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Happy New Year! Beautiful facilities with great promise for patients. Thank You.

- Dr. Pramila Byahatti January 2003

Having recovered from the rigours of a hectic life I am transformed in 7 days back to health by a caring and attentive doctor / therapist 'team'. The integrated comprehensive approach to diagnosis I experienced here is unique to SOUKYA. Beautiful execution of a heaven on earth for rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. Complements to all the wonderful team in the restaurant and gardens. Best wishes to Dr. Mathai and Suja for continued success as you progress in leaps and bounds on this lifelong adventure.

- Sangita Chandran & K.P. Mohanachandran January 2003 after a week

Coming to the Holistic Health Conference, I picked up my wife Anna after two weeks of SOUKYA. She was very well, relaxed and beautiful. This was not our last visit here!

- Mr. Urs Winzenried, businessman (Switzerland) January 2003

I had a wonderful stay here - feel relaxed, refreshed and very peaceful! My heartful thanks to all here. Wonderful most caring staff.

- Mrs. Anna Winzenried, ZB therapist (Switzerland) January 2003

What a wonderful way to begin a New Year to be in a place that everything. Every little detail is well thought off with the welfare and comfort of the guest and making the feel welcomed and well taken care of. Congratulations in achieving your goals.

- Dr. Zahra Yousefi D.C.(USA) January 2003

Many thanks for your loving care - much continued success! Om namah Shivaiah.

- Helga Hefner, January 2003

Thanks for all the care and wonderful treatments. Wishing you good luck for the future.

- Anjana Mustafi (India) January 2003

Wonderful service. Friendly helpful staff. Lovely relaxing environment. Thank You.

- Ms. Alison Levitt MD (USA) January 2003

Excellent work and presentation of services.

- Dr. Suzanne Wayndla (USA) January 2003

I have not allowed any one to massage me in four years. I am always the one giving massages. This was worth the wait it was truly a blessing!!

- Ms. Wendy Stewart January 2003

I loved it!! Don't want to go back home

- Dr.Gillat Raisch (Israel) January 2003

I loved the deep massage. I could feel the crystals break up in the bottom of my feet. I love the lightness they feel now. My hands have never known such bliss. They loved being taken care of.

- Caroline Rabinowitz, January 2003

It was wonderful experience for me. The massage stimulated my blood circulation and lymphatic system. Shirodhara was really fantastic!! I even lost my consciousness! What a deep relaxation ! It melt some thing inside of me. I loved it! ! Thank you very much. I will recommend to others.

- Megumi Ibaraki (Japan) January 2003

An uplifting experience. A country of so many contrasts - Yet one.

- Agnes Willis "Wallnooks" (England) January 2003

Very friendly and attentive service. Enjoyed a lot. Wished could stay more.

- Akke De Grip (UK) January 2003

An honour to experience this idea.

- Lam Peda (England) January 2003

Cathryn Haeffele and I had an absolutely wonderful time here! SOUKYA was a marvellous way to end our visit to the most dynamically beautiful country in the world. Words cannot describe my deep gratitude for the opportunity to have spent even a day here around such beautiful surroundings and warm, caring people. Doctor Mathai and his family have done something wonderful for the health of the world with their project that has come to fruition so beautifully. Thank You too much for all of the love and care! We could never forget SOUKYA!

- Vien Phnong "NINI" Mai & Cathryn Haeffele (USA) January 2003

Wonderful ambience to get the self back. Clean air, beauty all around and friendly staff. Thank You.

- Zarin Raisey (USA) January 2003

Thank You Issac and Suja for your hospitality and sharing. I wish you all the best.

- Dienen Karna (Australia) January 2003

Many thanks Issac and Suja for the opportunity to experience your wonderful healing sanctuary.

- Sandra Newham (Australia) January 2003

Only one day in this beautiful place and I leave rejuvenated. Thank You.

- Susi Reich Giessa (Brazil) January 2003

A stay to remember forever. I will return and bring others to enjoy this wonderful place.

- Don Chisholm (UK) January 2003

I have achieved one of my goals, the one to become invisible!

- Mr. Olof M. Strand January 2003

Good ambience, great concept, service needs improvement, This project is a landmark in changing people's attitude towards health. Congratulations.

- Dr. Vijayendra. S January 2003

From the evening you so generously greeted me with middle of the night Issac and Suja. I felt as if you welcomed me to your home. It is a rare experience for me to be a patient, to be cared for. I appreciate this opportunity and your vision to creating to this dream. I have transformed into an opening and now I am willing to engage in the world. Your creation, SOUKYA, and the Holistic Summit have given form to the environment furthering this growth. I thank you from my heart which is opening as a lotus opens to the sun.

- Dr. Susan Groh (USA) January 2003

We were very much satisfied with all: treatments, doctors, good. The ambience is also excellent.

- Jutta Bindezell & Maria Deppish (India) February 2003

Beautiful and peaceful and generous. Thanks.

- Carl Ross (UK) February 2003

The best I have visited. May the God bless you all.

- Suhhyil Ahluwalia (UK) February 2003

Very very lovely place to get de-stressed.

- Atamait Ahluwalia (UK) February 2003

Excellent, friendly, hospitality and outstanding.

- Sally Kenney (UK) February 2003

The best I have visited. May Sai Baba bless you all.

- Hansa Odedra (UK) February 2003

Treatment and ambience excellent.

- Mridula Bnras (India) February 2003

Thank You is not really enough! But really swell. What else to say since, your kindness is much appreciated. Please inform us when you are in London. Sai Ram.

- S. Ahluwalia (UK) February 2003

We are proud of Dr. Mathai, Mrs. Mathai and the entire SOUKYA team for developing a place like this and caring for the patients. We wish you all the very best and Thank You for all the care you have given to my Mom.

- Mrs. K. Sarasamma & Sindhu (India) February 2003

A beautiful place, so peaceful and kind people. Good treatment. Nice house keeping and kitchen staff. The food looked great, too bad I was on a fruit diet. I'll come again.

- Maiyka Westen (Netherlands) March 2003

A beautiful place serene and peaceful environment with the potential to be even better. Thanks to all who looked after me.

- Mala Barber (Hong Kong) March 2003

Great stay. Going back rejuvenated!

- Kairta Nanavati (India) March 2003

Thanks a ton.

- Fr. Mathew Naikemparambil, spiritual leader (India) March 2003

This is a beautiful and restful place. The staff are very good and smiling. The treatment just what I needed. I'm returning home refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

- Sarojini Vittachi (India) March 2003

This was like a "dream come true" experience. I came here so stressed out both bodily and mentally and now I am ready to take on the world. The treatments were excellent. I enjoyed every bit of it and I know what I have missed all these years - The Holistic Approach.

- Gina Mascarenhas (India) March 2003

What a lovely place beautiful and peaceful. Thank You for a relaxing afternoon and evening.

- Ms. Amorex Kaufman (California) March 2003

A place of harmony and peace. Thank You for the opportunity to be here.

- Nancy Englander (USA) March 2003

Since 1996, I am following with great interest the vision of the Mathais. Now the vision has taken shape. It is awesome. So much thought, so much planning to make it a truly healing place. The Moment you enter SOUKYA, the healing process starts. There are umpteen details which add to the harmony. To the medical team, my grateful thanks for the right treatment. The silent, efficient, therapists have healing touches. The dining room staff is ever ready to serve you. And very grateful for wonderful long meaningful discussions with Mrs. Mathai

- Mrinalini Vogeler (India) March 2003

Excellent recipe for the mind and body. Recipe for the mind comes from the surroundings provided and for the body it's the treatment. I really thank the staff out for here for such a friendly nature. Looking forward to see you all for more of relaxation years to come. All the best.

- Sam E. Roy (India) April 2003

In SOUKYA is the pray route of realised services of Mr. and Mrs. Mathai delivered to them by Krishna which thus strengthened as an institution would go down in ages for their children and coming generations to live a valued life.

- Shri. Mahesh Sharma, ISKCON (India) April 2003

Environment is very superb and services and treatment are very good.

- V. Mallamy April 2003

Feeling a lot better than when I arrived. A must for every practitioner in this field or otherwise. The personal touch was much appreciated. Lovely friendly staff. Thank you.

- Dr. Jaineer Ranga (South Africa) April 2003

This place is wonderful and the landscape is great. Even though we have stayed here for 1 1/2 days the feeling here was great. The staff here is also good. Wish you the best of luck for the future.

- Prashant Iyer (India) April 2003

Wonderful place, wonderful people for service here. It's truly holistic out here. Keep it up. And we will see you soon. Wishing you all the best.

- Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (India) April 2003

Came in a bit sceptical and you pleasantly found the scepticism unwarranted. Spent an extremely relaxing two-week here. It did my digestive tract and my facial rash conditions a lot of good. Thanks Doc and Suja. Will be seeing more of SOUKYA I’m sure. Staff at the treatment centre are very competent.

- Mr. K. Venkatram (India) April 2003 after 2 weeks

SOUKYA - the holistic approach represents truly Indian culture. The concept is new but futuristic whose time has come. By the middle of this century this holistic concept will take over the world, in my opinion, and SOUKYA will be considered the pioneer! Execution of the concept has been done excellently. Any one who visits here has to be proud of "Mathais" - their dreams and devotion. May God bless them and SOUKYA all that it deserves. P.S. We found it very unique to spend Reva's 60th birthday on 21st April here.

- Mrs. Reva & Mr. Sudarshan Marin, Reva Cars (India) April 2003

SOUKYA' brings back balance into one's life. It is certainly a place for the present and of the future. Thank you for creating this place. And thanks to all those who attended to us.

- Ram Kaia Kam (India) April 2003

It has been a wonderland of 'pure bliss'. Thanks for everything. Good luck.

- Ms. Roshin Varghese, journalist (India) April 2003

Bliss in all forms! Holistic in all respects. A very beautiful creation of love and passion of a truly international class. We wish Mrs. Mathai and Dr. Mathai all the best and Thank you very much for these wonderful memories.

- Mr. Chetan & Monica Kamani, business (India) May 2003

Jheneac Bilives Za Rginoe A Goopoe Or Voust Ewile Maingrna Razaxeair

- May 2003

Excellent hospitality.

- Mr. & Mrs. S. Barua (UK) May 2003

We had a great time. Excellent place.

- Ms. Netra & Mr. Raghava, international artist (India) May 2003

A wonderful escape so close to home.

- Mr. Roberto Narain & Ms.Vasundhara Das, international musicians (India) May 2003

Very relaxing massage. Will definitely come back and send others too. Thank you.

- Ms. Kausalya Devi Appa Rao (India) May 2003

Excellent ambience, great place. A truly healing experience.

- Ms. Sathya Philip (India) May 2003

Thank you for making us younger, happier, serene and healthier. This is a unique temple / place of worship. It is a balm not only to the mind and body but a spiritual experience for the soul!

- Mr & Mrs Acharya (India) May 2003 after 2 weeks

It was nice and new experience. Thanks.

- Mr. Francis Torabpour (Iran) May 2003

To transport a rather decrepit young man to semi positivism - on all these planes, emotional, mental and physical is no mean achievement. This is just the beginning

- Mr. Shehan Verghese (India) May 2003 after a week

Came on an introductory survey and was more than impressed at the treatment and the care that are in a class of its own. Dr. & Mrs Mathai are true entrepreneurs.

- Mr. Gregory X. Almeida (UAE) May 2003

Great relaxing experience and some habits to now translate into regular life. Thank you

- Mr. Raj Singh (India) May 2003

I am going to be home sick! Thanks to you all.

- Mrs. Kallie Purie, Today Newspaper (India) June 2003 after 3 weeks

It should be renamed as "Bliss Centre

- Mrs. Rekha Purie, India Today Magazine (India) June 2003

Excellent ambience - extremely professional staff. A very relaxing, rejuvenating and beautiful experience. I don't really feel like going back to normal life and routine.

- Ms. Kavita Boolchandani (India) June 2003 after 2 weeks

Thank you for looking after me. I feel much better

- Ms. Priti Paul, Oxford Book Store (India) June 2003 after a week

This is a very well maintained centre, comparable with international standards in terms of hygiene and quality of service. I wish and hope many people will await these services.

- Mr. I. M. Vittala Murthy, IAS, Transport Commissioner (India) May 2003

One of the most relaxing experiences in a very long time. The hospitality and the warm gestures of the SOUKYA community made us feel very much at home.

- Ms. Mamta Nichani, politician (India) June 2003 after a week

This is a well-organised health centre. I have enjoyed the general atmosphere & the staff have been caring.

- Dr. Pramilla Iyengar (India) June 2003 after a week

What an oasis of healing! This is indeed an ideal of a centre for Holistic approach to the art and science of "Ayur". Congrats to Dr. Mathai and Suja Mathai for the concept and the layout as well as its warm and gentle, comforting and healing ambience and feel. I walked in ill, leaving its portals renewed in body and spirit with an attitude of gratitude and happiness.

- Ms. Jiya Madhavan Hari Singh, IPS (India) June 2003 after a week

I am amazed at the serenity of SOUKYA. As soon as we drove in we realised that our experience would be exceptional and we were not disappointed. Everything moves seamlessly: Therapy, food service and staff is courteous and friendly. Thank you.

- Mrs. Gayathri Sriram (USA) June 2003

C'est une belle idee' qiu a ete bien realise'. Dares ce coin de parades, au oullie le maude pour passe a soi.

- Mr. Bruno Charbonnel (France) July 2003 after more than a week

Excellent care and courteous service. Thank you. I feel refreshed. Will make a longer stay next time.

- Mr. Deepak Padmanabhan (UAE) July 2003

I was very pleasantly surprised at how peaceful and well run SOUKYA is. Specially the staff is excellent, food is healthy. The whole peace and tranquillity. I recommend it for everyone looking for serenity.

- Ms. Vasundra Sureka (USA) July 2003

Health and happiness is all that matters. SOUKYA is a step towards that.

- Dr. Santosh Sureka (USA) July 2003

Lovely place, lovely people- will try to promote SOUKYA in Europe Thanks

- Mr. Henrik Haier (Denmark) July 2003 after more than a week

Dream come true! Especially Dhara!!

- Ms. Vasanti Sundaram, journalist (UAE) July 2003

We noted further improvement in all aspects in SOUKYA compared to our previous visit. The courtesy and service quality is completely satisfactory and will be a compelling reason for us to keep coming back to SOUKYA. Many thanks for the exceptional hospitality.

- Mr Farid Zarif, UN & Mrs. Alia (New York) July 2003 after a week on their second visit

A place that has changed my approach to healthy living Thank you everyone, it was an amazing experience. Will be back soon.

- Ms. Jyotika Jhalani, Designer (India) July 2003 after 2 weeks

This place is absolutely heavenly reminded of Shangri-La of Last Horizon and the experiences here has been very rewarding.

- Mr. Prem Sethi (India) July 2003 after 2 weeks

Coming to this place I have gained confidence that I can come out of my problem.

- Mr. Kolli Chitti Babu (India) July 2003 after a week

Enjoyed the treatments and the "family" atmosphere of the staff and guests. Energising and rejuvenating experiences. Thank You.

- Dr. Lalima Jencke (Japan) July 2003

Amazed at how well conceived and executed the spa concept is at SOUKYA

- Dr. John Jenckes (Japan) July 2003

A wonderful experience. Will return soon. Thanks to everyone here.

- Ms. Aruna Ranganathan (India) July 2003

The people and the place - both put together - put together anybody who comes here. A haven.

- Mr. Arun Kapur, Principal, Vasanth Valley School, New Delhi (India) July 2003

From the moment I set foot into this beautiful heaven till the time I left my experiences have been beautiful - an inward journey has begun. It’s a new life- Thank You for all your care and support.

- Ms. Ritu Singh (India) July 2003

Very soul uplifting! Feeling a great metamorphosis from within and without. Excellent staff and environment. Thankyou Dr. Mathai for your nurturing.

- Ms. Bindu Dalmia (India) July 2003

I am overwhelmed by the personal care taken by all the doctors, therapist and all the staff. Whether it’s the treatment centre, dinning, reception everywhere the care and support is from the heart. I Thank You for everything. The temple of Dr. Mathai for healing, coming here and staying is a wonderful experience. I will be eager to come here soon.

- Mr. Vishal Shah (India) July 2003

Very relaxing and truly rejuvenating. A sheer pleasure of the various senses.

- Mr. Sidarth Menon (India) July 2003

A peaceful place, next door to the chaos.

- Ms. Damayanti Rao (UAE) July 2003

Stunning - A place I would love to return to find some peace!

- Ms. Madhuri Rao (UAE) July 2003

I loved peace round the place here and people who work are friendly and warmth, especially doctors, girls, cook, and other boys. I love them all.

- Ms. Tara, actress (India) July 2003

A superbly run fountain of relaxation. Such serenity and peace even the trains are funnily reassuring.

- Ashish Parmour (UK) August 2003

It is fantastic experience. Beauty with luxury with service. Good luck to management and all the staff.

- Sridhar Raj Urs (India) August 2003

A great escape from the hustle bustle of city life. Truly exhilarating experience.

- Meena & Megha Lohia (India) August 2003

Home away from home. Excellent ambience, food and service.

- P.R. Meenal & Karthik Srinivasan (India) August 2003

Fantastic rejuvenating centre. I have thoroughly enjoyed the great facilities prevailing here. This centre has a great future

- K. Srinivasan (India) August 2003

It is so nice to come back here. As always it is a homecoming. Look forward next coming soon.

- Lama Doboom Tulku, Director, Tibet House, New Delhi (India) August 2003 after his third visit

Excellent. Brilliant treatments. Very relaxing surroundings, great rooms, good service, very polite. Will come back.

- Priyamvada Balaji (India) August 2003

Many thanks for a great stay! If one day at SOUKYA can leave you so relaxed we'll be back for two weeks next time. Thank You Dr. Mathai.

- David Lowe & Mohan Kuratti (India) August 2003

Truly commendable divine place spiritually elevating a heavenly abode

- Sangita Sharma (India) August 2003


- Neil Steinberg, Photographer (USA) August 2003

To be honest I have been contemplating doing a similar package for about five years now. There never feel the right time or maybe I just did not get that 'feel good' feeling. 'SOUKYA' , It just happened and it changed a lot for me.. and at the end of my stay I have this 'feel good' feeling that I have done something right after a long time even if it was for me and to have SOUKYA with me is added bonus to that feeling. The place is very soothing, the people are very caring. It is like a place in time.

- Jasmine Dhillon (India) August 2003

SOUKYA gave me a good "sense of belonging". I plan to be back soon! Harmony of mind, body and spirit doesn't sound to be an abstract term now!

- Deepal Trivedie, journalist (India) September 2003

Seek and ye shall find ! I read about Dr. Mathai in February 2003 in Hyderabad. It is pure destiny that I found him , this is a special experience. God willing I will keep coming back . Very kind and professional staff.

- Mansoor & Meher Ali (India) September 2003

I have been hearing Dr. Mathai speak about SOUKYA for years and now I have finally come. It is everything that he promised - an incredibly beautiful, serene oasis from my "real world" and a place that heals from the inside out. I am so glad I stayed three weeks - I can already feel the difference it has made. I have never been so pampered in my life - it took some getting used to the focus being on me - the staff couldn't be more attentive to my needs and desires. Superb staff!! And the food was not only nourishing but utterly tantalisingly delicious - my palate has been awakened as well as something deep inside. Thank you for all you do.

- Ms. Carol Caffisch (USA) September 2003 after 3 weeks

It was a great stay. Very calming and learned a lot about myself. Lost weight and inches and hope to continue. The good work Dr. Mathai has started. God bless and wishing SOUKYA the very best.

- Devika Singh (India) September 2003

The word "holistic" is the appropriate word which indirectly means "Paradise On Earth". This is a centre for healing your mind, body and soul. It rejuvenates your whole body and gives you the serenity, peace of the mind and soul. This centre brings a close bondage between God and us either by nature, lovely people (Dr. Mathai) and to know yourself for what an individual you are today. Last but not the least "It's an experience beyond the common materialistic world". Thanks to every person who has looked after me and I am happy that you have kept alive our tradition and culture.

- Vishnuvardhan (India) September 2003

FABULOUS - a real treat. I loved all about the SOUKYA!

- Mary Ann Ruhaln (USA) September 2003

It’s the people who make this place

- Ankoor Purie, India Today Magazine (India) September 2003

WONDERFUL! It's a great relaxing place. We have enjoyed the stay.

- Sandhya (India) September 2003

Excellent and well-relaxed place specially treatments are very good.

- Pawan Kheria (India) September 2003

Terrific place. Came for three weeks in May and left. Wonderful people, great treatment.

- Paul D'Souza, lawyer (India) September 2003

This is a wonderful place to care about health in holistic way. Very clean and good feeling. I want to come again

- Kanedo Saraswati (Japan) September 2003

SOUKYA means eternal peace on mind, body and soul. It was a wonderful experience in SOUKYA. People in SOUKYA are very hospitable and polite and very friendly too. In SOUKYA we learnt lots about life and about ourselves. Our stay in SOUKYA will be a very memorable one.

- Mr. A.V.R. Sanjay, businessman & Soumya (India) October 2003

The therapies were excellent. The ambience and organisation are very good. The service from all the staff was excellent. Great place.

- K.M. Thangarajan (India) October 2003

Led by the charismatic Dr. Mathai, the SOUKYA team is rendering wonderful service to humanity! The place has been so thoughtfully planned that it couldn't be better. The commitment, warmth and sincerity of everyone, at every step can be touching. I feel bad for people who haven't seen or been to this place. I will do my best to get more people to visit and 'experience' the beauty of the rejuvenative nature of the place! Thanks for everything!

- Mr. Mahendra Jain, Karnataka Tourism Commissioner (India) October 2003

Great Place, wonderful therapies, feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Already looking forward to my next visit.

- Kamal Doctor (India) October 2003

Wonderful place. Thank You for taking care of my mum.

- Mrs. Mariam (India) October 2003

Great Place. It was a lovely experience - all of it .. Looking forward to this again.

- Ms. Namita Jain, Fitness Instructor (India) October 2003

A novel experience of rejuvenation of our entire system "Body and Mind"!! A congenial environment for out of world experience of peace, tranquillity and relaxation.

- Mr. K. V. R. Tagore, IPS, Karnataka Police Commissioner (India) November 2003

A very well maintained healing centre. Food is healthy and nutritious. The staff should be more forthcoming about the treatments and their costs so that we can plan treatments accordingly. All the same we would definitely like to visit the place again.

- Mrs. Roopa & Mrs. Divya Shetty (India) November 2003

It is a wonderful experience of getting a feel of integrated system of treatment making natural environment to ensure soothing of body and soul. This is a natural way of introducing what India and its heritage stands for. India's systems of medicine is our great incredible heritage. Thanks to Dr. Issac for having preserved and promoting it.

- Mr. C. S. Kedar, Karnataka Tourism Commissioner (India) November 2003

Very relaxing stay. Excellent treatment and all the staff are great. They take good care of you. Thank you.

- Doreen Chawdri (UK) November 2003

A wonderful 12-day stay. I feel rejuvenated. Superb doctors, therapists, receptionist, dining and all the staff. Thank You for SOUKYA.

- Maura Brachett December 2003 after over a week

Great ambience, great staff, great food, great Mathais.

- Lalita Wadhwani (UK) December 2003

A wonderful stay. Staff were very friendly and co-operative and kept me happy throughout my stay.

- Srinivas Chalopathy (India) December 2003

SOUKYA is kindness and grace - it is the combined heart of all its doctors, therapists and staff. Here both serenity and wellness walk hand-in-hand. Thank you for a life-changing experience.

- Mindy Mitchell, Systems Consultant(USA) December 2003 after her second visit

SOUKYA is an oasis of serenity, beauty and spirituality. It has been a truly rejuvenating experience under the very efficient and sensitive care of the doctors and staff. Thank You for making our stay so memorable! Congratulation to Dr. Mathai and Suja for creating this sanctuary.

- Lata Pada, international dancer& Hari Vankatacharya (Canada) November 2003

Thank You all for a wonderful new experience. The staff is awesome. It is an "oasis" for weary travellers and others. The heart of SOUKYA is healthy

- Elinos Meadows December 2003

Thank You for sharing your beautiful spirit of health and love for all. May all of your wishes of virtue and goodness come true.

- Georgiana Cook (USA) December 2003

SOUKYA was calling me back here. Here I can be myself - Thank You for creating a place where true healing takes place. I continually feel I want to be and stay a part of SOUKYA. I treasure your friendship, Suja and Issac and look forward to watching SOUKYA grow.

- Virginia Trinque (USA) December 2003 after her second visit

A wonderful and unique experience. Excellent hospitality. Thanks to the warm care given by the Drs and therapists. All did a wonderful job. Keep it up! God willing will be back.

- Ms. Payal Batra (Canada) December 2003

From the flowers to the food, from the massages to the Mathai pair it is love and concern all round.

- Shri. B.K. Subiah, Spiritual leader (India) December 2003

Excellent experience. Love to be in touch.

- A. Bhartia (India) December 2003

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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