Guest Experiences


Again on one visit we enjoyed a healthy way of life at SOUKYA. Home way from home. God bless SOUKYA family. Will come back very soon."

- Jasjit Barnala(India) in January 2010

Scenic, Serene and Tranquil setting. The rooms-a home away from home. Healthy , nourishing food. The epitome of what a Wellness Centre should be, personalized treatments with expert doctors and skilled staff. A memorable experience."

- Rajeeva Swarup(India) in January 2010

In fact we are promoting India as a Wellness tourism destination and this place is wonderful. I am fully satisfied that this is one of the best Wellness centres in India."

- R.K Mishra, Ministry of Tourism in January 2010

Just what the doctor ordered!! Peace and quiet and lovely gardens! Delicious food and interesting people."

- Eva Locke in January 2010

We were treated with concern, respect and enthusiasm. Always smiles and effort beyond. Namaste!"

- J Wayne Cowens (USA) in January 2010

Great people, truly a musical, peaceful place. I had a wonderful stay and although short, I'm sure to feel the benefits magnify in the months to come!"

- Ari Salas Porras(Mexico) in January 2010

It was a peaceful stay, good for both the body and the mind. I am leaving with a feeling of rejuvenation and freshness. The services of the doctors and staff were excellent."

- SN Menon (India) in January 2010

I am very happy about this experience! SOUKYA is relaxing, safety, quiet- everything that I needed. The treatments are great. The staff is excellent, lovely. I leave with a smile and also with tears. I hope I'll come back soon! Thanks to all at SOUKYA, a very special place."

- Susanne Kostler(Austria) in January 2010

An oasis of peace, friendliness and wellbeing. Many thanks for the personalized care and attention and for offering this age old Indian wisdom into today's modern world."

- Beatrice Dolder(Switzerland) in January 2010

I call it "Shangri- La"- Everything feels just right!"

- Marcia West(USA) in January 2010

A wonderful experience- peaceful and beautiful surroundings, thoughtfully designed programme, nourishing food, all wrapped in beautiful Indian hospitality and caring. Thank you!"

- Anne O'Rourke(USA) in January 2010

SOUKYA is a second home to me and I always leave rejuvenated and with a sense of well-being in harmony with nature. My thoughts as I leave is from the book "Calm for life" by Paul Wilson whose simple answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" is "You create your own meaning. You give meaning to your own life.. You can choose to accept responsibility or hand it over to someone else.>> A big "Thank you" for the warmth and caring of the doctors, therapists and all the staff. See you soon."

- Suzan Rahaman(India) in February 2010

Amazing experience, above all experiences. Met some great people and will definitely come back soon. Thank you to everyone at SOUKYA for making us feel at home."

- Anjali(London) in February 2010

Many thanks to the whole SOUKYA family. I had a great experience and will be back for sure. Thanks to all of you, am very ready and healthy to continue my journey. God bless! And see you soon."

- Ana Cecilia Alvarado(Panama) in February 2010

God bless Dr. Mathai for opening such a centre. I am so happy at the treatments and personalized behavior of the Doctors. Excellent and well-behaved staff. Thank you for looking after us so well."

- Vinod Goel(Mumbai) in February 2010

This has been a wonderful, first ever experience and we hope it won't be the last. Grateful thanks to SOUKYA and all the staff for the care that everyone has shown us and for the atmosphere that pervades this place."

- Natasha & Dieter Jobst in February 2010

SOUKYA is as close to "Paradise on Earth"

- Dr. Michael & Joanna Dixon in February 2010

My heart resides in SOUKYA as it does in the whole world. Here I find house, the divine in everything and gratitude overflows increasingly. Thank you! I look forward to all we will continue to do and be together."

- Dr. Kim Jobst in February 2010

Superb facilities & staff."

- Roberta Ritson(Switzerland) in February 2010

SOUKYA has been a home, a safe haven and a place of healing through the worst years of our life. Our sincere thanks to Dr. Mathai & Suja and all the wonderful staff. It was a blessed moment when Dr. Mathai dreamed up this place. I'm full of more gratitude than I can express."

- Radhika and Naresh Ponnapa(Bangalore) in February 2010

Pour une premiere visite, c'est superbe! Les soins, la nourriture, les chambers, l'accueil se tout le personnel et la reception, tout est parfait! A l'annee prochaine!"

- Portrait Remi(France) in February 2010

Professional touch and satisfactory treatment. We were looked after well!"

- Salah Al- Bassam(Saudi Arabia) in Febraury 2010

These three weeks flew by! I am so happy to be leaving feeling well and rejuvenated. Thank you Issac and Suja for creating and maintain your vision for this wonderful healing place and thanks to all the staff for their excellent service and caring and joyful presence. Hope to be back soon, with my husband and rest of the family. Blessings to all."

- Phyllis Sheras(USA) in February 2010

Thank you! Short stay but excellent treatment, surroundings, ambiance and total cooperation and caring of staff. SOUKYA for the miracle created in the woods. Thank you once again!"

- S.K Diwani(Mumbai) in February 2010

A wonderful, peaceful and healing environment. Thank you! I look forward to working with you in the future."

- Dr. Peter Fisher(UK) in February 2010

After two very well spent weeks, I go back to Europe, feeling more and more attached to the SOUKYA family. Feeling very very well, a sensation of peace and serenity. Thank you Dr. Mathai!"

- Pietro Bonolini(Brussels) after 2 week stay in February 2010

For us, SOUKYA has been exactly what we had been searching for and more. Indeed it expresses the best of India, ancient medical practices and traditions with state-of-the-art management in a beautiful setting. This place has worked its magic on us, now we too are a part of the SOUKYA family."

- Maragaret Bronsell(Paris) in February 2010

What should I write without sounding unrealistic? It was a great time, I had beyond what I had expected. I felt at anytime absolutely taken care off, being pampered and treated professional. Dear Dr. Mathai, thank you for having such a wonderful staff, such a wonderful place and such an energizing and calming atmosphere. I will be back."

- Sandhya Prabhu(Switzerland) in March 2010

We were here for the second time and despite knowing what to expect, it was surprisingly magical and great. We did good treatments and we are now going back to Europe, full of energy. Hopefully we are coming back."

- Uros Plankar & Ingrid Veber(Slovenia) after second visit in March 2010

I returned for a short trip. This place has if anything, improved! Amazing and Thank you."

- Rohini Nilekani(India) in March 2010

Even though my stay here was short, I must say that the experience has been exhilarating as well as tranquil. It is something which cannot even be described. I feel more alive and relaxed. This was my first trip and will not be my last. I will return for a longer stay."

- M.H. Ashraff(India) in March 2010

After 6 times, SOUKYA is everything and much more if it is possible! Wonderful and peaceful stay. The treatments are excellent and staff perfect. Thank you Dr. Mathai!"

- Gianfranco Rossetto(Brussels) in March 2010

It was a superb experience. The doctors were very supportive and caring. The staff were excellent. The serenity, peace and tranquility of SOUKYA is very soothing to the spirit. My deepest gratitude to the warm and dedicated therapists."

- Dr. DS Chetty(South Africa) in March 2010

If you need a quick fix for body, mind and soul, a weekend in SOUKYA is the best!"

- Myriam Shanker(Bangalore) in March 2010

This is my 5th visit to SOUKYA, I've loved every minute of it. Great relief from pain, therapists are so gentle, the cottage is gorgeous and the ambiance soothing and relaxing."

- Mukta Munjal(India) in March 2010

You get better and better. There is nowhere I would rather go for a break and clean up."

- Mallika V Sarabhai(India) in March 2010

SOUKYA is like a second home for us. SOUKYA keeps getting better and better. A big thank you to the whole SOUKYA family and staff. Hope to come back soon!!"

- Arun & Dipti Shah(Kenya) in March 2010

Lovely stay, beautiful grounds."

- Kata Stafford(USA) in March 2010

SOUKYA is a complete sanctuary. I feel well and strong after 3 weeks of peace and wonderful care here. I will recommend you to the outside world."

- Deborah Ramsay(UK) in March 2010

Dr. & Mrs. Mathai saved my life! The support of the staff couldn't have been better. I can't imagine a better place to have spent the past three weeks."

- Carolyn Rodney after 3 week stay in March 2010

As usual, everything was perfect!"

- Kunjali Shah(USA) in March 2010

After almost 1 and a half years of contemplation I decided to go to SOUKYA. I read many articles about Dr. Mathai, and after meeting him, I feel confident I will be perfectly fine. His team of doctors, the staff, therapists, yoga teachers are all well trained and courteous. I will be frequently visiting SOUKYA. Thanks to Suja for her kind courtesies."

- T.G Thiagaragan(India) in March 2010

Mrs & Dr. Mathai, I really feel like SOUKYA is my home and I am you will always be successful. Being here teaches you to work with love. Best regards."

- Mohammed Mehdi Fanaei(UAE) in March 2010

This is as close as being in Eden as any place I have been to. Thank you for looking after me and keeping me well with kindness and love."

- Pallavi Shah(New York) in March 2010

'SOUKYA' is truly a holistic treatment place. I had a wonderful experience of treatment and ambiance. People here are very friendly and dedicated to their job. I would like to come back again for a longer stay. I wish all the best to Dr. Mathai who has created this heavenly place with so much of sincere & dedicated effort."

- IM Vittalamurthy(India) in April 2010

Had an outstanding weekend at SOUKYA with my family. It is the unanimous view that besides the stay, the ambiance, service and sattvic food- extremely tasty and wholesome- the massages were great. A magnificent place to lie in and spend a few days to relax and distress. SOUKYA will draw us like a magnet! It will beckon!"

- S.T Ramesh(India) in April 2010

This is it! SOUKYA is a wonderful resort with lots of love and passion."

- Marie Andren(India) in April 2010

SOUKYA was/is above all my expectations! A wonderful place to renew mind, body and soul. I was very inspired by friendliness, professionalism and kindness of all the staff! Hope to come back soon!"

- Piaa Jokel(Finland)after 1st visit in April 2010

Very relaxing and excellent therapy."

- Dr Matthew Nomm(Canada) in April 2010

This place is amazing!! The food, the treatments, the accommodation, the view. All of this will stay in memory for a long time. Thank you!!!"

- Slyvie Bouthillier(Canada) in April 2010

Everyone was very accommodating and friendly and made our stay very nice. The rooms and the grounds and gardens were incredible. Thank you."

- Joanne Watmough(Canada) in April 2010

It is very hard to express in words how wonderful, caring and beautiful our stay here was. A testament is all the words printed to date. It is very to have had a chance to experience the healing efforts that SOUKYA provides! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

- Steve & Michelle Zanini in April 2010

Truly amazing, perfect right conditions and space. Pure and holistic aromas through and through. Love, depth, authentic treatment, nothing wasteful, unnecessary and nothing exempt that's necessary for my soul to express itself in the future. I must have done some great karmas to have landed here and met you all. I am remembering who I am, for I had forgotten a bit. Thank you. With deep gratitude and renewed faith in God within. OM, PREM SOUKYA."

- Tania Sethi(New Delhi) in April 2010

Magical. I will come back again and again."

- Kim Guillemard in April 2010

An experience I'll never forget! Thank you for your hospitality and kindness!"

- Andrew Broekelmann in April 2010

An example of kindness, cleaness, responsibility with a very good spiritual institution. I will recommend you!"

- Birgit Lindenberg in April 2010

Thank you for the peace and service in any point! An experience of recovery and relaxation in a weekend. God bless you!"

- Christine Von Held in April 2010

It is sublime! It is heavenly! I am at peace! Here you are part of nature. Nature is part of you. God willing I shall be back for the third time. Allah bless Dr. Mathai and his entire dedicated team."

- A.M. Haidermota(Pakistan) after 2nd visit in April 2010

Dear Issac & Suja, hats off to you both! Eight years ago I stayed here. This time it is much more expanded and improved. The general maintenance is excellent and the whole thing remains in my mind even after leaving full of positive feelings from here. Continue the excellent work."

- Dr. P.E Abraham(India) in April 2010

The grounds, plantings, rooms, staff and treatments just keep getting better each time!!! Thanks to all."

- Randall Bernsohn(USA) in April 2010

Wonderful stay here with lots of peace and healthy treatments. I am feeling much much better now. I would like to thank all at SOUKYA for the caring hospitality. They are all awesome. Many thanks to all the doctors, treatments, accommodation, food and atmosphere. Everything is so healthy, clean and excellent. My heartiest thanks to Dr. Mathai to invent this Holistic Health Center for one and all. I would love to come back. Keep it up SOUKYA! Best of Luck!"

- Neeraja Senapaty(India) in April 2010

One would think how can an environment as perfect as SOUKYA improve? This is my third visit and it was and I'm sure will keep on getting better and better. I'm thoroughly relaxed. In fact I may miss my flight. I'm proud of you Dr. and Mrs. Mathai. You have created a wonderful fountain of youth. Keep up the good work!"

- Steve Fetner(USA) in April 2010

It's a haven of peace, beauty and of course good health."

- Saswati Sarkar(New Delhi) in April 2010

Very healthy and unpolluted atmosphere. The stay was very homely. Meeting all types of people. Discipline and punctuality at the highest level. The green surroundings made us happy."

- Mrs. Rajalakshmi in April 2010

A welcome change from daily routine."

- Mrs & Dr. Janardhan in April 2010

We had a peaceful and restful time in SOUKYA. Thank you to all for your care and friendly nature. Thanks Annu, Dr. Shubha and Dr. Amaya."

- Mrs & Mr. Ravindranath in May 2010

My stay was very comfortable. The doctors and staff were very warm and caring. Food was good. A big thank you to the SOUKYA family. Best wishes always."

- Surjit Kaur Barnala(India) in May 2010

I totally agree with what my grandmother has to say. Everyone was informed, amicable and polite. The treatments were great. Can't say much about the food cause I was on a diet!! But it sure looked good!a special thanks to Annu for taking extra care, and thank you Ramesh for taking care of us in times of need. Nisha you were the best. Thank you Joji and Harish for an ever present warm smile."

- Ayesha Sandhu(India) in May 2010

I had a great stay at SOUKYA due primarily to the friendly and caring staff. This was my first Ayurvedic experience and I hope to feel the effects of my stay in the days to come. And hopefully, I will be back soon to continue my treatment."

- Sergio Badke Da Cunha(New York) in May 2010

I spent 14 days very well. The treatment went very well, and I got relief from my back pain, I hope that will work for me in the future. If it goes well I should be back!"

- L. Venugopal(Bangalore) in May 2010

The reception staff was excellent to us. Thank you very much. A very big thank you to our driver Harish. I will come back."

- Shirin & Anisha Daniel Singh(South Africa) in May 2010

As L Cohen sings " there's a crack in everything.. that's how the light comes in. "SOUKYA is the light that came into my health situation for which I travelled around the world to find a cure for. I can't thank enough the whole SOUKYA team( especially my fairy Dr. Shubha, my therapists (Yamuna, Anitha), the kitchen boys (you rock!) and two men that are taking such loving care of the animals( I will miss you- rabbits, goats, chickens, turkeys and cows!!) and made the walks always sunny. Dr. Mathai? I never met you, but you must be a great man to create such heaven. India should be lucky to have you. And thank you mother nature for wonderful gifts with which we're getting our health back. I wish Europe treated you as you are treated in SOUKYA. I don't know how to shoe my appreciation, so I guess I will have to come back and show the new me!!"

- Maja Jina Dimnik in May 2010

I had an outstanding stay for a fortnight in an oasis of peace, friendliness and well-being which is called SOUKYA. I thank and wish Dr. Mathai all the best for creating this heaven with so much sincerity."

- Ujwala Kishore(India) in May 2010

My stay in SOUKYA was a relaxed and comfortable one. The atmosphere is so peaceful that it soothes both mind and body. The staff are friendly and polite and also very considerate of one's needs be it day or night. The food is healthy at the same time also very tasty. The doctors give proper care and attention to each individual. I thank my doctor Shuba and my therapists Neetu, Varsha and M.K. Thank you SOUKYA."

- Chitra Kuma(India)r in May 2010

Lovely staff, lovely place, lovely food. Many many thanks."

- Roshan Patel(London) in May 2010

As beautiful as ever! One cannot but feel healthy here- and the service is excellent!"

- Mrinalini Sarabhai(India) in May 2010

Health Center is excellent! Ayurvedic treatment, doctors and staff are very kind. My best wishes!! Rooms are kept perfectly. Food is tasty! I have seen a lot of Ayurvedic Centres in India. SOUKYA is the best!"

- Ludmila Siller(Russia) in May 2010

I have to thank god and my daughter Nandini to have influenced me to come to SOUKYA, because I refused to go anywhere by myself. But Wow! Another Wow! I didn't expect so much beauty, friendliness and treatment in one place. The whole place, as I took my first step inside SOUKYA, was like heaven. The treatment they give, the cleanliness and the therapists deserve kudos! I sincerely thank and Dr. Shubha, we all gelled in just 5 minutes. Food and the boys who serve the food need another applause. This is the first time I got to know that there are so many varieties in vegetarianism and to make it so delicious. Congrats to the chef. Last but not the least it sounds rude if I don't mention the therapists. Girija is the top therapist in SOUKYA and then comes the youngsters Elena and M.K. Service in every Dept. is excellent. Thank you SOUKYA! Dr. Mathai is a dynamic person and Congratulations Dr. keep it up! Praise the lord!"

- Kittu Nityanand in MAY 2010

All things begin with a dream . SOUKYA is one such dare dream converted into reality by such amazing persons namely Dr. Issac Mathai and Mrs. Suja Issac. Please take one more look around before you leave. SOUKYA is an awesome place. A sanctuary to rest, reflect and rejoice. There are so many captivating people, fantastic facilities wrapped up here, that it will be difficult to capture all of them in one moment. The magic that happens in each of our lives is just incredible. Perfection is the benchmark at SOUKYA. The hospitality that was extended, the food I ate, the treatment I thoroughly enjoyed and the fragrance all around the campus are something special to remember. I truly cherish this excitement and experience. Thanks a million, Dr. and Mrs. Suja for extending this great facility. Thank you Anna, Matthew and John for taking care of me."

- Abraham Ebenezer(India) in May 2010

Wonderful stay for one night. Very calm and quiet and rejuvenating and was impressed with the organic gardens and independence from buying herbs and preparations from the market, that the medicines/herbal preparations are genuine. The design and aesthetic of Mrs. Mathai have left me breathless. All the very best!"

- Otem Dai(India) in May 2010

Everything outstanding, beyond our expectations!"

- Chuck & Michelle Stringham(USA) in May 2010

I really enjoyed my stay at SOUKYA. It has done me wonders for me. Look forward to coming back."

- Saima Gaffar in June 2010

Very relaxing respite! Extremely nice environment- everyone very friendly and respectful- A great experience!"

- Joe Matika in June 2010

I'm a busy workaholic, till I got admitted. Very much excited to find nature ( Mother Nature), so enchanting, highly moved with hospitality with restaurant staff, relaxed with treatment part(massage), on the whole I feel "Fit, Fine and Fragrant!!!"

- P Rathnamma(India) in June 2010

I am so thankful to my disease (MS) which has brought me, on my long healing journey, to India, halfway around the world to SOUKYA where I learned to energetically release the hold of this ancestral affliction. I am free merci, thank you, Namaste!"

- Paulette Marisi(Canada) in June 2010

SOUKYA adds freshness into your system. I was here for just half a day but the experience and nourishment provided to the mind and body is truly uplifting. Hats off to the Mathais for sketching their dream so beautifully into reality. Its an achievement par excellence and definitely puts India high on the world wellness map. SOUKYA truly stands for what is classy, caring and comfortable. With a deep sense of conviction that reflects in every design and disposition. Keep walking. God bless."

- Reema Sisodia in June 2010

Thank you for the time and help to heal. Thank you all for being so caring and helpful."

- Louise Gibbs(Canada) in June 2010

This was such an incredible experience. Enjoyed everything from the food to the massages. All the staff were wonderful. Thank you."

- Arlene Dischene(Canada) in June 2010

Very much astonished to see that such a place existed. Very peaceful and lovely place to relax. Treatment was good. We hope to get positive results for Jugroo"

- Mrs. & Mr. Jugroo in June 2010

Brilliant place and the therapy was excellent. The thing works especially for the city guys with hectic lifestyles and lives. Keep up the good work. See you next year!!"

- Yanchi Vadera( New Delhi) in June 2010

In a matter of three weeks one changed from a mentally and physically burnt out specimen to a rejuvenated and invigorated human being. What more can you say about the SOUKYA experience."

- R.S Duggal (Switzerland) in June 2010

I haven't been so relaxed for a long time. Thank you for your great hospitality and indulgence and my curiosity throughout my short stay."

- Steve Cronin(UAE) in June 2010

A different world, very peaceful, a great way to live two weeks of one's life. All the best."

- P Shankar( India) in June 2010

Excellent Ayurveda treatments available. Doctors are excellent. Very peaceful and calm place to come and relax and get treated. Staff are excellent. All Ayurveda doctors are excellent and good at their job."

- Kalika Dodhia ( Kenya) in July 2010

Everything was very nice. I had a wonderful sleep and I enjoyed the food and the massages. And everybody was very nice. Thank you. Xoxo"

- Susan Sande ( Holland) in July 2010

Excellent massages, baths and treatment. Relaxing and peaceful place."

- Mohammad Al Shammary(UAE) in July 2010

Everything is very good. Good massages, good kitchen service and beautiful place. All staff are very good. Doctors are very polite and they do a good job."

- Dr. Mitilesh Tripathi(New Delhi) in July 2010

I stayed at SOUKYA for 11 days and I am leaving with a lot of peace of mind. A great place to get away from one's busy schedule and relax and cherish the wonders of nature. I am going to miss the sounds of the beautiful birds around. I am going to miss looking at all the lovely flowers and butterflies around. And of course my own personal pond in the garden with the lovely lotus. Thanks to everyone at SOUKYA for the hospitality and always greeting with a smile. Hope to come back soon."

- Swati Arora( India) in July 2010

This is a lovely place, comfortable and enchanting."

- Glenn Sergius( Canada) in July 2010

We are both 25, and we're glad we didn't wait till we were 40 to come here. Our journey to good health and happiness is well on its way from here. Our 10 days here have been extremely positive for us and we hope to be able to come again soon. The doctors, therapists and all the staff were great, extremely polite, helpful and caring. What a wonderful place it is!"

- Natasha Ginwala & Revanta Sarabhai in July 2010

Always a pleasure to visit! Everyone is terrific and I always feel at home here. Can't wait to come back."

- Kunjai Shah(New York) in July 2010

This is the second time I'm staying here. We enjoyed the experience the first time. This time it has only gotten better! The serene environment, friendly staff and excellent doctors and therapists. My special compliments to the chef for his amazing soups."

- Lakshmi Acharya( India) in July 2010

A great place to be calm, heal and contemplate. The care and concern showed by the doctors, the happy and helpful staff, the very talented skilled therapists, all made the experience wonderful. The holistic approach and scientific framework addresses the person as a whole with amazing results. Thank you!"

- Dr. Nalini Krishnan (India) in July 2009

This is my second visit and I have felt delighted to be back amidst beautiful surroundings, and the healing ambience. The wonderful inputs form Dr. Shubha and the excellent work of the therapists was healing and restorative. I feel exhilarated, rejuvenated and centred after my 3 day stay. Personal thanks to Dr. Mathai and Suja for their affection and friendship. Great food by the way- never felt that I was on a detox programme! Many many thanks!"

- Nirmala Lakshman( India) after 2nd visit in July 2010

I came with two years of post-surgical pain in neck and knee and I leave with almost no pain- Gateway to heaven on earth. Doctors, therapists, the chef and the staff are like angels!"

- Alli Nathan(USA) in July 2010

Very very good! Excellent!"

- Meghraj Singh(India) in July 2010

Only one word describes this place- MAGICAL!"

- Nikhil Dhaon(Abu Dhabi) in July 2010

The place, facilities and location are absolutely superb. The doctors and therapists were genuinely caring and that's half the cure. Everyone is so pleasant- makes it a home away from home."

- Mohan Nair(India) after 1st visit in July 2010

This is my third visit- I hope to be back to SOUKYA for the healing that has been given to me. The team from top to bottom is warm, caring and considerate! I have always felt that and feel that this place is blessed."

- Mrs. Niloufer Gupta(India) after 3rd visit in July 2010

At SOUKYA I receive treatment for a condition that in the West would require drugs with serious side effects, but the treatment here encourages the body to heal itself."

- Jake Sterling(USA) in August 2010

SOUKYA is a place where you come back to- time after time. Great! "

- Ganga Hoogendron(Netherlands) in August 2010

SOUKYA a most pleasant place to be with masseuses and doctors, who are very careful and tender."

- Stephanie Meijer(Holland) in August 2010

SOUKYA is a very beautiful place with professional persons. My suggestion is to have non-spicy food for some patients. Thank you for your service."

- Oksana Borukhova( New York) in August 2010

Me as Roman and Dad, really liked SOUKYA, because at SOUKYA really nice staff, weather, land, water rain, rain and rain! As we came from Dubai, it was extremely hot weather to a tropical and cold weather in Bangalore. Dada might not get 100% cure, nut there was some improvement and as they say things will be better for dad in terms of health, that's because healing process will take time, which is good. I had met lots of nice people from India, USA, Venezuela, Holland and Denmark, I guess they have great and good hearts! Thanks SOUKYA and we will see you again, Inshallah!"

- Roman Al Tayyar(Dubai) in August 2010

Pure heaven. Wonderful staff, superb treatments. I felt at peace the moment I arrived! Tumba thanks to all at SOUKYA!"

- Georgia Lewsi( Bangalore) in August 2010

I found this to be a world class wellness centre.i have taken treatment in many places in Finland, Thailand, and China but nothing like SOUKYA. I got the best treatment, more than what I expected, and would like to make this as annual pilgrimage to SOUKYA. Also very hospitable staff from top to bottom. Good team and excellent environment. All the best to SOUKYA."

- KP Shreedhran(Dubai) in August 2010

SOUKYA is excellent well-being centre. It combines and masters and relaxation environment in one place."

- Nelly Osorio de Parra(Kuwait) in August 2010

My 2nd stay at SOUKYA. Once aging I leave from here felling nourished physically and mentally. I look forward to come back again. I have SOUKYA in my heart. Wonderful place on mother Earth."

- Marie De Linde(Denmark) in August 2010

I had a wonderful and relaxing stay at SOUKYA. Thank you for your kind hospitality and excellent service."

- Danielle Gershowitz(USA) in August 2010

What a fantastic place is this! Only love and all is one, even I will include "the mosquitoes"

- Anne Dokter(Amsterdam) in August 2010

This is my 3rd visit to SOUKYA. I only stay for 2 days per month in my busy schedule of surgeon. I get charged up to work for the whole month. Thanks to Ayur doctors and therapy personnel who care like caring children. Hats to the ever-smiling, ever-ready to serve food in restaurant section. Last but not the least, thanks to house-keeping people who always see and set the rooms full of fragrance! In conclusion, great place and quality treatment, service and caring. Salutations to "Mother Nature"

- P Rathnamma(Bangalore) after 3rd visit in August 2010

One blissful person is checking out today! The ambiance, the service and care, I have no words to describe. They are all in the superlative. Even the frown lines have disappeared from my forehead along with my pains and aches and stiffness. People comment that I look 5 years youner, the face glowing and a calm are about true. Truly! SOUKYA is the ultimate destination for nurturing body, mind and soul. Thank you!"

- Jija Hari Singh(India) in August 2010

Thank you for this nice experience of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga. Thanks for all the nice people I met here( doctors, therapists ,housewives, gardeners, cooks and restaurant service and receptionists. I think yoga and Ayurvedic healing will be of great interest in our allopathic medicine in the future. Thank you and good luck."

- Dr. Paratian(Reunion Islands) in August 2010

A totally rejuvenating experience. My delightful natural paradise. Effective treatments, dedicated staff made my stay relaxing and healing. Many thanks to all staff."

- Tuart Adams(New York) in August 2010

SOUKYA and its family right from Dr. Mathai, to Kannan in House Keeping, Ganesh the gardener, has made me a true believer in the fact that a positive attitude, true dedication and a focused mind can achieve anything!! My experience as always was excellent and I have always told people its like a whole planet when you are here in SOUKYA, including the kind of service you receive. A big thank you to everyone in SOUKYA!! "

- Asha Rao(Singapore) in August 2010

I came in wobbling, but today when I am walking out, I am a changed person. A big thanks to the whole SOUKYA team. We felt very special and staying here was a very pleasant and extremely happy experience. Thank you all the doctors at SOUKYA for putting me on my feet again."

- Kalpu Shah (Nairobi) in August 2010

Its god's gift to nature. The place is excellent, very calm and peaceful. People are very nice, friendly and courteous. Congratulations to Dr. Issac Mathai and his team."

- Y Rajeev Reddy(Hyderabad) in August 2010

What can I say? SOUKYA is addictive. This is my 5th visit. Best of luck with love."

- Padma Coram(Dubai) after 5th visit in August 2010

It was a very wise decision to come and spend a week of holidays here. It may not be enough, but it's a start. I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will surely come back. Thank you for creating such a haven where everyone can discover the wealth of holistic and integrative medicine and its benefits for us mere mortals in our bodies. After a week here, one feels more aligned with one's soul."

- Xavier Bertrand(Paris) in August 2010

It was a very wise decision to come to recuperate after the MS Treatment in hospital. Excellent care has helped my recovery. I enjoyed it very much and it is very beautiful here."

- Janice Manuel(Canada) in August 2010


- Doug & Susan Niboer in August 2010

Relaxing, invigorating and peaceful. Friendly, happy staff. A wonder experience. Thank you."

- Sylvia Smith(Canada) in August 2010

Wonderful experience. Will recommend to all!"

- Hajara & Anwar Syed in August 2010

Very well managed, excellent staff, neat, clean and most rewarding experience. This is the second visit and shall be our annual pilgrimage for our wellness. Thanks. God bless you all."

- Mrs &Mr. Inder Sharma in August 2010

People were very kind. It's a place I'll always remember."

- Sandy (Canada) in August 2010

An ideal place for taking Ayurvedic and other kinds of treatment. Doctors, their team does an excellent job. One would see results within few days after treatment. Health resort deserves to be recommended."

- Mrs & Mr. P.V Vaidhyanathan(India) in August 2010

People were very kind. It is a nice experience."

- Karolyn & Monique(Canada) in August 2010

Thank you all for looking after us and putting us on a path to good health. We look forward to being back."

- Priya & Sethu Vaidyanathan(India) in August 2010

A lovely haven from the assaults of the world, a place to grow strong, aided by charming and supportive staff. Thank you."

- Judy Mendelsund(New York) in August 2010

A lovely couple of days, amazing staff and a beautiful place. I will be back."

- Mark Andrews(London) in September 2010

Happy to be back. Food nice like before. Good treatment. Appreciated, satisfied."

- Murari Jalan(Dubai) in September 2010

Wonderful, authentic treatments. Lovely and caring staff. Need more place like this. Thanks!"

- Murari Jalan(Dubai) in September 2010

Very effective treatment. Results were quite quick and effective. Everyone here were very polite making this place a great environment for therapy. Will be back. "

- Shyam Koundinya(India) in September 2010

SOUKYA is a unique institution, a model of excellence. I have spent a blissful three weeks here. It has been a beautiful and beneficial experience. I hope to return sometime."

- Vasantha Menon(Bengaluru) in September 2010

I spent a wonderful month here at SOUKYA, looked after with so much love and care. A wonderful experience and I feel truly lucky to have had this time here."

- Ins No in September 2010

It's my second time here in SOUKYA.(1ST I stayed for 5 weeks) now 2 weeks. All the people are so friendly. The treatments were very good! And helpful! Thank you all. I hope to return again "

- Susanne Kostler(Vienna) in September 2010


- J.W.Ladwa(London) in September 2010

We enjoyed our stay! It was a very healthy experience! All the staff were very friendly and well-mannered. The treatments backed up with medical supervision were extremely intensive, exhaustive and effective- back pains and vertigos have nearly disappeared! We hope to be back and continue further treatments as required!"

- Umaima Zainuddin(Surrey) in September 2010

Thank you very much for looking after us so well. We pray that god guides you in all your endeavours towards success.may the benevolence and grace which guided us to you help you towards the well-being of all those who come to you."

- Shehzadi Batul Baisaheba(Mumbai) in September 2010

Thank you for the wonderful and relaxing experience. Excellent services and treatments. We hope to come back one day. Thank you so much and all the best."

- Leticia & Rob Darwin(Canada) in September 2010

Thank you for a wonderful, rejuvenating experience. Everyone was so attentive and kind, as well as being highly professional. I feel a million dollars."

- Sarah Tronton(UK) in October 2010

Thank you so much for the most relaxing and spiritual 4 days. I've love it all."

- Amanda Ward(UK) in October 2010

Thank you for making our visit so wonderful. I loved every minute of it."

- Amanda Macmanas(UK) in Ocotber 2010

Thank you so much for a just a relaxing and restful stay. Wonderful!"

- Alice(UK) in October 2010

Absolutely gorgeous! Loved every minute of my time! Thank you so much Dr. Mathai & Suja. Great experience."

- Sanjam Chawla(India) in October 2010

Amazing experience and fantastic therapy. Keep it up!"

- Hendrik Vester(Tehran) in October 2010

Wonderful experience and excellent treatment."

- Randy Bikhraj(Iran) in October 2010

SOUKYA and the Isaacs hold a special place in our hearts. Amazing care, great experience. We always recharge our batteries here."

- Sabitha & Y Radhakrishna(India) in October 2010

A most memorable experience! Great staff and great treatment. SOUKYA "Keep it up"

- Gunvant & Rashila Bhavanbhai(South Africa) in Ocotber 2010


- Suzan Rahaman(India) after 9th visit in October 2010

The experience at "SOUKYA"

- Chitra Jain after 1st visit in October 2010

SOUKYA is very good for treatments, yoga etc. Keep it up!"

- Shashwat(India) in October 2010

A fantastic experience enhance by some fabulous and caring staff."

- Joseph Nathan in October 2010

This is my second time here. A completely new experience for me. This experience creates a new "you"

- Sylvia Johnney (Singapore) in Ocotber 2010

We are extremely happy and proud of SOUKYA! The facilities and services are improving. Keep it up. Best wishes."

- Sunny Kulathackal(Bahrain) in October 2010

After this life changing experience, I know why SOUKYA "found me"

- Lauren Goldman(New York) in October 2010

Wonderfully serene and restful!"

- James & Catherine Mortens (Canada) in October2010

SOUKYA was a very warm and pleasant stay for me and my wife."

- Chris & Tammy Robinson( Canada) in October 2010

My mom and I have truly enjoyed the holistic experience at SOUKYA. We feel completely rejuvenated and blissful. The stay and staff was very comfortable and extremely hospitable. The treatments were more like "treats"

- Ila Gandhi & Priya Khandwala (India) in October 2010

This place is a paradise lost in the world!! I enjoyed so much!! The staff and the treatments are really great!"

- Louise Chalusnhacke(Brazil) in November 2010

The place is very divine. Therapies are excellent. I enjoyed the treatments. Result of therapies is instant. I highly recommend SOUKYA for everyone. Must come once a year to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul."

- Audhoot Shivanand(India) in November 2010

When I pray, I ask for bliss and love so I don't go to the almighty because I'm fearful or greedy. At SOUKYA, I have experienced both. It feels good to be alive and well- and to have experienced a blessing like I have here. Thank you! I wish I could have stayed indefinitely."

- Neesha Singh(India) in November 2010

Wonderful idea!! Well-executed!! Rejuvenate the body smoothly!! Lovely culmination of integrated medicine. Expand as fast as you can. Wish you all the best!"

- Viswaradhya(India) in November 2010

Wonderful place and super-sweet staff. Very caring and a good reminder to love healthy and wise."

- Diane Salah(USA) in November 2010

This is my third time in SOUKYA and its wonderful to be back again. I can see there is so much improvement, always better. Thanks to all the staff who made my stay even more enjoyable."

- Fatma Al Quassimi in November 2010

If I would describe my satisfaction I would use . I was not expecting such a professional care and a team of knowledgeable doctors. SOUKYA exceeds my expectations. Shortly I am leaving her with a hope, coming back soon."

- Berrin Ajaran(Austria) in November 2010

A truly amazing experience.. extremely relaxing and calming. A big thank you to all the staff who always put in the extra effort and added the personal touch. I will definitely be back for SOUKYA's healing touch."

- Prarthana Modi (India) in November 2010


- Viresh & Faye Kothari(India) in November 2010

1st time here. Great experience! Thank you all so much. Staff was brilliant-friendly, helpful and always ready."

- Vinay, Sangeetha & Purnima Kapoor after 1st visit in November 2010

We enjoyed our stay here. A very healthy experience. Everything was perfect. The staff, the view, the food. Wish to come back again."

- Mrs & Mr Alghanim(Kuwait) in November 2010

Every trip to SOUKYA adds yet another layer of healing. This is my 4th visit and as always I found the staff to be exceptionally talented, attentive and caring. I owe my good health to them all- and to the vision od Dr. & Mrs. Mathai- a dream realized "

- Mindy Mitchell(USA) in November 2010

Thank you for a wonderful journey. The entire staff were so kind and considerate. My three week experience was amazing and am already planning for a return visit. Thank you!"

- Melissa Sorensen(USA) in November 2010

You cured me!"

- Rolando Calip Jr. (USA) in November 2010

SOUKYA has very little room for improvement. Everything was so thoroughly researched and taken care of that a visitor felt at home right away. I would love to come here again and again if it wasn't so expensive!"

- Indumati Conway(UK) in November 2010

Thank you for kind, considerate service, healing and stay! Peaceful time xxx feeling so much better! "

- Lauralee Martinovich(USA) in November 2010

Thank you all for love, healing! And how much all of you teach me just to be who you are. It's a big gift to be and stay here in this holy place."

- Eva Lena Bergman-Nordquist(Sweden) in November 2010

Thank you for a lovely stay, once again. I am here for the 4th time and experienced a deep and spiritual awakening as well as a serious detox. Enjoyed the food, the yoga, the treatments and all of the love and knowledge that surrounds this place. Much love!"

- Pamela Schiyler in November 2010

'Back to Nature'. Great surroundings, well maintained beautiful landscaping and very simple food. This cures 50%. Good attention of doctors and treatments take care of the rest. Ayurveda is not a magic healing, takes longer, we must find the ways how it can be made more cost effective. Thanks."

- Sohanraj Singhvi(India) in November 2010

Coming to SOUKYA was the most wisest investment I ever took for myself. It was an experience that I would like to repeat, so look out for me soon! Thank you to all the doctors and staff. You all are beautiful!"

- Mirka(London) in November 2010

Very kind and helpful staff."

- Alfons Gantzeckow in December 2010

Tried it experimentally with doubts. But now I can say the therapy provided here really works. Thank you SOUKYA."

- Shekuto Suu(India) in December 2010

Although my first was short, I can truly say that the treatments seems to work, and the staff are so kind and friendly, that I leave here with an overall feeling of Wellness, which is what this place is all about!!"

- Dana Gillespie after 1st visit in December 2010

Had a wonderful experience. We felt truly rejuvenated and are already on our way to addressing many of our ailments and diseases which beset people at our age 50/60+! Will certainly make this a routine affair and spread the word in our friends circle."

- Pankaj & Devyani Patel in December 2010

My first visit but definitely not the last! Thank you for taking such good care of me. Everyone has been gracious and attentive in every way. The doctors and all the treatment centre staff are very well-versed in their knowledge and expertise. Will be back for some peace, calm and wellness!"

- Aarti in December 2010

I had a wonderful experience. The staff, the place, the doctors and above all Dr. Mathai's personal attention- it is all fabulous! I am very thankful for everything! I am hoping to send a bunch of people who are suffering from chronic ailments to of course visit here in the future."

- Pramila Agarwal in December 2010

Thank you for a relaxing experience. Staff were kind and polite. I hope the treatment will be effective in the future. I will perhaps visit again in the future."

- Anand Koundinya(India) in December 2010

We are happy to be here again. We have been coming here for the last 5 years and I can definitely that the service, the food and the amenities, everything has improved. The people, the masseurs, house-keeping staff, the kitchen staff and all the doctors all very helpful. Dr. Mathai has become like a friend to us and 'SOUKYA' like home."

- Sunil, Shreya & Utkarsh Bansal in December 2010

We leave light-footed with a smile on our faces. You have managed to put together a "structure"

- Lars Cederholm and Anne Rochegova (Switzerland) in December 2010

We have enjoyed the experience at SOUKYA very much. Peaceful and serene. Only regret is that were not able to stay longer. And enough can't be said about the staff-kind, courteous, ever-helpful! Thank you."

- Debra Park & Janice Wiseman(Canada) in December 2010

Thank you so much Suja & Dr. Mathai for these wonderful three days. Congratulations on manifesting your dream and vision. May it evolve to greater heights. Will be in touch soon!"

- Mala Barua(India) in December 2010

Since I entered the gate of SOUKYA, I felt that I came to SOUKYA, I felt that I came to another world, some thing that we will all miss in our life, peace, relaxation and nature. I need to congratulate Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and all the team in SOUKYA on this great idea and excellent implementation. All the best and God bless you all."

- Jamal H Maraqa(UAE) in December 2010

Great facility- warm hospitality- beautiful environ"

- VP Singhania(India) in December 2010

Fantastic stay- will be back again- for a longer stay."

- D Chabria(UK) in December 2010

We entered the gates to an oasis of peace and tranquility and the beauty of nature. What a wonderful experience. We leave you with a lighter step and heart full of joy and thankfulness for your warm hospitality and generous spirit. We offer heartfelt thanks to all who made our stay memorable. God bless and keep you all. "

- Babu & Regina Sharma (USA) in December 2010

Even though Jeffrey raved about SOUKYA, I had no idea what to expect. When we arrived I was overwhelmed by the serenity and calm that surrounds the entire place as well as being embodied by the entire staff. All of the treatments were rejuvenating. All of the food was yummy. We will recommend your place to everyone we know and can't wait to return ourselves someday very soon. Thanks for everything!!"

- Jeffrey Bernstein & Shonda(USA) in December 2010

We are both very impressed with the centre and the personal service received. Treatment was excellent and to a great standard. Would highly recommend SOUKYA to friends and family in the UK and around the world. Thank you for everything."

- Mrs. & Mr. Gitesh Rajput(London) in December 2010

Thanks profoundly by the warm and wonderful services given to me during my stay. I am happy with the treatment. I appreciate Dr. Mathai for all his best effort to start SOUKYA. With god's grace and by the treatment of SOUKYA, support me to sail smoothly through the year 2011. Hence while thanking god for all his mercy on me and all of us, I wish SOUKYA and its family a blessed and eventful year filled with greater success, happiness, peace and prosperity. Thanks and best wishes."

- Mrs. & Mr. Rasheed Yusoof( Andaman & Nicobar Islands) in December 2010

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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