts and the depth of the art filled buildings, water features cannot be matched. I look forward to seeing the trees grows and the fragrant gardens & water flowing when I return and bring my friends, loved ones with me. Everyone in the world needs to feel this good deep down at their core. Then we could have world peace! Thank You for all your healing hands and souls.

- Mrs. K.D. Kidder (USA) September 2002 after her third visit

I have to say that I met the previous writer Suhasin from France and I was sorry to find that she was negative about everything in her life... If only she stayed longer she would have found her positive center - I have watched this center grow from the beginning and it so impressive what has been accomplished ! I came clouded by fear, doubt and in 20 days I am leaving stronger and flexible and clear. Everyone must experience this !! Thank you Thank you !" "It is here that one regains, their core of wellness... Their sense of wellbeing... It has been years since I felt that ! Thank you Now I know how I am supposed to feel. I will be back !

- Mrs.K.D. Kidder (UK) April 2007

I was fearful of travelling so far and alone, but at 84 years old I knew I had to do something drastic. I was feeling old and lacked energy and incentive to do much of anything. I forced myself to take the 20 hr trip to SOUKYA. After 1 month, I am very hopeful that my life will become greatly improved. Treatmentplan and daily consultations regarding my progress, I feel much more energized and able to become the active person I used to be. I am on the way to a healthier lifestyle through Yoga. Diet, proper exercise and mindfulness of the path to wellness. There is no place like SOUKYA to learn the lessons of healthy living. I am grateful to have been here. Thank you Dr Mathai and all of your outstanding staff for an unforgettable experience.

- Ms.Doris Kidder (USA) after 1 month stay, March 2015.

You have all touched my life and health profoundly. I can never be the same - only better! Your patience and care have helped me immensely. I shall miss you all. But plan to return!!

- Ms. Mindy Mitchell (USA) March 2000

SOUKYA is kindness and grace - it is the combined heart of all its doctors, therapists and staff. Here both serenity and wellness walk hand-in-hand. Thank you for a life-changing experience.

- Ms. Mindy Mitchell, Systems Consultant(USA) December 2003 after her second visit

My 3rd trip to India for healing and in spite at the hands of Dr. Mathai and has stilled team of practitioners. SOUKYA is a gift I can never get enough of! From vision to reality it contains the best of what I need to heal emotionally, physically, spiritually. Many thanks again! To Doctor, Suja and the entire SOUKYA family. I am blessed to know you all.

- Ms.Mindy Mitchell (USA) January 2008

Every trip to SOUKYA adds yet another layer of healing. This is my 4th visit and as always I found the staff to be exceptionally talented, attentive and caring. I owe my good health to them all-and to the vision od Dr. & Mrs. Mathai- a dream realized ?

- Ms.Mindy Mitchell(USA) in November 2010

My 5th stay at SOUKYA and, as always, have benefitted greatly. The staff, the food, the grounds, the doctors- all are excellent and worthy of a 5 star rating. I can think of no more comprehensive and healing oasis.

- Ms. Melinda Mitchell, (Washington DC, USA), after a 22 day stay in January, 2013

We noted further improvement in all aspects in SOUKYA compared to our previous visit. The courtesy and service quality is completely satisfactory and will be a compelling reason for us to keep coming back to SOUKYA. Many thanks for the exceptional hospitality.

- Mr Farid Zarif, UN & Mrs. Alia (New York) July 2003 after a week on their second visit

Completing our 3rd visit to SOUKYA. We depart once again with a feeling of excellent physical and mental well being and with a determination to return with family members and friends. Thank you Dr.& Mrs. Mathai and all SOUKYA staff for making our stay here a rewarding experience.

- Mr. Farid Zarif & Mrs.Alia Zarif (USA) March 2006

A wonderful 12-day stay. I feel rejuvenated. Superb doctors, therapists, receptionist, dining and all the staff. Thank You for SOUKYA.

- Ms.Maura Brachett December 2003 after over a week

My second time here for rejuvenation treatments. Thank you to all dedicated talented SOUKYA family.

- Ms.Maura Brackett (USA) February 2007

This is my 4th visit since 2003. Everytime I rediscover healing and nurturing. Kudos to Dr.Mathai and Suja for an outstanding holistic health center.

- Ms.Maura Brackett (USA) in March 2012

As always in my last visits I have found rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits. Soukya keeps me healthy and young. I continue to be amazed at the beauty and healing powers of SOUKYA.

- Ms. Maura Brackett, Tucson, (Arizona, USA), after a 23 day stay in March, 2013

Thank you for my 7th visit. The Panchakarma works.

- Ms. Maura Brackett (Tuscan, Amazonia) after a 19 day stay, March 2014

SOUKYA is the world class site for Ayurvedic treatments. The outstanding holistic health centre continues to provide me with rejuvenation and a positive attitude toward aging. Thanks everyone for my 8th visit.

- Ms.Maura Brackett (USA) after 19 days stay, March 2015.

I have been coming to Soukya from USA for 13 years.The holistic care keep my 80 year old body healthy and fit and they follow up with guidance for the coming year.Soukya is an environmentally glorious and calm 30 acres of gardens.Within the organic gardens they grow their own food,a medicinal garden for their own medicine,a 2km walking path,a yoga building for daily therapeutic yoga and a nourriture of birds.It reaches out to the body,mind and spirit.

- Ms.Maura H Brackett (USA) after 20 days, February 2016

A beautiful setting in which to enjoy marvelous treatments given by excellent caring staff. It has been completely rejuvenating.

- Ms.Stephanie Guest (USA) February 2004

A thrilling experience. Every thing is in positive. All the best wishes.

- R. Prabhakaran, IAS (Kerala) August 2004

SOUKYA is an oasis of serenity, beauty and spirituality. It has been a truly rejuvenating experience under the very efficient and sensitive care of the doctors and staff. Thank You for making our stay so memorable! Congratulation to Dr. Mathai and Suja for creating this sanctuary.

- Ms. Lata Pada, International dancer & Mr.Hari Vankatacharya (Canada) November 2003

From the flowers to the food, from the massages to the Mathai pair it is love and concern all round.

- Shri. B.K. Subiah, Spiritual leader (India) December 2003

Wonderful care from every one. Your staff is caring and attentive. I look forward to coming back when the Whitefield Clinic is finished. Issac and Suja thank you for all your help in Puttaparthi and also for your hospitality in Bangalore. If I come back by myself you know what to do.

- Mr. John F. Kirtley, educationist (USA) November 2000

Overall, the treatment is good and my general weakness has reduced. So has the heaviness and numbness in my leg. I hope that at some point with continued treatment I will be able to bend my knee. Doctors have listened patiently to my problems and also wish to add that the staff are very courteous and nice. Thank you.

- S. Sitalakshmi (India) December 2000

A wonderful time of warmth + May + prayer. The first of many visits this time around. Thank you.

- Dr. Kim Jobst, Editor (UK) May 2001

Brilliance Beauty, Abundance, Magnificence and peace are the first words that come to min d - gratitude over flows for all that you are, all that you do and all that you serve - it is my honor and trivialize so serve with you. Just keep going - that is my prayer and my suggestion and please look after yourself.

- Dr. Kim Jobst (British) after 3 days stay in June 2009

My heart resides in SOUKYA as it does in the whole world. Here I find house, the divine in everything and gratitude overflows increasingly. Thank you! I look forward to all we will continue to do and be together.

- Dr. Kim Jobst in February 2010

The gentleness and sheer confidence of the team that worked on me already makes me feel much better and I'm looking forward to coming back and completing my treatment. Thank You.

- Mrs. Elaine Marie Ghosh (India) August 2001

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I came to Bangalore filled with trepidation about the outcome and yet believing that this was the best choice. I am so happy that at the end of these two weeks I am feeling completely rejuvenated and looking forward to life in general. I have to also commend the staff for taking such good care of me. Thank you to everyone for making these past two weeks absolutely wonderful!

- Ms. Gayathri Sriram (USA) September 2001 after 2 weeks

I am amazed at the serenity of SOUKYA. As soon as we drove in we realised that our experience would be exceptional and we were not disappointed. Everything moves seamlessly: Therapy, food service and staff is courteous and friendly. Thank you.

- Mrs. Gayathri Sriram (USA) June 2003

SOUKYA - the beginning of a holistic healing experience. We were there when the seed was sown, we are here when the plant has grown, we wish to be there when the tree is in full bloom! Wishing the SOUKYA family all the very best in the fulfilment of their vision.

- Mrs. Suzan & Mr. Mathin Rahaman (India) March 2002

As I enter the beautiful environs of SOUKYA, I find myself tuning into the rhythm and harmony of nature. I get the strength to heal my mind and body with personalized treatments created to release the flow of energy. The tranquility of the place and the warm and friendly service of the staff is so enveloping that I leave the "real world" behind for a short time, and am once again nourished... My late husband, Mathin and I were the first few patients in SOUKYA more than four years ago. It was often our heaven and Issac our doctor, counselor and friend. It is wonderful to see SOUKYA evolve onto a vibrant space and a joy to share the dream of Issac and Suja.

- Ms.Suzan Rahaman (India) April 2005

SOUKYA is a second home to me and I always leave rejuvenated and with a sense of well-being in harmony with nature. My thoughts as I leave is from the book "Calm for life" by Paul Wilson whose simple answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" is "You create your own meaning. You give meaning to your own life... You can choose to accept responsibility or hand it over to someone else... A big "Thank you" for the warmth and caring of the doctors, therapists and all the staff. See you soon.

- Ms.Suzan Rahaman(India) in February 2010

The "SOUKYA" experience is a part of my wellness and rejuvenation programme and I have been making this annual pilgrimage for the last nine years- since its inception! It is a wonderful "holistic experience"and I am leaving with a feeling of peace and wholeness and harmony of body and mind. Thanks to the team of dedicated doctors and caring and dedicated staff.

- Ms.Suzan Rahaman(India) after 9th visit in October 2010

I have been on my journey of nurturing and healing in "SOUKYA" since its inception in 2002. It is an oasis of serenity and harmony and my annual visit helps me reflect, bring changes to my lifestyle and nurture my inner self. It reinforces the importance of caring for myself before I fall sick and helps to make WELLNESS a way of life! Thanks to Issac, Suja, Dr. Shubha, my therapists and the excellent team of staff for another healing time and experience.

- Ms.Suzan Rahaman (Bangalore) in October 2012

Every year that I come to "SOUKYA" (last 12 yrs), I make a conscious decision to disconnect from the outside world...... no newspapers, TV, emails & limited mobile usage. in this space of silence my mind wanders through thoughtful and supportive suggestions and reveals ways to make my life and actions more peaceful, caring and encourages me to trust my intuition & LIVE each day. All dedicated staff and an extraordinary HEALING place.

- Ms. Suzan Rahaman (Bangalore) after a 2 week stay, October 2013

This time I am back in SOUKYA for a short 5 day visit. Just enough time to release, relax, revive & rejuvenate! There were 4 generations of my family bonding for few days in the serene surroundings. Will be back for a longer visit later in the year. Thanks to the SOUKYA team.

- Ms.Suzan Rahaman (Bangalore) after 5 days stay, April 2015

Once again a nurturing,rejuvenating experience with the warmth of the doctors and staff... Wonderful healing happens to your body ,mind and soul in SOUKYA.

- Ms.Susan Rahman(Bangalore) after 6 day stay, March 2016

Thank You for the wonderful stay. This is what I needed in my life. You all have certainly opened a new door to my life. Great food, smiles and very nice staff.

- Mr. Sukhvinder Singh, Businessman (Thailand) September 2002

SOUKYA, A place to return often; reflects a sacred place to rest one's own mind, body and soul. A space in which to grow and radiate like gold.

- Ms. Judy Chapman, Journalist (Australia) September 2002

I had a very enjoyable stay at SOUKYA! Had incredible, relaxing staff and appreciate all the loving care rendered by all the staff which will be remembered. I hope to came and stay with family in future. Good luck and best wishes for Dr. Mathai and Suja" "It is wonderful creation, keeping ecology, nature, allopathy - all intact. With best wishes.

- Mr. K. V. R. Tagore, IPS (India) October 2002

A novel experience of rejuvenation of our entire system "Body and Mind"!! A congenial environment for out of world experience of peace, tranquillity and relaxation.

- Mr. K. V. R. Tagore, IPS, Karnataka Police Commissioner (India) November 2003

I always Thank God for my health. But I thank a lot all of you for the kindness and the professional way to take care of me. It's wonderful after years have lost the stress and stillness that was in my shoulders, in my back, in my mind. I feel myself a nice guy now and I can go. Hoping to see you again because I'll be able to give the right time to myself for care.

- Mr. Max Martinello, Designer (Hong Kong) November 2002

Thanks a ton.

- Fr. Mathew Naikemparambil, spiritual leader (India) March 2003

Intelligent and excellent service and a very good treatment with love and respect. I pray God's blessings for all the staff of SOUKYA.

- Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil (India) March 2005

In SOUKYA is the pray route of realised services of Mr. and Mrs. Mathai delivered to them by Krishna which thus strengthened as an institution would go down in ages for their children and coming generations to live a valued life.

- Shri. Mahesh Sharma, ISKCON (India) April 2003

It has been a wonderland of 'pure bliss'. Thanks for everything. Good luck.

- Ms. Roshin Varghese, journalist (India) April 2003

I am going to be home sick! Thanks to you all.

- Mrs. Kallie Purie, Editor,India Today Magzine (India) June 2003 after 3 weeks

Luxury to the limit !! Rare to find a place that gives you a unique experience. Rare to have a place which puts you in touch with your body, and solitude your soul. Rare to come out of a place feeling NEW! That place is SOUKYA

- Ms. Rekha Purie & Mr.Aroon Purie (India) January 2006

I am a panchkarmist ! Feel great at the end. 2007 here I come.

- Mr.Aroon Purie (India) Janaury 2007

This is a very well maintained centre, comparable with international standards in terms of hygiene and quality of service. I wish and hope many people will await these services.

- Mr. I. M. Vittala Murthy, IAS, Transport Commissioner (India) May 2003

'SOUKYA' is truly a holistic treatment place. I had a wonderful experience of treatment and ambiance. People here are very friendly and dedicated to their job. I would like to come back again for a longer stay. I wish all the best to Dr. Mathai who has created this heavenly place with so much of sincere & dedicated effort.

- Mr.I.M.Vittalamurthy(India) in April 2010

One of the most relaxing experiences in a very long time. The hospitality and the warm gestures of the SOUKYA community made us feel very much at home.

- Ms. Mamta Nichani, politician (India) June 2003 after a week

What a transforming stay ! The SOUKYA experience is spiritual and relaxing. The people and the nature's bounty wrap one up with love and nurturing care.

- Ms.Jija Hari Singh ,DGP (India) March 2006

One blissful person is checking out today! The ambiance, the service and care, I have no words to describe. They are all in the superlative. Even the frown lines have disappeared from my forehead along with my pains and aches and stiffness. People comment that I look 5 years youner, the face glowing and a calm are about true. Truly! SOUKYA is the ultimate destination for nurturing body, mind and soul. Thank you!

- Mrs.Jija Hari Singh ,DGP(India) in August 2010

A place that has changed my approach to healthy living - Thank you everyone, it was an amazing experience. Will be back soon.

- Ms. Jyotika Jhalani, Designer (India) July 2003 after 2 weeks

I loved peace round the place here and people who work are friendly and warmth, especially doctors, girls, cook, and other boys. I love them all.

- Ms.Tara, Actress (India) July 2003

It is so nice to come back here. As always it is a homecoming. Look forward next coming soon.

- Mr.Lama Doboom Tulku, Director, Tibet House, New Delhi (India) August 2003 after his third visit

Each time I come to SOUKYA, I feel half my health problem is solved by just being in this fresh and tranquil environment. I am happy with soothing treatment and caring attitude of everyone here. Thank you all and see you again.

- Mr. Lama Doboom Tulku (India) September 2005

As always I enjoyed my stay here very much. It was great beneficial for improving my health.

- Mr.Lama Doboom Tulku (India) November 2005


- Mr.Neil Steinberg, Photographer (USA) August 2003

This centre brings a close bondage between God and us either by nature, lovely people (Dr. Mathai) and to know yourself for what an individual you are today. Last but not the least "It's an experience beyond the common materialistic world". Thanks to every person who has looked after me and I am happy that you have kept alive our tradition and culture.

- Mr.Vishnuvardhan,Actor (India) September 2003

Led by the charismatic Dr. Mathai, the SOUKYA team is rendering wonderful service to humanity! The place has been so thoughtfully planned that it couldn't be better. The commitment, warmth and sincerity of everyone, at every step can be touching. I feel bad for people who haven't seen or been to this place. I will do my best to get more people to visit and 'experience' the beauty of the rejuvenative nature of the place! Thanks for everything!

- Mr. Mahendra Jain, Karnataka Tourism Commissioner (India) October 2003

We fell in love with all the lovely little lotus ponds,flowering trees,grazing sheep and colourful birds.All the trees laden with fruits - the place inspires health,well being & nourishment and we are all inspired to our very core" Thankyou!

- Mr & Mrs Mahendra Jain,Ms.Snehal Jain ,Mr.Soham Jain(Bangalore),after 4 days stay,May 2016

Great Place. It was a lovely experience - all of it... Looking forward to this again.

- Ms. Namita Jain, Fitness Instructor (India) October 2003

It is a wonderful experience of getting a feel of integrated system of treatment making natural environment to ensure soothing of body and soul. This is a natural way of introducing what India and its heritage stands for. India's systems of medicine is our great incredible heritage. Thanks to Dr. Issac for having preserved and promoting it.

- Mr. C. S. Kedar, Karnataka Tourism Commissioner (India) November 2003

It has been a wonderful experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed every session. The team of doctors and healers have served with a smile always. Always felt welcome here and encouraged to come regularly and enjoy the benefits. Words fail to express the gratitude to doctor Mathai and his team. God bless and Thank you from my heart.

- Mrs. Vasundhara Rao (India) May 2001

Soukya" is a visionary's dream come true. To Dr. Issac Mathai the visionary goes the credit for realising his life's ambition to get up a truly Global Holistic Centre. This global health village set in sylvan surroundings maintains the higher standard of holistic health and inded a truly exhilarating experience. I wish Dr. Issac Mathai who is ably assisted by his charming wife Suja all the very best.

- Mr.B.K.R. Rao (Bangalore) August 2004

On our last visit over a year ago, we had observed 'If there be a heaven on earth - this be it - this be it' This was the ultimate. I didn't really this would improve as it has done.

- Mr. & Mrs. B.K.R.Rao (India) March 2005

'Paradise on Earth' - 4 years ago. Amazing it still is. Unlike most institutions. 'SOUKYA' has retained its excellence and grace.

- Mr.B.K.R. Rao & Mrs.Vasundhara Rao (India) November 2005

In SOUKYA we found the wellness place, the cure and healing of pain and ailment by the divine hands of Dr. Issac Mathai, Suja Mathai and a dedicated team. Set in sylvan surroundings with peace and serenity, far from madding crowds strife, this is indeed a heaven of peace and wellness. If they be a heaven on earth, this is it, this is it, grateful thanks.

- Mr. & Mrs. B.K R Rao (Bangalore) in November 2012

As I have oft repeated, if there is a heaven on earth, this is it, this is it. SOUKYA is indeed a heaven trans-lifted to the present modern day worn. For from the madding crowd ignorable strife, we have Dr. Issac and Suja Mathai let up the most celebrated and best wellness centre where the divine hands cure and give relief from pain in serene surroundings.

- Mr. B.K. R. Rao (Bangalore) after a week stay, June 2014.

I am amazed at Dr. Mathai and his charming wife's capability in running this wonderful "Paradise on Earth". Each time we find that there has been an improvement on the past. The accommodation is spic and span in beautiful serene surroundings. The Health Service is outstanding. Ayurveda Doctor is easily one of the best Ayurveda doctors in the country and his capacity to diagnosis, prescribes medication and follow up is the best. There are excellent therapists of whom I found some therapists outstanding, lucidity and diligent. I naive at Dr. Issac Mathai and Suja Mathai's enthusiasm to produce the first class service in this part of the world.

- Mr. B.K.R. Rao & Mrs. Vasundhara Rao (Bengaluru, India) after a 2 week stay, October 2014.

If there be an heaven on earth,this it is.This is the perfect place for the expert healing being done here by reknowned experts under Dr.Mathai.We had a wonderful stay.

- Mr.& Mrs B.K.R Rao(Bangalore) after 10 days stay,June 2016

I must compliment Dr. Mathai for his efforts for providing this health care for the global - people. This is great service to the people and good name to the country. I wish and assure him my full support for his efforts to maintain this institute.

- Mr.C. M. Ibrahim,Politician (Bangalore) August 2004

On 19th April 2014, Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Siddaramaiah, Former Union Minister Sri. C.M. Ibrahim, Honourable PWD Minister Shri. H.C. Mahadevappa, Honourable Co-operative Minister Shri. Mahadeva Prasad with other friends stayed in SOUKYA Holistic Health Centre. The moment these Treatments started to improve our health condition and also rejuvenate health systems. We are really happy that excellent service followed by nice treatments. The treatment based on scientific and medical line. It's again on the respiratory, digestive, Renal, Obesity system and what not. We really appreciate that holistic approach in the treatment, will promote the health and also longevity of Life. I am glad and also it is necessary that Naturopathy, Yoga and Indian System of medicine, Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy must be popularised amongst the population in the world and also we learnt that SOUKYA founded by Dr. Mathai is doing lot of health services in and around their establishment and deserve encouragement and we wish them that they continue to serve the citizen for better health.

- Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Siddaramaiah, Former Union Minister Sri. C.M. Ibrahim, Honourable PWD Minister Shri. H.C. Mahadevappa, Honourable Co-operative Minister Shri. Mahadeva Prasad (Bangalore, India) after a week stay, April 2014.

Thanks to my wife I ended up here and now leave here with a very positive experience. Excellent staff and great facility. Compliments to Dr & Mrs.Mathai and every individuals at SOUKYA that makes this is a great experience ! Will hopefully be back - Insha - Allah.

- Mr.Brij Raj Singh (Dubai) October 2004

Guess will be back !

- Mr.Brij Raj Singh (India) April 2007

This is my third visit to SOUKYA and I will be back - what can I say, an awesome experience, always.

- Mr.Brij Raj Singh (UAE) August 2008

As always a great place to be. With lovely people and awesome service! I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Have to come once again.

- Mr. Brijraj singh (UAE) after 6 days stay in May 2009

Fantastic as always. Awesome-will be back- loved my visit.

- Mr.Brij Raj Singh (Dubai) in October 2011

Positive achievements are obtained through much effort and application. Unfortunately we tend to become complacent and paralysed at the very thought of an applicable process that could possibly heal and gave us. Issac, we're known each other for almost twenty years and I am honored to be your friend. For you and Suja, SOUKYA has become a reality. For me SOUKYA has become a source of rejuvenation. Am I looking for a miracle or should I be satisfied with feeling great? I will take the later. Much love to you and the staff.

- Mr.Steve Fetner (USA) November 2004

Once again Dr. Mathai you have outdone yourself. What a great way to spend two weeks. For me your guests have proven themselves extra ordinary. It's not every resort that affords me the opportunity to have breakfast with Desmond Tutu. I can't wait till next year. May I will be dining with George W. Bush. He could use the dhara! Much love.

- Mr.Steve Fetner (USA) December 2005

All you need is love, love is all you need.

- Mr.Steve Fetner (USA) January 2007

I'm sure will keep on getting better and better. I'm thoroughly relaxed. In fact I may miss my flight. I'm proud of you Dr. and Mrs. Mathai. You have created a wonderful fountain of youth. Keep up the good work!

- Mr.Steve Fetner(USA) in April 2010

I will stay. As always as having been here previously, the program and process worked. I'm feeling great. Thank you Dr. Mathai, SOUKYA and all the wonderful staff. Much love till we meet again.

- Mr. Steve Fetner (U.S.A) after a 15 day stay in January, 2013

God has inspired Dr. Issac to create this beautiful place. May all be relaxed who came. I am so grateful for all your loving care.

- -Ms. Helen E. Symmons (USA) February 2005

You all restored my health. Thank you everyone for all the kindness. What a wonderful place and staff.

- Ms.Helen Symmons (USA) in December 2012

It was a joy to be here, everyone worked so hard to make my visit a success, thanks to all of you. Best wishes.

- Ms. Helen Symons (USA) after 18 day stay, December 2013.

Once again you have nestned my spirits and health.Many blessings to you all and thanks.

- Ms.Helen Symmons (USA) after 25 days stay, March 2016

Once again the special treatment and loving kindness of all the staff, doctors, cooks, gardeners, drivers, have worked to make this a wonderful experience. Thank you all.

- Ms. Helen Symons (USA) after a week stay, November 2014.

Great place, great staff, great treatments = wonderful experience.

- Mr.Gianfranco Rossetto & Ms.Francesca Piamonte Rossetto (Belgium) February 2005

Second visit to such an excellent place ! SOUKYA is not a holistic center, it is the state of mind ! Treatment superb.

- Mr.Gianfranco Rossetto & Ms.Francesca Piamonte Rossetto (Belgium) February 2006

Thank you Dr. Mathai for keeping SOUKYA so beautiful and calm. With its marvellous team of caring doctors, therapist and all the other nice people living and working here, it is a very, very nice place to come back to.

- Ms.Francesca Rossetto (Belgium) February 2007

Since many years every February we say the same words: Fantastic - thanks to everybody.

- Mr.Gianfranco & Mrs.Francesca Rossetto (Italy) February 2008

After 6 times, SOUKYA is everything and much more if it is possible! Wonderful and peaceful stay. The treatments are excellent and staff perfect. Thank you Dr. Mathai!

- Mr.Gianfranco Rossetto (Brussels) in March 2010

A great thank you to everybody for their competence and excellent care-Even one single day is a bliss!

- Mr.Gianfranco Rossetto & MS.Francesca Piamonte Rossetto (Belgium) (Belgium) after 3 day stay, December 2015.

Soukya is a beautiful,serene and calming place.Every person,every plant,everything in nature is at balance here and respects strong commitment towards life makes you want to live a life with such a balance and commitment across your body,mind and soul.Soukya is a true form of transformation that does not seem to cease and this enables everyone around here to embrace transformation within themselves too with ease.We will be back for sure.Our big thankyou to everyone here(even the rabbits).Keep doing what you do best as its definitely working.

- Ms.Vibha Kalathia (Pune) after 16days stay, February 2016

Thankyou Again!

- Mr.Gianfranco Rossetto & MS.Francesca Piamonte Rossetto (Belgium) after 17days stay, February 2016

Thank you for the marvelous care. The ambience and the healing.

- Mrs.Mrinalini Vikram Sarabhai (India) June 2005

SOUKYA is all the name means well being, peace, restful and above all harmony.

- Mrs.Mrinalini Vikram Sarabhai (India) May 2006

My favourite place for relaxing in every way. Dr. and Mrs. Mathai, have done a wonderful creation in SOUKYA. Thank you both and the attention staff.

- Mrs.Mrinalini V. Sarabhai (Ahmedabad) June 2008

The silence is therapy itself, as are the gardens and calming architecture. To achieve this level of overall aesthetics, calmness, spotless cleanliness, courtesy and efficacy in India is an achievement indeed. It has been healing at its best.

- Ms.Mallika Sarabhai (India) June 2008

Great as and every time I come it gets better. A truly remarkable center.

- Mrs. Mrinalini V Sarabhai (India) after 8 days stay in June 2009

You get better and better. There is nowhere I would rather go for a break and clean up.

- Ms.Mallika V Sarabhai(India) in March 2010

As beautiful as ever! One cannot but feel healthy here- and the service is excellent!

- Ms.Mrinalini Sarabhai(India) in May 2010

You remain my sanctuary

- Ms. Mallika Sarabhai , (Ahmedabad, India), after a 14 day stay in March, 2013

My 7th visit. That should be the endorsement. High level of everything has been maintained.

- Ms Mallika Sarabhai (Ahmedabad) after 18 days stay,May 2015.

Returning to SOUKYA feels like I am coming home to rest and heal and this time (as always) I have savoured every breath, every moment, every conversation, every treatment, every yoga session, every walk, every meal... I can go on and on... Thank you SOUKYA and everyone that contributes to make the experience here, extra special!

- Ms.Vasundara Das Actress (India) July 2005

Despite being recommended by my wife so strongly, I kept my expectations at reasonable levels but what I experienced have raised the mind - body - spiritual integrated so rich and meaningful. In everything connection to nature and its beauty - in colour, texture, air, fragrance, the ambience - sheer beauty has been woven in. To me the treatment, therapy and other inputs were a real bonus. Will for sure - carry the experience to my colleagues .

- Mr.Shiv Nadar,HCL (India) August 2005

This is my sixth trip. Speaks for itself.

- Mr.Shiv Nadar,HCL (Delhi) after 16 days stay, March 2015.

Wonderful place of serenity - healing with friendly, caring people. God be praised.

- Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu (South Africa) December 2005

This has been a unique experience. We are leaving the center much better than when we came. All arrangements are carefully planned, leaving room for inducing and accelerating the healing. Our thanks to Issac and Suja and their entire staff ! Our only suggestion is keep it up !

- Mr. & Mrs. Damodaran (India) January 2006

Not a leaf, bird or sound seems out of place or alignment at SOUKYA, and after a week here now, I thank you for the care, warmth and ready smiles with which every moment was blessed and for making all your extraordinary effort and hard work seem so easy. To Suja and Issac in particular- thank you for allowing your dream to take such splendid shape

- Mr.Ramu Damodaran after 1 week stay in December 2009

Incredibly, SOUKYA seems even more beautiful from it did five years ago. But the hand of care and gentleness of healing has not changed. My specific medical issues were addressed both individually and as a part of my overall wellbeing. Dr.Mathai was always available to correct and to guide.The sheer joy of waking up to living the day in and returning in SOUKYA calmed not just the mind and spirit but the demons of ill health as well. Thank you!

- Mr.Ramu Damodaran after 16 days stay, January 2015.

Had a wonderful time. Great place, Wonderful experience, Wonderful people.

- Mr.Venkatesh,Actor (India) January 2006

I really enjoyed the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. A sense of well being prevailed in me. Hope I will keep it.

- Mr.Pietro Bononcini (Belgium) February 2006

I usually loved my second stay at SOUKYA. I attained most of my objectives in a totally relaxed atmosphere. This is a place I totally recommended. Thank you.

- Mr.Pietro Bononcini (Belgium) February 2007

After two very well spent weeks, I go back to Europe, feeling more and more attached to the SOUKYA family. Feeling very very well, a sensation of peace and serenity. Thank you Dr. Mathai!

- Mr.Pietro Bonolini(Brussels) after 2 week stay in February 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The Dhara has marvelous effects... and also the other treatments. I really feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Thank you all!

- Mr.Pietro Bonocini in February 2011

Wonderful ! I'll be back many more times.

- Ms.Kunjali Shah (USA) March 2006

My second time here and just as lovely and peaceful as I remembered. I'll be back in a couple of months and can't wait !

- Ms.Kunjali Shah (USA) November 2006

I had long wanted to come and finally a health problem galvanized me. I am truly grateful for the incredible support given by all in a concentrated effort to make me well. I have learnt a lot and hope in future to build on the success this time and depend on SOUKYA and Dr. Mathai to keep me well. Thank you all.

- Ms.Pallavi Shah (USA) after 5 days stay in February 2009

As usual, everything was perfect!

- Ms.Kunjali Shah(USA) in March 2010

SOUKYA is unique and very special in its superb therapy, doctors and staff and the gentle polite staff all around. You feel connected and nurtured and it is hard to leave for the big bad world outside!! Even after 4 weeks, time has flown. Thank you all for making me well and healing me.

- Pallavi Shah in March 2011

As always you keep me going and make it possible for me to function. Thank you!

- Ms. Pallavi Shah, (USA) after a 9 day stay in April, 2013

Wonderful as usual! Miracle cures abound, Thank you to everyone.

- Ms. Kunjali Shah (USA) after 3 week stay, February 2014.

Wonderful as always. You cured my severe ailments, so what else can I say! Thank you to the most wonderful staff, doctors and Dr. Mathai.

- Ms. Kunjali Shah (New York) after 11 day stay, July 2014

Wonderful always which is why I keep coming back.

- Ms. Pallavi Shah (USA) after a 12 day stay, January 2014

We come back and back because this is such a caring and loving place and we come to get well and we do.

- Ms.Pallavi Shah and Ms.Kunjali Shah (USA) after 14days stay, February 2016

I've always prayed to God for good health first. I guess coming to SOUKYA. My prayers have been answered - and in style!! Thank you God and thank you people of SOUKYA. You've the best!!

- Mr Azad Iqbal (UAE) August 2006

Thank you so much! 2 weeks with you was a dream. Every body is so lovely. Sure I will come back very soon. Love and many thanks for all of you.

- Ms.Daniele Gerbal (France) March 2006

Thank you so much for everything! Everybody is so calm and king here. I love SOUKYA and I look forward to coming back as soon as possible. Big kisses to all of you.

- Ms. Daniele Gerbal (France) March 2008

Thanks again for all of you! It's the third time I come to see you here in SOUKYA and its always wonderful and full of peace and love.

- Ms.Daniele Gerbal(Paris) in March 2011

I am here for the fourth time and it was wonderful! As soon as I discovered SOUKYA I always wanted to come back that peace place. Thanks so much for all because everything is perfect. Full love for all of you. You are in my heart.

- Danielle Gerbal (France) in April 2012

Thank you so much for everything. Always I feel in peace in Soukya. Lots of love

- Ms. Daniel Gerbal, (France, Paris), after a 20 day stay in March, 2013

As usual all is perfect.Life has been wonderful and sure will come back again and again.

- Ms.Daniele Gerbal (France) after 18days stay, March 2016

It was a great experience of healing and a time of peace. May your services grown to give external peace and joy here.

- Rev. Vincent Rajkumar (India) May 2006

I am able to experience the witness of the life & death & resurrection of Christ in this campus in every aspect. A dedicated team under the leadership of committed persons, Dr.Mathai and his wife Ms.Suja Mathai. I do not know how to thank them. I can see them in each staff life and work. The ambience and architecture, the natural atmosphere gives real good context for the holistic healing and Mrs.Mathai needs special appreciation for her vision. A big thanks.

- Rev.P.Mohan Larbeer (India) September 2008

Great tranquil environment, and lots of attention to detail. Heavenly experience. Keep it up.

- Mr.Gaurav Gupta (India) July 2006

A beautiful place to detox physically, mentally to chill and introspect and indulge yourself with great hospitality! Warmth.

- Ms.Tina Ambani (India) August 2006

A true health retreat. A home away form home. The staff and the natural surroundings and the overwhelming bow from staff and fellow visitors makes one month feel better, eternal and short timed. Thank you.

- Ms.Padma Coram (Dubai) August 2006

This is my third visit. It feels like coming home. So comforting and safe and wanted and loved. Dr.Mathai & Suja walk the walk and talk the talk. They make everything appear effortless. Holistic healing only means SOUKYA and I say this to as many people as I can. It’s like coming back to our family home with all wanted relatives. Every staff shows love & care.

- Ms.Padma Coram (Dubai) August 2008

What can I say? SOUKYA is addictive. This is my 5th visit. Best of luck with love.

- Ms.Padma Coram(Dubai) after 5th visit in August 2010

So wonderful to be back again. Feels like coming home. A slue of kerela paradise reminds of my childhood. So wonderful to see the upgraded rooms and garden. I honestly feel part of soukya family by and regular since 2005.! God bless soukya and all the people responsible for it.

- Ms.Padma Coram (London) after 5 days stay, August 2015.

I have enjoyed my stay at SOUKYA. Also I enjoyed the treatments which made me feel a lot better. I would like to thank all the wonderful people here at SOUKYA. Every one of you was great and very helpful. I am sure I will be back soon.

- Ms.Fatma Ahmed Al-Qasmi (UAE) July 2005

SOUKYA has given me the pleasure of trying the Ayurvedic treatments and massages at its best. I thank you all starting from Dr. Mathai, doctors, therapists, kitchen staff you all made me feel at home. I feel so much better and more relaxed (thank you all). I will definitely come back.

- Ms.Fatma Al-Qasimi (UAE) January 2007

This is my third time in SOUKYA and its wonderful to be back again. I can see there is so much improvement, always better. Thanks to all the staff who made my stay even more enjoyable.

- Ms. Fatma Al Quassimi in November 2010

I would like to thank Dr. Mathai, Doctors, Therapist, Kitchen staff & cleaners for making my experience wonderful again and again in SOUKYA. Every time I find myself in positive energy, peace, of course good food, I come back to SOUKYA to find myself with health and energy. Thank you again.

- Ms. Fatma Al Qassimmi (Dubai, UAE), after a 2 week stay, August 2014

Excellent is not the word. Wonderful people, ambience, food, treatment and what not. Good Luck.

- Dr. Gomathi shivaji (Chennai) April 2007

Words fail to express my sincere feelings about my stay at SOUKYA. The spirit with which each one of them do their job is something amazing. One f left with the excellent feeling of having a whole lot of good people around you. I wish the world has more people like them. Hats off to my dear Suja. Thank you so much.

- Dr. Gomathi Shivaji (Chennai) in February 2012

The SPA is an excellent place to rejuvenate. I enjoyed the peaceful ambience. I congratulate Dr. Mathai and his team for their wonderful centre. My sincere gratitude Mrs. & Dr. Mathai and their staff for making my stay comfortable. God bless you and your family and staff. Thank you very much.

- Mr.Basavaraj Horatti,Minister (India) July 2007

This has been a splendid experience, though at 3 1/2 days, too short ! My wife and I were overwhelmed by SOUKYA - the beautiful landscaping, the layout, the traditional and attractive buildings and above all the superb quality of the staff and the services. The therapies and treatments were all administered professionally and extremely well. But what attract us most was the attitude of the staff. They were, without exception, highly competent, professionally well trained, and extremely pleasant to deal with - helpful, willing, ever smiling, and ready to rememberor anticipate every need. SOUKYA is clearly a healthy family and for that, full credit must go to Doctor and Mrs. Issac Mathai and their superb management team. A very special word of thanks to Doctors for their expertise and attentiveness; to therapists, for their outstanding services; to reflexologist; and to the always cheerful and highly efficient kitchen staff for their kindness and prompt service. We leave SOUKYA impressed, uplifted and grateful. God willing, we will be back - for longer ! Best wishes to all at SOUKYA.

- Mr.Shashi Tharoor,Minister (USA) October 2007

Issac & Suja you have created an institution which is going to get better and better everyday. It will evolve with your hands on way of operating!! I have truly experienced an amazing week of wellness and don't know how to thank you both. World class facilities and attention to detail - keep up the good work. We will always be there for you!! Thank you once again. Will be back very soon.

- Mr. M N Chittiappa (India) July 2008

Achieved all that I had set out to on this, my annual visit to SOUKYA. I leave tomorrow feeling relieved, relaxed and rejuvenated. The doctors, therapists, dining room staff, housekeeping staff and all those who contribute towards making SOUKYA must be commended for their untiring devotion, compassion, consideration and helpfulness always. Thank you for another wonderful experience.

- Mrs. Prudence Chittiappa (Bangalore, India) after a 7 day stay in July 2013

Thank you again for a healing and most beneficial stay. I am going home healthier and lighter with my batteries recharged. Ready to face life again.

- Ms.Prudence Chittiappa (Bangalore)after 10 days stay, November 2014.

I had made the decision that I wanted to find a sanctuary to chill out and put "humpty dumpty" back together and it had to be holistic and ayurvedic. I scoured the world and zeroed in on Soukya. I got a couple independent references on Dr. Mathai. They were all excellent. So I was off to India to experience Soukya. I had high hopes but after four weeks - it far exceeded on every count - the panchakarma was dream like, the people dedicated and the place is magical. I left feeling fabulous. SOUKYA is now in my DNA and I will be there every year without fail - there is nothing more important than good health.

- R J Brandes (USA) after 30 days stay in January 2009

SOUKYA is a remarkable place of treatment quality & healing. The dedication and patience with Dr.Mathai & Suja Issac look after guests is reflected in the grace, and hospitality shown by every staff member. Thank you.

- Ms. Jayanthi Natarajan (India) after 10 days stay in June 2009

SOUKYA has a tranquil and soothing ambience made exquisite by the smiling staff in housekeeping or the kitchen. The doctors at the treatment centre are both very knowledgeable and well informed, and the masseurs are fabulous- always smiling and dedicated. Dr. & Mrs. Mathai have created and continue to maintain this oasis of peace and good health. Many congratulations to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai for this truly excellent institution and the days of care and pampering I received here!!

- Ms.Jayanthi Natarajan (New Delhi) in February 2012

In fact we are promoting India as a Wellness tourism destination and this place is wonderful. I am fully satisfied that this is one of the best Wellness centres in India.

- Mr.R.K Mishra, Ministry of Tourism , January 2010

SOUKYA is as close to "Paradise on Earth" as it gets the attention to every detail and sheer professionalism have no equal. My eyes have been opened to possibilities in healing that I never imagined. Thank you for such an inspiring, liberating and enjoyable experience.

- Dr. Michael & Mrs.Joanna Dixon in February 2010

Our second visit has confirmed again, that SOUKYA is in every sense the very best! A wonderful experience equally effective on body and mind. SOUKYA is a truly inspirational place where every need and detail is anticipated and met. All the staff are charming and truly amazing, nothing is too much trouble. We leave happy, healed and also feeling we have had a wonderful time.

- Mrs.Joanna & Dr.Michael Dixon (UK) after second visit in February 2011

Nothing compares to SOUKYA and nothing could. Not only is it perfect in every sense but it provides a unique opportunity for deep healing and re-connection at every level. It is a place full of love and generosity and no one coming here can fail to be amazed!

- Mrs & Dr. Michael Dixon in March 2012

Soukya is deservedly called "The Best" Doctors and therapists are very good .All staff very cheerful,professional .We return home thoroughly rejuvenated.healthy and energised by all that you do here.

- Mrs. & Dr.Michael Dixon (UK) after 9days stay,2016

A wonderful, peaceful and healing environment. Thank you! I look forward to working with you in the future.

- Dr. Peter Fisher(UK) in February 2010

This is my third visit to SOUKYA, each time I come I am more impressed by the skill, compassion and all of the staff and the beautiful settings Dr. Mathai his family and team have inserted everything special. This is further enhanced by Dr. Mathai's tireless charitable work for the benefit of the poor and disadvantaged and his support for research to brighten beneath at integrated medicines to all.

- Dr. Peter Fisher - Physician to HM THE QUEEN (UK) after a 3 stay, November 2013

This is my second visit and I have felt delighted to be back amidst beautiful surroundings, and the healing ambience. The wonderful inputs form Dr. Shubha and the excellent work of the therapists was healing and restorative. I feel exhilarated, rejuvenated and centred after my 3 day stay. Personal thanks to Dr. Mathai and Suja for their affection and friendship. Great food by the way- never felt that I was on a detox programme! Many many thanks!

- Ms. Nirmala Lakshman( India) after 2nd visit in July 2010

This is my third time at SOUKYA and as always I am going back to the work world rejuvenated and full of energy. Thanks to the wonderful care I received at SOUKYA. The doctors were as always excellent, empathetic and quickly devised a holistic treatment schedule for my short stay here. Their care and attention and the effectiveness of the treatments was outstanding. The dining and kitchen staff as well as the housekeeping, reception and accounts were highly considerate and efficient. Dr. & Mrs. Mathai have created a wonderful institution with their vision, commitment and passion. I am lucky to have them and SOUKYA in my life. Thank you and congratulations on an outstanding 10 years!

- Ms.Nirmala Lakshman (Chennai) in February 2012

Another wonderful 8 days at SOUKYA. Deeply grateful to Dr.Mathai, Suja and other doctors for all the attentiveness and care. The therapists, the kitchen staff very caring and housekeeping was meticulous. SOUKYA is an Island of grace and one is privileged to be able to spend some time here. I cannot thank Dr.Mathai and all the staff enough for the gift of better health and wellbeing that I take away with me as I leave from here. Hope to come again soon. Thank You.

- Ms.Nirmala Lakshman (Bangalore) after 9 days stay, December 2014

This is my first visit to SOUKYA and it has been a wonderful and tranquil stay and the treatments have been very professional and exceeded my expectations. I hope to be back soon for a longer stay.

- Mr.Nandan Nilekani ,Infosys(India) in February 2011

Though here just for the weekend, I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated! Thank you for the amazing hospitality, great food and wonderful memories.

- Ms. Deepika Padukone, Actress (Mumbai) in September 2011

A truly memorable stay in an oasis of tranquility and friendliness in the enchanting ambience of SOUKYA. In addition excellent treatments and time to get away from it all and think and meditate. Thank you for creating such a wonderful exile for all of us. All the best wishes for the future.

- Prof.Dr. Ranjit Roy Chaudhury (New Delhi) in February 2012

This oasis of healing, with its beautiful surroundings, efficient care and availability of experts from different system of medicines is a gift Dr. Issac Mathai and Mrs. Suja have provided both for the country and the world. I came here exhausted, washed out in body and mind after years of grueling work schedule at Delhi and am returning today as if I am a new person today. It has been a great experience in every way- physical, therapeutic, mental and spiritual. I am proud that our country has a center such as this. The WHO ideal of health living, a state of physical, mental and spiritual well being and not only the absence of disease is being realized at SOUKYA. Congratulations!

- Prof. Dr. Ranjit Roy Chaudhary, (New Delhi), after a 14 day stay in February, 2013

At first I never wanted to come here but as time passed I really enjoyed being here!! I feel a change within myself! I loved the treatments and the food here. Thank you!! I hope to come back here again. The people and the way they treat you is just amazing! It's a very divine place!! Returning home totally refreshed. Thank you SOUKYA for setting that tone- it's a wonderful feeling. The staff made us feel very special, it was a learning experience. All at SOUKYA are so caring, attentive and competent. Shall return for sure. Every aspect is rated 'A' or 'excellent' hence we are not filling up the guest survey sheet!

- Mr.& Mrs. Jacob Mathew (Kerala) in March 2012

It was great to be back in Soukya - A great experience again from all aspects. Totally rejuvenated. Everything was perfect. May God bless the wonderful institution. We shall be back for sure. Thank you SOUKYA.

- Mrs.& Mr.Jacob Mathew, ( Kerala), after a week stay in February, 2013

A unique place for excellent recovery from all mental and physical stress. A tribute to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai's endearing effort in establishing such a place. Our best wishes for all the success in future.

- Mrs & Dr. Vijay Vir Kakkar (Switzerland) in April 2012

A unique place to find out truly the inner meaning of life. A place to think and heal the body and soul. Both Savi and I express our most sincere and grateful thanks for the care and curtsy of all the staff members expressed throughout our stay. Congratulations to every one for creating this unique atmosphere which me most enjoyed. Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you all soon again.

- Dr. Savitri & Prof. Vijay Vir Kakkar (Switzerland) in November 2012

A unique place to treat health, body and soul. Heaven on earth. With best wishes.

- Prof. Vijay Vir Kakkar (London) after a 5 day stay, August 2013

It has been great pleasure for both of us to visit once again this heaven on earth. Every time we come, the place becomes more and more friendly, welcoming and enjoyable. We cannot express our gratitude enough to all the staff members for making our stay most enjoyable. We both have completely recovered and are ready to face the daily toll of everyday life. Thank you all ever so much. Best regards and best wishes.

- Prof. Vijay Vir Kakkar (London) after a week stay, December 2013

Once again we have no words to thank you all for a most wonderful stay and very helpful in restoring our health. The staff were most helpful. Medical treatment has enabled us to recover completely. We feel very sad to leave and look forward to our visit next year.

- Mrs.Savitri & Mr.Vijay Vir kakkar (Switzerland) after 12 day stay, November 2014

SOUKYA is an addictive place. Once you have experienced the paradise you want to come back again. It has made me a new stress free man. I simply love the place. Congrats to Dr. Issac and Suja who I came to become a good friend.

- Mr.Pratap Pothen,Actor (Chennai) in April 2012

Excellent!! I will be back soon as possible.

- Mr. Pratap Pothen,Actor,(Chennai) after a 11 day stay in April, 2013

SOUKYA is an oasis set in idyllic surroundings. It is the vision and far-sightedness of Dr. & Mrs. Mathai that have created this wonderland. Not only is the ambience perfect, but the maintenance is immaculate. I came here as a cynic but go back converted- this has been a holistic experience!! I came here sick in body and mind and go back convinced that I am on the road to a full recovery. The place, the doctors and the entire staff have contributed to this wholesome experience. My wife joins me in sincerely thanking Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and everyone else. May God Bless You.

- Mrs. & Mr. Gurubachan Jagat (Governor of Manipur) in May 2012

Things only get better every time that you visit SOUKYA, from Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Mathai to every hand of worker here, they are the personification of warm hospitality and professionalism. The campus is healthy beyond words and creates the right environment for rest, reception and treatment. It is great news that Dr. Mathai is now working with international groups to put Ayurveda and Homeopathy firmly on the medicine map of the world. My wife and I have both benefitted greatly from the treatment here and hope to come again. In the meantime, thank you and god bless you.

- Mr. Gurbachan Jagat - Former Governor, Manipur & Nagaland after a 2 week stay, December 2013

Whenever there is something wrong with us or we want to feel better than we are, the magnet that SOUKYA is, it draws us towards it, both my wife and I have come to see this place as an island of peace in the troubled water of the world. The treatment and the ambience take us to an exalted level within and outside us. The entire staff is very efficient, professional, and courteous and yet work in an unobstructed manner. And for Doctor and Mrs Mathai no words can convey our gratitude to them. We pray that god bless us with more such caring and loving human beings. We go back healthy and happy with most pleasant memories of Soukya and the world that it has opened up for us. Thank you all and may god bless you all.

- Mr. Gurbachan Jagat(Manipur) after 14 day stay, December 2014.

Amazingly wonderful place. Both its systems and human resources are well designed and truly functional. I admire and highly appreciate the entire team behind this sustained and successful endeavour. SOUKYA has huge potential to work towards improving the soukya of more people. Surely I would like to revisit soon. All the best and many thanks.

- Mr. K.V Raju (Bangalore) in July 2012

An excellent campus, good treat for body and mind. Very well maintained. True professionals in all aspects.

- Mr. K.V. Raju (Bangalore, India) after a week stay, August 2013

Standards are well developed and maintained.Highly appreciate management team and entire staff.Excellent holistic health center.

- Mr.K .V Raju(Bangalore) after a week stay,May 2016

I am impressed by holistic treatment and knowledge of the doctors. It has been a wonderful experience. Excellent staff all around, great attitude. Hope to return soon.

- Mrs.W. Mei Wen (Australia) in July 2012

I feel great! My joints are stronger and will improve in next few weeks, thank you, till next visit. Very good staff all around.

- Mrs. W.Mei Wen (Australia) after a 9 day stay, April 2014

Restful and rejuvenating stay!! Excellent, friendly staff all around, from gardens to Doctors, well done!

- Mrs. W. Mei Wen (Australia) after a 5 day stay, August 2014.

It is not enough to say that my goals were met and much more! Thank you to Dr. Mathai and his wife to create a paradise on earth which reflects the close ties between the five elements- space, air, fire, water and earth- and the body and mind's health of the human being. The atmosphere and the exchange between guests as well as the competence of SOUKYA's staff made that stay an unforgettable experience, a better knowledge of Ayurveda science and of the Indian culture. I'll be back if it is my destiny.

- Ms.Manon Kanarglou (UK) in September 2012

Back for the 2nd time. I feel that an old car needs services more often than a new one. That is why I'll be back again. Thank you to all.

- Ms. Manon Kanaraglou (Switzerland), after a 16 day stay in May, 2013

It is nice to be back and find doctors, therapists, workers giving sign of reconnaissance. The place is still a heaven of peace and now a first class cooking eating experience! Thank you to all.

- Ms. Manon Kanaroglou (UK) after a 2 week stay, December 2013

4th year already! It is like coming back home, Only the Champagne is missing. Thank you to Dr Mathai and his team. I am going to come back next year better than I was this year. Namaste.

- Ms.Manon Kanaroglou (Switzerland) after 16 days stay, November 2014

Too short stay.See you again.Thank you all.

- Ms.Manon Kanaroglou (UK) after 9 days stay, January 2016

It exceeded my expectations, the total experience of SOUKYA. Congratulations, keep it up and my gratitude. Hope to repeat it.

- Mr.Jaswant Singh ,Minister(New Delhi) in September 2012

Thank you "SOUKYA" and all the staff for the wonderful hospitality and the treatment. I'm going out today to have a better lifestyle in my life. " A big Thank you once again!

- Mr.K. Jayakar Shetty, (Bangalore), after a 2 day stay in February, 2013

Thank you! Dr.Mathai thank you for having me, and allowing me to find peace in your happy place. DESTRESS HEAVEN! What an incredible experience and learning journey for me. SOUKYA is my new happy healing place! I will be back! Thank you! Love and light... Love Lara

- Ms.Lara Bingle, Australian Super Model (USA), after a week stay in February, 2013

My stay of 5 days is great but too short to experience full healing. Staff is dedicated, attentive, professional and kind. The entire centre exudes healing, & loves the herbs, plants and vegetable gardens & hope to return for a long stay in future.

- Ms. Sunitha Sajnani, (Luxembourg), after a five day stay in February, 2013

SOUKYA is like a beautiful paradise with most wonderful ambience, great landscaping, lovely flowers and a peaceful haven for de-stressing from our routine lives. All the hospitality of the staff, the doctors, and the therapist is very good. We have enjoyed our time here and all the treatments and the food are also very good. Congratulations to Dr. Mathai, Suja and his entire team for putting a spa like this with high standards in all areas. We shall be back. Thank you for everything. Everyone here at SOUKYA has a smile on their face and friendly attitude which is truly special.

- Mr. Kokila Ben D. Alubari & Dipti Salgaoccar, (Mumbai, India) after a 7 day stay in March, 2013

As always, SOUKYA gave back the energies with its charming gardens, ayurvedic treatments and unique atmosphere with carefully selected plants, well tended gardens and well trained doctors & therapists. Everywhere I could only see and admire the vision and care (in detail) taken by Dr. & Mrs. Mathai. Best Wishes.

- Mr. T.V. Nagendra Prasad, (New Delhi, India), after a 3 day stay in March, 2013

It is a privilege to stay very briefly here. We must continue to maintain the excellent standards which SOUKYA has. I hope more Indians realize our traditional knowledge systems uniqueness so that we can nurture and further reinforce them. My sincere thanks to Dr. Mathai and his entire team for the warm hospitality extended to us. I wish the very best possible to SOUKYA in all possible ways.

- MrR.H Khwaja (Union Tourism Secretary) in May 2011

Truly a "Holistic" experience in SOUKYA!! My sincere compliments to Dr Mathai and his entire team for working in the "ONE FAMILY.ONE VISION.ONE MISSION SPIRIT." As an Indian, I am proud of this world-class facility. The bar of professional excellence should always be raised higher and higher by all members of "TEAM SOUKYA." The true quest for excellence implies that no journey is ever complete - and success is always temporary. With all my deep and sincere appreciation and warm compliments to SOUKYA. May SOUKYA continue to make many, many more Indians proud with its excellence.

- Mr. & Mrs. R H Khwaja (New Delhi, India) after a 14 day stay in July 2013

My self and my wife shilpa stayed here for one week. It is good experience in our life. The atmosphere in the entire center area is very good and peaceful. Good treatments to our body according to our need. What everybody accepts peace of mind and privacy here we got it. I specially thanks to Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Issac Mathai for their good hospitality. Thankyou.

- Mr. Jagadish Shettar - Former Chief Minister Government of Karnataka after a week stay, October 2013

A very special place full of beauty and brightness.

- HE. Abdullah Mohamed Alsalmi (Muscat, Oman) after a 9 day stay, January 2014.

This is the 4thtime in SOUKYA. We all enjoyed, really very good, good treatment, we will visit again andagain.

- H E Abdulla Mohamed Abdulla Al Salmi, Mr.Abdul Rahman Al Salmi, Mr.Hathim, Mr.Mohamed Yusuf (Muscat)

On 19th April 2014, Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Siddaramaiah, Former Union Minister Sri. C.M. Ibrahim, Honourable PWD Minister Shri. H.C. Mahadevappa, Honourable Co-operative Minister Shri. Mahadeva Prasad with other friends stayed in SOUKYA Holistic Health Centre. The moment these Treatments started to improve our health condition and also rejuvenate health systems. We are really happy that excellent service followed by nice treatments. The treatment based on scientific and medical line. It's again on the respiratory, digestive, Renal, Obesity system and what not. We really appreciate that holistic approach in the treatment, will promote the health and also longevity of Life. I am glad and also it is necessary that Naturopathy, Yoga and Indian System of medicine, Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy must be popularised amongst the population in the world and also we learnt that SOUKYA founded by Dr. Mathai is doing lot of health services in and around their establishment and deserve encouragement and we wish them that they continue to serve the citizen for better health.

- Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Siddaramaiah, Former Union Minister Sri. C.M. Ibrahim, Honourable PWD Minister Shri. H.C. Mahadevappa, Honourable Co-operative Minister Shri. Mahadeva Prasad (Bangalore, India) after a week stay, April 2014.

I lack appropriate words with which to adequate describe this heavenly sanctuary for the benefit of others, may be to call it the 8th Wonder of the World is close to actually describing the facilities here, the people and their professionalism as well as the effectiveness of their treatments, advice and prescriptions. Hats off to Dr. Issac Mathai and wife, to all staff and doctors. Let us see more of your facilities coming up everywhere Dr. Mathai especially in Zimbabwe.

- Dr. Gideon Gono (Harare, Zimbabwe) after a 22 day stay, August 2014.

I am soooo proud of my close friend Suja and her magician doctor of a husband Isaac. I truly had an unforgettable experience of my life. Thanks to all at SOUKYA. I didn't see a single unhappy face, would love to come back as often as possible coz I know I am in the best hands in the world.

- Ms. Sharmila Nath (Delhi, India) after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

Yet again I had a wonderful time in Soukya. Hope to come back every year if possible. All the staff, every single one of them were so friendly and amazing. Thank you to you all. I leave SOUKYA everytime feeling a world of a difference.

- Ms.SharmilaNath (Delhi) after 13 days stay, December 2014.

An exceptional Holistic stay, very pleasant and effective. We have discovered the traditional Indian medicines in a great atmosphere and very caring staff. Thank you for everything. We wish you prosperity. All the best.

- HRH Princes AL Yohana Bint Khaled Al Saud (Saudi Arabia) after a 11 day stay, August 2014

Excellent Service & very happy.

- Mr. K.C. Pallani Swamy (Karur, Tamil Nadu) after a 21 day stay, September 2014.

A very memorable experience at the highest levels of quality. All aspects of the retreat are of a superlative. Thanks to all employees, the team of doctors and therapist. Too little time, next time hopefully longer.

- Mr. Ulrich Eckhardt & Mr.Reto Witter,Kempinski Hotel (Dubai) after a week stay, October 2014.

It is a beautiful place to stay and take treatment. Reception, accommodation and the attitude of the staff is excellent.

- Mr. Ramesh. B, Superintendent of Police (Bengaluru, India) after a 3 day stay, October 2014.

Excellent Experience. "SOUKYA is not only for body but mind and spirit. It is a harmonium effect to the human being. We are fighting in a world of business but we failed to consider our body and life. It is a heaven to get blessing to the triad body mind spirit. Keep the harmony with the nature through SOUKYA. May God bless all by the Service of SOUKYA, their Holistic approach. Special thanks to SIM of SOUKYA and it's JAM with prayers.

- Bishop Theophilus (Kerala, India) after a 17 day stay, October 2014.

KUDOS to 'Team SOUKYA' for conceptualising, creating and effectively running this Oasis of Tranquillity! My brief stay at your lovely establishment is peppered with memorable experiences from the ever keen to help smiling employees to unexpected moments of sheer breath-taking vistas. You have High standards to uphold and undoubtedly in times to come will set yourselves to be a benchmark that others will want to emulate. Good Luck and wish you continued success in your endeavours! A special thanks to Dr Mathai for enabling this visit and to have me experience the inimitable 'SOUKYA' Experience.

- Mr.Ajith Pavithran,(Gurgaon) after 2 days stay, December 2014

I was very happy staying at SOUKYA, I was very well looked after. The staff and the doctors are very polite, competent and were very good to me.

- Princess Saleha Sultan (Hyderabad) after 4 day stay, January 2015

Gitta told us it was a little bit of Heaven and so it is!

- Mr. James and Mrs.Sarah Williams (Cornwall) after a week stay, February 2015

God's own place-created by Dr.Mathai.No words can explain its beauty,serene atmosphere,natural environment,wonderful team of doctors and staff,housekeeping and all others who make you feel on top of the world..This is my third visit to SOUKYA this year-though short ones.I like everything here and thanks to Dr.Mathai and Mrs.Mathai for their outstanding hospitality.I really wonder from where he got such dedicated staff! Thanks for everything.

- Mr.Om Prakash & Ms.Pallavi Omprakash(Bangalore) after 4 days stay, November 2015.

Its indeed a comfortable place for stay with so much natural beauty around and warm look again makes it a beautiful place to stay.

- Justice Arun Mishra (New Delhi) after 9 day stay, December 2015.

This person centered and holistic health care centre would be the future model for people who want to be healthy forever.Thanks for all the hospitality given to me which was very much appreciative.Wish further success for the healthy mankind.

- Dr.Kim Sung Chol ,WHO (New Delhi) after a day stay, January 2016

A wonderful warm and nurturing space for healing in an environment of comforting care.A great team of doctors who know what they are doing,therapists with a sensitive touch and staff who treat you like family.A retreat for mind,body and soul.This is because of the compassionate leadership of Dr.Mathai and his wife.

- Mr.Rajiv Mehrotra,Spiritual Leader (Delhi) after 20days stay, February 2016

It is excellent place to any person who really need to keep his life well.Excellent treatment,Diet,Doctors and staff.Iam proud myself Karnataka have this centre.Many many thanks to Dr.Mathai for having this centre that too in Karnataka.

- Mr.A.S.Patil,Minister (Bangalore) after a month stay,April 2016

Different world,natural greenery,lawn,trees,birds,flowers.Naturalist's paradise.Place to forget the entire world,refreshing,relaxing and rejuvenating experience.Full marks for persons who have planned.

- Dr.K.S.Ravindranath VC-Rajiv Gandhi University(Bangalore)after 3 days stay,May 2016

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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