Guest Experiences


Nice place for resorting with protection to live safety. It's beautiful place. Many thanks for the comfort.

- Houdji & Christine (France) January 2008

Beautiful place for relaxing time and meditation. Thank you for your kindness.

- Nicole Aknin Jacqus Schscroun (France) January 2008

Beautiful place for relaxing.

- George Escribano & Edson Alcantara (France) January 2008

A very beautiful place

- Francois Wallaert (France) January 2008

I am very grateful for all we recovered here. Quality of treatments, of food, of environment and most of all, the competence, kindness and joyfulness of all SOUKYA people. Thanks!

- Isabelle Crespelle (France) January 2008

Meru beaucoup foe cette 87 semaine si douce, mer iu fow notie gentillenc los srinies, los competencs. Elisabeth it Faha. Nois wiresdrom. We will come again.

- Elisabeth Kremer Ramo & Faha Ramoelintsalama (France) January 2008

My 3rd trip to India for healing and in spite at the hands of Dr. Mathai and has stilled team of practitioners. SOUKYA is a gift I can never get enough of! From vision to reality it contains the best of what I need to heal emotionally, physically, spiritually. Many thanks again! To Doctor, Suja and the entire SOUKYA family. I am blessed to know you all.

- Mindy Mitchell (USA) January 2008

Excellent retreat, oasis of rest and peace. With quiet healing forces all around you. Thank you Dr. Mathai for your hospitality, vision and stamina to create SOUKYA paradise. Charlie will miss all of you. Thank you so much for your love & care of him.

- Mr. Robert Trossel, Ms. Wendy & Charlie (USA)January 2008

Great vision and mission, Impeccable and friendly, A palace and the monastery together, a home away from home, Grow more neem, Peepal trees, difficult to find farmer.

- Mr. O.P. Jain (India) January 2008

This is our first visit to "SOUKYA". Relief from busy life. Wish the organization all the best.

- Mr. & Mrs. Madhav (India) January 2008

An amazing place where cultural knowledge; modern trend, and nutrition combine to promote health and healing. Hope to return! Many thanks. "

- Derik Yach (USA) January 2008

Healing and rejuvenation retreat, breath taking if you understand the concept of Ayurveda, and alternative medicine, Many thanks for everything to everybody at "SOUKYA". See you again for another journey of oasis healing.

- Maha Al Khalifa (Bahrain) January 2008

It has been a wonderful experience and enriching at that. I have never felt more relaxed. As a lover of nature and greenery I think "SOUKYA" is one of the best of its kind. Simply superb settings, care for detail and personal touch in everything. A perfect "HOME" for everyone. On treatment & in terms of quality, application and personal attention has been very good. While one does not respect magic, I am more than confident of positive results overtime. Will be back before long, God willing. Dr. Issac Mathai has created an excellent and outstanding retreat, in team with his wife suja. My congratulations for your human touch, integrity - based operations and with an excellent team of doctors, therapists, house keeping and catering staff and all others. The place with humility. It's a God own place. God Bless.

- Tej Sahni (India) February 2008

Such an amazing experience! Wonderful staff, excellent treatments and the best food! We cannot thank you enough for everything. We are deeply appreciated and feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you again all of you.

- Andy & Naomi Starr (USA) February 2008

Fantastic experience! Beautiful resort, excellent staff, delicious food and great treatments. We will be back soon!

- Anick Truong & Simon Mcdougall (USA)February 2008

Very relaxing and rejuvenating".

- Yogesh Goyal (India) February 2008

Spending always 2 months in SOUKYA has improve my life emotionally and physically and I have enjoyed every day of my staying. I believed Dr. Mathai has created accompany of angels to pamper SOUKYA's guest while providing best of medical services. I would never regret my long stay in SOUKYA and with all the excellent healing result. Looking forward to visit SOUKYA again in my first experience. I am grateful to my husband "IRAJ" for recommend SOUKYA to me. My special thanks to Dr. Mathai, his beautiful wife, Dr. Sudha, Dr. Shubha and the rest of SOUKYA's team. With love.

- Behnaz, Roxana & Iraj Jahanbin (Iran) February 2008

I am very grateful for all I received here, quality of treatments, food, service, of the environment and most of all the competence and kindness of all the people here at SOUKYA. Thank you for the most memorable weeks I have ever experienced.

- Diana Rinaldi (France) February 2008

Life changing in so many ways!.

- Sahar Masud (Dubai) February 2008

SOUKYA is a very special place with very special people. Thank you very much for your kindness. Your warm welcome and perfect service and treatment. We will miss all of you and wish you all the best.

- Heidi & Grehard Gollner (Germany) February 2008

What a wonderful place! I wish I would have stayed longer. The care and kindness of the staff is over whelming and the treatments are wonderful. I hope and be back soon.

- Alexa Raad (USA) February 2008

My experience was awesome. Everyone is so nice, professional and willing to help whenever needed. I feel wonderful and my body hasn’t felt this great in years. Thank you for the experience.

- Cherisse Robinson (USA) February 2008

Thank God we came to an authentic Ayurvedic place where we relaxed and rejuvenated while having wonderful yoga and meditation sessions through out the day. We will definitely be back soon accompanied which more family and friends!

- Sheena & Snehlata Patel (USA) February 2008

Since many years every February we say the same words: Fantastic - thanks to everybody.

- Gianfranco & Francesca Rossetto (Italy) February 2008

Nothing happens by chance. My stay in SOUKYA was planned. It's a beginning to a new direction. Thanks to all of you, I did appreciate the warm in the eyes of your gardeners, your therapists, our doctors and all of you. Thanks.

- Marieme Malong (Europe) February 2008

A truly wonderful experience. Everyone deserves such an experience at least once in their lives!! I leave rejuvenated and confidant that my mind, body and soul are balanced and that I have the tools to keep it that way for a longtime. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at SOUKYA. God bless you all.

- Joseph M. Owen (Africa) February 2008

Suffering from high blood pressure, swollen legs and feet, aching joints and general fatigue, a visit to "SOUKYA" was recommended to me by my friends from the world craft. Council/Asia-Pacific. I believe it was the sincerest and best advice. At SOUKYA, going through the experience of holistic treatments that combined mind-body-soul programme, the procedure proved to be very effective. It would be fair and incompetent to say that every member of the "SOUKYA" staff, is warm, helpful, understanding and sympathetic. This is besides the people behind the scene who made the place beautiful, clean, appealing, peaceful and safe. To them all my warmest thanks. After having read some reviews, reports and interviews in newspapers and magazines about SOUKYA, especially the dream of creative, such a homeopathic centre, which was the dream of the founder Dr. Issac Mathai, I was extremely impressed by what a noble dream that serves humanity through the revival of man medical experience during the past ancient cultures which are so great and rich. The realization of Dr. Mathai's dream with the support and help of suja, his beautiful gracious wife, is a great achievement for the young couple and for the people who assist them. To Dr. Mathai's and Mrs. Suja, to SOUKYA's staff I retreats my warm thanks and wishes for continuous program.

- Ghada Hijjawi - Qaudumi (Kuwait) February 2008

It is nice to see how SOUKYA has grown! The treatments, services, people are fantastic!

- Michelle Heuscheh March 2008

SOUKYA gave me the peace and tranquility I so needed. Thank you. Look forward to coming back one day.

- Claire Wright (England) March 2008

We could experience one of the rare, real, authentic, Ayurvedic treatments. There is the very professional medical approach, and so are the treatments, oils, and products. Next to that is the experience of the staff supporting SOUKYA oasis that is created in an unique way with a great respect nature, the food, juices are outstanding with a unique positive attitude of the staff. A"must-olo" experience.

- Al Guta Dupont March 2008

We spent 40 days and 40 nights here at SOUKYA, what a privilege. Both my wife and myself were here seven years ago with just two buildings on the property. The grounds and the centre have been transformed into a true oasis. The care we received is the best in the world. The staff and doctor's were amazing in all that they did to make us feel comfortable. This has truly been an amazing healing experience. We will count the days until we return. May God bless you all and hope you safe until our return.

- Mike & Lyndy Pacheco (USA) March 2008

SOUKYA has the characteristics of a monastery - tranquil and full of positive energy. The gardens and architecture are a delight. The treatments were a joy for the body and the food truly nourishing. Thank you.

- Alexander & Tenzin Wilberforce (London) March 2008

Great ambience. Wonderful service and treatments. Thank you..

- Deepika Bhandari & Prema Khanna (India) March 2008

Wonderful experience. Very calming surroundings. Best service and attention from all staff and doctors. Will come back again.

- Prem & Santosh Anand (India) March 2008

A joy to be able to stay for 3 weeks this time and ready see the transformation. Thank you everyone.

- Kristine Locke (London) March 2008

At the outrit I would like to congratulate Dr. & Mrs. Mathai for their work in establishing SOUKYA. Though my stay was very brief it did help me relax completely. Compliments to the staff their tender loving care and special thanks to Dr. Shubha, Dr. Arun and masseurs Ashok and Madhu. Outstanding experience in an outstanding place. Should be back soon. Special thanks to one and all.

- Dr. B.R. Vinay & N. M. Sudha (India) March 2008

We were only here for 3 days (2 nights) but enough to experience the SOUKYA atmosphere: caring, friendly, quiet, pure, healthy. Especially enjoyed the food. I am waiting forward to my next visit. Thanks to everyone.

- M Porte (Netherlands) March 2008

Fantastic relaxing! Pure letting go of everything. Thank you.

- Quirine Vosmaer (Netherlands) March 2008

Great! Love the treatments! Best service!

- Ganga Hoogendoorn (Netherlands) March 2008

A fantastic team in all sections surrounded us with great care. We will take home this beautiful place in our minds. And who knows: perhaps we come back. God bless all of you.

- Stephanie Meijer (Netherlands) March 2008

Thank you so much for everything! Everybody is so calm and king here. I love SOUKYA and I look forward to coming back as soon as possible. Big kisses to all of you.

- Daniele Gerbal (France) March 2008

It's always a joy to return to SOUKYA because of the warm reception and hospitality by both administration and medical staffs who do everything in their power to satisfy the guest. SOUKYA is a calm, tranquil, and nourturing environment for our every soul and we are always. Transformed by the loving care attention, we receive here. Congratulations on running a great healing centre. I will see you next year! P. S. I am always deeply moved by "Thought of the day". So please continue this lovely gestures.

- Susan O’ Neal (USA) March 2008

If any body want to see Heaven on Earth it is "SOUKYA". I will call it "Shanquilla. It's beautiful and everybody from top to bottom is very co-operative and pleasant. I enjoyed my 3 weeks stay here and hoping to come back again. Treatments were given with concern and affection and everybody is well trained for it. Please keep it up and May god will help you all to keep it same.

- Pratibha Arun Phatak (India) March 2008

Great place, great staff. Thank all Girija, Akkamma, all doctors, and services. Best wishes SOUKYA!!!

- Toley Karimtayva & Zinad Banu (Russia) March 2008

Relaxing soothing brilliant specious nature and worth trying.

- Shreya Sheikh (Dubai) April 2008

A very caring and wonderful place to be. The staff everyone can't do. Enough for you. Thank you for being there for me.

- Rhonda Lubin (Australia) April 2008

Had a wonderful days stay in SOUKYA had a very good time spending here and my son (Aman) had a great time with every body eyes here. Thanks a lot for your services. See you all again.

- K.M. Mohammed Asif (India) April 2008

I have had a wonderful week at SOUKYA. Big thank you to the superb staff - right from the doctors: therapists to the boys in the restaurant. Its thanks to you that SOUKYA stands apart!

- Mrinalini Mirchandani (India) April 2008

A truly relaxing break - which helped us to renourish our mind, body and soul. Thus will aid us in our next chapter at our likes. We are very greatful to all the staff who helped us enjoy our stay. Food was great served with a smile.

- Ms. Sophie Athwal & Mr. Singh (India) April 2008

We enjoyed our stay for a change here in SOUKYA. It's nice, quite and relaxing. Mainly we enjoyed losing some kg and the treatments. The group was very nice with us. Hope to see you soon. Take care.

- Abdullah & Dina April 2008

What sets SOUKYA apart? Heart felt affection, so much of comfort, happiness in the smiles from all your staff, from the doctors, therapists, cleaness, kitchen staff and even the garden workers touches the soul. Immaculately clean - the bottom line is impeccable hygiene. Efficiency of your staff is amazing. Ofcourse the natural beauty and the peace here makes is want to come again and again. Thanks a million to every one of you. Your slogan could easily be: At SOUKYA we care for your wellness! - Mind, body, heart and soul.

- Sabita & Y. Radhakrishnan (India) April 2008

You have created paradise here. Feels terrible leaving. Looking forward to taking a slice of SOUKYA home soon. Will be back in a few months.

- Rohit & Rashmi Khattar (India) April 2008

A wonderful place. We enjoyed our stay. Keep it up. God Bless.

- George & Elise April 2008

It has been a wonderful relaxing & beautiful experience in the serenity you have created at SOUKYA!

- Rima Ziatron April 2008

SOUKYA is a wellness sanctuary! Despite our ------- stay. I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated. It is now a goal to be able to come back again for a longer stay. Thank you to all the staff.

- Sally Pinkerton (Netherlands) April 2008

I love the place. If I could I would actually live in this place. Fresh environment that allows you to soak in nature. Heaven on Earth with beautiful souls who are selfless and giving. May you be blessed with abundance to eternity.

- Thanndi Mabaso (Africa) May 2008

This is a super, hyper, duper place. Perfect in every sense. It's first time experience for me to have such treatment and first time I experience Yoga. The doctors were good, male therapist, kitchen and admin staff excellent. Keep it up and I promise to come back and spoil myself again when I turn 45th 2 years time.

- Leonard Radebe May 2008

SOUKYA very nice place although me and mum it's second time and dad first. But he has loved this place. Hope to see all of you again. All the Best.

- Mr. & Mrs. Yussuf Kanji & Ms. Fatma Versi (Tanzania) May 2008

Our time at SOUKYA has passed like a dream-tranquil and fulfilling. Dr. Mathai, not only have you created a unique and special place, you also have a unique team of people who take commitment and caring to a new level. Our experience here has been so enriched by each and every one of them. Our thanks to you, for sharing your dream with us. "

- Mr. & Mrs. Moiden Kutty May 2008

My favourite place for relaxing in every way. Dr. and Mrs. Mathai, have done a wonderful creation in SOUKYA. Thank you both and the attention staff.

- Mrinalini V. Sarabhai (Ahmedabad) June 2008

My second visit to SOUKYA and It's hard to leave ... Thanks to all of you, Dr. Mathai, Dr. Shubha, Dr. Soumya and every and each person who makes this place unique. Looking forward for the 3rd time.

- Rania Kimaz (Abudhabi) June 2008

Thank you Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and to all the dedicated and caring staff who make this the oasis of healing that it is. It's been a truly wonderful stay - one that I hope to be able to repeat. In the meantime I take with me the inspiration, practices and renewed energy and awareness to continue to create and maintain a healthier way of life.

- Hala (Dubai) June 2008

SOUKYA has been a very good experience. The environment is great for healing. The trees, the flowers and of course the rabbits are all great joy to be with. Thanks a lot to Dr. Shubha and Dr. Soumya. The therapists derve a lot of appreciation. The dining hall staff all very pleasant and caring. Thank you Dr. Mathai for inspiring in us a lot of impedance about Ayurvedic healing. Its been a discovery. Have feeling lighter and healthier. Hope to be back sometime next year. Loving & caring.

- Amit, Uma & Taarini Shahi (India) June 2008

An overall wonderful experience. It had a great effect on my health. Looking forward to coming back in 3 to 4 months. Everything is just perfect, please don't change a thing.

- Ranjit Govindaraj (India) June 2008

The silence is therapy itself, as are the gardens and calming architecture. To achieve this level of overall aesthetics, calmness, spotless cleanliness, courtesy and efficacy in India is an achievement indeed. It has been healing at its best.

- Mallika Sarabhai (India) June 2008

It is very good experience about SOUKYA. It is beautifully made and very good treatments. Very very good doctors, therapists and all others. Treatments helped a lot. I am very happy about all the things.

- Mrs. Asha & Mr. A.K. Agarwal (India) June 2008

This is heaven on earth, we really have enjoyed the treatments. The place is clean, tranquil and truly a fulfilling experience and would love to come back again to enjoy this relaxed atmosphere and will definitely recommended SOUKYA to more people. You have created an unique ambience.

- Mrs. Prem & Mr. John Zacharriah (India) June 2008

It's a great place, though my stay was short, it was very sweet with greenery all round birds chirping, noise of train, over all experience was great. Keep it up..... Its something you cannot express you have to fell on your own.

- Mrs. Harsha & Mr. Ajit Juriasinghani (India) June 2008

What an incredible experience! I cannot express my gratitude for the incredible time I have spent here at SOUKYA! This oasis of positivity and healing is incomparable. Such attention to detail, knowledge and love is poured into the treatments, the delicious food, the beautiful surroundings and each and every person associated with this wonderful place. Thank you so much to everyone for making this one of the best experiences of my life. I will be back very soon, with others.

- Ms. Elizabeth Redwine (USA) June 2008

Issac & Suja you have created an institution which is going to get better and better everyday. It will evolve with your hands on way of operating!! I have truly experienced an amazing week of wellness and don't know how to thank you both. World class facilities and attention to detail - keep up the good work. We will always be there for you!! Thank you once again. Will be back very soon.

- Mr. M N Chittiappa (India) July 2008

We were very happy to be here. Thanks to Dr. Mathai. Thanks to Dr. Shubha and other doctors and chef. Excellent food. Thanks for your kindness. See you soon!!

- Ms. Eleonora & Ms. Valerie (Belgium) July 2008

Truly a tranquil and serene place. I really felt at peace here. What sets you about is the attention to details and your staff. You truly have superlative staff both the doctors and the therapists. All the staff here are so welcoming and make you feel at home. I hope you keep improving this experience. Good luck. I hope to be back soon.

- Ms. Anita Venugopal (India) July 2008

Excellent environment and staff. Just being here rejuvenates the body, mind and soul.

- Aditya Ahluwalia (India) July 2008

Very peaceful and calm. A place to totally de-stress. Excellent staffs & doctors very kind and helpful.

- Ranvijay Singh (India) July 2008

Weather is very good. Staff behavior is very good, doctor's co-operation is very good. We like every thing most.

- Dr. M.K. Tripathi (India) July 2008

By all means, it is a good experience for health and wealth as health is wealth. Good atmosphere to cherish memories.

- Jakkampudi Rammohana Rao (India) July 2008

Wonderful experience. Doctors are capable, co-operative & caring. Therapy staff is efficient, polite and caring. Kitchen staff is very caring, respectful. The speciality of the health centre is work culture, ever smiling faces from top to bottom management personal. We enjoyed our stay. Yoga hall and teacher both are remarkable.

- B. D. Gulati (India) July 2008

My second visit and even more enjoyable experience. Spending two weeks here was like being transported into an unreal world of wonder. I have enjoyed every moment of my stay, especially watching the rains from the elegant dining hall and going for long walks along the Nadapada. I enjoyed the Yoga sessions with Dr. Soumya. The food was excellent. And the chef willing to accommodate individual fancies. Every one of the staff members are out standing. Congrats to Dr. Issac and Suja for having created a wonderful destination and best wishes to Annu, the new member and their team. I leave feeling as if I have acquired a new family. Special kudos to Dr. Issac for his personal care and supervision and Suja for the overall aesthetics of the central courtyard/garden which is simply wonderful.

- Venu Rajamony (UAE) July 2008

Spending 8 days here at 'SOUKYA' was the best decision I've taken for myself in a long time. Thank you Dr. Issac & Mrs. Suja for the vision. I wish you both, your families and SOUKYA's families and 'SOUKYA' complete well being. Peace.

- Jana Seshadri (USA) July 2008

I spent 5 days here. Wish it was longer. What stuck me most was the dedication of therapy staff. They are very personal and attentive to details. Thank you Dr. Issac & Mrs. Suja for creating such a dedicated work force. The food and place was terrific. Best wishes and keep it up.

- Mohan Kumar (USA) July 2008

I am so overwhelmed today to realize this is my last day at this peaceful abode! What a wonderful 3 weeks! I thank all the Team SOUKYA led by Dr. Issac & Suja for having given me an experience that I haven't felt in a very long time. SOUKYA unique strengths are its people and I wish all the doctors, therapists the F&B staffs, house keepers including the support staff for making this place unique and 'one of a kind'. I wish to include SOUKYA as a regular part of my yearly rejuvenation & health detox centre. My prayers to your families as well. Best wishes.

- Suresh John (India) July 2008

Having been to various health centres, SOUKYA was the best by far I have experienced. My ten days was the I've heal in a long time. This was my world the beautiful settings, the animals, plants and most of all the people that make SOUKYA apart the positive feelings all around, SOUKYA strength are their people. Their dedications and motivation is incomparable and credit goes to Dr and Mrs. Issac. I would like to make a special mention of one of your therapist Gayathri who assisted me in my ten days. This young lady had a healing touch. She made me feel very special, always caring and knew my discomforts when in pain. I would like to thank the SOUKYA family for being part of my healing. God bless you all.

- Faye Kothari (UAE) August 2008

I have been meaning to come here for long and decided in 5 minutes or else I would have delayed it further. Even if it was for a short stay, if I say I remembered all the names of the people I would be lying. But the over all experience was exceptional. I will return, thank you to all.

- Milton John D'Souza (India) August 2008

This is my third visit to SOUKYA and I will be back - what can I say, an awesome experience, always.

- Brij Raj Singh (UAE) August 2008

This is a very nice place to come to. I always keep coming back.

- Ganga Hoogendoorn (Netherlands) August 2008

Thank you for looking after me. SOUKYA is a holistic heaven.

- Hanka Longstaff (Dubai) August 2008

A beautiful and peaceful environment in which health, harmony and well being permeates the atmosphere.

- Christopher O'Gara (USA) August 2008

I echo the above and add that it is like coming home - to warmth, love, care and concern for all of us. Neethu, Laxmi, Girija and Jamuna & Maruat were extremely gentle with me in every way - they have a healing touch - as also the rest of the staff - Jobin, Shabin, Anish, Geo and all the others.

- Niloufer Gupta (India) August 2008

Memorable, wellness enhancing experience. U unique & V satisfied. Keep up the great work, friends.

- Shailesh Chaturvedi (India) August 2008

This is my third visit. It feels like coming home. So comforting and safe and wanted and loved. Dr.Mathai & Suja walk the walk and talk the talk. They make everything appear effortless. Holistic healing only means SOUKYA and I say this to as many people as I can. It’s like coming back to our family home with all wanted relatives. Every staff shows love & care.

- Padma Coram (Dubai) August 2008

Soukya is a great place to relax from the daily hectic life. Friendly staff, excellent treatment program and beautiful environment is what I found in Soukya.

- Abdellahif Abu Qurah (Dubai) August 2008

It was a marvelous experience to stay here for 2 weeks. Place is beautiful, staff efficient, food and treatments really superb! Thank you again and all the best.

- Giacomo Giampetruzzi (Italy) September 2008

My second visit to SOUKYA even more better than the first time. The first time I had come for 17 days, I found time passing slowly. But this time 14 days are gone very fast. I wish I could stay more. It is very close to nature (Soukya). The doctors are so friendly & all the staffs are also so humble, polite & dynamic. At SOUKYA you don't feel that you are sick and taking some treatments. It is just that you are getting treated you are 100% relaxed with a holiday feeling. Narayan deserves extra thanks for special healing touch. Kitchen department everyone deserves a special part for being dynamic chubbly & bubbly Three cheers for Dr.Mathai & his entire team for such an excellent - place, treatments, attitude, food & everything. HIP HIP HURRAY, HIP HIP HURRAY, HIP HIP HURRAY!

- Anurag & Neha (India) September 2008

Coming back to SOUKYA feels like coming home now. This is our third visit & I know now there will be many more. Everyone was the same means amazing, friendly, helpful. Therapists were always good especially Narayan, Vasant & Varsha. Harish was always there smiling. So even we are going back smiling with fond memories. Thank you Dr. Mathai once again. Even God is with Soukya. What an amazing weather you have here.

- Sunil Bansal (India) September 2008

That Indian medicine is superior to that of the west has been proved by SOUKYA. Dr.Issac Mathai, his wife Suja and their team of dedicated, knowledgeable and cheerful therapist has made SOUKYA a most sought-after destination for health tourists from all over the world. This was my and my wife's first visit. Though short, just two days, we are going home with happy memories of our stay. Excellent therapy, healthy force and smiling staffs. We are already feeling a few years younger. We felt one with the nature. Thanks to the excellent natural beauty with flowers, vertical plants, birds and what not in SOUKYA premises. Thanks once again.

- H.S.Balram & Rupa Balram (India) September 2008

I am able to experience the witness of the life & death & resurrection of Christ in this campus in every aspect. A dedicated team under the leadership of committed persons, Dr.Mathai and his wife Ms.Suja Mathai. I do not know how to thank them. I can see them in each staff life and work. The ambience and architecture, the natural atmosphere gives real good context for the holistic healing and Mrs.Mathai needs special appreciation for her vision. A big thanks.

- Rev.P.Mohan Larbeer (India) September 2008

After 15 days stay in this unique holistic centre we are rejuvenated and are unhappy to depart. Environment induces tranquility, serenity and peace of mind. Experience of being cut off from the civilization is mentally and emotionally exhilarating. Diversity and abundance of plants and flowers all around you and lotus enhance the beauty. Chirping of birds and morning calls of cocks, early morning Nada Pada walks defy description. Mrs.Mathai apart from charming is versatile. Mathai will one day build "China Wall". Every employee smiles and is eager to help and appears contended. We shall be back.

- Mrs. & Mr. Haidermota (Pakistan) September 2008

Ten days of peace in this tranquil environment. The therapists are a dedicated lot. Special mention to be made of Girija and Neetu Dr. Soumya, I'll miss your yoga sessions. SOUKYA has been a great experience.

- Vivian George (India) September 2008

An extremely pleasant and tranquil setting. The quality of medical care was excellent and the hygiene level very impressive particularly given that it is in India! Overall it has been an extremely positive experience coming here. We will definitely recommend to friends seeking ayurvedic treatments.

- Chandrika Pathak (London) September 2008

A beautiful heaven where one can truly rebalance the body as well as the mind and soul. The peaceful location, clean + simple accommodation and approach of staff enhance the total experience. Al the energy of the people along with therapies helps a person find and balance themselves. We will definitely be back for another experience. Thank you to everyone we have had the privilege to meet on our journey as SOUKYA.

- Natasha & Andreas Desai (Dubai) September 2008

Short but different and certainly very positive days. India has so much to offer to human kind and SOUKYA is certainly a good "appetizer". Will try to make it back with my family.

- Roberto Banfi (Dubai) September 2008

We are very pleased and feel very comfortable at SOUKYA with the treatment available.

- Hamood Taloub (Abu Dhabi) September 2008

Treat to visit and stay. Very superior place run by superior people.

- Ram Pohoomal (India) September 2008

Treat to visit and stay. A place made out of nature, with people that understand and appreciate nature with so much to teach and give. Not commercial although it is a profit center. Everything was worth the time and expenditure. I got more than what I expected. I saw the natural me and my real inside that I lost for a long period. I realized how great and important my body is and how it is related to the universe. Thanks.

- Omar Abdeen (Jordan) October 2008

On my last day, I have no doubt in my mind that I will miss the peace, harmony of this place. I will revisit again. The tender attention of staff and professional approach hosted by this beautiful place made my stay worthwhile.

- Osama Abdeen (Jordan) October 2008

Excellent service. Beautiful place but please change the decor of the therapy rooms. Will be back". Inshaallah.

- Piyali.R.Singh (Dubai) October 2008

Finest things provided by way of all treatments/therapies/atmosphere/ambience/landscape and ever smiling and active personnel. The description is just endless. Thanks to the creators of this different world.

- Vijaykumar & family (India) October 2008

Excellent place. The landscape is beautiful, serene and very green. I'd definitely be back". Inshaallah.

- Lilian S Kimaro (Tanzania) October 2008

It is a really beautiful place to unwind with a purpose. My stay has been worth it. I's a place I shall definitely look forward to come back.

- Victoria E Kizito (Tanzania) October 2008

Superb experience and ambience! Was particularly happy with the stone massage, the friendly smiling doctors and therapists made it a great visit. Thanks.

- Madhuri Iyer (India) October 2008

My senses were all indulged during my for to short 5 day stay. The warmth of the staff and doctors was genuine and appreciated very deeply. This place is truly a inspiration." Thanks!!

- Elisabeth Mckenny (USA) October 2008

First of all my sincere thanks to Dr. Issac Mathai where he dreamt holistic place for people who are in pain & to cure them with best care & best treatment & best food which again many thanks to Suja Issac where she planned the best food for all the people. My first experience to be away all alone by myself with all details on internet I arrived here and the best part Ms. Sudha on phone giving me assurance of all safety and best treatment made me so much comfortable & the best care taken by doctors and therapists & staff of dining was the best and here I could see Dr. Mathai's human touch and trained the staff the same way, which was the best.

- Neha Nikhil Gandhi (India) October 2008

Had a wonderful stay. Environment is great. Great service & treatment. Thank you very much.

- Venkatesh (India) October 2008

The place is like heaven, serene & calm. It relaxes you the moment you step out of the car & the entire environment makes you feel at peace. The treatments/therapies are exceptional, staff is courteous and polite. Overall it is a place to experience once at least. While leaving we feel fresh, rejuvenated & totally new people.

- Vineet & Roshini (India) October 2008

We would like to thank Dr.Mathai and his staff for outstanding treatments, services and environment. We shall come back very soon. Beginning of January 2009 we shall be back. Best wishes and warmest regards to all of you.

- Loriana Karl-Heinz Krafft (Germany) October 2008

Many thanks to Dr.Mathai & his excellent team. The service & treatment here are excellent. This is my first break from business towards health for 21 days. I have learned more about keeping fit and healthy. Credit goes to the team of SOUKYA therapists, doctors, kitchen, and office. Keep it up. Will be back soon.

- A R Khatri (India) October 2008

Very relaxing. The facility is beautiful and the staff is excellent.

- Frank Loye - Chicago (USA) October 2008

My family is devoted to caring to nature. We love nature completely. At SOUKYA I found a great friend who understand what is nature how to care for love. We believe if you care for nature you love God practically. Thank you Suja and Isaac for everything and God bless you by giving you more and more wisdom to do more for His people in this world of today. We were here with Lucy my wife when INDIA joins the ELITEMOON CLUB to launch a Moon mission 22/10/2008 - Chandrayaan. We witnessed this historical event at SOUKYA. To us it means the Team at SOUKYA led by Dr Isaac Mathai his a vision to transform human life into an enjoyable life by using the power of nature to heal of diseases. We thank you and pray for you and ask you to come to Kilimanjaro and discover more natural resources for healing. You are welcome to our home. Just call and come. For sure a second visit is already in our mind. Thank you and we love you all at SOUKYA.

- Marangu Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) - November 08

Looking all over South India for the best original Ayurveda treatment, I was staying only 2 nights at this "Gods own Land". All here is exceptional, the staff, the treatments, the landscape, the accommodation. I will come back, sure.

- Inge Voluert (Germany) November 08

A wonderful experience was not sure of what to expect, but am just spellbound. 5 days to short for me and am sure to be back. All of the staff are like one big family, always cheerful & greeting each & every time. Will miss my walks around the centre. It was great to be woken up by the cock crowing unlike setting my daily alarm. The therapies were excellent and have helped in strengthening the body. Dr Isaac & Suja are wonderful trying to make our stay comfortable. Loved the pampering by the therapists. Gonna Miss this heaven.

- Suraiya Ebrahim (Hong Kong) November 08

Beautiful, peaceful environment. A place to relax & enjoy the nature. The staffs are caring. The most authentic Ayurveda I have ever personally experienced in my last 15 yrs of Ayurveda treatments. I can go back & recommend to all my clients looking to Authentic Ayurveda & also Holistic Medicine to visit SOUKYA.

- Dinesh Sharma (Germany) November 08

A very big thank you to Dr Mathai from the bottom of our hearts. We are so glad that we choose SOUKYA to cure us! This is our third visit and like every visit this place and the team of SOUKYA has made our experience very soothing. It was very sweet of Annuji to arrange the cake for my birthday. It was a very memorable surprise. The therapists were very caring. Neetu, Ambika, Gayathri and Neelu were our angels. The boys in the kitchen were very professional yet humorous. Thank you to Rameshji for helping us with the luggage and also for the seeds. Amala & Boomi thank you for getting back to us promptly on any inquiries. Once again we would like to thank the team of SOUKYA for making our stay enjoyable and blissful.

- Jahanvi & Shobhna Shah (New York) November 08

Third time in one year that says something! A very short, but needed stay that's again for all your love & care.

- Kristina Locke (England) November 08

A wonderful 10 days here so much to praise...where to begin? The tranquility, the gardens, the food, the staff, the care. I feel quite stunned by the effect of my stay the best. Many many thanks to you all.

- Charlotte Good (London) November 08

Most excellent first experience! Thank you for a stay with very competent and effective treatment, excellent Yoga. Thank you for a great hospitality, each single person contributed to very positive memories.

- Ivan Brinkley (Germany) November 08

Dear Dr. Mathai and Suja. I entered SOUKYA not really knowing what to expect, hopeful, cautious and a little, knowing only that I wanted to heal my mind, body & soul. Upon arrival I was taken in by the charm of the surroundings. Everything that I have experienced here in the last 2 weeks has gone beyond my expectations and it grows on you each day you like it better & better! The warmth of the most senior to the most junior has left me amazed. Their love and dedication is a tribute to you both that you inspire this from those around you, says it all! Coming for two weeks on my own, I was a bit apprehensive and wondered if I would make it or feel like running home. I leave tomorrow with a feeling in my heart that I wish I could have a few days more.... The pampering, the beauty of nature, the care it leaves nothing to be desired! Above all, I am going home feeling refreshed my aches and pains all much better and a determination to change & to come back. Thank you all so much for the wonderful care, and this wonderful experience.

- Renu Bhatia (India) November 08

This was my 1st time at SOUKYA & I am thoroughly enjoying it. The whole atmosphere is so pleasant & peaceful. I wish I could stay here forever.

- Smruti Gopal (India) December 2008

Very nice & friendly people, doctors, therapists and all the others. Treatments were very helpful and even after only 5 days we would feel a big relieve. We will come again. Thank you.

- Ursula Hans Peter Brommer (Germany) December 2008

I came to SOUKYA to became refreshed after a hectic trip, the therapists, doctors and staff generally ensured that my aim was met.

- Anant Shah (London) December 2008

I am glad that my first stop in India was here. Its not a Spa, its not a design hotel and its not a hospital. This place is unique and reminds me all time how alike our countries are. Mexico and India shares a medical story and a rich heritage in traditional medicine. Not to mention the abundance nature. It's a shame that all "progress" of the world kill persons, but with place like this the hope returns. Maybe Dr. Mathai ideas would flourish in my country. I'm sure off that. And really hope it will happen. Thank for all attentions, your friendly hospitality, my cakes birthday and the massages. The Mexicans will know about you and wait the moment to share and growth together feeding the spirit of the world. Happy New Year.

- Georgina Hidalgo (Mexico) December 2008

I first discovered SOUKYA in the internet months ago. After a long wait, I was sure to stay at SOUKYA for 4 weeks. The doctors and therapists have genuine concern and caring for all guests, they frequently went out of their way to ensure that my needs were met. I would like to personally thank Nandish, Madhu and Vasant. The reception staffs are very efficient and accommodating. SOUKYA staffs are all very genuine, respectable, and sincere and always have a smile for you. This is a beautiful heaven and I wish you continue prosperity and success. I am leaving here well rested and rejuvenated. I will miss everyone including Athena! God Bless you All!

- Sanjay Savani (USA) December 2008

What a magical place, our congratulations go to Dr. Mathai and a big thank you to all of you for giving us such a wonderful experience. SOUKYA is one big family looking after its guests making sure they have a peaceful & healing stay. Thank you for your warmth & care.

- Madhu & Pankaj Shah (London) December 2008

I marvel at the excellence of every thing. The treatments Nandish and even the young new ones Madhu & Mathew, the treatment centre so clean and comfortable, the rooms where every need is taken care of, the food varied and tasty, the service at the restaurant and in the rooms all make for an excellent stay! Dr and Mrs. Mathai have achieved perfection in medical care as well as hospitality. Being myself in the hospitality business, I know what it takes to get everything moving smoothly! Congratulations - Bravo. And see you soon for my 6th visit. I should mention too the excellent yoga instructor Dr Soumya, her sessions are very intense and she is extremely competent, articulate and pleasant. A great asset to SOUKYA- one of the many!

- Francis Wacziarg (India) December 2008

SOUKYA is the first place for us to venture into this holistic, ayurvedic, homeopathic centre. And what a wonderful experience it has been. Our friends say that we have started at the top end and we feel that we will be struck to it. SOUKYA is a most beautiful, peaceful place with all the nature surroundings it. We have really enjoyed the 10 days here and for us the everything was perfect. The treatments were amazing and have certainly made us feel a lot better. My aches & pains are a lot less & I feel I can deal with them at a better level after the education I've got from here. The therapists were really very caring & so are all the doctors as well. The food was very good, nutritious & enough. The diet did not feel difficult. We feel that we would certainly like to come back for this peaceful, healing, experience away from our hectic busy life in London. Thank you all once again for everything.

- Aruna & Jayanti Patel (London) December 2008

SOUKYA lives up to our expectation of a holistic centre for treatment and general well-being. The tranquil setting, slow pace, cheerful staff, individual treatments and special attention given by the doctors & staffs made our stay have a memorable and beneficial one. We felt transformed in body, mind & spirit. We will certainly recommend SOUKYA to our friends and we plan to return to further nourish our body and mind. We thank Dr. Mathai, Suja, Dr. Shubha & Dr. Soumya (the doll) for our lovely and rewarding experience at SOUKYA.

- Dileep & Latha Nair (Dubai, UAE) December 2008

SOUKYA - as the name suggests is very pure, serene, beautiful, and clean. Everything out here so perfect, whether it's the ambience, staff, service, therapists or the doctors everyone is so cheerful and polite there is no need of any suggestions or comments. We would even recommend our family n friends come here & enjoy the treatments & hospitality. SOUKYA at its best.

- K S Indushekar (India) December 2008

SOUKYA is truly an Oasis of Wellness & Healing Body, Mind & Spirit" The green tranquil environs, the trees & flowers, the breezes & birdcalls, the walks & sounds of nature are soothing & joyful. My room, spacious & comfortable, opening for a private garden lush with grass, flowering plants, fruits trees and heavenly pond was a lonely heaven of delight. The treatments were authentic & rejuvenating and administered with great diligence and care. The attitude of the entire staff, the doctors, therapists, F&B, front office managers, house keeping, garden, security, drivers & support staff is amazing. They are genuinely cheerful, helpful, sincere and caring. Thank you all for making me feel so cared for and natured. I will definitely recommend SOUKYA for all who need to heal, want to relax & rejuvenate or just be inspired into a more wholesome lifestyle. Thank you & God bless Dr & Mrs. Mathai, Annu, Dr Shubha, Dr Soumya, Laxmi, Ambika, Gayathri, Varsha, Amma, all the boys in the F&B. The kitchen staff & cook housekeeping team, gardening team, security & drivers, the reception teams, accounts & support teams. And last but not the least Athena! All the animals & birds too!! Much Love & Many Thanks to all at SOUKYA.

- Anu Malhotra (India) December 08

We were looking for a place to refresh, rejuvenate and reenergize, found SOUKYA on the net and were charmed into booking the place by the pleasant and welcoming Sudha. Coming here was a most pleasurable experience. The environment with its trees, birds, lotus ponds, herb gardens and landscaping is beautiful and gives you a sense of solace and serenity. The Yoga room is the most peaceful spot on the place. Service levels of all staff right from reception to doctors, therapists, dining room, house keeping are excellent. It’s the attitudes with which they work that impress you. They are very pleasing, always smiling, motivated and passionate about what they do. The treatments are good. It’s a good place to reinvent and rejuvenate like that story of the eagle. We want to say ‘Thank You’ to the entire staff at SOUKYA. You have an amazing place, wish you all the best for the New Year and for years to come.

- Richard & Preet (India) December 2008

We need a wonderful experience & great time at SOUKYA. All the treatments were very effective & the staff were very caring. Thank you ALL & have a great New Year. See you soon in 2009.

- Rinkoo Shah (India) December 2008

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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