Guest Experiences


Excellent service- An extremely good revival of Ayurvedic medicines and therapy.

- Asha & Y.K Modi(New Delhi) in January 2012

I’m so happy this remarkable place exists so I can come again to renew my mind and body.Everything was superb and my time here has been very special thanks to all the staff.

- Alison Newling in January 2012

Absolutely amazing. Place and service. The hospitality was superb. The staff could not do enough for you 24/7. They are just great.

- Mehul Patel (UK) in January 2012

I had not imagined that in our country we have such a good medical and general healthcare facility with such good people around you to take care of you at “SOUKYA. Really fantastic. Hope to come again around Nov-Dec this year.

- Amit Goyal ( Andaman & Nicobar Islands) in January 2012

Excellent ambience. Caring staff, punctual. My mother loved being here. She felt it was her home.

- Vandana Kumar( Bangalore ) in January 2012

We were very happy to find this lovely paradise. Wwe enjoyed our stay here in SOUKYA very much. The treatments, the doctors and all the staff were fantastic. We go home slim and in good health.

- Anina Handreke (Hamburg) & Veronica Debus (Monaco) in January 2012

I had a pleasant & peaceful stay here in SOUKYA Holistic Health Centre. I will definitely be back all cause of the hospitality I received during my stay. Thanks to all of you.

- Praveena Gurung (Maldives) in January 2012

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the superb treatments, your special attention and care to all details, and for providing such a friendly and peaceful retreat. I feel completely rejuvenated and I cannot wait until I return again! Thanks and God Bless!

- Shanaya Mistry (Mumbai) in January 2012

Wonderful experience

- Sanjiv & Raman Goyal (Panchkula) in January 2012

People and place are good. The resort is well-maintained. Treatments are good.

- S.Prasannalakshmi in January 2012

Had a wonderful and relaxing 10 days-  my second time and I plan to be back. People are genuinely friendly and helpful.

- Laura Chan ( Hong Kong) in January 2012

We’re having a great stay here, being Suzy’s second visit. The authentic daily treatments, personal and friendly service, rustic environment and simple meals have re-energised us mentally as well as physically.

- Suzy Ho & Winston Leong (Hong Kong) in January 2012

It was a very comfortable stay and everything around is so nice, natural and in peace. Something very good in the air. The staff is so friendly and courteous and hard-working. Thank you and all the best.

- Amrit Kaur in January 2012

The carefully maintained beauty of the grounds match the competence of the doctors and the skills of the staff. Thank you for a solid and generous offer. God bless you.

- Rosa Vitolo (Italy) in February 2012

Thanks a lot for wonderful and relaxing experience. Excellent services and treatments! And helpful! We hope to be back soon for a longer stay. Thank you all and all the best.

- Anna & Oleksandr Glimbovsky (Ukraine) in February 2012

SOUKYA has a tranquil and soothing ambience made exquisite by the smiling staff in housekeeping  or the kitchen. The doctors at the treatment centre are both very knowledgeable and well informed, and the masseurs are fabulous- always smiling and dedicated. Dr. & Mrs. Mathai have created and continue to maintain this oasis of peace and good health. Many congratulations to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai for this truly excellent institution and the days of care and pampering I received here!!

- Jayanthi Natarajan (New Delhi) in February 2012

Very beautiful ambience, serene and relaxinf- excellent care by all staff esp. dining. Doctors and very attentive and understanding. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

- Jyotsna & Dr. Shama Shah (Kenya) in February 2012

This is my third time at SOUKYA and as always I am going back to the work world rejuvenated and full of energy. Thanks to the wonderful care I received at SOUKYA. The doctors were as always excellent, empathetic and quickly devised a holistic treatment schedule for my short stay here. Their care and attention and the effectiveness of the treatments was outstanding. The dining and kitchen staff as well as the housekeeping, reception and accounts were highly considerate and efficient. Dr. & Mrs. Mathai have created a wonderful institution with their vision, commitment and passion. I am lucky to have them and SOUKYA in my life. Thank you and congratulations on an outstanding 10 years!

- Nirmala Lakshman (Chennai) in February 2012

SOUKYA is always a special place for me. The proactive wellness therapies, healthy eating, serene surroundings and focus on SELF DEVELOPMENT, help to rebalance the mind & spirit! It has helped me find tranquility within myself and for all this I say “Thank you SOUKYA!! and very specially, thank you Suja! “

- Soumya Keshavan (Chennai) in February 2012

SOUKYA is a piece of heaven on earth. Dr. Mathai’s vision and Mrs. Mathai’s creation has made SOUKYA a place where every guest here feels pampered , spoilt and cared for every second we are here. As a typical woman I tried to find something negative but for the first time failed.

- Surekha Reddy (Chennai) in February 2012

The centre was beautiful and very well maintained. We enjoyed our stay at SOUKYA. A special though for all the staff and all the kind therapists!

- Nadia Chaaya  (Lebanon) in February 2012

We had a wonderful healthy stay! Thanks to all doctors and staff.

- Sandra Rehm & Roland Becker (Germany) in February 2012

SOUKYA follows all the principles of Holism. It is wonderful to observe the abundance of nature in this well-managed centre. I felt a strong sense of community. Everyone working together with respect. The Doctors and therapists were excellent especially Anitha. This to me is an ideal place where one can reflect, heal and grow.

- Lin Ducker ( Marrakech) in February 2012

A wonderful three weeks spent in this haven away from a “mad world. Excellent doctors, therapists and the therapies themselves along with the food. Thank you very much indeed.

- Katarina B (Kuwait) in February 2012

What a magnificent place to be at. Everything is beautiful and most of all there is love and caring. Thank you so much.

- Dr. Zahra Yousefi & Massoud Javid (USA) in February 2012

Words fail to express my sincere feelings about my stay at SOUKYA. The spirit with which each one of them do their job is something amazing. One f left with the excellent feeling of having a whole lot of good people around you. I wish the world has more people like them. Hats off to my dear Suja. Thank you so much.

- Dr. Gomathi Shivaji (Chennai) in February 2012

Wonderful place full of green flowers and pleasant peoples. Thanks to all doctors and staffs “

- Vincent C.P ( Dubai) in February 2012

Thank you for unusual atmosphere, friendly relations, professional treatments, attention of doctors, original and various meals and well-groomed territory. I hope to come back soon with my family.

- Itina Putintseva (Russia) in February 2012

Thank you very much to give the new energy, tranquility , piece and harmony in my heart! And my soul! It was absolutely wonderful week! Hope to see you soon! All the best to SOUKYA!

- Anna Donskaya(Ukraine) in February 2012

This is our first visit and despite being skeptical, I am glad that we came. The break from our busy schedule has been invigorating. The wellness program, the place and the staff are truly outstanding. Dr. Mathai….. you have created a paradise of wellness here. Thank you for showing us a new way to love. All in all…. A measurable retreat.

- Kavi & Neeraj Ghei (New Delhi ) in February 2012

A truly memorable stay in an oasis of tranquility and friendliness in the enchanting ambience of SOUKYA. In addition excellent treatments and time to get away from it all and think and meditate. Thank you for creating such a wonderful exile for all of us. All the best wishes for the future.

- Professor Ranjit Roy Chaudhury (New Delhi) in February 2012

" What an incredible surprise to find this beautiful corner of the earth. I have been treated with such grace and professionalism and return home in a much more positive state of mind. Even the hooting of the train( what train after Day 3) did not detract from the peace of SOUKYA. The common tailor bird sang "pree-eety", "pre-eety" as I left and approached my room- what a morale booster!! Thank you all- looking forward to returning one day."

- Nora Powell (Dubai) in March 2012

"A truly memorable stay. Words fail to express my sincere feelings. Incredible people and amazing service. I am leaving my family behind with trust and confidence that they will be looked after well. Thank you very much for wonderful two weeks."

- Inayetali Sumar (Toronto) in Macrh 2012

"Nothing compares to SOUKYA and nothing could. Not only is it perfect in every sense but it provides a unique opportunity for deep healing and re-connection at every level. It is a place full of love and generosity and no one coming here can fail to be amazed!"

- Mrs & Dr. Michael Dixon in March 2012

"We conducted our weekend retreat of renewal and transformation here and all the participants loved it. The ambience of the place, the Ayurvedic treatments, the food- everything is excellent! SOUKYA is a place of healing and wellness!"

- Dr. Shyam Bhat & Anna Chandy ( Bangalore) in March 2012

" Had a wonderful stay and enjoyed the experience."

- Gautam Nambisan (Bangalore) in March 2012

"Awesome facilities and infrastructure. Great place for healing and medicine. Loved the doctors and the massages."

- Paddy Menon (Bangalore) in March 2012

"Awesome and beautiful place. Truly a place for holistic healing."

- Priya Mathilakath (Bangalore) in March 2012

" Beautiful therapeutic place with calm, polite and helpful staff. Loved the experience. A great ambience for holistic healing."

- Avanish Kumar (Bangalore) in March 2012

" What can one say but that the whole stay was incredible. The doctors very very competitive, the therapists excellent, the cuisine incredible, the staff extremely polite and friendly. Truly is the best."

- MC George (Bangalore) in March 2012

" This is a journey to wellness. The calmness and peaceful setting has opened my heart and mind to healing and a new future. This is the most attentive, loving and caring staff who give fully from their hearts. I am truly blessed to have this experience. My deepest and gratitude."

- Lynne Silver (USA) in March 2012

" From the moment we arrived on the property we realized that this was going to be an experience beyond our expectations. The love, compassion, and healing from the doctors to the ground-keepers was sincere and unparalled to any other locale. We look forward to continued growth in mind, body and spirit for all of the SOUKYA family that we now consider ourselves to be part of."

- Marcia Flannigan & Thomas Small (USA) in March 2012

" I got this stay as a gift from a friend. I have to admit it is by far the best gift I have ever been given. I am going to be back on a regular and will advice most people to do the same. Thank you SOUKYA…This was the much needed break…"

- Bhushan Bagadia (Bangalore) in March 2012

"The stay was a surprise arranged by a friend. What a wonderful treat. We has so enjoyed the peace, serenity and surroundings. Our stay has been much too short and we hope we will be back in the near future for a full course of treatment."

- Dawn & John Scott in March 2012

"My compliments for bringing Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy on one platform for relief seeking people. Our stay has been very satisfying and we are very impressed with the keen interest taken by all involved i.e management doctors, staff and others involved to make this place worth visiting and solving problems regarding health and relaxation."

- Mrs. & Mr. RC Kapoor in March 2012

" Although I have been to a few Ayurvedic Retreats, none compare to SOUKYA. The combination of therapies, the serenity of the beautiful grounds and attentiveness of all the staff contributed to the complete healing of mind, body and soul. I believe that anyone can benefit from a visit to SOUKYA, whether they suffer from illness or are completely healthy. SOUKYA is a special place for all."

- Ina & Rozina Sumar in March 2012

" A wonderful experience. I came feeling dull and lethargic and leave feeling like a cloud. Wasn't all easy but the end result was worth it. Hospitality & Service and overall care could not be better. Thank you!!"

- Michael Nock (Hong Kong) in March 2012

"As usual a wonderful experience, we shall recommend the SOUKYA to all our friends."

- Beatrice & Rolf Vogelsanger (Zurich) in March 2012

"This is my 4th visit since 2003. Everytime I rediscover healing and nurturing. Kudos to Dr. Mathai and Suja for an outstanding holistic health center."

- Maura Brackett (USA) in March 2012

" Always a pleasure. It is better each time. The integrity of Dr. Mathai's vision and the staff's great work and attention to detail- sets a whole new benchmark in the wellness business. All my love."

- Andrew Klippel (USA) in March 2012

"Returning home totally refreshed. Thank you SOUKYA for setting that tone- it's a wonderful feeling. The staff made us feel very special, it was a learning experience. All at SOUKYA are so caring, attentive and competent. Shall return for sure. Every aspect is rated 'A' or 'excellent' hence we are not filling up the guest survey sheet! "

- Ammu & Jacob Mathew (Kerala) in March 2012

" We were apprehensive about what to expect, but now, at the end of two weeks, we are already missing SOUKYA! Everyone is so caring here, the treatments and the diet have been most beneficial and we hope to return again soon. The therapists, doctors, dining room staff, reception, housekeeping etc. everyone has been most caring and friendly. We will miss you all."

- Simran & Kunal Khemka (Kolkata) in April 2012

"I am here for the fourth time and it was wonderful! As soon as I discovered SOUKYA I always wanted to come back that peace place. Thanks so much for all because everything is perfect. Full love for all of you. You are in my heart."

- Danielle Gerbal (France) in April 2012

" I had excellent interaction with Dr. & Mrs. Mathai. I am hoping for a long association between Random House & SOUKYA! Thank you so much for the hospitality and creating this beautiful space."

- Milee Ashwarya (New Delhi) in April 2012

" We were here for the first time and have stayed for 3 weeks. Though I'd been wuite skeptical turned as a result I have changed my attitude because the improvements were too obvious. The staffs attitude and food are also perfect. Thanks a lot you people."

- Tatiana & Alex Kokhno (Ukraine) in April 2012

" I really can't thank you enough for the most beautiful time I spend hereeverybody and everyone are kind and nice. God bless you all and see you soon."

- Seham Al Marzouk (Kuwait) in April 2012

"I really enjoyed being here and learning new way of handling my life. Thanks a lot for all you have done for us. God bless you and keep you safe and well. See you very soon. With lot of love and light."

- Altaf Al Essa (Kuwait) in April 2012

"I would really love to come back."

- Katarina Pochova (Ukraine) in April 2012

"Leaving fully refreshed, just what we needed. Wonderful staff so sweet and friendly. Superb Treatments. What a shame we could only stay for a week! "

- Anita & Lucas Belgiormo-Nettis (Sydney) in April 2012

"A unique place for excellent recovery from all mental and physical stress. A tribute to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai's endearing effort in establishing such a place. Our best wishes for all the success in future. "

- Mrs & Dr. Vijay Kakkar (Switzerland) in April 2012

"SOUKYA has been a most relaxing and a wonderful experience for me. I look forward to my next visit. Thanks."

- Nandita Soni (Delhi) in Aptil 2012

"SOUKYA is an addictive place. Once you have experienced the paradise you want to come back again. It has made me a new stress free man. I simply love the place. Congrats to Dr. Issac and Suja who I came to become a good friend."

- Pratap Pothen (Chennai) in April 2012

"The rave reviews I had heard about SOUKYA are only exceeded by the actual experience of being here. Thank you for a wonderful stay. Looking forward to another longer stay. Thank you all.

- Mary Ellen Heissen (New York) in April 2012

"I have had an unique experience which I had not imagined. It is a sort of paradise on earth."

- M.L Goyal (Agra) in April 2012

"A wonderful stay at SOUKYA. 4 days of self-reflection and learning new approaches for holistic health. Staff always available and willing to answer every need. Caring and compassionate. Love the fresh air, cuisine, nature and time of much-needed rest."

- Laura Vander Poel( Minnesota) in April 2012

"A wonderful start on the journey to health. This is a most beautiful relaxing setting with glorious caring people. I will return. Thank you."

- Sanjay Kakkar (Bangalore) in April 2012

"'SOUKYA' is a wonderful place. I've had my best time with myself here. People , food, environment- amazing. Thank you for having this kind of place for us your patients. God bless."

- Kasia Lekawska (Poland) in April 2012

"I was here the second time and again I had a wonderful experience that makes me now feel much better than when I arrived. Many thanks to the excellent and friendly SOUKYA family and the professional and careful treatment."

- Herbert Brandl (Switzerland) in April 2012

"A sincere thank you to everyone in SOUKYA for making my stay a wonderful experience once again. (Last visit Nov 2011) I will be back."

- Karthigesan (Singapore) in April 2012

"I had a very nice stay. The staff is great, caring and approachable. The food was delicious and the treatments fabulous. Thank you!"

- Eva Hotmarova (Prague) in April 2012

Thank you! SOUKYA is very good hotel.

- Lena Shvardygulova (Ukraine) in May 2012

Perfect for the purpose: to eat only what we need, to lose a little weight and to de-stress.

- Jayakumar Jayaraj in May 2012

The perfect place to re-balance body, mind and soul- thank you!

- Ciara Griffiths (Melbourne) in May 2012

This is exactly what I was looking for. Amazing environment, friendly staff and excellent treatments all packaged in one. The yoga was really good. Will be back every year for sure. Thank you.

- Vinutha Kondur (Bangalore) in May 2012

A special place- tranquil and healing. Many thanks to staff and expect me when you see me.

- Natasha Bougrova (Moscow) in May 2012

It was very good experience to stay 12 days in SOUKYA. Excellent treatments and nice atmosphere at this place. I hope come back next year. For our family it was realy great holydays.

- Alexander Borzykh & Irina Batischeva (St. Petersburg) in May 2012

I had a wonderful and outstanding experience. Definitely will recommend ‘SOUKYA’ to friends and family. The best part was the hospitality and friendliness of your staff. Keep up the good work. Especially your boys at the restaurant.

- Ranjitha Reddy (Dubai) in May 2012

Heavenly abode, Fantastic Treatment.

- Kalyani Nambiar Thomas in May 2012

Most relaxing, rejuvenating experience we have had in years. We shall be back very soon. We shall look forward to many more ‘SOUKYA’s’ in the future……

- Payal Jain & Manish Mehta (New Delhi) in May 2012

Great holistic place to come. Really appreciate the doctors/therapists for being kind and providing a good treatment. The staff here are very caring and overall very happy with the environment.

- Rajesh D (Bangalore) in May 2012

A truly holistic experience- the greenery, flowers, birds & animals, treatments & massages, food & overall peace helped me center myself and re-energize my soul. God bless you.

- Aradhana Lal  in May 2012

It is quite appreciable that the management has succeeded in imbibing the sense of service among the employees. Remarkable is that everyone in the cog of the wheel of SOUKYA does the job allotted to the fullest satisfaction of the guests who flock from far and wide. May SOUKYA soar to higher heights.

- Professor O.M Mathew (Kerala) in May 2012

A perfect place to feel loved, nurtured and brought back to balance. The staff are some of the kindest people we have come across- from its beauty to the treatments and doctors, to the gardeners- this is the true definition of ‘well-being’- our deepest gratitude and respect.

- Mrs. & Mr. Madhuri Rao in May 2012

This really is a piece of heaven. What I appreciate most is the caring by Dr. Ajeetha and the friendliness and good manners in everyone you meet. Wish it was possible for me to come again.

- Meena Shyam in May 2012

SOUKYA is an oasis set in idyllic surroundings. It is the vision and far-sightedness of Dr. & Mrs. Mathai that have created this wonderland. Not only is the ambience perfect, but the maintenance is immaculate. I came here as a cynic but go back converted- this has been a holistic experience!! I came here sick in body and mind and go back convinced that I am on the road to a full recovery. The place, the doctors and the entire staff have contributed to this wholesome experience. My wife joins me in sincerely thanking Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and everyone else. May God Bless You.

- Mrs. & Mr. Gurubachan Jagat (Governor of Manipur) in May 2012

SOUKYA is an addiction. I love coming back for the silence, intense beauty and peace. The team here is incomparable! Their attitude and commitment is quite amazing. Thank you once again for taking such good care of me!

- Aarti B ( New Delhi) in June 2012

Really enjoyed the rejuvenation and Detox. Very good hospitality and staff. The place is a true heaven on earth. Thanks for everything.

- Babeena Sharma (Pune) in June 2012

I do believe in miracles, provided you had our eyes to see them. God bless all of you. You save us, we will never forget you. Thank you!

- George Skettos (Cyprus) in June 2012

The doctors and staff treated me with such kindness and professionalism. This journey has been indescribable and potentially life-changing. I see leaving SOUKYA as the end of a new beginning.

- Wendy Togneri (Washington) in June 2012

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality! In just 4 days I managed to get an insight in to how unique this place is- in terms of the treatments offered, the aesthetics and surroundings, the concept and philosophy behind it as well as the warm, caring people working here and doing their best to ensure your health and well-being! Good luck for the future!

- Aparna Phalnikar (New Delhi) in June 2012

We had a wonderful stay. Thank you for your hospitality.

- Shikha Mishra (New Delhi) in June 2012

I am truly blown away by the peace and beauty in SOUKYA. I have been to many centres around the world but this place feels truly holistic- I leave refreshed and ready to re-enter my life again. Thank you Dr. Mathai- and for the incredible team you have built here. Deep bows,

- Kaede Matsumoto (San Francisco) in June 2012

Thanks for the life changing experience here at SOUKYA. I will never forget it. The staff could not have been more professional. Feel more balanced and grounded than I have in a long while!!

- Amy Miller (New York) in June 2012

SOUKYA’s gate shuts the world madness behind you. The breath like Hydrogen Peroxide immunes, like a mother’s first breast milk. The whispering, tall palms and pines. The birds’ melodies on trees and on flowery green lawns. Eerie, soft, clean, morning and evening breeze. SOUKYA’s oil and fingers on its tables, cuddle the body with tenderness and kindness. Tenderness that soothes the soul, kindness that heals the heart. SOUKYA, the paradise on earth.

- S.F Idowu (Nigeria) in June 2012

So amazed to see how you have not only maintained your excellent facilities but actually risen them with many notches. And this includes not only the physical infrastructure but amazingly the attitude and love and passion of all who take care of you here. Blessed are those who pass through the gates but truly blessed are those who inhabit this haven!!! “

- Arun Kapur( New Delhi) in June 2012

Thank you very much for an amazing stay. The doctors at SOUKYA and all the staff are truly wonderful. We look forward to coming back very soon. A very special thank you to Mrs. & Dr. Mathai for creating such an excellent venue where the journey to health is not only possible but enjoyable as well!

- Yara Algosaibi(Bahrain) in June 2012

Exceptional landscaping, pollution free, surrounded by nature. By just sitting out part of the problems are solved. We feel honoured to be the first to write in this book. Wish you all the success and we are confident you will scale greater heights.

- Purnima & Lakshman Rai (New Delhi) in July 2012

What can one say about a place which is perfect in every sense of the word!! SOUKYA is just heavenly and the staff here are very hospitable and cordial and polite. I am deeply impressed by the care and sensitivity shown by doctors, the management as well as the people working here. I thank each one of you for making my stay so enjoyable and memorable. Looking forward to visit again. Thank you all. “

- K.L Lath (Mumbai) in July 2012

Amazingly wonderful place. Both its systems and human resources are well designed and truly functional. I admire and highly appreciate the entire team behind this sustained and successful endeavour. SOUKYA has huge potential to work towards improving the soukya of more people. Surely I would like to revisit soon. All the best and many thanks.

- K.V Raju (Bangalore) in July 2012

A lot of thanks to everyone who makes our staying here so pleasant and positive.

- Tanya & Sava Novikova (Ukraine) in July 2012

Beautiful place, excellent staff- from doctors to gardeners, all friendly and nothing is too difficult attitude. Treatments were excellent. Will definitely come back again. Thank you very much.

- Catherine Tan (Australia) in July 2012

I am impressed by holistic treatment and knowledge of the doctors. It has been a wonderful experience. Excellent staff all around, great attitude. Hope to return soon.

- Wo Mei Wen (Australia) in July 2012

As always it is great just being in SOUKYA with beautiful landscaping, the birds and plant life  and the healing treatments. Thank you for a great experience.

- Dr. Gauri Trivedi (Gujarat) in July 2012

A lovely place, the beautiful gardens are a visual treat. Was a pleasure staying here. The doctors, management and staff are extremely friendly and have a great attitude. Thank you! God Bless!

- Beena Thomas (Kerala) in July 2012

A lovely place. I am very happy to stay here for last few days. The location is very good. Beautiful gardens and total place is very good. The doctors and the staff are extremely friendly. Thank you.

- Rajeshwari & Dr. D Rama Naidu (Hyderabad) in July 2012

Loved SOUKYA- had a wonderful visit! Look forward to next time.

- Analiza & Alex Wolf (New York) in July 2012

Excellent as usual. Good to see good things get better.

- Nikhil Dhaon (Abu Dhabi) in August 2012

Had a wonderful 3 days! Enjoyed the massages and the beautiful surroundings- a true feast- for the eyes, the stomach and the soul. Will return! Super Service too!

- Kiran Jindal (Pune) in August 2012

Lovely stay, beautiful environment, courteous, informed and alert staff, calming atmosphere. Overall very therapeutic. Thank you.

- Akash Mehta in August 2012

Lovely place, nice people, good food, lively garden with birds, friendly doctors, therapists and other staff made our stay wonderful. More than anything the Ayurvedic treatments are very very effective. It is the ultimate treatment for pain especially joints. It is my experience.

- Ujwala Kishore (Bangalore) in August 2012

What a wonderful treat! The staffs are lovely, Ayurvedic works like a charm, my long troubled housewife hands are gone in no time. Look forward to be back.

- Grace Yee ( Hong Kong) in August 2012

It was a wonderful experience. We enjoyed and relaxed. This place is filled with beautiful flowers. The atmosphere is so fresh. We enjoyed the massages and the treatments. We also loved the yoga session. It made us pure in mind, body and soul. We saw the lovely birds chirp and butterflies roaming all around. Overall the experience was excellent and we are looking forward to come back! Thank you.

- Blaize Wilhemina & Gaby D’Souza (Doha) in August 2012

As in the past, superb treatment at all levels.

- K. Karthigesan (Singapore) in August 2012

Thank you for a beautiful stay.

- Sophie Leaver (Sydney) in August 2012

A beautiful place to stay.

- Elizabeth Jones (Sydney) in August 2012

Excellent. Thank you.

- Laurie Ancedy (Sydney) in August 2012

Wonderful place to rejuvenate and detox. Staff services were great. Therapists and Doctors were top notch. An overall excellent stay.

- Sreedevi Ramachandran (UK) in August 2012

This is our third visit and, as always it has been a wonderful and rejuvenating experience.

- Mrs. Michelle Lee & Mr. George George in August 2012

This was a very wonderful experience. Dr. Mathai and the team have created a very unique place for healing, reflection and spiritual rejuvenation. The staff too is very caring and efficient. My best wishes and I look forward to returning with my family next year.

- Hitendra Wadhwa ( New York) in August 2012

Wonderful visit!! I am looking forward to arranging a longer visit. The staff is wonderful and nurturing and the grounds are beautiful. Thank you.

- Hawley Riffenburg (California) in August 2012

Thank you all for my good health, smiles and positivity.

- Natalia Lozychuk (Ukraine) in August 2012

As good as always.

- CV Karthik Narayan in August 2012

We are grateful for life now and forever more! Thank you SOUKYA. Every situation properly preserved becomes an opportunity to heal.

- Ajatshatru & Ranvijay Singh (Jammu & Kashmir) in August 2012

You provide the perfect environment for healing/ health. I enjoyed the natural surroundings. Thank you to such dedicated staff. Thanks for everything. God bless.

- Elizabeth Hoffman (New York) in August 2012

I have felt the quietness and being in touch with your inner here and together with the treatment I felt that I have been younger 20 years.

- Ahmad Alshaikh in August 2012

The place is so well kept, so perfect that it becomes difficult to suggest anything. Was difficult initially to think of the time to be spent here, but time flew, met great friends, had good healthy food, lovely walks, wonderful hospitality wherever I went and would wish to come here again just to feel the SOUKYA warmth and ambience once again. Thanks to everyone at SOUKYA.

- Gurpal Singh Bajwa (Chandigarh) in August 2012

It is not enough to say that my goals were met and much more! Thank you to Dr. Mathai and his wife to create a paradise on earth which reflects the close ties between the five elements- space, air, fire, water and earth- and the body and mind’s health of the human being. The atmosphere and the exchange between guests as well as the competence of SOUKYA’s staff made that stay an unforgettable experience, a better knowledge of Ayurveda science and of the Indian culture. I’ll be back if it is my destiny.

- Manon Kanarglou (UK) in September 2012

There is no place like SOUKYA for a truly holistic experience! What is extraordinary is the healing that takes place of the body, mind and soul. Dr. Mathai’s team of wonderful people make the experience so pleasurable and truly unique. Also met a lot of very interesting people.

- Shoba & Ashok Abraham(Bangalore) in September 2012

This centre is quite efficient for the treatment, the environment over here is quite good and natural, the treatment of Ayurvedic is quite good. I had a back pain which is quite good and it will be quite alright while I will be at my place, I have spent 14 days here, my wife not fully cured. She wanted to come again. I hope the facilities over here are quite good, good cleanliness and environment, everything else is quite good.

- Mrs. & Mr. R.P Chatwal in September 2012

I came here in need of solace and I leave comforted and fulfilled with the joy of living. I have received such tender loving care for which I thank the entire staff especially the therapy girls. In these harmonious surroundings my spirits have been lifted and I now look forward with confidence to my life ahead. With grateful thanks.

- Shirin Kamaljit Singh (New Delhi) in September 2012

Lovely and wonderful experience. Hope to come back again soon. See you soon!

- Simran & Kunal Khemka (New Delhi) in September 2012

Loved being here with our baby daughter Sienna who was treated as a princess as were we.

- Jenny Ljungberg & Jonathan Baker (Sweden) in September 2012

Definitely a very new experience for me which I enjoyed.

- Mayada Bahareth (Dubai) in September 2012

Great experience. I loved it and I would definitely come again and recommend this place to others. I feel like a reborn person and that just after 9 days would like to see what would happen after 21.

- Maria Gaidar (Moscow) in September 2012

A wonderful experience. Everything has been carefully thought out and perfectly executed. Congratulations to the entire SOUKYA team.

- Naval Narialwalla (Bangalore) in September 2012

It exceeded my expectations, the total experience of SOUKYA. Congratulations, keep it up and my gratitude. Hope to repeat it.

- Jaswant Singh (New Delhi) in September 2012

It is most beautiful place as a treatment center. The staff are wonderful, very nice and kind-hearted. I would love to come again and again.

- Alka Agarwal in September 2012

Definitely new experience for me. I enjoyed my stay for 15 days. I want to come back and see you all soon.

- Bharti Devi in September 2012

Holistic health centre, comes very close to our expectations. The ambience and comfort is superb, the treatments and their handling needs improvement. The eye for detail, the courteous staff and the environment, is indeed admirable. Hope a similar effort can be put on the treatments, planning and guiding the guests sincerely will make this place the most sought after destination. Enjoyed my stay here. With my best wishes.

- Rajan Kapoor (New Delhi) in September 2012

Thank you for providing such a phantastic environment! It’s a joy to be surrounded by such kind-hearted and dedicated staff. And thank you for all these wonderful and effective treatments!!!

- Renate & Bernard Mateo (France) in October 2012

Had another relaxing visit. Treatments worked, especially the foot paste (swollen ankle)- bottle it for sale. Very good staff all around. Nothing beats yoga lessons by a doctor!!

- W. Mei Wen (Perth) in October 2012

SOUKYA is an “island of peace and tranquility. The doctors are caring and always available and the staff are simply wonderful and amazing and an unique environment! Keep it up!!

- Nandji Mehrotra(Moscow) in October 2012

I have been on my journey of nurturing and healing in “SOUKYA since its inception in 2002. It is an oasis of serenity and harmony and my annual visit helps me reflect, bring changes to my lifestyle and nurture my inner self. It reinforces the importance of caring for myself before I fall sick and helps to make WELLNESS a way of life! Thanks to Issac, Suja, Dr. Shubha, my therapists and the excellent team of staff for another healing time and experience.

- Suzan Rahaman(Bangalore) in October 2012

What a lovely experience. A very peaceful and a place of tranquility with such a beautiful garden and walking track. We enjoyed our walks very much. Very calming atmosphere. Doctors, staff and all other staffs made our stay wonderful. Thank you to Dr. Issac Mathai, doctors, our therapists and all excellent team of staff. Hope to see you again.

- Lila & Arjun Dhanak (Vancouver) in October 2012

I have never been to a holistic centre before and the experience I encountered in SOUKYA is truly unimaginable. I found peace and calmness within myself looking at the immensely maintained gardens here. Very beautiful place! Thank you Dr. Mathai for creating such a serene place and you have excellent team of doctors, therapists and staff. Please keep it up! Hope to see you soon!!

- Bansi & Sailesh Shah (Kenya) in October 2012

An extraordinary place to de-stress, calming atmosphere, friendly comforting staff and of course an unforgettable experience. SOUKYA’s environment is peaceful and it has helped me to learn an imbibe a few wellness tricks into my lifestyle. Kudos to Dr. Issac and his team! Keep it up!!

- Bela Madan (New Delhi) in October 2012

Being in SOUKYA has been like receiving a second chance in life! After suffering for more than two years of a neuropathy and been treated with allopathic medicines, I was told that I would not be able to walk normally and that even my intellectual mind could have been affected. Just as I started to accepted it, I learned about Ayurveda’s neurological powers. As a result I thought to give myself a last chance and try… I have no words to describe my happiness, I am so grateful with the “Soukya team !! Now I have sensations in one of my legs where it was only numbness. And even though there is still a lot to work on my recuperation Dr. Mathai and his wife helped me to recover my hope, empowered my faith so my positive energy is back to walk the road ahead. Undoubtely you’re a gifted and bless team!! Thank you.

- Maria Elena Abdalla (Guatemala) in October 2012

Had a very pleasant stay. We are sad to leave today. Thoroughly enjoyed all the treatments. Weight loss of 8kgs in 10 days was a great achievement for my husband. Thanks to all staff who have made this stay a very pleasant one. Excellent team of doctors and therapists.

- Anitta & Dilip Shah (London) in October 2012

An excellent place to distress. Wonderful calming environment. Dr. Mathai you’ve put together a terrific place!! Integrating Ayurveda, Homeopathy & Naturopathy. Excellent team of doctors and therapists. All the best with your new endeavours.

- Boli Medappa (Colorado/Bangalore) in October 2012

One word will describe it all- Nirvana- it is hard to find any other word to describe your magnificent place- Your creation! Beside the treatment center which is immaculate with windows and view to the greenery and gardens outside, the center is also staffed with a most kind, friendly and professional staff. The open spaces filled with greenery adds to such a wellbeing once inside the center. Well then- the garden how gorgeous, what a talented garden architect. The way all the green bushes, flowers and spice gardens have been outlaid is simply beautiful. Also the beautiful granite walkways adds to the elegance of the cultivated garden! Whether you stroll the garden during the day or night it gives you the feeling of splendor!

- Monica Fisher (Stockholm) in October 2012

Loved the stay- sorted me out- and already looking forward to the next visit! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

- Joginder Sunner (UK) in October 2012

Another wonderful visit to SOUKYA. You’ve all been perfect and I leave feeling uplifted. Thank you to the whole team. I can’t wait for the next trip.

- Laura Lopes (London) in October 2012

Arrived feeling exhausted, ill and with a thick heavy cold and am going home with no cold or sinus. I feel really very well and healthy ready to tackle an English winter. With many thanks to all of your staff. SOUKYA is a beautiful and serene place.

- Rose Barclay (London ) in October 2012

Thank you to Dr. & Mrs Mathai for giving us a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating week. Like my daughter (above) we arrived from UK pale and tired and we leave feeling healthy, a bit slimmer and ready to face ordinary life back home. The staff, on all sides have been absolutely delightful and peaceful in every way.

- Sarah Troughton (London) in November 2012

The visit to SOUKYA has been the most wonderful experience. Thank you Dr. & Mrs. Mathai for making it possible and to all your staff who have been so delightful and have looked after us so well, always with a big smile. I return to London feeling refreshed and energized to continue life as usual.

- Carolyn Benson (London) in November 2012

A perfect place to re-align one’s life and thoughts with massage and treatments to make one feel whole again. Many thanks.

- Amanda Macmanus(London) in November 2012

A heaven on earth, a beautiful paradise style garden, lovely people, all doctors and staff. Very professional into every detail. My place to rebalance, refresh and replenish. Thank you all, it has been an amazing experience.

- Carolina Moyser Van Dorst (Australia) in November 2012

A beautiful place with serene ambience, that helps you put in touch with yourself and so everything around. Therapy is very effective and food sumptuous, gentle and caring staff.

- Vineeta Sood (Bangalore) in November 2012

A unique place to find out truly the inner meaning of life. A place to think and heal the body and soul. Both Savi and I express our most sincere and grateful thanks for the care and curtsy of all the staff members expressed throughout our stay. Congratulations to every one for creating this unique atmosphere which me most enjoyed. Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you all soon again.

- Dr. Savitri & Professor Vijay Kakkar (Switzerland) in November 2012

Thank you all for a wonderful healing 2 weeks in this beautiful place. The landscape is magnificent and the staff is friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the treatment which helped me feel much better. Certainly I will come again.

- Anwar Al Nouri (Kuwait) in November 2012

Thanks for warm and clean ambience. Services are good and food served was better. Fresh air, cleanliness and approach.

- Vadim & Ludmila Leivi (Russia) in November 2012

It has been a wonderful experience, exceeded my expectations. The doctors, staff and entire place is par excellence. Will definitely be back.

- Rishab Soni ( New Delhi) in November 2012

In SOUKYA we found the wellness place, the cure and healing of pain and ailment by the divine hands of Dr. Issac Mathai, Suja Mathai and a dedicated team. Set in sylvan surroundings with peace and serenity, far from madding crowds strife, this is indeed a heaven of peace and wellness. If they be a heaven on earth, this is it, this is it, grateful thanks.

- Mrs. & Mr. B.K Ratnakar Rao (Bangalore) in November 2012

I had a lovely time, enjoying the gardens and vegetation. A very relaxing pastoral setting. I especially enjoyed the coconut water, very refreshing. I had a wonderful abhyanga massage, very relaxing. Thank you again to the doctors recommendations and suggestions for a healthy long life.

- Sharon Arthur (Canada) in November 2012

A wonderful place to retreat. It is just so peaceful and perfect. Thank you for all the wonderful treatments I’ve received. Its pulled me back from the brink! It’s a shame there aren’t more places like this so a very big thank you to you all. Merry Christmas to all. X

- Susan Derham (UK) in November 2012

Nice place and rooms. Food is very nice, therapy is different ways of what we have in Kuwait. First time I try it.

- Wafa Al Essa (Kuwait) in November 2012

An incredible experience and great learning about alternative medical therapy. Great doctors, therapists and all other support staff. The most amazing way to heal and rejuvenate and truly take time off from life. Thank you!!! Truly soothing for the soul…! Feel fantastic on the inside and outside.

- Aashika Abraham (Bangalore) in December 2012

Great two weeks break for the grandmom, mom and little Noor. Thank you so much for an incredible stay with a lovely supporting, caring staff who went out of their way to make it perfect. The therapists were excellent and the doctors exceptional. Listening to every single concern and taking immediate action. A special thank you for taking so much care of our little six month baby’s every need. Will for sure be back soon.

- Sandhya & Divya Jain ( New Delhi) in December 2012

All though too short a time to experience, this place was very impressive. The staff has been very caring, supportive. The therapy session was excellent. Looking forward to coming back again. Thank you to each and everyone.

- Dr. Usha (South Africa) in December 2012

Thank you very much for making our stay memorable for 10 days. The staff have been great.

- Danil Ismail ( Madagascar) in December 2012

You all restored my health. Thank you everyone for all the kindness. What a wonderful place and staff.

- Helen Symmons (USA) in December 2012

Thank you guys, you’re so amazing.

- Jyotsna Kedar (Bangalore) in December 2012

Great place, I like the holistic approach to treatment and the calmness of the place. Great ambience, excellent therapists, super attitude of all staff. A place to come back again for sure. So proud this is in India.

- Shalini Gupta (Bangalore) in December 2012

This was our second stay in SOUKYA and was very nice. I am going back rejuvenated. Surroundings and the grounds, gardens are superb and hold the tranquility to this place. The doctors and the therapists and all the staff were very helpful to us. Keep it up!! Its very sad I have to leave this place.

- Mrs. & Mr. Shailesh Shah (Kenya) in December 2012

I have planned to come to SOUKYA from at least 8years. I works and saved to do so. When I began to sense a pending heart for myself, I wrote to Dr.Mathai, contacted a travel agent, gt a visa and came. I expected to find excellent care and I met all expectation in addition I got and loved the total immersion in wellness that SOUKYA provided. I have been too many alternative healing , taken many therapies been in some of the finest spar’s non provide the total mind –body-sprit that have found in sSOUKYA. All of my senses have been fed, my heart issue diagnosed and the mind and spirit revived and my body lost nearly 10kgs in 32days and was never uncomfortably hungry. The massages and therapies produced 15.5 of lost flesh for a new look and the assimilation of cardiologist, lung specialist, dentistry , optometrist made this a TOTAL wellness experience.Dr Mathai even took time in coaching me on finding Americanized bathroomed dealing with allopathic doctors, and seeing to it I had a local loaner’s phone for doctor’s appointments in Bangalore. I have been nurtured in every aspect of my being. I have seen some come and not stay long enough to grasp that even great time is part of wellness here. If you are ready for healing you will find it here at SOUKYA.

- Gail Coffeg (USA) in December 2012

I came here to get my obesity checked , my sugar level (blood sugar) moderated and m joint pains annihilated. SOUKYA did not disappoint. I got relief in all the aspects to levels beyond my imagination. As a bonus, this place provided nature’s poetry in full bloom, at the same time a tranquil and calm Shangri-la. Its therapeutic ambience, modern infracture, wonderful doctors and ver smiling staff coupled with the persona of Dr Issac Mathai and his wonderful wife weaves a tale of almost fantasy. The charges are high in consonance with the benefit and provisions.Shall come again. Keep it up!’.

- Syed Mahmood Akhter (New Delhi) in December 2012

I came for a weekend to explore the holistic integrated medical concept. It was an outstanding experience in every possible way. As the NIH representative in India, I hope there are opportunities for research studies with Dr Matha’s center, to better understand the scientific basis of these treatments so they can be incorporated with allopathic medicine worldwide. Great Experience – highly recommended! Very nice staff. Looking forward to the next visit.

- Nadita Chopra (New Delhi) in December 2012

I stayed here for 3days but wish I could stay longer. SOUKYA has set itself a very high bar. I felt cared for at every step. Every little detail is thought trough to make one comfortable. I feel blessed and privileged to have stayed here. Thanks for everything- Dr Mathai, Suja and staff. P.S. The Christmas celebration was really nice!

- Deepa Raman (Bangalore) in December 2012

Everything was perfect! Enjoyed my stay here! The treatment was very effect full! Thank you for everything!

- Kaushalya Chowgule (Banglore) in December 2012

A most pleasant two and a half weeks. Excellent treatment by proficient and caring staff in peaceful surroundings. Thank you very much.

- Katarina (Kuwait) in December 2012

Excellent center to stay and rejuvenate oneself. One gets to really enjoy the nature, its fruits and fresh vegetable garden is excellent and gives an opportunity to see various vegetables growing. 10 days of stay was a great experience with approachable doctors, helpful therapists and customer service at the dining area. Thank you all and wish you a happy new year 2013.

- Latha Mayur in December 2012

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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