Guest Experiences


Wonderful stay here with wonderful, joyful, sincere, honest & humble people of SOUKYA. Hoping to come back in near future. Place, people, Doctors, Staff is amazing & awesome. Thank you all for your wonderful hospitality. Hoping to see you all soon.

- – Snehal P Joshi (India) after 17 days stay in January 2009

A most wonderful and peaceful way to begin a New Year. I hope to return many times in the year future.

- – Rudra Choudhari (India) after 4 days stay in January 2009

Thank you for the heartfelt hospitality, Dr.Mathai & Mrs.Mathai and the staff at SOUKYA. Your care & attention is seen at every corner of the place. Word cannot describe how grateful I am of this experience. I will take this special memory back to New York and will look forward to returning in the near future.

- Michelle Eunsil Lee (New York) after 8 days stay in January 2009

Thanks so much for the gracious and caring hospitality. This centre is a testament to what can be achieved in India with a focus on quality.

- – George George (New York) after 8 days stay in January 2009

An extremely wonderful experience to come and be here. Your staff was possibly are of the best. I've seen any where in the world in their service & hospitality. I would have to come back again for a longer time and spend more time here. We need more SOUKYA in the world to make it a better place.

- – Veeraj Sai (India) after 3 days stay in January 2009

Thank you for great staff, healing just to be in this place and focus.

- – Hans Henrik (Denmark) after 12 days stay January 2009

Thank you for a restful and peaceful time here. The treatments are excellent. I particularly recommend the Dhara and the reflexology massage. They left me feeling so relaxed and my energy was flowing. The staffs are so friendly they make this a special place.

- –Julia Jason (England) after 4 days stay in January 2009

We had a wonderful restful time. We came for peace of mind and found so much more. Your staffs are incredibly friendly, dedicated and competent. Treatments were amazing relaxing and we hope to come back. Highly recommended place.

- – Yasmine Beydoun (Dubai) after 8 days stay in January 2009

This is a magical healing place that has given me an opportunity to improve my physical and spiritual health both through the treatments and just the settled beauty of this place that contributes to my overall well-being. I thank Dr & Suja Mathai and all the staff for their loving care.

- – Lynn Franklin (New York) after 8 days stay in January 2009

Thank you everyone for your kindness and care throughout my month of treatment. The food and accommodation was excellent & I'm very sad to leave.

- –- Sheila Frazer Milne (London) after 28 days stay in January 2009

I have re-nourished my Body, Mind and Spirit, Thanks to Dr Mathai, His wife, his therapists, the dining room persons and many many others who care all day long for the gardens, plants and animals. Your contribution has been my enjoyment at SOUKYA. I thank you.“

- – Mithoo Benner (California) after 15 days stay in January 2009

I had made the decision that I wanted to find a sanctuary to chill out and put "humpty dumpty" back together and it had to be holistic and ayurvedic. I scoured the world and zeroed in on Soukya. I got a couple independent references on Dr. Mathai. They were all excellent. So I was off to India to experience Soukya. I had high hopes but after four weeks - it far exceeded on every count - the panchakarma was dream like, the people dedicated and the place is magical. I left feeling fabulous. SOUKYA is now in my DNA and I will be there every year without fail - there is nothing more important than good health.

- – R J Brandes (USA) after 30 days stay in January 2009

After having tried many SPAS, I did realize SOUKYA is the real place seriously taking care of one's well being. Beautiful environment such kind and dedicated staff is real Holistic as SOUKYA intends. Thank you all.

- – Claudia Robert (Burma) after 14 days stay in February 2009

Thank you for your very nice hospitality and your excellent treatments. It was our first time, but we think not our last one.

- –Manfred Karle (Germany) after 14 days stay in February 2009

I have had a very pleasant and enjoyable stay at Soukya. Thought I could not admire all that. I came far I am going 6ach feeling. SOUKYA has good doctors, the staff are excellent and very friendly. Wish all of them well.!

- – Sudha Raman (India) after 4 days stay in February 2009

I have an amazing two weeks! Stay and will go back refreshed both mentally and physically. Thanks to Suja, Dr.Mathai and the entire loving staff of SOUKYA for a memorable experience. Hope to come back to this special place.

- – Priti M Shah (Kenya) after 14 days stay in January 2009

Just beyond the imagination. Loved the visit. Got myself treated for the problems I was going through. The entire staff is excellent. Doctors are fantastic. No more words to write. Hope to come back as soon and will recommend the place to friends.

- – Rajni Shah (Kenya) after 14 days stay in January 2009

My stay in SOUKYA has been very good and motivating and will leave SOUKYA with a positive need to loose more weight. The doctors and staff are very friendly and care a lot of you. Hope to return soon.

- –Chetna Batra (India) after 14 days stay in January 2009

Everything is excellent, marvelous benefit required only after multiple steps would be luckily.

- –Lynne Williams (New York) after 16 days stay in January 2009

This is our 2nd time in SOUKYA and again it is a wonderful and peaceful stay. The treatments are excellent and we enjoyed the beauty of nature especially the kind uses and the attention of the staff in all departments. Thank you Dr. Mathai for this unique spirit of Soukya.

- – Mr & Mrs. Gollner (Germany) after 17 days stay in February 2009

I had long wanted to come and finally a health problem galvanized me. I am truly grateful for the incredible support given by all in a concentrated effort to make me well. I have learnt a lot and hope in future to build on the success this time and depend on SOUKYA and Dr. Mathai to keep me well. Thank you all.

- – Pallavi Shah (USA) after 5 days stay in February 2009

I stayed here for 9 days, I wish it was more, but I leave a changed man, maybe 10 years younger. The staffs at SOUKYA are admirable and their mission is to heal all of us. The approval is incredible and holistic. SOUKYA is truly a little heaven on earth. I will be back with my family..

- – Arjun Sharma (India) after 9 days stay in February 2009

I am so grateful to be able to come to this special place of healing each year where Dr. Mathai and the staff give total dedication to our health and well being. The heavenly tranquil and healing have come here three times. God bless you all I LOVE THIS PLACE. I Love being here.

- – Susan Oneal (USA) after 17 days stay in February 2009

The first healing medicine is welcome. This is abundant in Soukya. There is the Soul Care in Soukya. Keep up trend.

- – Mr. & Mrs. Alex Edoh (Nigeria) after 27 days in February 2009

I have enjoyed my short visit here and feel very well rested and relaxed.

- – Kati Vilkki (Finland) after 2 days stay in February 2009

This was a much needed heavenly break from the routine of a busy life. Hope to come again very soon for a long period.

- –Sunali Rathod (India) after 5 days stay in February 2009

As in past, it has been indeed a wonderful experience being at Soukya. The serene and lush green surrounding brings us clam, peace and happiness far is unparallel. The treatments is at the highest class, the therapists, doctors and all the staff in all the area are so well trained and the efforts is sustained overtime. The neatness, promptness and care of the staff, doctors and all concerned is indeed. Thanks for a wonderful time, care. I will be back before long. God bless keep well.

- – Tej Sahni (India) after 11 days stay in March 2009

Thank you very much for taking care of both of us. We are happy with all the treatments and feel good, and relaxed. Wonderful and peaceful environment and professional and very kind staff to take care of us. Thank you hope to be back soon.

- –Kirit & Alka Shah (Kenya) after 15 days stay in March 2009

Soukya has been absolutely blissful! Many thanks to the entire staff for such a rejuvenating, healthy, and relaxing stay. I would love to come back and leave a new person! With this stay, I got the much needed cleansing, motivation and healthy start. Lonely place with beautiful grounds and such a professional and kind staff. Many thanks to Dr. Sudha, therapists Gayathri, the other doctors and Dr.Mathai. BEST.

- –Tejal N Shah (India) after 8 days stay in March 2009

What a beautiful place of heaven - jolly. The staff particularly are excellent- all very care and compassionate. A perfect few days for me.

- – Anni Hood (England) after 5 days stay in March 2009

Well here I am once again to a wonderful holistic centre. Thank you all for taking great pain in healing with my injury. Looking forward to my third visit. Thank you.

- – Suraiya Ebrahim (Hong Kong) after 8 days stay in March 2009

A fantastic place to relax, enjoy and get pampered. The best part is with the pampering not only .I Have lost 4kgs of weight, I am relieved of much of my cervical and lumber pains. Thanks a ton for the hospitality, kind and professional treatments. I got here. A big thanks to Dr and Mrs.Mathai for having me here. Last but not the least the staff is highly kind, polite and professional. I'll be back soon. BEST OF LUCK.I am going to miss the sweet smell of jasmine.

- – Vandana Luthra (India) after 9 days stay in March 2009

Once again we have had our health transformed. SOUKYA is our number one priority each year. We owe the great health. We enjoy to everyone at Soukya, each person is responsible for their own health. SOUKYA makes that great health commitment easy. Thank you all for helping to make life healthy and happy.

- – Mr & Mrs Mike Pacheco (USA) after 49 days stay in March 2009

"My 2nd visit SOUKYA is as beautiful as ever. Natural, Organic, Gisperies of birds (Hope I have added one more to the list). Eurasian golden Oriole) and above all the people are so warm, friendly and care. Hope to come back as much as I can. Truly a wonderful place to reflect, rejuvenate, recover, roustabouts oneself. Hope Dr. Mathai & Suja keep up their great work!"

- Mr. Suresh Seshadri (USA) after 7 days stay in March 2009

"It was an overdue visit to SOUKYA. It was a short but sweet stay, to use a cliché. I would like to go to this professionally managed SOUKYA as often as possible. At the end of my Visit I feel completely distressed, relaxed and supremely rejuvenated. Varsha & Manu totally endorse this. Thanks Dr. Mathai our best wishes & God speed."

- Mr. S T Ramesh (India) after 3 days stay in March 2009

A Beautiful Place to relax and destus. Dr.Mathai and suja has not only evated a beautiful place but also hand pricked excellent staff who took ease of me so well. I feel much better and hopeful that I can be relieved of my pain. Thanks a lot for the wonderful hospitality, kind and Professional treatment I got here. Above all meeting you, Suja and kids gave us one more good family to know and keep friendship with. Thank You.

- Ms. Indu Anand (India) after 10 days stay in March 2009

"Thanks a lot for a great stay! SOUKYA gave me the calm that I needed."

- Ms. Kristine Hansen (Norway) after 2 days stay in March 2009

Dr. Ketan Desai my friend is MCI Chairman and well wisher pf my family and family friends strongly recommended this place. And I am here. I stayed for forteen days and I lost for kilos of weight. Today I fell delighted, light; hospitability is good like our own home. Discipline is very good. Dr.Mathai and Mrs. Mathai are excellent and very dediceted.and devoted for the cause of health. I feel like coming again and again. I will plan to visit this place once in three months for seven days i.e.: four times in a year. I bless this is for along life. Every thing is green, surrounding, natural beauty not a single mosquito in Campus very clean like a five star facility. My stay will be remembered forever. I will come with my family and friends often. Long life. Every thing is green, surrounding, natural beauty not a single mosquito in Campus very clean like a five star facility. My stay will be remembered forever. I will come with my family and friends often.

- Dr. D Y Patil (India) after 14 days stay in March 2009

A Great Experience, a very well managed organization, well trained, customer friendly staff therapist ordinning rooms or others. A great atmosphere. Peaceful, serrve, soul stringing . Keep it up.

- Mr. Inder Sharma (India) after 15 days stay in March 2009

Can say what a great place. Going to come back god bless SOUKYA. With lots of love and thank you.

- Mr. Ajay Relan (India) after 11 days stay in March 2009

"It was such a healing, peaceful experience. The staffs are so caring. I am having a hard time saying goodbye."

- Ms. Angela Wallace (Barrington) after 41 days stay in March 2009

Thank you for your love, passion, and dedication to such a lovely paradise of health here in SOUKYA. It is just an amazing place, so beautiful and your entire Team/SOUKYA family is so cared professional God bless you and your mission to help people live a healthy life.

- Ms. Roberta Wong Leung (Hawaii) after 4 days stay in April 2009

"Thank you very much for a wonderful experience with fantastic results. Hope to be back next year."

- Ms.Anya kasatkina (London) after 7 days stay in April 2009

"First of all we would like to thank our dear friends Mr. / Mrs. Viresh Kothari for introducing us to this beautiful heaven. The treatments were all great & my therapist Ashok was just great. The food offered in the dining room was excellent & service all round was great. Would highly recommend to lots of my friends, relatives & would also like to return again."

- Mr. Ramesh Khimji (Oman) after 5 days stay in April 2009

"A truly holistic healing experience! SOUKYA completely lives up to its name and symbol. The place, the people, the procedures the planning of the day all the 'P' make it "PAR EXCELLENT" We have always felt that cleanliness is compromised in many Ayurvedic Centres which justify this as being close to nature. Finally a place, which is absolutely natural and clean. Enjoyed our stay immensely and hope to incorporate into our daily life the diet and excercise recommendations. We are truly grateful & our dear friends Faye&Viresh for introducing us to this place "SOUKYA.

- Mr. Tushar Tanha (India) after 5 days stay in April 2009

"My stay in SOUKYA was a pleasant and everybody were very gentle and I am happy contents for their service and the care. A beautiful place to stay for health.

- Mr. Umberto Battilocchi (Italia) after 21 days stay in April 2009

"A truly great Holistic and Ayurvedic Centre. Excellent and caring staffs in such a well managed natural and beautiful surroundings. Thank you for the wonderful experience."

- Mr. Surendra P Ahluwalia (India) after 7 days stay in April 2009

"It was a beautiful experience for us as a family we didn't want the holistic treatments to end & we wish we could have this everyday. Keep us the great work.

- Ms. Susha Mary Soman (Noida) after 1-day stay in April 2009

"Our stay in SOUKYA, our steps in new environment, splendid atmosphere and challenging habits will certainly influence our next steps and our path. We are sincerely grateful for all that, especially because it was not imaginable to believe that so many open doors & windows can appear even after such a short time/stay (12days) we are taking this universal energy and holistic approach with us, harmonitatroug our body’s, minds and faith. Regarding all logistic and organizational issues just want to comment that you are more than excellent. Looking forward to come back with warmest appreciations."

- Mr. Uros (Slovenia) after 21 days stay in April 2009

"A Therapeutic heaven…. Healing for body and soul. I must come back!! Massages are superb & staff very courteous and good. Your gardens are beautiful. SUPER SOUKYA EXPERIENCE."

- Mr. K Rajaram (Dubai) after 16 days stay in April 2009

"Never met so nice people around we!!! Very beautiful place. I love you all. Hope to be ok. Thank you for your useful helps. Must come back soon."

- Ms. Alessandra Corvo (Italy) after 15 days stay in May 2009

"SOUKYA is truly a God's place on Earth -- an " Oasis of Calm!" I leave after four weeks of superb treatment and patient and attractive care, already looking forward to my next visit. I will be back for some weeks are inadequate to describe SOUKYA. Congratulations Issac and Suja. May God bless both of you, your children’s, the doctors here and the entire SOUKYA family of which I feel a part. My sincere gratitude to all of you."

- Mrs. Jeanne Marie Verghese (India) after 28 days stay in May 2009

"A truly wonderful experiences many thanks to Dr.Mathai, Dr Ajeetha, Dr Amaya and Gayathri."

- Dr. Arati Rao (India) after 3 days stay in May 2009

"A good arrangements. Good treatments."

- Dr. Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam (India) after 3 days stay in May 2009

"Of late I had come to realize that India is a country of simple incredible plans but staying at SOUKYA, I have seen that incredibleness has been taken to a fantastic height. Dr. Mathai's guiet comprehence and Mrs. Suja Mathai's eye for detail has combined to ensure that not only illness can be cured but the healing can also go away healthier. They have re-introduced the "Way of Life" as it used to be long ago and should be forever. Thanks for everything."

- Mr. Sujit Banerjee (India) after 18 days stay in May 2009

"Thank you for your love and care for us very much. Healthcare is very good, staff is good, doctors are very loving & caring, kitchen workers are good, food is very light and we like SOUKYA."

- Ms. Seema Tripathi & Mr. Anmol Tripathi (India) after 8 days stay in May 2009

"I just loved the feeling of being here. I feel rejuvenated & at peace. The results are awesome & the service fantastic. Each one of the staff is caring & seems to love what they do. Full compliments to Suja & Dr. Mathai for so much of dedication to the cause."

- Ms. Parineetha sethi (India) after 7 days stay in May 2009

"SOUKYA is a beautiful place & a wonderful heaven for rest & relaxation. Above all Dr.Mathai's is a very patient & a dedicated doctor for his clients. He understands the patient’s illness very well & caters to the medicines & therapists with a very needful mind & ear. Naturopathy & Ayurveda being the safest form of cure, he has done a marvelous job in this field. I hope to come back for a longer stay."

- Ms. Hashmath Khader (India) after 5 days stay in May 2009

"As always a great place to be. With lovely people and awesome service! I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Have to come once again."

- Mr. Brijraj singh (UAE) after 6 days stay in May 2009

"A wonderful experience, great staff, excellent treatments, quality food & I lost 3 kgs."

- Mr. Sunil Nihal Duggal (India) after 9 days stay in May 2009

"This centre is a masterpiece, great doctors, therapist and unique combo of treatments. Fantastic food and amazing surroundings. I will definitely recommending SOUKYA when I am back home."

- Mr. Rahul Sumarria (New York) after 30 days stay in June 2009

"Two weeks went too fast. I wish I had another two weeks. I'd heard great things about SOUKYA all of which proved true. In fact better then had imagined. SOUKYA is a healthy - healing heaven."

- Ms. Ying Chen (Queens land) after 22 days stay in June 2009

"Brilliance Beauty, Abundance, Magnificence and peace are the first words that come to min d - gratitude over flows for all that you are, all that you do and all that you serve - it is my honor and trivialize so serve with you. Just keep going - that is my prayer and my suggestion and please look after yourself."

- Dr. Kim Jobst (British) after 3 days stay in June 2009

Great as and every time I come it gets better. A truly remarkable center.

- Ms. Mrinalini V Sarabhai (India) after 8 days stay in June 2009

SOUKYA for exceeding my expectations truly recommendable place for treatment.

- Mr. V K Natarajan (India) after 10 days stay in June 2009

SOUKYA is a remarkable place of treatment quality & healing. The dedication and patience with Dr.Mathai & Suja Issac look after guests is reflected in the grace, and hospitality shown by every staff member. Thank you."

- Ms. Jayanthi Natarajan (India) after 10 days stay in June 2009

"If there is heaven on earth this is it "SOUKYA" from well being to still greater being that’s what I feel today after being here for "Seven Days. Thanks to Dr Mathai. Love you all for looking after me."

- Ms. Sundari Khan (India) after 7 days stay in June 2009

"Excellence all around. The site is gorgeous with tranquility. Food, Service & staff very superb.Througly enjoyed yoga & all the treatments. Excellent place to relax & rejuvenate. Thanks."

- Mr. Sanjeev Jain (USA) after 6 days stay in June 2009

"4th Trip to SOUKYA and again I find this peaceful, exchautering little dubble, the crowd, the daily life. But most important the professionalism of doctors and magic handed therapists. I am sure I' will experience the same benefits when outside, and confirm SOUKYA is addictive."

- Mrs. Nathalie Brochand (Singapore) after 8 days stay in June 2009

"Any service infra is as good as its service. Hats off and kudos to the centers ability to intermix the two flawlessly. Kudos to all."

- Mr. Vikram Vishwanath (India) after 7 days stay in June 2009

"Back for the 2nd time & for some very good reasons. Where else would I find such efficient treatment, dedicated staff, and beautiful surrounds in SOUKYA."

- Mrs. Klara Brogli (India) after 8 days stay in July 2009

"We heard about the peace clean, etc but we feel it really in SOUKYA know after not easy to go back to noisy unhealthy food & environment. Everybody in group of your staffs (Dining, Treatment area (Doctors & Therapists everybody we meet really they were polite & very kinds without respecting anything from you. Big thanks to Dr.Mathai for his kind and keep us feel as we are at our home."

- Ms.Ayesha Saif Alsiri (UAE) after 14 days stay in July 2009

"In 11th years, I had taken only 2 proper vacations. It took a medical condition for me or discover SOUKYA. But it was worth it I say. I have had the most peaceful 19 days ever. The experience has been wonderful and I will most definitely be passing the word along."

- Mr. Karthik Ramaswamy (India) after 20 days stay in July 2009

"Excellent place. Thank you for your love & caring service. We have enjoyed these 14 days nicely. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much would definitely be visiting again and if possible will be coming on a yearly basis."

- Mr. Bala Kumar (Dubai) after 14 days stay in July 2009

"A must come place for a healthy mind and body. The staff is doing an excellent job, which I have not seen, any where in this world. Every staff member be it a milk man, gardener, security, cooks, servants all have a pleasing way of greeting. I am surprised how Dr.Mathai has instilled all there quality at SOUKYA will certainly pass a word about SOUKYA along the time. Our best wishes to Dr & Mrs. Issac Mathai.'

- Mr. J S Barnala (India) after 7 days stay in July 2009

"It was such a long time I wanted to come to see what Issac Mathai and his wife had realized. SOUKYA was the most wonderful surprise a "work of art in one of the most ancient art in the world."

- Mr. Guerrand Hermes (France) after 6 days stay in July 2009

"It's been an great experience staying here, the tranquil state has brought peace of mind. Thanks to Dr.Ameya & the staff for making this a wonderful stay."

- Ms.Yogitha shetty (India) after 2 days stay in July 2009

"Excellent place. Thank you for good & caring hospitality. Really it is a vision ate place to rejoin over self. Thanks."

- Dr. Ketan Desai (India) after 5 days stay in July 2009

"My second time at SOUKYA loved the experience I am going back calmer & healthier to free the corporate rat race one again! Thanks to all the lovely staff, the excellent doctors here. Will be back soon."

- Ms. Anita Venugopal (India) after 4 stay in July 2009

"Very happy as usual with services and facilities. Can’t wait to come back. Thank you."

- Mrs. Asha Rao (Singapore) after 7 days stay in July 2009

I feel surprisingly great!! Many Thanks to all the staffs that make SOUKYA Special. Thanks.

- Mr. Ron Neufeld (UAE) after 15 days stay in August 2009

My PPBS has come down from 240 to 131 in 6 days. There is no other justification for the quality medication done at SOUKYA. I would like to have continuous relation with SOUKYA. Thank you.

- Mr. S N Jayaram (India) after 7 days stay in August 2009

Very impressed with this campus. All the personnel’s are very helpful, with a very pleasing approach and smile on the face. Extremely satisfied with living conditions and food. Extremely satisfied with treatment. I must get away for peace and tranquility.

- Mr. Noordin A Ebrahim (Hong Kong) after 9 days stay in August 2009

Many thanks for the warm welcome & great care. I am impressed with the personality and the cooperation among the staff, therapist, and physicians. This is a magical place and I am pleased to have been here. Thank you.

- Ms. Esther R Dyer (US) after 13 days stay in August 2009

My introduction to Ayurvedic therapy was an enormous success and opened more than my eyes. I shall return the staff and surroundings were excellent.

- Dr. William Bertrand (USA) after 7 days stay in August 2009

What a magical place- full of natural beauty and human caring! From Dr. Mathai, the generosity and spirituality trickles down through the doctors and the humblest therapist to the receiving “guests. Everyone is warm, hospitable and deeply empathetic – just to be here is to be healed- inside end out. I have cherished this second visit and most impressed by the super efficiency of the SOUKYA staff. Look forward to returning. Profoundest thanks to all.

- Ms. Vibhuti Patel. (New York) after 23 days in August 2009

Wonderful place I could not have imagined something like this near a large organ city. SOUKYA campus is beautiful, and the staffs warm, caring and endearing. The doctors and therapists were very knowledgeable, and took time to explain things to people like me who kept asking “What & “Why. A very stress tree environment to provide for the right sort of treatment. I have also learnt a lot more about holistic approaches now & will use these approaches. Thanks to everyone at SOUKYA.

- Mr. Nicky Ranganathan (India) after 10 days stay in August 2009

My 3rd visit to SOUKYA that says it all!! Thank you for the very warm hospitality and stay. The food, and each and every member of the staff are always smiling and happy to take care of all ones needs. The rooms are just so tastefully done in keeping with the surroundings. I loved sitting out in my own private garden. The addition of yoga clothes & slippers are much appreciated.

- Ms. Durriyah Vasi (Dubai) after 7 days stay in August 2009

My first experience at SOUKYA had been really good. Their service, ambience is really fantastic, so are all the staff. My therapists were efficient and polite and very professional. Had a good time during my stay for 21 days. Hopefully would like to come back but definitely not for treatment (fingers crossed) only for some really good time. All the best.

- Mr. Tanweer Hyder (Malaysia) after 24 days stay in August 2009

A wonderful experience! I am blessed with good health. So my visit to SOUKYA was for pleasure and rest. The staff is so caring& anticipates your every need. The doctors are EXCELLENT! It was a pleasure to meet Annu the GM. Thank you for a lovely experience.

- Ms. Ruth Grant (USA) after 4 days stay in August 2009

SOUKYA is a very special place, a heaven of peace and serenity! I was completely being taken care of by a wonderful team of excellent physicians and caring staff. I am so very grateful for their gift of True Healing.

- Ms. Ilham Zoughi (New York) after 13 days stay in August 2009

SOUKYA is very good place. I like it very much. I want to come back.

- Ms. Hema S Bhosale (India) after 16 days stay in September 2009

Very happy to see that Dr. Mathai’s dream came true. Issac & Suja have created a world-class facility for Holistic Healing. The treatments are authentic & genuine. The doctors & therapists are good & one feels safe in their capable circle. The entire staff of SOUKYA is friendly & eager to help. We had wonderful 3 weeks & hope to return soon.

- Mr. Arun Shah & Ms. Dipti Shah (Kenya) after 21 days stay in September 2009

SOUKYA is the environment of an uplifting vision, realized through love & dedication.

- Dr. Nadadur Janardhan (India) after 4 days stay in September 2009

The stay at SOUKYA was very pleasant and a good beginning of our Indian Journey. The territory is very beautiful, the food is delicious and the staff very helpful.

- Ms. Anastasia Tsedenbal & Mr. Vassiei (Russia) after 4 days stay in September 2009

Staff is excellent and responsive. Facilities are good, very peaceful and relaxing.

- Mr. Ajay Gopal (India) after 2 days stay in September 2009

This is my 5th visit to SOUKYA. I think that says enough."

- Mr. Hiten Patel (India) after 7 days stay in October 2009

SOUKYA sets a mark able in the field of holistic medicine. It is a truly wonderful place to be introduced to the wonders of Ayurvedic treatments. Incredible staff (what else in Incredible India) It’s a concept that would work well in Europe and North America.

- Mr. Peter & Ms. Isabelle Barratt (USA) after 21 days stay in October 2009

This is my 5th Visit to SOUKYA. I think that says enough. I love this place & everyone in it. This was my 4th and best visit. I love everyone at SOUKYA.

- Ms. Negar Jahanbin (Iran) after 126 days stay in October 2009

SOUKYA is a true paradise. I felt at home all the time and among friends. It is incredible how much I learned in only one-week stay. Unforgettable moments and massages, the staff is the best and everywhere you look anytime of the day you can see gardening, construction and you feel they all belong here. What a great place to live. Thank you so much for all the love and attention you gave me. As doctor told me today “I will not say goodbye, because I will certainly come back.

- Ms. Adriana Lerner Adelson (US) after 6 days stay in October 2009

"This is my first visit to SOUKYA and feels excellent after my 21 days stay here. Thought it may be a little boring slow after the hectic world but it was a good change and very relaxing. While the location, greenery and the setting is so marvelous and apt, the big USP for this place is the attitude, the personal touch and smiling faces of all the personnel here-from the reception - the maintenance team- the restaurant/kictchen team and most importantly the therapists and the doctors. Thank You!"

- Vidya Ravikumar after 21 days stay in November 2009

"I came here feeling quite down( physically and mentally) but am leaving feeling much better. Having experienced some fo the world's best spas and resorts, I can comfortably put SOUKYA in the league of the best. I'm especially happy with their medical approach and holistic attention to all the details( food, timings etc.) 100% of the staff were fantastic. Look forward to coming back."

- Amit Lohia in November 2009

"This has been a wonderful rejuvenating week. The time spent here has been more than an exploration of the physical condition but also a holistic approach to life."

- Roshin Varghese after 1 week stay in November 2009

"Thank you for this short but sweet stay here at beautiful SOUKYA. The facility is beautiful, the service is excellent. It is so refreshing to be at a center where every detail from the food to the products used in treatments are carefully chosen and prepared. Thank you for everything!"

- Christine Joseph in November 2009

"After visiting various Ayurvedic Resorts during the last years we came to SOUKYA resort due to high recommendation. Our high expectations were topped by what we found here: beautiful accommodation, well maintained and large gardens, very friendly staff, good food and last but not least a treatment center of friendly professionality. We did enjoy our daily treatments. We are returning home with lots of energy and less weight. Thanks a lot!"

- Vera and Christian Fradisel in November 2009

"Absolutely wonderful experience. Keep in up!"

- Rohini Nilekani in November 2009

"A beautiful place, fantastic people and much need break! Was an ideal location! Definitely recommend!!"

- Nisha Mistry in November 2009

"What an amazing place and wonderful people! Best time I've had. Thanks hope I can make it back soon!"

- Pamela Fownes in November 2009

"Thank you SOUKYA for a truly amazing experience, every which way. Will will come back in a hurry. Keep up the good work on this path breaking concept. All the best!"

- Sonu & Ashish Bagga in November 2009

"Magnificent experience for the body, mind and spirit. The aesthetics are exquisite, treatment is extraordinarily effective- I shall carry the magic of SOUKYA with me for a long time!"

- Ayn Yezzi in November 2009

"We came to SOUKYA feeling very weary and depleted of energy. We leave revitalized in body, mind and spirit. It is a truly magical experience to be taken care of so well by such a wonderful group of people. The cohesiveness and competence of the staff throughout SOUKYA from the gardens and kitchen, treatments, admin and management is a model is a model worth emulating anywhere and everywhere in the world."

- Phil Stoker, Wendy Albert & Derby West Australia

"A true International Holistic Health Centre. Excellent, caring and competent staff. I wish more and more people take benefit of this unique center. My best wishes to Dr. Sudha, Dr. Mathai and his wonderful team right from reception to treatment. The service is graceful with smiles. Excellence is visible at every step."

- Dr. DP Rastogi in November 2009

"Not a leaf, bird or sound seems out of place or alignment at SOUKYA, and after a week here now, I thank you for the care, warmth and ready smiles with which every moment was blessed and for making all your extraordinary effort and hard work seem so easy. To Suja and Issac in particular- thank you for allowing your dream to take such splendid shape"

- Ramu Damodaran after 1 week stay in December 2009

"My wife and me came back to SOUKYA after a few years and believe me, it is surely much much better in every aspect, staff, rooms and most of all, leaving with a much better state of mind and body. Will be back soon!!! 2 Thumbs up for all the staff!"

- Charoen Bajaj in December 2009

"Thanks to all of you in SOUKYA!! Staff, doctors are very good! Beautiful, green!! It is a special place! Wish you all the very best!"

- Sadhana Jawal in December 2009

"So wonderful to be back and so heartfully cared for after my auto accident. SOUKYA- the power of Mother Nature combined with caring and compassionate hearts. This is healing in the deepest sense. Blessings to you all!"

- Mariela Zaldervarst in December 2009

"I had a very relaxing and good stay at SOUKYA! The gardens were fantastic. I particularly enjoyed visiting the animals. The treatments were good too. Thank you!"

- Berit Benjamsin in December 2009

"I came with no preconceived notions and I am going away with a beautiful sense of well-being, and happiness. Being still and quiet in beautiful surroundings is like elixir. I will be back for a longer stay. Good luck and Thank you! I loved having not to talk."

- Urmila Krishnamurthi in December 2009

"Beautiful location, charming staff, balanced food, relaxing treatments, a lot of privacy and good looking rooms. There is just nothing to complain about! We'll come back soon."

- Peter Trachsel in Decmber 2009

"Vision of the trust is a wonderful. Bringing Allopathy with Indian Medicine system if a wonderful idea. Approach of the in-house doctors and staff is wonderful and very courteous. To establish such a huge establishment is a dream job. I wish the concept spreads throughout Bengalur/Karnataka"

- Dr. Viswaradhya in December 2009

"We are very happy to see that the dream project of our long-time family friend-Dr. Issac Mathai & Suja has become reality of World Class Holistic Health Standards. SOUKYA is the embodiment of vision, careful planning & hardwork of this dynamic couple. Though we could send many important people to SOUKYA over the years, this is the first time we could stay and experience the affectionate care and personal attention of the excellent team in the great Health Centre. A refreshing experience ever to be remembered. We are fully convinced that SOUKYA is a great concept to invest for one's body and mind and it will get global acceptance soon. Congratulations and best wishes to all SOUKYA family members."

- Sunny Kulathackal and family in December 2009

"If anyone was skeptical about the center it was most certainly me! Had no previous experience with holistic treatments. After my 33 day stay I have to say, that SOUKYA is like a door to another much better way of life. The combination is very positive and life changing. Nothing to complain about, nice rooms, good food. All the best, for the best!"

- Zelsuo S after 33 day stay in December 2009

"Everything was really good. It was a nice place to relax and rejuvenate."

- Rekha Ganesh in December 2009

"Thank you for a wonderful stay! It has been an eye-opening experience from both a personal and professional point of view. The staff here most caring and supportive. Congratulations on a beautiful facility, with a skilled professional team. Thank you for everything."

- Dr. Nina Ahuja in December 2009

"SOUKYA is a magical place- a break from life's stresses and demands. I didn't know what to expect- first and last I am leaving having accomplished all my goals. New to yoga, I was most impressed with the sincere enthusiasm to introduce and guide the uninitiated. Passionate staff only matched by their warmth. Garden of Eden like environs."

- Amy Ellis in December 2009

"Thank you for the wonderful stay! I came with low expectations and am leaving truly impressed! The staff in particular was excellent and I look forward to my return visit."

- Amy Palan in December 2009

"I needed time to reflect on embarking on a new career and found exactly what I needed at SOUKYA. Great treatments, wonderful staff and a time for peace. I go home refreshed and hope to visit SOUKYA again one day."

- Ray Priest in December 2009

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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