Guest Experiences


We both very much surprised with this centre. It is a very good experience of relaxing and wonderful environment. We are happy with the treatment and yoga class.

- KCV Mane & Mrs Mythreyi in January 2011

Thank you very much for a nice and wonderful stay in SOUKYA. We appreciate very much the excellent medical and physical treatment and are sure about the success. We are hopeful to come again in the near future.

- Dr. Kress(Germany) in January 2011

A heaven to rejuvenate the body and also renew the mind and reconnect with the soul- to rediscover love.

- Shoba & Ashok Abraham(India) after 1st visit in January 2011

A very positive week spent on increasing my hand, knee, feet mobility and lessening the pain of joint mobility. A much better option than surgery. Thank you all.

- Steven Albert Schafer(USA ) in January 2011


- Abdelmanaf & Fatema Sughra(India) in January 2011

Very restful week, fantastic meals, very gracious and helpful staff. I very much enjoyed the beautiful gardens and appreciated the design details everywhere. Impeccable cleanliness throughout and thorough treatments. Thank you for creating and maintain such a wonderful place. I will surely recommend SOUKYA to friends from all over the world.

- Susanna Al said(Muscat) in January 2011

Overall an amazing experience with high quality service and no cause for complaints. J “

- Radha Jetley(India) in January 2011

Amazing experience!! Must be the best kept secret for good health in India.

- Rajan Jetley(India) in January 2011

Thank you all very much for the wonderful and rejuvenating stay. We appreciated very much the great hospitality and professionalism of all staff. We return back home, completely relaxed and more healthy!!

- Maria & Michal Bucek( Slovania) im January 2011

We managed to arrive in time for a treatment after our consultations with two charming doctors- but could only stay for 15 hours! Before flying back to London. But what a magical experience and warm glow. We hope to return for longer. Thank you so much.

- Zoran Bozovic(London) in January 2011

Thank you very much for looking after us well and the relaxing experience. All the best. Thank you all.

- Sandro Maragoni(Switzerland) in January 2011

I’ve toured through India from one health centre to another and I fully acknowledge the benefits of this one after one week’s rejuvenation treatment. Highly qualified staff(male therapists) to every single member from reception-dining area-doctors-yoga teacher. I really feel pampered by everybody, cared for at any time of day! Thanks heaps. Dr. Mathai & wife, for what you’re doing, bringing so much comfort and relief to people from all over the world. I’m bringing my daughter next weekend since she’s studying massage in Massage Academy in Paris for her to see for herself. She’ll learn a lot from this idyllic environment. I’m coming back next week for another week’s treatment, addicted to it now. Taking some of my relatives too this year! Will talk about it to everybody around me in Reunion Island and also to all my relatives and friends all over the world!! Keep going!! You’re doing so well! All of you!

- Serge Gillet(Reunion Island) after 1st visit in January 2011

Everything was better than expected, everybody around from therapists to staff were very friendly and I am going home with a high degree of satisfaction.

- Mohammed Al Shirawi(Dubai) in January 2011

Very tranquil and soul fulfilling experience- thank you for making it possible. We hope to be back.

- Purnima & Lakshman Rai(India) in January 2011

It is a beautiful, calm and healthy environment. It healed and soother. Dr. Mathai is an extraordinary man and his whole family at SOUKYA are wonderful.

- Susan George(India) in January 2011

A beautiful and peaceful place, where each day begins and ends with a smile. Doctors and all the staff are extraordinary people, it was an unique experience. Thank you for the very delightful treatments and I hope to see all of you soon!

- Benedicte Gillet (Paris) in January 2011

A lifetime experience. Thanks so much.

- Brenda Corney(Canada) in January 2011

Very healing. I look forward to integrating what I have learnt into my life.

- Lynn Wilson(Canada) in January 2011

I believed the Almighty. God will heal with me the care of SOUKYA. Keep it up. Look forward to good deeds from SOUKYA.

- Nizhoto Sema (India) in January 2011

Simply Heavenly! Will share this with all we come across! Thank you! May God keep inspiring you both to achieve evn higher levels of care and comfort for the mind/body/soul. Thank you! God Bless!

- Shams & Zina Hirji(Canada) in January 2011

In SOUKYA! One will learn how to isolate themselves from the stresses of the life. Teaches you how to relax and enjoy the treatments. It was excellent experience, thanks to the caring, sweet members of SOUKYA.

- Mrs Al-Shirawi(Dubai) in January 2011

My visit to SOUKYA was to confirm everything I had heard about this unique Holistic Health Centre. It has lived up to my expectations and beyond. SOUKYA and my interaction with everyone patients, doctors and therapists has established my faith and belief in traditional medicine. Would love to come back. God bless!

- Dr. Grewal(India) in February 2011

Being here had been a rare experience. I look forward to coming back again. I have so enjoyed the atmosphere and the people of this place. Warm wishes.

- Bhanumathi Rao(India) in February 2011

This is my first visit to SOUKYA and it has been a wonderful and tranquil stay and the treatments have been very professional and exceeded my expectations. I hope to be back soon for a longer stay.

- Nandan Nilekani(India) in February 2011

Extremely enjoyed our stay at SOUKYA! It is truly a holistic center par excellence. SOUKYA has proved that holistic system works great. Keep up the good work and may God bless SOUKYA! Wonderful therapies and wonderful people!

- Mrs. & Mr. Shekuto Suu in February 2011

We enjoy our little time- We think SOUKYA is an excellent experience.

- Maria Sejas & Daniel in February 2011

It’s amazing place which I was always dream to be. God bless all of you and hope to reach to very well health after SOUKYA. Wish you all the best.

- Nidal A Juma (Dubai) in February 2011

Our second visit has confirmed again, that SOUKYA is in every sense the very best! A wonderful experience equally effective on body and mind. SOUKYA is a truly inspirational place where every need and detail is anticipated and met. All the staff are charming and truly amazing, nothing is too much trouble. We leave happy, healed and also feeling we have had a wonderful time.

- Joanna & Dr. Miachael Dixon (UK) after second visit in February 2011

Very new experience. You learn to listen to your body and find a big caring family. Would like to spend more time at SOUKYA.

- Anita Pinter( Austria) in February 2011

Flora, yoga, tea, caring team heals mind, body, SOUKYA energy. Thank you for a splendid week of relaxation, detoxification ans rejuvenation. Blessings to a wonderful team. Xie Xie.

- Catherine Van (Hong Kong) in February 2011

We are so happy we made it here again this year! Everything is exceptional as usual. To improve a little bit (if at all possible ) I suggest to introduce the use of your very good Indian tea, using looase leaves instead of Twinings teas bags! Thank you

- Gianfranco & Francesca Rosetti ( Belgium) in February 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The Dhara has marvelous effects… and also the other treatments. I really feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Thank you all!

- Pietro Bonocini in February 2011

What a wonderful way of life at SOUKYA. I was delighted by the entire environment- the gardens, the delicious meals, the kind employees, the wonderfully relaxing treatments. And did I mention Yoga each morning with Dr, Shubha? Marvelous!

- Monique Burns (USA) in February 2011

I love SOUKYA, the food, the garden, the treatments, the people. I feel so relaxed- distressed- it will be my pleasure to spread the word about you. Pallavi was totally right about how wonderful SOUKYA is!

- Maxine Albert (USA) in February 2011

The purity of energy here unsurpassed, impacts a clarity of minf and healing of the body. The food is delicious, treatments exceptional and the attitude of the staff an inspiration and testimony to the goodness of the human soul. Thank you for an unforgettable and rejuvenating experience.

- Curtis Ellis (US) in February 2011

I only wish I could stay longer- this is a special place- great staff, great concept of healing. What you have done with the organic farm is incredible- I’m impressed with the hand-made oils etc. A great experience.

- Candace Kascoutas (USA) in February 2011

What a peaceful place this is! To enter SOUKYA is to leave the rest of the world behinf. Thank you to Elena, Varsha, Ambika, Niki and all of the other healing hands that made the treatment so fabulous. Thank you especially to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai for creating this oasis.

- Susan Straight (USA) in February 2011

Thank you for a lovely experience. I never thought  I would be so happy to eat vegetarian food and really appreciates the skill of the therapists. Your doctors are also skilled and caring and I look forward to the improvements in my health and well-being as I follow their advice.

- Laurie Werner (USA) in February 2011

A privilege to experience SOUKYA. Thanks for the opportunity. Your staff is incredible and the treatments remarkable.

- Julie Semel (USA) IN February 2011

Thank you for creating a slice of heaven! I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the Ayurvedic treatments combined with the expert medical counseling. In 48 hours, several chronic health issues beagn to be healed. Namaste!

- Joseph Dumas (USA) in February 2011

A perfect setting- peaceful, serene and calming! The treatments are terrific and I hope to be back very soon! Thank you Dr. Mathai. Thank you all at SOUKYA.

- Meenakshi Bhujwala( New Delhi ) in February 2011

SOUKYA is truly an eye-opening experience- I enjoyed learning so much about Ayurvedic & Holistic Medicine, especially watching the oil being made from all the herbs that are grown on the gorgeous property. The staff is warm, comforting and genuine in their care and their smiles. And the treatments are supremely relaxing- I feel asleep every time! God bless Dr. Mathai & Suja and of course the magnetic Mr. Joji. They are wonderful, gracious and fiercely intelligent and passionate hosts. Many thanks and blessing to this special place.

- Victoria De Silverio( USA) in February 2011

Thank you for creating such a positive healing environment. SOUKYA Is the ultimate in neauty, peace and feel good experience. I look forward to feeling better with the meds prescribed and hope for a return visit to this heaven on earth. Blessed be!

- Barbara  Angelakis(USA) in February 2011

Great experience. AAA- medical care. Peaceful and friendly. We will come back next year. Many thanks to the wonderful staff.

- Beatrice Vogelsanger & Esther Milione( Switzerland) in February 2011

Thank you all for a wonderful experience. The doctors, the therapists and all the other staff have been exceedingly kind and caring. Wish I didn’t live so far away- I would come back so often. Thank you!!

- Anita Gupta (USA) in February 2011

We had a fantastic time here, felt as at home. Looking forward to coming again, especially for the excellent therapies. Thanks to everyone at SOUKYA. Warm regards. Thanks also to the staff and the doctors and Dr. Mathai.

- Anna & Marcel Verkinderen (Belgium) in March 2011

The first impression is the last impression! Walking in SOUKYA for the first time, we experienced the warm welcome and atmosphere of good health and well-being around. It freed my mind of stress and anxiety. Experiencing the therapies and the different methods was very interesting. SOUKYA excels in all fields, staff, cleanliness, diet, medication and above all ambience! We walk away with our last impression. A great feeling!! Coming back soon!!

- Taher Ezzuddin(India) in March 2011

The sound of your birds, we’ll keep in our ears, the colour of your flowers, we’ll keep in our eyes, the taste of your food, we’ll keep on our tongues, the smell of your oils we’ll keep in our nose, the traces of your lovely hands we’ll keep in our skin. And the smile and love of your people, will stay in our hearts. Thank you so much for the lovely and helpful stay at SOUKYA.

- Mrs. & Dr. Hartmann ( Germany) in March 2011

It was unusual and healthy two weeks, we’ve got excellent experience. High quality of Ayurvedic treatments, warm attitude of all staff, nice flowers, tasty food made SOUKYA unforgotten for ua. We’ll return here without fail. J We wish happiness for everybody.

- Maryna & Sergey Bondarenko (Ukraine) in March 2011

Thanks again for all of you! It’s the third time I come to see you here in SOUKYA and its always wonderful and full of peace and love.

- Daniele Gerbal(Paris) in March 2011

After one month at SOUKYA, it now feels like SOUKYA is a home away from home made possible by the professional and caring staff, delicious freshly prepared healthy food, peaceful environment, professional and invigorating treatments, gorgeous flowers, birds and friendly smiles and a most comfortable bed! My experience at SOUKYA will forever remain warm in my heart, until my next visit when I shall add more nourishing memories. I return to London with improved physical and mental strength, to continue on my life journey knowing and loving myself more than when I arrived. Thank you to all the staff, guests and animals who have participated in my experience. With much love and gratitude, Monique.

- Monique Van Der Heijden( London) in March 2011

Wonderful food, therapists, doctors and all staff without exception.

- Colin Donald (UK) in March 2011

SOUKYA is unique and very special in its superb therapy, doctors and staff and the gentle polite staff all around. You feel connected and nurtured  and it is hard to leave for the big bad world outside!! Even after  4 weeks, time has flown. Thank you all for making me well and healing me.

- Pallavi Shah in March 2011

My first visit here and extremely fantastic. From the staff to the doctors and food, everyone are really caring and very helpful. Honestly a home away from home. Fantastic treatments!!

- Devansh Sheth( Mumbai) in March 2011

A remarkable place to visit and stay for the therapy. The atmosphere is excellent. The treatment is evry scientific and surpasses all previous experiences elsewhere. I am amazed at the wonderful  cordial approach of every individual, super friendly. Excellent team work. Makes you feel at home. Will definitely come again.

- Mrs. & Dr. Bhagwati(India) in April 2011

Relaxing, rejuvenating, peaceful. Far out but well with in reach. The staff is phenomenal. Polite, hospitable, warm, efficient.

- Rukmani & Sunil Bakht(India) in April 2011

Came to see the place- it is wonderful, well managed excellent and well behaved staffs. Kudos for keeping it well.  Enjoyed our first experience, wish had stayed for longer. Going back to 

- M.J. Khan(India)  in April 2011

A piece of heaven on earth!! – Just spent the weekend here- going back rejuvenated- hoping to be back here soon!!

- Neela Malik (India) in April 2011

Finally after so many years have we made it to SOUKYA. It has been a wonderful experience for the two of us. Will certainly make it a habit! Our best wishes and thanks to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai, all the wonderful doctors, therapists, and staff. Thank you for your dedication, kindness, and for this wonderful gift to humanity.

- Pushpa & Umesh Badami(India) in April 2011

I’m totally excited about the SOUKYA. I came with the moderate expectations and I’m leaving with a great experience.

- Dr. Rolf Vogelsanger (Switzerland) in April 2011


- Aparna(India) in April 2011

Thank you for giving me an idea of what Ayurveda can really be. The attachment for details and professionalism convinced me very much. I hope I will be able to come again to this wonderful place!

- Dr. Petra Holz( Germany) in April 2011

Keep up the great work.

- Govindraj Dempo in April 2011

It’s been an overwhelming experience at this divine place. I must thank sister-in-law ? for bringing me here. Mrs. And Dr. Issac Mathai are God sent to this area, and I would like to appreciate, glorify, and thank them with love and light.

- Shivangi Kapoor (India) in April 2011

We stayed only 3 days here and it was enough time to understand that this is really a divine place, with wonderful people and amazing treatment. For sure we will come back again soon. Thanks. All the best for all.

- Leandro Fronza (Bangalore) in April 2011

This being my second visit speaks for itself. A very calm and serene place with friendly people, SOUKYA gives a sense of cleansing one’s soul, away from the hectic and stressful city life.

- R. L. Patil after 2nd visit in April 2011

SOUKYA is a divine place- one of the calm, pure, and serene place. All the members of staff, therapists, all Doctors are wonderful people. Want to stay here forever. May God bless this lovely place. In brief it’s a lovely experience and stay. Thanks.

- Richa Wahi (New Delhi) in April 2011

Very helpful for our health. Thanks a lot for all.

- Gilles Lejamble & Soasoa Ratsifasoamanana (Madagascar) in April 2011

Recommended to me by my friend Caroline Van. Although it was only for one week but the results was beyond my expectations. Loved the birds, flowers, vegetable garden. The smell of flowers in the air, only flawed by occasional trains. The treatments were extremely professional and the two therapist Mooii & Rathna was fantastic. All in all, I would recommend it highly.

- Suzy Ho(Hong Kong) in April 2011

Peaceful, Tranquil & Beautiful! Doctors, therapists and all the rest of the staff are exceptionally caring, talented, compassionate, friendly, patient- just amazing and wonderful people! I will spread the word about SOUKYA. Definitely will be back! J

- Perla D’Amico(USA) in April 2011

Lovely, peaceful and sacred place. We have been only for 3 days but it seemed 3 months with the intensity we lived. Thank you all and we intend to come back soon, me daughter and granddaughter.

- Sonia Mesquita(Brazil) in May 2011

It is an experience to be here! Hope to be back soon 6 months or come with mother.

- Ayad Abbas(Abu Dhabi) in May 2011

Visiting SOUKYA is a great life-experience. You feel communicating with nature which by itself is a great treatment to body & soul. Best wishes to team SOUKYA.

- B.S Nagaraja( Bangalore) in May 2011

A wonderful experience. The beauty of nature, living with nature, treatments all are truly the best. All the best.

- R.S Ramakrishna in May 2011

I had a wonderful time and experience. Staff are cordial and disciplined. I had come for a week but then I stayed for 10 days. The treatment seem to be very effective. I wish I would have stayed longer of full time treatment. Maybe I will come back again.

- Chinnappa Vasudev(Bangalore) in May 2011

Wonderful place. Full of green, flowers and pleasant people. I will my relatives and friends to come to this great place. I think the prices need to be reconsidered.

- Dr. Ibrahim Al Sharif in May 2011

We really enjoyed our time here. The room, therapies and the staff were all excellent! Surely will come back. Thanks for everything especially to Dr. Mathai.

- S. Ramasundaram(Chennai) in May 2011

It’s been a wonderful experience, from the peaceful environment to the attentive staff, doctors & therapists. Thank you to Dr. Mathai & the SOUKYA family to bringing to the road to good health. I look forward to my next visit.

- Nitasha Thapar( New Delhi) in May 2011

Please keep going on with this wonderful, peaceful work to body and mind! And soul! You all saved me and brought me back to the person I used to be! I’ll come back. Thank you to Dr. Mathai and all SOUKYA doctors and staff.

- Gabrielle Binder(Germany) in May 2011

It is a privilege to stay very briefly here. We must continue to maintain the excellent standards which SOUKYA has. I hope more Indians realize our traditional knowledge systems uniqueness so that we can nurture and further reinforce them. My sincere thanks to Dr. Mathai and his entire team for the warm hospitality extended to us. I wish the very best possible to SOUKYA in all possible ways.

- R.H Khwaja(Union Tourism Secretary) in May 2011

Thank you for all the support and relaxing treatments. Sincere regards.

- Kim Bjorklund(Germany) in May 2011

Excellent, clean, neat, green, healthy people. Are working like a mission. It helped to rejuvenate. Keep it up.

- Venkaiah Naidu( Senior BJP Leader) in May 2011

Place like no others. With clear purpose and vision. Putting all the fight elements together  for the health, good and comforts of others. With great care and attention to details. Keep it up SOUKYA and thank you.

- Margorzata Dobak(Switzerland)

It has been one of the most beautiful, rejuvenating and de-stressing trips. The peaceful and lush green landscaping was an icing on the cake. The staff were extremely hospitable. I wish Dr. Mathai a great success ahead and hope he can open many more such centers in and around India. The budget did go overboard. Thank you once again!

- Padma Dawda(Mumbai) in June 2011

SOUKYA is exquisite- wonderful staff, beautiful grounds and facilities, delicious food and the finest Ayurvedic treatments and it helps to fund free clinics and outreach services. My thanks to you all.

- Patricia Wood( Australia) in June 2011

Every single member of the staff made my stay here enjoyable and comfortable. The medical attention and facilities are incredible. Its so lovely to know such a beautiful place exists in this hidden spot in India. Thank you for everything. Hoping to be back soon.

- Anahita Sarabhai (India) in May 2011

I heard a lot about this place. I came to visit for 4 days only, wished to stay for 21 days but had to leave after 8 days, because had health , I am leaving. No comparison of staff. I had already made up my mind that whatever money my husband has left, I will “will to my three children to come and spend In SOUKYA only. Great Experience. Dr. Mathai and I meeting first time but it seems last birth we were together. You are a Messiah. God bless you.

- Ved Luthra( New Delhi) in May 2011

Excellent team. Dr. Mathai you have really created a wonderful place for treatment and stay. Dr. Sudha, superb team, staff, therapists and dining are simply great. Nice place to stay for treatment and relaxation.

- A.R Srinivas (Bangalore) in May 2011

Excellent team work and management. Congratulations for creating such a wonderful place in a big city. The treatments, food, yoga interaction with the doctors and therapists has made my stay worth it. I was able to enjoy my stay very much and would like to visit soon. Satwic food was very nourishing and tasty.

- Chitra Rajagopal (USA) in July 2011

Superb in all respects. High degree of professionalism and competence. Excellent facilities and high quality service. An excellent team of medical staff and therapists.

- Mark & Sanaya Rodrigues( New Zealand) in July 2011

Our second trip to the amazing world of SOUKYA, its for us the time to relax and heal our mind-body-soul. There is no place like SOUKYA in the world, that I have ever experienced. The staff, the treatments are outstanding. We brought our 2 year old daughter this time. Even she had the time of her life experiencing nature and openness missing in big cities. God bless you all at SOUKYA. Many many thanks to Dr. Mathai and his team to keep SOUKYA evolving. Guys spend as much time as you can with him/them- he is a bed rock of knowledge."

- Amaraah, Jyotsna & Arjun Sharma ( New Delhi) in July 2011

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the entire team of SOUKYA for making my stay at SOUKYA-  a very memorable one. The treatment here is very authentic. The ambience of the place is excellent. The culture and attitude of the entire team at SOUKYA is excellent. Thanks you all once again."

- CN Govindaraju (Bangalore) in July 2011

What a lovely sanctuary and amazing staff. Thank you for making my stay so restful and pleasant."

- Jody Johannessen (UAE) IN July 2011

The SOUKYA experience was absolutely amazing!! The staff, the treatments and the food were lovely and I will be coming in the next few years!!! Thanks for teaching me a holistic, healthy and happy way of living!!"

- Vidhi Jatia (New Delhi) in July 2011

SOUKYA is truly a cynosure. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here for over a month. It is a conducive place for availing very effective and efficacive treatments under integrative system at the hands of dedicated and extraordinary team of practioners and supporting staff of SOUKYA!!

- V Gunasegaran (Bangalore) in August 2011

Dear Mr. Mathai, I stayed in this lovely wellness center of yours for three nights and believe me it feels like everything inside me has changed. Everything looks like it has been arranged by passion, commitment and dedication. You know in present times there are only few things of which you can be proud of. I am glad such a wonderful facility exists in our part of the world. India needs more centres like these. Our generation is passing through turbulent times and healing touch from a person like you is required. Lots of regards and wishes for a bright future.

- Mahesh Pandey in August 2011

Thank you to all for the wonderful professional caring and very spoiling treatments. You have saved a life. This is a little piece of heaven that I shall look forward to returning to. The garden has butterflies and exquisite birds and their song and of course the adorable staff and delicious food all made my stay a truly healing experience

- Leonara Leng (London) in August 2011

Will like to come again with happiness.

- Alka Khatri (Mumbai) in August 2011

Running on version 3.O right now, thank you Mr. & Mrs. Mathai and the wonderful crew for turning this tired worn out body around, running back to NY to pack a swag to swim back to the motherland, look after my babe or I’ll bite your faces off! Lotsa love

- Dan Single (New York) in August 2011

I have enjoyed the experience at SOUKYA very much. Thank you for professional doctors, friendly staff, good treatments, nice flowers. I hope I’ll return here.

- Natalia Loziychuk (Ukraine) in August 2011

Wonderful three weeks. I feel like I’ve gone back 5 years in time. 20lbs lighter and much more flexible. Thank you to all the doctors and staff for this great stay. I am sure to come back and also talk about this place to all my friends and family.

- Suresh Periyalwar (Canada) in August 2011

Wonderful progress since I was last here 5 years ago. I wish trees grow as fast and well in England1 have appreciated the professional treatment, impeccable surroundings. Thank you for all your help in making me remember life is great even when years roll on.

- Polly Lansdowne (England) in August 2011

This is my third visit and we are hoping that all the treatments would be as as useful as these were on the last two occasions. We will be back, that is for certain. God bless all who manage and run SOUKYA.

- Aruna & Inder Sharma (New Delhi) in August 2011

SOUKYA. You do INDIA PROUD. Going back glowing, lighter and more at peace. Away from the concrete jungle and electronic madness, we connected with each other, with nature and with ourselves. SOUKYA helped us in our time of need, we look forward to coming back SOOON. When god closes the door somewhere he opens a window, but we need to look forward for that window. SOUKYA is that window for us and we found it and through that window we found love, peace, happiness and GOD.

- Ineka Tewari & Naazin Shafa ( New Delhi) in August 2011

SOUKYA is the future!!! Thanks for making me get the energy back and the first step in place. I look forward to a long journey of health and happiness and adventures here. Mr & Mrs. Mathai you are super toast. And thank you Girija, my Indian mum.

- Stephanie Northwood-Blyth (Australia) in September 2011

After a real bad time in Germany, I find my new way in SOUKYA!! Many thanks for your help and good advices.

- Cornelia Dauner-Barthelmess (Germnay) in September 2011

Due to Hurricane Irene, just here briefly this time, but I look forward to a second visit before long! Sensitive , attentive doctors, beneficial treatments, delicious dining, extremely friendly staff, acres of flowers, the waterfall at the treatment centre, the walking path, all dimensions of SOUKYA gave me a feeling of well-being. Thank you.

- Sarah French (New York) in September 2011

A remarkable place to visit, amazing staff, all the treatments backed up by professional datas and therapies were intensive and effective. Thank you so much for an enjoyable “short stay. Will be back for sure.

- Karima Popat (Kenya) in September 2011

SOUKYA gives you many gifts and blessings, and you absorb them slowly, each day- the amazingly caring doctors & therapists, the wonderful food, the beautiful serene environment and the peace and tranquility that surrounds. But for me it gave another gift: I came here angry and upset with my body for letting me down, for its many weaknesses. I leave here with a sense of love and forgiveness towards my body, and will care for it with love in the days to come, whether I am ill or well.

- Srilatha Batliwala ( Bangalore) in September 2011

I could live here! You are all like family to me and have treated me with grace and overwhelming heartfullness. I will never forget how SOUKYA changed my life and saved it! My love and respect forever!

- Andrew Klippel (USA) in September 2011

My heartfelt warm wishes and congratulations to everyone who makes SOUKYA happen. It’s a world which I’ll miss, but will carry a zillion images, tastes, smells , feelings, emotions with me into ‘my world’, and savour and return to in my mind every time I need to calm and balance and ground myself. Ever so thankful for all the patience in hearing all my dramas and stories making me feel so special and loved. Thank you SOUKYA. Wishing everyone every success in this world you’ve helped to create. Love and hugs.

- Gomathi Suresh (Chennai) in September 2011

An eye-opening experience to alternative therapies. We just immersed ourselves in this soothing and refreshing environment and are leaving rejuvenated. Great people, great therapy. We wish you all the very best.

- Tara & Arun Joseph (Chennai) in September 2011

I was a bit reluctant to come here in the beginning. The reasons being 1. I have to stay all alone for nearly 2 weeks and 2. It’s a new environment with strange new people. I began to thaw a bit after one or two days. The ever smiling, caring and doting staff in “SOUKYA put me at ease. The serene, quiet, peaceful atmosphere made me feel at home. The therapy has rejuvenated me to the full, to face the world outside. Thank you SOUKYA.

- Jayanthi M.G (Mysore) in September 2011

Though here just for the weekend, I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated! Thank you for the amazing hospitality, great food and wonderful memories.

- Deepika Padukone (Mumbai) in September 2011

Thank you Suja & Issac for a wonderful stay here. SOUKYA is unique and special and I am delighted and proud that you both have created it.

- Shoba & Narayan ( Chennai) in October 2011

I feel relaxed and I pass wonderful time here.

- Prem Ahuja in October 2011

Wonderful place, super staff, excellent treatment. Return again! “

- Sandro Maragoni( Switzerland) in October 2011

We were during 14 days in a piece of heaven. Thanks to the whole staff. We feel rejuvenated and completely relaxed. We will definitely come back soon.

- Shirin & Bashir Hiridjee ( Dubai) in October 2011

Fantastic as always. Awesome-will be back- loved my visit.

- Brij Raj Singh (Dubai) in October 2011

Amazing, completely rejuvenated. Hope to come back soon. Great place.

- Vishal Arora in October 2011

Great place for treatment and fantastic ambience.

- Shailendra Bhandari (Singapore) in October 2011

Amazing treatments and great grounds. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Truly something I will never forget and look forward to returning in the future.

- Ruth Armstrong (Canada) in October 2011

I came here with a lot of stress and leaving very relieved and relaxed. I think it says all and my admiration goes to the staff of SOUKYA for their warmth and kindness.

- Kamal Edward (Mauritius) in October 2011

You guys call it a health centre, I would call it a spa. Starting with my room (or was it a chalet), the garden with its pond was beautiful. The open air shower exquisite. The staff from the reception to the house-keeping and waiters would go out of their way to please. So were the doctors and therapists. Well done SOUKYA!! Well done Dr. & Mrs. Mathai.

- Sana & Hashim( Dubai) in October 2011

Excellent!! Great!! The overall atmosphere is exquisite, the therapies excellent and the food awesome. The personal care and warmth of Mathais’ make it an extremely wonderful place and you feel like heaven has descended on earth. Fabulous!!

- Sant Saran in October 2011

It was such a wonderful experience in SOUKYA, in the beginning I was hesitant to come here, thinking that it is lonesome, but after coming and being here, everything changed, now feeling bad to leave this place. From cleaning people to Dr. Mathai are excellent. There is nothing to complain. I thank each and every one of the faculty. I wish all the best in future. Thank you.

- Asha Raju ( Bangalore) in October 2011

Dear Mrs. & Dr. Mathai, it is written that the footsteps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord. He led me here to have a glimpse of what he can do with willing vessels. Thank you for pursuing your God given vision with so much passion. One gets a taste of heaven in the campus. The peace, the love and efficiency of a purpose driven team.  Incredible India of incredible people. Thank you all and I pray your kind increases. My stay will remain a testimony that will bless others. As I go back to Nigeria, I propose to share my experience of SOUKYA with as many as I am led to. I also hope that many will catch the vision and run with it. I pray that one day SOUKYA will find her way to Africa-Nigeria. Thank you also for your gift of love. Remain a blessing. Great John & Matthew.

- Ezim Julia (Nigeria) in October 2011

This was my first trip to SOUKYA, but I am looking forward to many more. My stay at SOUKYA was incredible on so many levels, from the kindness of my therapists, the understanding of my doctors, the hospitality of the restaurant staff, the warmth of the farm workers, not to omit John & Mathew’s table tennis skills! Every detail has been thought of so carefully to make the experience one that will be hard to forget. Thank you to Dr. & Suja Mathai for creating this exquisite haven of peace and tranquility, grace and beauty-  the attention to every detail was superb and the personal touch was everywhere. This trip was exactly what I needed! All the best and with the kindest regards.

- Ismat Hiridjee( London) in October 2011

Everything was very satisfactory. Food, treatment, cleanliness service was very good, no complaints. “

- Anwar Ali (Germany) in October 2011

Thanks to Dr. Mathai, you and your SOUKYA team have created a wonderful health care center. This was an exceptional experience for us. We have enjoyed the peaceful environment and friendly staff of SOUKYA. It is an oasis in Bangalore. Everything has been thought in detail, airport pick-up on time, clean room, prompt services, cleanliness of therapy center and beautiful landscape. I hope you open many more such centers. But 3 days in SOUKYA was very short. We look forward to come back.

- Selva & Hayri Ulgen (Switzerland) in November 2011

Excellent in every way! See you again soon.

- Minaz & Anar Nanji (France) in November 2011

A memorable, invigorating experience provided by the ambience, staff and stuff at SOUKYA. A place which we would like to visit often to recharge ourselves. A must visit for one and all to look within and look upon in a holistic manner. Kudos for creating such a wonderful soothing place Dr. & Mrs. Mathai! “

- Mrs. & Mr. Shanker (Bangalore) in November 2011

I have been coming here since 2003. I guess that says it all. Excellent job! Bravo! “

- P.Singh in December 2011

Once again an extremely relaxing and therapeutic stay.

- Prarthana Modi (New Delhi) in December 2011

Being afflicted with advanced prostate cancer and obesity, I had all but given up hope. Today I walk 12 kms a day and I thank SOUKYA for a wonderful stay.

- Michael Watsa (Bangalore) in December 2011

A very exceptional place with a special mention for your wonderful team- all individually superb and wonderful human beings. A lovely peaceful healthy 10 days- a necessary investment for one’s life.  Thank you.

- Madhulika & Donney Ghosh (Sydney) in December 2011

Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for your hospitality. Great smiles on all of the staff. I had such a wonderful experience!

- Kimberly Schipke (USA) in December 2011


- Arti & Deepak(New Delhi) in December 2011

A serene setting, wonderful staff and amazing treatments- A 5000 year-old tradition is in good hands at SOUKYA!

- Greg Shand( New Zealand) in December 2011

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.ā€¯

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Weekā€™s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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