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This is heaven on earth. Congratulations and thank u'll for being you'll. It is a wonderful experience being here.

- Ms. Sapna Chawla (Thailand) February 2002

Going back feeling "SOUKYAM". Thank You.

- Ms. Mahalakshmi & Mr. Kailas, businessman (India) March 2002

Came stressed - leaving calm and relaxed. Thank you.

- Susanne Condos (India) March 2002

A wonderful rejuvenating and energising experience. Everyone was so kind. Thank You and as we say in Switzerland 'a bientot'.

- Mr. John L. Hales (Switzerland) March 2002

A truly blessed property with wonderful vibrations. Thank You for this opportunity to re-link with body, mind and soul. Good luck and best wishes.

- Ms. Radhika Godkhindi (UAE) March 2002

A wonderful healing experience. Helped me to feel connected again. Looking forward to coming back. Wish you all The Very Best. Thank You.

- Ms. Mridula Jayakumar (India) March 2002

SOUKYA - the beginning of a holistic healing experience. We were there when the seed was sown, we are here when the plant has grown, we wish to be there when the tree is in full bloom! Wishing the SOUKYA family all the very best in the fulfilment of their vision.

- Mrs. Suzan & Mr. Mathin Rahaman (India) March 2002

It was a great, wonderful and refreshing experience. Spending a week away from the stressful life in the Gulf at this unique healing spot was a blessed and rejuvenating experience for both my daughter, Susha, and myself. The rooms provided five-star comfort, the doctors are truly professional and the staff are extremely friendly thanks to the high-class training given to them by Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Suja Mathai. We wish God's continued blessing upon 'SOUKYA' .

- Mr. Soman Baby, journalist (Bahrain) April 2002

Excellent potential. Look forward to visiting when completed.

- Bou Medappa April 2002

My words are not adequate to describe my experience here at SOUKYA. My mind and body have been charged by the land and the surroundings ….. but most of all, my spirit soars from the kindness and compassion of every person here. I will never forget you and will remember each of you for the rest of my life.

- Molly Hsieh (USA) May 2002

For not one minute during my three-week stay here at SOUKYA have I felt alone. I feel that I am with my family when spending time with Doctor and Mrs. Mathai. Never will I forget the good and helpful staff and doctors. Thank You all very much and I wish you the greatest of success in the future.

- Mrs. Aysha Yousif Al Goll'd (Bahrain) May 2002 after 3 weeks

I thought that staying in the centre for 24 days will pass very slow and boring but what happened was the opposite. The days passed very soon and with lots of nice things to do and the good thing about staying was the best changes in my life and feeling. Feeling like a family with Dr. and Mrs. Mathai and their children. I don't think that I could ever forget the good doctors and the helpful staff. Thank You very much for your great help in reducing my weight in a healthy and nice and friendly way. Wishing you the greatest of Success in the future

- Mr. Ali Mohamed Al – Jamea (Bahrain) May 2002 after 3 weeks

This is a wonderful centre. The Doctors and staff have been kind and gentle. My chronic condition has shown improvement. I wish you all great success.

- Ms. Nirmala Banerjee (Indonesia) May 2002

Wonderful experience.

- Dr. N.K. Jaymal June 2002

We felt wonderful hospitality and enjoyed it. Wish this holistic institution grow more and more and to serve the people into healthy lives improvement.

- Dr. M. Peter Martin (India) June 2002

My wife and I opted for SOUKYA, an "oasis in the midst of a concrete desert" to spend one day to reflect and relax "off from a maddening crowd". The warmth and affection with which we were received, and the personal attention and hospitality extended has given us a new approach to treat our patients. The "complementary therapy" was refreshing. It is with deep gratitude, and with a new zeal in our healing ministry that we leave SOUKYA. God's blessings and guidance on the SOUKYA family. Thank You.

- Dr. Fred Simon Oommen & Dr. (Mrs.) Lizzy Oommen (India) June 2002

Each moment spent here is a memory for me, the affection, care and concern by everyone is unique. I have spent some very happy time with everyone here. The place itself is so beautiful and peaceful, you feel very relaxed and happy I would like to come here often.

- Lalitha Rao (India) July 2002

From the very first day to the last, my experience here has been wonderful! The surroundings are beautiful and the people are very caring and friendly! I feel strong, relaxed and clear returning to my life after 3 weeks of loving care. All of the treatments have been relaxing and the staff nurturing. The room is clean and beautiful. The dining hall is lovely and the food wonderful Indian cooking. I am sad to leave all these wonderful people and this uplifting, beautiful place - but I feel ready to return to my life as I am strong and relaxed. I want to come back again and bring my family!!! Thanks to every one and Thanks to Dr. Mathai

- Mrs. Mary Anne Haines(USA) July 2002 after 3 weeks

Just being in SOUKYA is soothing and rejuvenating. The rest of the wonderful treatment and the excellent service, courteous staff and wonderful food are all bonus! I would love to come and spend a fortnight here as soon as possible. Please keep up the good work.

- Satyaprakash Venkataraman (USA) August 2002

Many thanks and good wishes to all the hard working doctors and therapists. I wish you all the best. Everything has a truly healing experience. And I believe dhara did me a lot of good. I hope to return and wish this experience for my husband - with warmest regards.

- Elizabeth N. B. Rower (USA) August 2002

I am very happy with comfortable room - with best bed. Your massage very good, reflexology best. Thank you for your hospitality, amiability and your patience. God help you.

- Leclerc Roux Patricia (Africa) August 2002

Thanks a lot for the excellent services provided to us. The massages were just superb.

- Mrs. Yvonne Fernandes (UAE) August 2002

I thank the lord for bringing my daughter Yvonne and myself to SOUKYA. We had a wonderful time, the days just flew in harmony of this calm and peaceful surroundings, efficient and caring staff, rejuvenating and relaxing treatments. I thank Dr. Mathai for touching our hearts with his encouraging words of advice and guidance. I wish the entire SOUKYA family a bright and healthy future. We'll be here again! Lots of love and a big God bless.

- Mrs. Catherine Fernandes (UAE) August 2002

Thank You for the wonderful stay. This is what I needed in my life. You all have certainly opened a new door to my life. Great food, smiles and very nice staff.

- Mr. Sukhvinder Singh, businessman (Thailand) September 2002

I came to SOUKYA feeling like half of me went missing - I leave SOUKYA feeling that half has returned again. Thank You.

- Ms. Louise Barry, Event manager (Australia) September 2002

SOUKYA, A place to return often; reflects a sacred place to rest one's own mind, body and soul. A space in which to grow and radiate like gold.

- Ms. Judy Chapman, journalist (Australia) September 2002

Healing swirls all around in every flower and smile. I hope I can retain this gift and carry it with me to the world. Peace, tranquillity, friendship!! – SOUKYA

- Ms.Victoria Sullivan (Australia) September 2002

This is my third year coming to stay and be nurtured by my SOUKYA family. I have watched SOUKYA grow from an empty field and it warms my soul to see the healing magic materialise - The healing peaceful vibrations here can penetrate any negative thoughts and the depth of the art filled buildings, water features cannot be matched. I look forward to seeing the trees grows and the fragrant gardens & water flowing when I return and bring my friends, loved ones with me. Everyone in the world needs to feel this good deep down at their core. Then we could have world peace! Thank You for all your healing hands and souls.

- Mrs. K.D. Kidder (USA) September 2002 after her third visit

I remember when SOUKYA was just a dream and in the planning stage. To actually be living here for these few weeks is incredible. I feel as though I have come home to my new family - so caring and so soothing. The sweet healing energy in this place and people will be difficult to leave and yet I know it will be here when I return with my loved ones. Issac and Suja you have opened your home, hearts and family. Thank You. My intention is to spread this peace to the world.

- Ms. Virginia Trinique (USA) September 2002

I came for my body's sake; leaving with a new body with a richer spirit and vigour long forgotten.

- Mr. George Meller (USA) September 2002

A very relaxing stay with excellent body treatment. The entire company is very welcoming. Thanks for the participation of Issac and Suja.

- Mr. Michelle & Jean Heuschen, GE, September 2002

I had a very enjoyable stay at SOUKYA! Had incredible, relaxing staff and appreciate all the loving care rendered by all the staff which will be remembered. I hope to came and stay with family in future. Good luck and best wishes for Dr. Mathai and Suja

- Philomena Alice Varghese (UAE) September 2002

Very enjoyable and relaxing.

- Manjula Waldron October 2002

Had more than wonderful time! Hoping to come back again sometime!

- Neeru October 2002

I came to SOUKYA with an open mind and am swept away by the experience. For me it has truly been a rejuvenating experience. I believe - to any place, more than the place it’s the people that make the difference. And the people at "SOUKYA" are special. Everyone here is kind, courteous and professional. I am thankful to Suja and Dr. Mathai for this experience and look forward to my next visit.

- Sunita Tati (India) October 2002

It is wonderful creation, keeping ecology, nature, allopathy - all intact. With best wishes.

- Mr. K. V. R. Tagore, IPS (India) October 2002

This has been a wonderful experience for me. I found acupuncture treatment very helpful and also the reflexology. All at SOUKYA have been so good to me and given me such special care and attention, I am overwhelmed! Thank You SOUKYA and wish you all the best.

- Sulochana Chintamani (India) October 2002

SOUKYA: One man's dream, Put to work; Showers of blessings, Enriched by Saviour's love. This is the place, Where as greenery spreads, The wind blows, And freshness meets peace. This is the place, Where growth is optimum; And as the bells peal, Knowledge meets experience. This is that dream, Where nature rages, And as the waters flow, Paradise meets earth. This is that core where at the dawn of dusk, Life becomes worth living, And every soul is brought joy, Through kind unselfish giving.

- Ms. Mable Chacko (India) November 2002

Having come from the riot prone city of Ahmedabad, I experienced heavenly peace at SOUKYA. After undergoing different therapies, I experience a rejuvenated feeling both in my body and soul. The staff at all levels are very warm, hospitable and courteous. I return home with refreshing memories which will be cherished forevermore. Let SOUKYA remain true to its meaning for humanity to experience its flavours for ages to come.

- Mrs. Annamma Chacko (India) November 2002

I always Thank God for my health. But I thank a lot all of you for the kindness and the professional way to take care of me. It's wonderful after years have lost the stress and stillness that was in my shoulders, in my back, in my mind. I feel myself a nice guy now and I can go. Hoping to see you again because I'll be able to give the right time to myself for care.

- Mr. Max Martinello, Designer (Hong Kong) November 2002

Imagine coming back for the third time to be "needled", "stoned" (and that too with hot stones), covered with mud and scrubbed with abrasive material", "steamed"……….!!! This is the SOUKYA magic drawing us again and again to end up with a great feeling of well being. Thanks to all at "SOUKYA".

- Mrs. Mahalakshmi & Mr. Kailas, businessman (India) November 2002 after their third visit

Great to meet Dr. Mathai. My whole past and present has changed for the better. Looking forward to getting healthier and better.

- Dilip Kumar Hirani (UK) December 2002

We appreciate the vision of Icy uncle and Suja Aunty to make this place so beautiful, peaceful and so meaningful. SOUKYA is not an illusion it’s a never-ending horizon where the heaven and earth meet and unite so gracefully. This is a wonderful opportunity for man to realise himself. God's creation is so wonderful and to preserve its beauty is mans duty which "SOUKYA" - (Uncle and Aunty) are so beautifully doing. May God bless and dwell in 'SOUKYA' Thanks for the wonderful experience.

- Dennis George & Priyana George (India) December 2002

A vision is becoming true - SOUKYA will be a paradise and a lovely relief. I wish all of His kind and so friendly people involved all the best, especially Dr. Mathai and his wife.

- Ms. Mary Winzenried (Kenya) December 2002

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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