Guest Experiences


Brilliant, inspirational.

- Dawn Robins (USA) January 2005

Wonderful experience with very good staff and service and everything. Thanks.

- Murari Jalan (USA) January 2005

Felt very peaceful and rejuvenated. Will come again.

- Pradip Chopra (India) January 2005

Pure place which reminds me that humans are part of nature. Curing means not just physical, but very much mental. Everything is so self - explanatory, landscaping, nutrition, flower basin, small God in the room, prayer in the Morning: Philosophy here is fusion of orientalism and Occidentalism "the port" is open to every thing. Wonderful moment is walk through the path around the domain. When sun goes down moon rises. The significance of day time activities is to get sound and deep sleep just like a baby.

- J- Naoko Danjou Suga (Singapore) January 2005

It is peaceful and nice place to stay and get quality treatment for whole body and sole. Dr. Mathai and his entire team is doing good for the society by importing good health services. Thanks to all the Doctor and Staff.

- Narmada Devi (India) January 2005

Thank you! The stay was rejuvenating and relaxing. Your staff was kind, helpful and always smiling. The grounds are refreshing and the flowers smell lovely.

- Kathryn Dixon (India) February 2005

Every thing is perfect. It's just like my home.

- Vishal (Thailand) February 2005

We had good time because of love, affection, services and care. Find very peaceful. Gain good benefits of treatment. All has inspired our heart and found no pain anywhere. Wish you all the best for all of your faith and dedication works.

- Ashok & Hansa Patel (USA) February 2005

Thanks very much for a relaxing and refreshing two days. We love the organic food and environmentally - friendly living. We made good use of the table tennis too! Best of luck and many thanks.

- Murad & Elizabeth Bukhari (UK) February 2005

Words are quite inadequate to convey our thanks to Issac and Suja for the welcome and hospitality they have showered upon us in this wonderful place they have created. While we now our love remains behind.

- Simon & Deborah Fielding (UK) February 2005

We spent a really good time with my family. Thanks.

- JW Son (India) February 2005

God has inspired Dr. Issac to create this beautiful place. May all be relaxed who came. I am so grateful for all your loving care.

- Helen E. Symms (USA) February 2005

Great place, great staff, great treatments = wonderful experience.

- Mr. & Mrs. Rossetto (USA) February 2005

One Man's vision come to life to the benefits of every one who walks into the oasis that is SOUKYA and I hope to become a regular. Thank you indeed.

- Gita Cumo (England) March 2005

Intelligent and excellent service and a very good treatment with love and respect. I pray God's blessings for all the staff of SOUKYA.

- Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil (India) March 2005

I loved my stay here. This was just what I needed at this time. The calm, the peace, the pampering. I'll be back very often from now on. Thank you!

- Michelle Chaudhuri (India) March 2005

A great place for relaxation, rejuvenation and stress management. Certainly worth a longer visit.

- Vinita Daryawani (Hongkong) March 2005

On our last visit over a year ago, we had observed ‘If there be a heaven on earth- this be it - this be it ‘ This was the ultimate. I didn't really this would improve as it has done.

- Mr. & Mrs. Rao (India) March 2005

Thank you". I have had a wonderful experience with wonderful people around. What draws me to this place is the positivity around. When the life in city gets hell and you realize you cannot breath you know in your heart there is a place in the corner where you can relax your mind & heart. Of course a special thanks goes to the doctor. Who has taken care of every small bit in SOUKYA to make it look perfect and feel perfect. I hope to come again!

- Swati Kayan (India) April 2005

Thank you for the wonderful stay. I shall remember this trip for the rest of my life. I would like to wish you all the best for the years to come

- Sumita & Menka Modi (Bangladesh) April 2005

We enjoyed our stay very much. Everyone was very kind and did there best to look after us so well. We met very nice people here and we love India that much more. We look forward to our next visit soon. Thank you all.

- Latif & Layla Al-Aujan (UAE) April 2005

Every time I drive through those big gates, I feel my burdens begin to cese, a sense of casting aside one's cares and coming home. Peace and tranquility and love and care and much more - that is SOUKYA !

- Eliamma Rao (India) April 2005

This is my first visit to SOUKYA. I thank God in the first place for using Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Suja Mathai in enabling her to set up this beautiful center. My congrats to you both. It's an asset to Bangalore and a great blessing too. I found every thing good here. All the treatments were excellent and suited me very well. My thanks to everyone in "SOUKYA". I also used my time well in being close to God, reading his word, praying and seeking his peace and thanking and praising his for this Brilliant Health Centre. Every day I prayed for Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and the fly and every one in SOUKYA May God bless and prospers you and the SOUKYA. Hope to be back soon.

- Augustine Francis Pinto (India) April 2005

This institute is Heaven on Earth, where one can have good health and achieve better mind, purifies mind body and soul.

- Praveen Miglani (India) April 2005

As I enter the beautiful environs of SOUKYA, I find myself tuning into the rhythm and harmony of nature. I get the strength to heal my mind and body with personalized treatments created to release the flow of energy. The tranquility of the place and the warm and friendly service of the staff is so enveloping that I leave the "real world" behind for a short time, and am once again nourished…. My late husband, Mathin and I were the first few patients in SOUKYA more than four years ago. It was often our heaven and Issac our doctor, counselor and friend. It is wonderful to see SOUKYA evolve onto a vibrant space and a joy to share the dream of Issac and Suja.

- Suzan Rahaman (India) April 2005

These last couple of days has been really relaxing and pleasant!!! This place and staff are really great!! Will surely be back!!! Thank you and regards.

- Mr. & Mrs. Charoen Sivasiamphal (Thailand) April 2005

Very quite and peaceful place. We have enjoyed it very much. Great and supportive team. Highly recommended.

- Ms. Dana, Ms. Haya & Mr. Eli Ramon (Bangalore) May 2005

The center is doing a yeomen to fulfill the felt needs of a certain class of humankind. It's been a professional eye-opener for me and hope to contribute my bit in bringing about policy initiatives to nurture one Indian system of medicine. Thank you for the experience.

- Sheyphrli Sharan (Delhi) May 2005

Heart felt thanks to all at SOUKYA for such a rewarding and rejuvenating 2 weeks. I wish you all the best, and look forward to again. (I'll bring my husband next time.)

- Ms. Kavita Aiyar (Germany) May 2005

Thanks for a rejuvenating weekend. I feel refreshed. Very relaxing.

- Ms. Marian Bradshaw & Ms. Sharine Williams (New Delhi) May 2005

Excellent setup, should work miracles.

- Mr. & Mrs. Jhunjunwala (India) May 2005

Excellent setup. Good treatment.

- Rajendra Morarka (Mumbai) May 2005

A wonderful and inspiring place and very friendly Indian people.

- Strauli & Franziska (Switzerland) May 2005

Has tremendous prospects possibilities.

- Maneka Gandhi (India) May 2005

Superb lay out, peaceful, serene, healing. But can do with some fine - tuning. Had a very good stay. Results were good. Did not expect miracles - Ayurveda works slow and steady !! Will be back.

- Shashi & Anjalika Somany (UK) May 2005

Kudos to Mr. & Mrs. Mathai for setting up such a wonderful place. The therapy treatment are simply superb and all of very high standard. Would love to come back soon for a longer time.

- V.L.N. Rao & Malini (India) May 2005

Thank you for a rewarding stay. Both the medical and the house staff were excellent and helpful. Lovely, peaceful atmosphere - will be back.

- Count Moussay Roland (UK) May 2005

Just amazing place, settings and facilities. Had a wonderful time. Was alone but staff did there best to accompany. Will be back next time. Recommended in UK too.

- Kuldip Bhurji (UK) May 2005

Feel that this place has tremendous prospects, and all are joining hands to make it a great success in terms of treatments, cleanliness, hospitality and caring. People are going back feeling emotionally, physically and spiritually better persons.

- Usha Jain & Namitha Jain (India) June 2005

Thank you for the marvelous care. The ambience and the healing.

- Mrinalini Vikram Sarabhai (India) June 2005

Thank you so much ! What a marvelous experience.

- Sarah Lindsay (USA) June 2005

The dusty roads, the winding ways
Turn into a sphere of visual Treat
Flowers, birds, trees and cobbed ways
The intense greeting you
Puts you at rest straight away
He is Dr. Mathai
The staff, the treatment, the holistic food
And spiritual ambience render it the best food
For the soul, Body, Heart and Mind.
SOUKYA will always be "A Passage To Health

- Rama Shankar Aiyer (India) June 2005

Thank you all ! It was perfect for me ! I can see only good in all that is here, so God bless this venture. Being here in the midst of this beauty, calm, grace and serenity it is simpler to introspect at the joy that the discipline of taste and time can bring. Nature and wisdom of the scriptures are truly a treasure of the best and way to heal.

- Madhu Verma (India) June 2005

We wish to come again. Excellent in every way.

- G. I. Vinod Kumar (India) June 2005

What an experience ! Coming to SOUKYA has clearly been the most rewarding holiday I have ever taken ! At SOUKYA, I have been pampered, rejuvenated, inspired and introduced to the wonders of mindfulness ! This world class facility goes miles beyond a ‘health care'…. This indeed is a phenomenon ! My heartfelt thanks to everyone and SOUKYA's wonderful team for making this experience an unforgettable one for me and KUDOS to Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Issac for bringing this piece of heaven to planet earth.

- Chanda Chaudhary (UAE) June 2005

The facilities are very good. Appreciate the training given to all staff for taking care of the initiates.

- John P. Joseph (UAE) June 2005

It was one of the best vacation we both have had. Every thing here is just perfect. The staff's are great. The doctors and therapists are wonderful. Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Issac just make you feel at home. With the wonderful words of advise and smiles on their faces. I surely would say "SOUKYA is one of the wonders of India." God Bless every one at SOUKYA.

- Shahiff & Esmina (Tanzania) June 2005

There are no words to define the wonderful time that I had at SOUKYA. Every thing just seemed perfect.. The staff were very kind and helpful and the overall atmosphere such that it made me feel comfortable and at home. Dr. Mathai has brought this wonderful place together for us to benefit. So I thank him for that. The weather was so perfect that it made me more active.

- Akhil Verma (India) June 2005

We leave this place greatfull for everything what we experienced during this week in SOUKYA. Our thanks for the whole SOUKYA team for making our visit here so perfect. This place is full of love. You l must get healthy when you stay here for a while. I surely will come back.

- Helen & Peter Niemann (Germany) June 2005

I came here sad but only after a day's stay I feel happier and at peace. This place does have a healthy touch. Staff is excellent.

- Anjana Gupta (USA) June 2005

Absolutely beautiful grounds. Wonderfully kind staff. SOUKYA has left me with a glow.

- Evelyn Virginia Wae (USA) July 2005

Wonderful charming and great energy every where. A truly engaging site for expert treatments and relaxation.

- Fred Pescatore MD & Tom walshe MD (USA) July 2005

A thoroughly enjoyable experience - Just when I thought I was unwinding I had to leave ! You have extremely hospitable staff ! Must come back.

- Zufar A. kamarda (India) July 2005

We simply loved the place and the environment and with some excellent treatment and ambience. We loved the place.

- Dr. Mahesh Jadhant (India) July 2005

A unique and wonderful experience. Thanks so much to all at SOUKYA for your kindness, dedication and thoughtfulness. All the best to you. Please consider opening one of these in the US.

- David, Janice, Katie & Alice Curtin (USA) July 2005

Enjoyed our stay and leaving, relaxed, peaceful & healthier will be back.

- Shashi & Anjalika Somany (UK) July 2005

A wonderful relaxing day - thanks ever so much.

- Kiran, Catherine & Claire (India) July 2005

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at SOUKYA. The treatments were wonderful, - the ambience was serene and peaceful. We will cherish the memories of our stay for ever.

- Mr. & Mrs. Irshad Abdeen (India) July 2005

A peaceful tranquil oasis in the middle of Bangalore. Staff very helpful and service wonderful. Generous impossible work done.

- Helen Sinclair (UK) July 2005

Returning to SOUKYA feels like I am coming home to rest and heal and this time (as always) I have savoured every breath, every moment, every conversation, every treatment, every yoga session, every walk, every meal……. I can go on and on …. Thank you SOUKYA and everyone that contributes to make the experience here, extra special !

- Vasundara Das (India) July 2005

SOUKYA has been a wonderful experience ….All of the staff have made it extra memorable especially Ruati, Rekha, Latha, Akkamma …. Thanks a lot. Hope to see you guys again.

- Alka Mittal (India) July 2005

A beautiful heaven away from the hustle and bustle of life. Your décor, service, food and treatments are all excellent. Thank you for a wonderful stay.

- Dipti Kotian & Chetna Miles (India) July 2005

Returning to SOUKYA is good as it helped me improve my health. All the staff were a great help in making this stay memorable. Hope to come back soon.

- Akhil Verma (India) July 2005

I have enjoyed my stay at SOUKYA. Also I enjoyed the treatments which made me feel a lot better. I would like to thank all the wonderful people here at SOUKYA. Every one of you was great and very helpful. I am sure I will be back soon.

- Fatma Ahmed Al-Qasmi (UAE) July 2005

A nice week. Peace and tranquility. A good rest for the mind, body and soul.

- Chander Verma (India) July 2005

To, All who work in SOUKYA - We will miss you guys and I now I said I don't like SOUKYA. I am sorry, I enjoyed at SOUKYA. I have a good time for the treatment. We will miss you Jaya, Mary, Dr. Shubha, Dr. Usha and all male and female staff. We love you so much. We have a beautiful time in SOUKYA. I might come with my dad and mom and whole family. I will see you next year. Good Bye.

- Chirayu & Mayuri Shah (USA) July 2005

This place was wonderful ! I loved all the treatments and the service was wonderful.

- Kiran Sethi (India) August 2005

Was here only for a day. But definitely plan to come back with the family.

- Manish (India) August 2005

May God always bless the vision of Dr. Mathai which is unique for the well being of human being.

- Saint Venugopal Goswami (India) August 2005

It has been a wonderful experience. I will definitely come back soon. Each and every member of the staff has been most courteous and helpful in making my stay so very comfortable.

- Durriyah Vasi (UAE) August 2005

Indeed a memorable stay in SOUKYA and a feeling of well being. I am going back with determination to take this forward and will come back when ever possible. Every single individual in SOUKYA has made this possible for me. Thank you one and all. Best of luck.

- Nirmala Das (India) August 2005

Despite being recommended by my wife so strongly, I kept my expectations at reasonable levels but what I experienced have raised the mind - body - spiritual integrated so rich and meaningful. In everything connection to nature and its beauty - in colour, texture, air, fragrance, the ambience - sheer beauty has been woven in. To me the treatment, therapy and other inputs were a real bonus. Will for sure - carry the experience to my colleagues .

- Shiv Nadar (India) August 2005

Every thing was great ! Thank you. It was lovely staying at SOUKYA specially because it has been my first experience of Asia !

- Manuela de Laborde (Mexico) August 2005

I was a bit nervous of bringing Manuela all the way from Mexico for her treatment, but I have been more than satisfied with the attention and care of Issac Mathai and his wife and team at SOUKYA. I wish the rest of India could work with such efficiency ! Thank you all.

- Rashna Imhasly - Gandhy (India) August 2005

My stay at SOUKYA has been a wonderful experience for me - The ambience, conveniences and the people who run SOUKYA with meticulous care and attention. The treatments are of very high quality - and so good are the dedicated doctors and staff, who administer the treatments. My best wishes to all at SOUKYA. May God bless you all!

- V.G. Kutty (India) August 2005

Beautiful & Tranquil. Most recommended to customers, friends and family. Thank you for your hospitality.

- Dipa Jethwa (India) August 2005

Very excellent hospitality - wonderful experience - restaurant staff very cordial.. SOUKYA is unique.

- Deshbandhu Kagzi (India) August 2005

Very very peaceful and tranquil; the reflexology felt divine. The staff is extremely cordial and courteous and the food was healthy and tasty.

- Kanika Agarwal (India) August 2005

SOUKYA has been a wonderful experience for me, very very peaceful also. Quality treatments and prompt services. I loved all the treatments. Every thing was great ! Thank you. My best wishes to all at SOUKYA. May God bless you all !

- Mallikarjun S. Khuba (India) August 2005

SOUKYA has been a very magical experience for me. The people are very courteous and caring. I will tell my friends.

- Diane Henning August 2005

Every thing was wonderful. This is one of the most peaceful places I've ever been to. I hope to be back soon and bring friends with me. Dr. Mathai thank you for your generosity.

- Valeria Rocha August 2005

Our stay has been wonderful and extremely tranquil. Thanks to all the efforts of every member of this family. We will surely return.

- Vineet Agarwal (India) August 2005

It has been a wonderful experience staying at SOUKYA. Each and everyone of the staff is pleasant and courteous and that has made a difference to our stay here. The treatment is of high quality and the yoga sessions are great. We felt very welcomed here and plan to come again.

- Malini Kannan (Singapore) September 2005

I needed to have a "change"; the time, the space and the environment to ‘re look' at life and old habits. SOUKYA was more than ideal, since it provided all that, Thanks to you all.

- Murad Fatehally (India) September 2005

Each time I come to SOUKYA, I feel half my health problem is solved by just being in this fresh and tranquil environment. I am happy with soothing treatment and caring attitude of everyone here. Thank you all and see you again.

- Lama Doboom Tulku (India) September 2005

SOUKYA is a heaven to rejuvenate and go inside yourself. The environment allows you to take the time and have the focus to find answers and be self-reflective. The staff have been extremely kind and gentle and the treatments are top-notch !

- Kathryn Dixon (India) September 2005

Thanks to all members of SOUKYA - staff, doctors, workers. Everyone has just been very friendly and nice during the stay. The treatment is fantastic the environment is perfect. SOUKYA is a must of a place to be for everyone who is in need. I am very lucky to come here and stay. Thank you.

- Raman Rochsilthum (Thailand) September 2005

It has been a relaxing and fulfilling week with wonderful treatments and friendly service. Thank you !

- Helene Stenmo (Sweden) September 2005

Thank you for an exceptional 14 days of peace and quiet, delicious nutritious food and such warm and caring love from all staff. The impression made will last - life time and was inspired me to bring ayurveda to Sweden.

- Jenny Ljungberg (Sweden) September 2005

Thank you for the gardens, the birds, the butterflies - a safe and quiet heaven. And for the kindness of the staff and gentleness of the treatments. It was a pure bliss.

- Lauren Sowotsky (India) September 2005

SOUKYA has been a heaven. The gardens, the peace, the simple pleasures of early morning yoga and healthy food. Above all the kind and intelligent staff whose individual contributions make this an incredible experience. Thank you for 14 days in paradise.

- Rumana Hamied (India) September 2005

Wonderful staff ! Wonderful design ! Wonderful garden ! Wonderfful massage ! Very good idea (to make such a resort), Thank you. We will say all our friends about this place.

- Anita Kanilio-arkas & Evgenia Kazakova (Russia) September 2005

The perfect place at perfect moment ! Thank you.

- Greg, Judy & Belinda Chappell (Bangalore) September 2005

The ambience and serenity at SOUKYA enables mind to generate silence by bringing thought process to stand still. With such silence format in mind it is perfect to start the voyage to explore life a fresh.

- B.S. Manjunath (Bangalore) September 2005

Thanks to all doctors, everyone in SOUKYA. SOUKYA has been a relaxing & wonderful place. We like food very much. The garden is very nice. I loved all the treatments.

- Sunil Bhosle (India) October 2005

A wonderful experience - and a great way to love Bangalore. Thank you for every thing. See you soon.

- Fiona Caulfied (Australia) October 2005

I think Dr. Mathai is doing great job raising the level of five star people. It is unimaginable how he get sigma 6 level of quality from common people. Normally I train people to excel in life but I need to learn how he make sure each and every room spic and span. I am sure Suja is real source of power behind Dr.Mathai. I congratulate him. Hope to open similar center sometimes. With regards.

- Suresh G. Bharwani (India) October 2005

My SOUKYA stay has been a wonderful healing time on many levels - A part of my heart will always remain here with the loving staff.

- Ben Pitre (Mexico) October 2005

SOUKYA was my birthday treat to myself ! Every one has gone out of their way to make me feel at home. The gardens, the service, the treatments are excellent !

- Pallavi Mayor (India) October 2005

Time stood still for us while we were at SOUKYA. The staff, treatment and ambience were all part of the excellent healing and wellness process. We had a wonderful stay !! Thank you !

- Feroz & Dialla Kassam (Tanzhnia) October 2005

SOUKYA was a delightful surprise ! The gardens, the friendly atmosphere, the treatments, the caring staff all around made our health journey a success. Bravos Dr. Mathai & Mrs. Mathai.

- Safir & Khanam Hajee (Canada) October 2005

My stay at SOUKYA (From 10.10.05 TO 16.10.05)
During my autumn break in October,
I came to SOUKYA with my mother.
This is a Holistic Health Centre,
In Bangalore, where I have been before.
Here the yoga and massages are relaxing,
On the ‘Nada Padha' we go walking.
The environment here is calm and quiet,
And SOUKYA gives you a delicious vegetarian diet.
Every one is surprised that a boy my age,
Enjoys coming to such a place,
But it's good to escape from the city cage,
And watch nature move at its own real pace.
SOUKYA is a really beautiful creation,
Where I learnt about the local drip irrigation.
This is my second trip here,
And I hope to return year after year.
Thank you Dr. Mathai and everyone !!!

- Aditya Umang Vir (India) October 2005

I'm going back, ready to work much harder - cause I know where to come when I'm exhausted and stressed out. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

- Prathima Anand (India) October 2005

The perfect place to be when life seems to dull and busy. I enjoyed the silence and serenity and also the food. The staffs are very comforting and good.

- Benedict Anand (India) October 2005

SOUKYA which means well being is true for this heavenly place. It was a totally different experience for all of us. We never had such a relaxing holiday before with a treat to our body (all the amazing treatments and massages) a treat our eyes (such beautiful scenery and atmosphere) a treat to our senses (the attitude and warmth of all staff) and a treat to our taste buds also (delicious and such a huge variety of food). The staff, doctors and at reception also everyone was always helpful and always smiling. The time with Dr. Mathai was really helpful & we think of him as our best friend how and we will surely come to SOUKYA again to visit him and to enjoy this heaven which he has created.

- Sunil, Shreya & Utkarsh Bansal (India) October 2005

A safe and wonderful place to be held and birthed anew - In gratitude.

- Wendy Slater (USA) October 2005

It was everything one can hope for and more to magical. Came to relax and found a place where we know we can always come and feel our inner voices. We feel lucky to have found you. Don't Change. You are perfect.

- Dafna Sharir & Avital Kroll (Israel) October 2005

A truly holistic experience. Really found the treatment worthwhile. Food was superb and the friendly service exemplary. Look forward to visiting again very soon.

- Harsh Neotia (India) October 2005

A good one week retreat of cleansing the body and mind. We enjoyed thoroughly and feel we have some good take-home value.

- Mary Jane & Mark Edleson (Singapore) October 2005

Very difficult to describe the total experience at SOUKYA in limited words. It compelled to express in one word possible close ones could be MARVELOUS / WONDERFUL. The spirit and attitude of all involved in SOUKYA is appreciable and exemplary. Given an opportunity would love to come tune and again.

- Usha Kalia & Rakesh Kalia (India) October 2005

It's hard to add anything new to all the best wishes already written here. Anyway: the best service ever !!! Ms. Kala was the most gracious hostess. I hope to be back and to bring my Mom to share this most unforgettable experience. Special thanks to Dr. Shubha, Tei, Ramesh, Geo, Manu.

- Yulia Lugasrova (Russia) October 2005

We enjoyed nice and peaceful environment which let us forget about noise in Bangalore city. Tasteful facilities and interior relaxed us. Though we don't prefer spicy foods, we enjoyed tasty foods here. We could sense full of hospitality from all staffs, foods and treatment. We would like to share this experience with many people. Thank you very much that you gave us this opportunity.

- Rie Goto, Midori Koyama (Japan) October 2005

SOUKYA is a soul finding place. Existential against fear, insecurity, self defeatism, and erratic unhealthy behaviors do not exist here. Jean Paul sorte believed "everything has been figured out except how to live." Apparently, he'd never been to SOUKYA.

- Nicole Mcfadden (USA) November 2005

Our stay in SOUKYA is one of the peaceful unforgettable day in our life. I was really rejuvenated. We never knew that such a place is here very close to our home in Bangalore. Here are you SOUKYA. Can you switch over to solar lighting?

- Dr. K. Kusuma Mruthyunjaya (India) November 2005

Difficult to imagine the attention to detail, the perceptive approach of all staff and the really gracious hospitality of Dr. Issac & Mrs. Suja. If you want to find your inner voice and listen to the sounds of healing come here !!

- Ajit, Sarah & Janyc Issac (India) November 2005

Could not have asked for better all around treatment and service. Loved the peace and quiet with attentive staff.

- Randal Bernsohn (USA) November 2005

SOUKYA concept of a multi disciplinary holistic approach to healing is attractive and distinctive and has been well implemented. The medical and the genetic capability is strong; and in all other aspects the staff have been very well trained and are unfailingly clean, polite & efficient. Facilities are comfortable without being luxurious. All in all had a wonderful stay and expect to be back.

- Anupam Puri (USA) November 2005

Excellent and wholesome food; kind and efficient staff. Despite the often draining treatments one can't help but be energized by the good energies, beautiful setting, healthy lifestyle and knowledgeable, caring doctors. Thank you to everyone at SOUKYA for creating & running such a place and enabling such positive, transformative experiences.

- Anees Saigal (India) November 2005

Our short stay at SOUKYA was blessed by the wonderful welcome, beautiful scented gardens, the unexpected amazing treatments, help and advice of all the doctors and staff and the very comfortable bed. All of these aided to my fast recovery after my operation. DIOLCH YN FAWRIAWN

- Krith & Allen Parry (UK) November 2005

Beautiful place and smiling staff. Be back ! Good Idea !

- Jyothi Subharao (India) November 2005

Idyllic and delightful. Shall be back !

- Sonya Domergue (India) November 2005

Wonderful experience, very polite and attentive staff. Felt absolutely pampered by Nui and Ruati and others. It has been a great relaxation. Thanks to all the doctors and especially Dr. Mathai. Shall definitely look forward to another visit to SOUKYA.

- Lalitha Shahani (India) November 2005

As always I enjoyed my stay here very much. It was great beneficial for improving my health.

- Lama Doboom Tulku (India) November 2005

'Sheer bliss' - that's what we experienced at SOUKYA. It's aesthetic and absolutely world class. We feel rejuvenated.

- Sandhya & Allen Mendovica (India) November 2005

Excellent food, fabulous service, Amazing massage, polite and friendly staff. It was a perfect five days get away!

- Chandrakant & Jahanvi Shah (USA) November 2005

'Paradise on Earth' - 4 years ago. Amazing it still is. Unlike most institutions. ‘SOUKYA' has retained its excellence and grace.

- B.K.R. Rao & Vasundhara Rao (India) November 2005

A peaceful time. Enjoyed the silence and calm of SOUKYA. Treatments very therapeutic. I will continue to practise yoga and meditation techniques learnt this week.

- Mallika Raj Kumar (UK) November 2005

My first stay at SOUKYA was just fantastic. I could not have asked for better in any ways - facility, service, treatment, foods and staffs. Too bad I can't stay longer. Will definitely come back in the been future. Thank you.

- Yuko Garnell (India) November 2005

Me and my husband had a great time. Food, staff and treatment was fantastic. Therapist Latha's massage is really good. I have become a new person. This place is really recommended. All the best for everyone.

- Muralli & Joyce (India) November 2005

A very pleasant way to have a treat. I really appreciate to let go, and being "taken care" from 7.30 to the end of the day by an always smiling staff. I certainly feel better than when arriving. Let's see how "normal life" acts on that? !! But any way, it's an experience to try.

- Nathalie Brochand (France) December 2005

When I arrived I was like a tightly string drum. I leave like a willow bending in the breeze. Thank you !

- Ann C. Grandjean (USA) December 2005

Beautiful place, beautiful people. I enjoyed every minute of the stay. See you soon.

- Huaying Zhang (China) December 2005

Peace, calmness and serenity flow through us this morning. The combination of the people, the ambience, the massages, the food, that reeks of care, concern and love have helped us feel this way. Thank you Dr. Mathai and the fabulous loving, gentle team you are able to nurture. Keep going!

- Indu & Muralidharan (India) December 2005

It is a paradise - a human and cultural one. Must come here again and again.

- Devika & L.C. Jain (India) December 2005

I am here second time and I want to go here again and again because I don't know the some place in all over the world. The magic place where I feel God in my heart and I can support balance between my body and my mind….

- Elena (Russia) December 2005

We came here to be with our friend Elena and to visit such a wonderful city as Bangalore. We very much appreciated the time we had here and the hospitality we have received.

- Olga Shevckenko (Russia) December 2005

Wonderful place of serenity - healing with friendly, caring people. God be praised.

- Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu (South Africa) December 2005

A warm embracing place, both physically and in the touch and hearts of all the people. God Bless You All.

- Colin Moses (South Africa) December 2005

I came here feeling low and depressed but leaving flying in the air. The ambience, purity and above all the hospitality cannot be matched anywhere. Special thanks to the doctors, therapist and all the staff lovely feeling of being wanted was experienced. Thanks to all including the labor that greets you morning and evening with a lovely smile. Dr. Mathai thanks for having me here. Look forward to coming back again. God Bless.

- Mrs. Jasbir Narulla (India) December 2005

Once again Dr. Mathai you have outdone yourself. What a great way to spend two weeks. For me your guests have proven themselves extra ordinary. It's not every resort that affords me the opportunity to have breakfast with Desmond Tutu. I can't wait till next year. May I will be dining with George W. Bush. He could use the dhara! Much love.

- Steve Fetner (USA) December 2005

It was an excellent stay! A real treat for the body and the spirit. Vihaan and I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed care, pampering and love given by all. The staff and faculty deserve great commemoration for their excellent effort! Thank you so much.

- Priyanka Agarwal (India) December 2005

Delightful service and staff. Pleasant stay in exceptionally beautiful surroundings. Thank you.

- Satish Jayawmar (UK) December 2005

Excellent staff, very good service and very knowledgeable. We really enjoyed our stay in this beautiful environment.

- Mr. & Mrs. Azad Lyasmin Shamji (USA) December 2005

Out of the world." I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to SOUKYA. The service is excellent, people are really nice, food is great, cannot say enough about the treatments. I will certainly be back for more. Thanks to all staff and people of SOUKYA.

- Shankar & Revathi Iyer (USA) December 2005

A colleague booked us in to SOUKYA for a couple of nights thinking that it would be good to get us out of our hectic routines. It was a great idea, so thanks Villoo and thanks SOUKYA. Happy Christmas.

- Chirs Bowler & Chiala Zulzulo (France) December 2005

" Agreed

- Jacques Weil (France) December 2005


- Van Montague (China) December 2005

Having undergone treatment here, I feel that ‘SOUKYA' is a true ‘Thriveni Sangamam' where, the mind - body - spirit conference is felt. What is missed in the modern world is formed in this modern holistic heaven!

- Abraham Mathai (USA) December 2005

Excellent retreat for rediscovering, rejuvenating, relaxing, receiving one self. Facilities are clean. Team is very warm and healthy. Will come back.

- Kiran Vadlamani (India) December 2005

A truly beautiful, serene and verdant retreat. The treatments offered are carefully selected for each individual. The staff and physicians are very caring and pleasant. Dr. Mathai is to be complimented for setting up this unique integrated healing facility in such a lonely setting. His dynamism is seen in every aspect and I sincerely hope that he succeeds in setting up models for holistic treatments that cut across various systems of medicines and therapies, keeping the patient at the center and advising and offering what is best for him / her. My good wishes to SOUKYA.

- Uma Pillai (India) December 2005

The resort of SOUKYA was a wonderful experience to both of us. The excellent treatments, the humble and polite staff, the green and serene SOUKYA, the calmness experienced through morning and evening yoga were all very gratifying to both of us. Our stay was very relaxing. Our compliments to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and of course all the staff for setting such a unique place. We both wish Mathai family and all staff a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. With best wishes.

- Asger & Masuma Dhanji (Tanzania) December 2005

SOUKYA is a great place for relaxing. We found Dr. Mathai, learned and full of knowledge in holistic medicine. Staff is wonderful and very helpful. We both wish you a Happy New Year and Good Health. We thank you for your kindness.

- Haider & Parveen Dhanji (UK) December 2005

Excellent place, "Raja Upacharam" (Royal treatment). Looking forward to coming here again. Staff is so good, polite and friendly. You have given so much importance to small details. You are so sensitive to the need of the visitors. Thanks a lot. All the best to go a long way.

- Lalitha Kamakshi (India) December 2005

SOUKYA is an excellent place for the relaxation of mind, body and soul. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my stay here. The staff and all the people around are commendable in respect of their hospitality. Thank you. Good luck.

- Ambika Murugesan (India) December 2005

A great stay once again. Thank you.

- Harshavardhan Neotia (India) December 2005

Excellent is the word for every thing at SOUKYA - the serene and calm ambience the courteous and polite staff, agreeable and healthy food. Carefully selected holistic treatments pleasant and efficient doctors, caring and sincere therapists and above all commendable hospitality of Dr. & Mrs. Mathai. Best Wishes.

- Vineet Nayar & Janak Nayar (India) December 2005

Excellent experience. Will come back soon.

- Raju (India) December 2005

Great place to spend time and undergo treatment. The attitude of staff is excellent. The way the center is maintained is amazing. Thanks SOUKYA and best wishes.

- K.V. Anand (India) December 2005

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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