Guest Experiences


Very nice place. Feeling very relaxed and energised. Wish could stay longer. Thank you all."

- Dr. Sushil Chandra (Britain) after a week day stay, January 2014.

The arrangement has been excellent, enjoyed my stay substantial relief has been obtained. The Treatment section and Food department needs special mention."

- Mr. A.R. Nirmal Kumar (Bangalore, India) after a 2 week stay, January 2014.

Excellent treatment facility. This visit has been very fruitful, curative and relaxing. Thanks to all staff, Doctors, Dining room staff for their very co-operative and helpful attitude which enhances experience and helps in achieving wellness."

- Mr. R.C. Kapoor & Mrs. Anjana Kapoor (New Delhi) after a 20 day stay, January 2014.

Thank you for excellent meeting with Ayurveda."

- Mrs. Olga Sufi and Mr. Oleg Alekseev (Moscow, Russia) after a 2 week stay, January 2014

This was a wonderful experience, we feel rejuvenated, with our mind and body clean and relaxed. The Staff are excellent! Thank you all."

- Mr. Yafil Hudae & Ms. Katarina Pochovo (Prague, Russia) after a 9 day stay, January 2014.

This was my first visit to SOUKYA and I am going back feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated. The Staff is very friendly and accommodation. Thank You."

- Ms. Shobana Bhartia (New Delhi, India) after a week stay, January 2014.

Thank you to all of the wonderful Team @ SOUKYA, Congratulations on the part that each of you play in creating each extra ordinary great experience, we are very grateful for this time shared with you."

- With Love Helen Louise Aylward Smith & John Pickett (England) after a 5 day stay, January 2014.

We only stayed 5 days but want to come back again for more, everyone was understanding and we enjoyed all our treatments. Thanks to all."

- Ms. Debbue Himsel & Sal Ardizzone Gold Canyonjaz (USA), after a 5 days stay, January 2014.

Thank you for everyone it was very good."

- Mr. Viacheslav Lukack (Ukraine) after a 3 week stay, January 2014.

Thank you keep it up"

- Mr. Govindraj Dempo (Goa, India) after a 2 week stay, January 2014

Excellent facilities and comfortable stay. Best Wishes."

- Mr. M.Thambi Durai (Chennai, India) after a 5 day stay, January 2014.

My Family thank the management, doctors & Staff for the excellent service, made stay very pleasant. Thank you, thank you everything, I loved the experience, serenity and spirituality of the place, your Drs and staff are wonderful."

- Dr. Algha & Mr. Ebtissam K. Alguneim (Muscat, Saudi Arabia) after a 3 week stay, January 2014

Wonderful always which is why I keep coming back."

- Ms. Pallavi Shah (USA) after a 12 day stay, January 2014.

A very relaxing and peaceful experience. Everything from food to therapies, ambience was extremely good. Doctors, therapists and all the other staff were friendly. Altogether it was a pleasant stay I would love to come back soon."

- Ms. Jannat Pawan Sharma (Ghaziabad, India) after a week stay, January 2014.

Excellent centre to stay and rejuvenate our self. One gets to really enjoy the nature, the fruits and fresh vegetables garden is excellent and given an opportunity to see the various vegetable growing, 10 days stay was a great experience with approachable doctors, helpful therapists, and courteous service at the dining area. Thank you all, wish you all Happy."

- Ms. Latha Mayur (Bangalore, India) after a 3 week stay, January 2014.

Thank u for the stay, greet us usual see u next time happily."

- Mrs. Rajha Al Sharif (Jeddah, Saudi) after 3 week stay, January 2014.

Interesting to learn about Ayurvedic Medicine. Will take things I've learned back to Hawaii with me. Very peaceful and enjoyed all the gardens and wonderful vegetarian cuisine."

- Ms. Kiana Gentry (Hawai, USA) after a week stay, January 2014.

Very great experience, thank you so much for the peace, healing, learning, great nutritional food and Yoga."

- Ms. Angel Vardas (Hawai, USA) after a week day stay, January 2014.

Excellent experience, staff is amazing & highly customer oriented, Doctors & the Therapists are extremely knowledgeable sincere and committed."

- Mr. Deepak Jain (Bangalore, India) after 11 day stay, January 2014.

A very special place full of beauty and brightness."

- HE. Abdullah Mohamed Alsalmi (Muscat, Oman) after a 9 day stay, January 2014.

Wonderful experience, great ambience – absolute care with courtesy. The treatment is excellent need base and effective. Dr. Mathai's and his Team excelled in their area with passion. All the Best."

- Mr. T. Ramachandran & Ms. Sreedevi (London) after 11 day stay, February 2014.

I loved my first SOUKYA experience, the ambience of the place, the ethos are most attractive. Excellent caring staff, excellent treatments".

- Ms. Shoba Ponnappa (UK) after a week stay, February 2014.

Good overall, excellent staff, Good treatments."

- Ms. Farida Khambata (Mumbai, India) after a week stay, February 2014.

Heaven on earth. It was a wonderful experience."

- Ms. Deborah Owens (USA) after 6 days stay, February 2014.

Dr. Mathai has built an amazing institution that has benefitted and will continue to benefit mankind. He has set an exemplary tone at the top and everyone, from Doctors to the cleaning staff to the gardeners are treated with respect and in return show unparalleled courtesies to guests. The execution of everyone in the SOUKYA system & facility was flawless every minute of every day of our 2 weeks stay. We are very impressed with the integrated, Holistic approach to wellness embodied at SOUKYA. We have seen tangible benefits in 2 weeks and are planning to come back in a year. An excellent experience. Thanks to all SOUKYA."

- Mr. Harish & Kristin Khanna (New York) after 2 weeks stay, February 2014.

The integrated approach to health and wellbeing is what attracted us to SOUKYA, Beauty and peace emanate from the place, with its attention ate and caring staff and gorgeous gardens. Thank you to Dr. Mathai and to the staff of SOUKYA for the changes in our body and mind that we are taking away with us."

- Ms. Marie Helene Collion (France) after 16 day stay, February 2014.

When I came on January 30th, I was really shocked because of the fantastic ambience of the place, after I spoke to Dr. Mathai I realised that beside his knowledge he is a wonderful person and take care personally of every guest I'm leaving the fantastic place and feeling healed, thank you and I wish to come back soon.

- Mr. Hugo Breitman (USA) after 3 week stay, February 2014.

I am back here after less than 3 months. Going back rejuvenated and fresh after a week-long stay, awesome place to get back to normalcy. I am aren't believer of Ayurveda, now thanks to SOUKYA."

- Mr. Ravi Rao (Hyderabad) after 9 day stay, February 2014.

SOUKYA serene, tranquil, soulful, exquisite beauty in its simplicity"

- Ms. Priti & Sanjiv Kapoor (Tanzania) after 11 day stay, February 2014.

We had a beautiful stay in very peaceful surroundings. All the best to everybody concerned."

- Ms. Kamlender Sandhu & Amarjeet Singh Sandhu (London) after a week stay, February 2014.

Wonderful as usual! Miracle cures abound, Thank you to everyone."

- Ms. Kunjali Shah (USA) after 3 week stay, February 2014.

LOVE to SOUKYA! Thanks from Uruguay."

- Ms. Maria Soledad Navarro Trigo (Uruguay) after 8 stay, February 2014.

From the moment you active, you became aware that you are surrounded here by a whole community of very selfless capable people whose only concern is your complete wellbeing. Everyone is united in the single minded intent and helping you, their honoured guide, be the very best you can be, physically spiritually and emotionally. Truly, this is a Garden of Eden and once you have visited it stays with you. There is nowhere else on earth anywhere like it."

- Ms. Claudia Cragg (Singapore) after a week stay, February 2014.

A Magical Oasis that restores mind, body and spirit. Thank you."

- Mr. Anthony Cragg (Singapore) after a week stay, February 2014.

I will fondly remember every wonderful minute from morning Yoga to pan-Indian cuisine to the kind and humble service. Thank you so much. Namaste."

- Mr. Toby Cragg (Singapore) after a week stay, February 2014.

Dr. Mathai is a truly remarkable man who has set up an amazing facility. I will always remember the wonderful sense of family and community. Thank you for everything."

- Ms. Cleo Cragg (Singapore) after a week stay, February 2014.

A healing Oasis to rejuvenate body and soul."

- Mrs. Janet Even (USA) after a 12 day stay, February 2014.

Good ambience, homely and peacefully, we really relaxed completely from all the stress of life for a week, really proud to point out "SOUKYA" to all the people around us mainly all the Homeopaths whom we know. Amongst all your busy life you mainly Dr. Issac and family cared for us is really remarkable. May God the Almighty bless you and your family in all means?"

- Mrs & Mr. Dr. Vidya Prakash (Calicut, India) after a 9 day stay, February 2014.

Thank you Team SOUKYA for this spiritual experience. The vibrations at SOUKYA are in perfect harmony with Nature, Body & Soul. I will always cherish this experience. God Bless Dr. Issac, his wife and family for the dedication and hard work for setting up such a beautiful haven. SOUKYA is truly "A LABOUR OF LOVE".

- Dia Kothari (Mumbai) after a week stay, February 2014.

SOUKYA is an Oasis of tranquillity, staff is attentive dedicated. Love the flourishing vegetation all around, Food is good."

- Ms. Suman Renuka Munjal (New Delhi, India) after 11 day stay, February 2014.

Thank you to everyone at SOUKYA, you are an amazing Team. I am walking away feeling lighter and cleansed in my mind, body and soul, keep up the good work as this "peace of Heaven grows" The garden is looking beautiful."

- Ms. Shani Anderson (Melbourne) after 6 day stay, March 2014.

SOUKYA is a unique place of healing from the food, the gardens, and the friendliness of the Staff to the very effective therapies themselves. It is holistic nature at its very best. We return to UK healed and - mind, body and spirit."

- Mr. Michael Toppin (UK) after 9 day stay, March 2014.

Thank you for my 7th visit. The Panchakarma works."

- Mr. Maura Brackett (Tuscan, Amazonia) after a 19 day stay, March 2014.

I feel much better. Many thanks to the concept and the Team, May God Bless all the good work you are doing, Best wishes to all."

- Ms. Talal Y Zahid (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) after 15 day stay, March 2014.

It was the best experiment in my life regarding losing weight. Thank you All"

- Mr. Arkady Pekarevskiy (Russia) after 11 day stay, March 2014.

Great experience with very caring doctors and staff. Thank you."

- Ms. Usha Mutreja (New Delhi, India) after 15 day stay, March 2014.

Thank you so much for everything. All is always perfect and wonderful, kisses and Love for all of you."

- Daniel Gerbel (France) after 2 week stay, March 2014.

We have enjoyed our short stay in your little corner of paradise."

- Mr. James and Bernadetta Wardrop (Scotland) after 6 day stay, March 2014.

Great place, Great People, Great Treatment, very caring, polite & friendly. I had a great experience for 3 weeks and would like to come back again. Thanks to everyone."

- Mr. Manoj Kumar Goyal (Orissa, India) after 3 week stay, March 2014.

Thank you very much! Everyone & everything was excellent. Knowledge, dedication, caring and the absolutely beautiful surroundings make SOUKYA the perfect place, Thanks to everybody for my improved health and inner peace. I will be back! Love & blessing to all."

- Silvia Hirschmann (UK) after 1 month stay, March 2014.

Everything beyond expectation. Thank you all staff, service to have means is service to God. Dear Dr. Mathai and Dr. Suja Mathai God will guide you to open such centres outside Indian Shores."

- Mr & Mrs. Shenoy (Bangalore, India) after 2 week stay, March 2014.

Service is par excellence and really enjoyed the surroundings. SOUKYA is done a top job."

- Mr. Khalifa Mukheni (Dubai) after a 1 day stay, April 2014.

My Intention to promote "SOUKYA" in Germany has increased by 100%. It is indeed for me "Heaven on Earth" Thank you Dr. Issac Mathai.

- Mr. Hari (Germany) after a 3 week stay, April 2014.

It is best experience of our Life. Thanks to SOUKYA's Team. You guys are excellent. Thank you Dr. Mathai. It is "Heaven on Earth" according our Experience. I hope will see each other soon."

- Mr. Harpal & Amardeep (Canada) after a month stay, April 2014.

Thanks a lot for all your efforts and wish to make this place wonderful. This is a place where you can come for health, rest and joy of your mind. All treatment is very good, attitude of the staff excellent and friendly. Thanks very much to everybody who is working in this exclusive paradise and of course to Dr. Mathai and his wife. Good health and happiness to you all. Hope to see you soon."

- Mrs. Ludmila Logan (UK) after a 2 week stay, April 2014.

Very good service. Amazing staff, good job done. Thank you for everything. Only the rooms weren't great need more Super Deluxe Rooms, amazing doctor's very sneak and good gratitude shown towards us. Thank you doctors. All the 3 Doctors were amazing. Special thanks to Mrs. Anita Ramesh (Female Therapist). Thanks to Dr. Shubha for guiding us."

- Ms. Ayesha, Sara, Zaha, Noorie (India & London) after a 12 day stay, April 2014.

SOUKYA is a Health Resort for real. We will leave much more positive, healthier than 3 weeks ago. Dr. Mathai and your staff. Thank you very much until next time."

- Mr. Peter and Irene Janssen (Portugal) after a 21 day stay, April 2014.

I feel great! My joints are stronger and will improve in next few weeks, thank you, till next visit. Very good staff all around."

- Mrs. W.Mei Wen (Australia) after a 9 day stay, April 2014.

A lovely place. Life time experience. The team of doctors and therapists were amazing. Salutations to Dr. Mathai for his Vision, may his tribe increase and bring laurels to our Country by popularising the Great Indian Traditional Medicine."

- Mr. & Mrs. Ashraful Hasan (Bangalore, India) after a 5 day stay, April 2014.

Life time experience, feeling like a new person."

- Ms. Seema Gupta (New Delhi, India) after a 6 day stay, April 2014.

Wonderful experience, I'll be back next year."

- Ms. Anita Chandran (Beijing, China) after a 7 day stay, April 2014.

A heavenly week, I fell as healthy as I can remember, you have created a garden of paradise, my mums to all. I will be back."

- Mr. Gail Rebuck (New Delhi, India) after a 10 day stay, April 2014.

Great to be back for the third time, everything perfect as usual, will be back in 2015."

- Ms. Ammu and Jacob Mathew (Cochin, India) after a stay, April 2014.

Thank you for the great care in your garden paradise. A truly holistic experience."

- Mr. Marc Wey (Switzerland) after a 2 week stay, April 2014.

As always a great experience in your wonderful faiths."

- Mr. Madhavan and Krishna Nambiar (Chennai) after a 9 day stay, April 2014.

On 19th April 2014, Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Siddaramaiah, Former Union Minister Sri. C.M. Ibrahim, Honourable PWD Minister Shri. H.C. Mahadevappa, Honourable Co-operative Minister Shri. Mahadeva Prasad with other friends stayed in SOUKYA Holistic Health Centre. The moment these Treatments started to improve our health condition and also rejuvenate health systems. We are really happy that excellent service followed by nice treatments. The treatment based on scientific and medical line. It's again on the respiratory, digestive, Renal, Obesity system and what not. We really appreciate that holistic approach in the treatment, will promote the health and also longevity of Life. I am glad and also it is necessary that Naturopathy, Yoga and Indian System of medicine, Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy must be popularised amongst the population in the world and also we learnt that SOUKYA founded by Dr. Mathai is doing lot of health services in and around their establishment and deserve encouragement and we wish them that they continue to serve the citizen for better health."

- Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Siddaramaiah, Former Union Minister Sri. C.M. Ibrahim, Honourable PWD Minister Shri. H.C. Mahadevappa, Honourable Co-operative Minister Shri. Mahadeva Prasad (Bangalore, India) after a week stay, April 2014.

Absolutely Devine! A wonderful experience, excellent treatments, very friendly atmosphere created by staff. Way to go Dr. Mathai! Hope to be back soon.

- Ms. Zuliana Manji (Kenya) after a 2 week stay, April 2014.

Thanks a lot for the special care SOUKYA Team, had a great experience, special thanks to Dr. Issac Mathai and Suja Issac."

- Mr. & Mrs. C.Y. Kuriakose (Kerala, India) after a 26 day stay, April 2014.

Truly Holistic in every sense lot of personal attention and care from the top to the bottom. Treatments and care was to the utmost satisfaction, would love to have a repeat. Thank you."

- Ms. Anitha George (Bangalore, India) after a week stay, April 2014.

As always, it's been a truly rejuvenating and utter relaxed time here at SOUKYA. Dr. Mathai and Suja have built a "DREAM" holistic centre! Can't wait to come back with our kids too, thanks to all the doctors, therapists and staff for all the Tender Loving Care!!! Delighted to see new and improved ways like food service, more flora and the wonderful library, enjoyed spending time there reading. Thanks."

- Ms. Kiran and Mr. Sanjay Jindal (Pune) after a 4 day stay, May 2014.

A National Treasure, Dr. Mathai & Mrs. Mathai and Team SOUKYA are fabulous."

- Ms. Meena Murthy & Family (Bangalore, India) after a 9 day stay, May 2014.

I think the space provided to write about SOUKYA is too little. SOUKYA is an experience and the detailing gone into creating this "Heaven" is apparent. The scenic beauty, the knowledgeable doctors, the entire team of therapists, kitchen staff and even the 'invisible' staff constantly keeping the place clean is divine. SOUKYA is sublime and I salute Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Mathai for creating this."

- Dr. Jamuna Pai (Ahmedabad, India) after a week stay, May 2014.

SOUKYA is a Gods own paradise, spectacular, divine, pure and natural service in dining, spa is wonderful. Mary and Rukhsana are lovely people. Thanks SOUKYA, kudos to Mathai's."

- Ms. Vibha Jain (Hyderabad) after a 4 day stay, May 2014.

Being a lawyer, we are prone to giving advice and rarely following it. I have recommended many of my friends / relatives to stay in SOUKYA!! They always were happy, however this is my 1st stay for many days (4) and SOUKYA has got me centred and rejuvenated above life. Thank you."

- Mr. Ajesh Kumar Shankar, Advocate (Bangalore, India) after a 4 day stay, May 2014.

I am at the end of 14 days. SOUKYA is an enchanted place. The treatments of course, the treatment doctors, the well-chosen staff, the fine company of the other guests, especially the Indians. The birdsong and jasmine and fine simple wholesome cooking, and so much more. All the vision of Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Issac whose personalities embody all that is right with SOUKYA."

- Mr. Robert Thoms (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) after a 2 week stay, May 2014.

Deep within had imagined there ought to be place to meet the soul's need. That place is here! It meets everything so wholesomely that one tends give oneself all that is here. People are good, the garden well maintained, eco-friendly with birds and animals, we did not have non vegetarian food, all is best and to optimum, one treatment in and out the Omni server such a positive state has left lasting, improving that one has to come back, May god bless Dr. and Mrs. Mathai for their care for Wellness given in experiencing it."

- Mr. & Mrs. Manay (Bangalore, India) after 11 day stay, May 2014.

I've been here for 21 days and it has been an experience. I am so glad I came to SOUKYA for treatment as it's made me feel brand new person. It's amazing how this place can me you feel. I will surely keep coming here again everyone is so friendly and helpful. Keep the service up."

- Ms. Koushalya Chowgule (Bangalore, India) after a 3 week stay, May 2014.

Came here for a short stay to experience "SOUKYA" way of life and it has been very good and inspiring to repeat the visits!! Staff, food, ambience, creation, landscape all were above initial expectations. Best wishes to all."

- Mr.H.S. Kumaraswamy (Bangalore, India) after 3 day stay, May 2014.

A wonderful experience! Am certainly looking forward to a revitalizing surge in the body. I am sure God is somewhere in this Garden of Eden. I met Panthajali (Dr. Shubha) in the Shanthi Hall, Doctor & Mrs. Mathai - May God Bless all your endeavours – perfection is no destination, it is an eternal and exciting, intoxicating journey."

- Mr. V. Dilip Kumar (Chennai, India) after 22 day stay, May 2014.

We have here for 21 days. It was rare experience to be free from all tensions, may God bless all the people who took care of me. I thank all the people who took personal care for me."

- Mrs. & Dr. Vidya Prakash (Kerala, India) after 3 week stay, May 2014.

We were here for a short stay away it was a very comfortable stay very well maintained place with excellent staff, good service and food. The result of the treatment is awaited for 10 days. I wish to come back here for a longer stay next time to cure myself properly. Thanks to everyone."

- Ms. Vandana Vasisht (New Delhi) after 8 day stay, May 2014.

What an experience fantastic place. I am feeling relaxed and so is my body, I hope it continues. Looking forward to my return."

- Ms. Barbara Tippett (UK) after 8 day stay, May 2014.

Had such a wonderful place, faultless in service hospitality, the centre is a labour of love and thank you for making me feel special."

- Ms. Preethi Israni (Pune, India) after 8 day stay, May 2014.

Well, I have been to many relaxing place, but this is a very unique place as a professor of psychiatry I could feel something different it is as good as a tranquilizer as anxiolytic drug, just being in this relaxing place give a nice feeling of being Yourself. My feedback will be excellent for every service. The most astonishing behaviour is "discipline", everyone work silent with smile and satisfaction, without expecting and reward. My appreciation to the team that I will encourage my friends to come and enjoy life without any artificial atmosphere. Thanks."

- Prof. Rafia Ghubash (U.A.E) after a week stay, May 2014.

SOUKYA is an amazing concept, not just in holistic health care, but also in sustainability. The centre is so self-sufficient, right from the food it grows, to the resources it husbands to the staff in accommodates. The attention to retail is so refreshing and the total immersion of the staff into the concept speaks of an extra ordinary vision, superbly fashioned and compelling communicated. Thank you for the experience.

- Mr. Suresh Singaravellu (Bangalore, India) after a 2 day stay, June 2014.

Everything has a place in nature and what happens is seldom rarely a coincidence. SOUKYA is situated in such a picturesque setting and built to perfection that the making process perhaps already starts even prior to the first treatment. It is as if Dr. Mathai's wisdom, experience. Dedication and vision all put together in a perfect harmony! The thing I admire the most is that SOUKYA gets better when I come in my next visit. Do keep it up! The efficiency right from booking process to check in and until check out is remarkable. The doctors are thoroughly professionals, sincere and patient listeners. Some of the therapists are so dedicated that their first stroke in the massage proves is as full of energy and interest go the very last one. Thank you.

- Mr. Tanweer Hyder (Australia) after a 2 week stay, June 2014.

My daughter and I were immersed in nature, peace and relaxation. High qualified doctors and experienced therapists as well as excellent food and yoga, pranayama and medication practices helped to refresh and renew our bodies, develop our mental awareness and prepare for healthy lifestyle. Thank you we'll definitely come back."

- Ms. Natalia Chemerisova & Valeliya Chemerisova (Russia) after a 2 week stay, June 2014.

I admire the gentleness of some people I met in this centre. I wish them the best of Luck."

- Mr. Hussein Ghubash (Dubai) after a 4 day stay, June 2014.

As I have oft repeated, if there is a heaven on earth, this is it, this is it. SOUKYA is indeed a heaven trans-lifted to the present modern day worn. For from the madding crowd ignorable strife, we have Dr. Issac and Suja Mathai let up the most celebrated and best wellness centre where the divine hands cure and give relief from pain in serene surroundings."

- Mr. B.K. R. Rao (Bangalore, India) after a week stay, June 2014.

It was a great week at SOUKYA. Everything is so perfect, I couldn't stop appreciating! Great and peaceful campus, efficient and courteous staff. Congrats to Dr. and Mrs. Mathai for excellent execution of a great dream! And thanks, you have made India proud."

- Mr. M.P. Kumar (Bangalore, India) after a week stay, June 2014.

My time was short but the depth of my experience profound from the very start, I sensed a strong freedom and support, willingness on part of all staff at every level to enable one to fee full benefit of the treatments. Interaction of doctors, therapists, Yoga teachers was very wonderful. Indeed a blessing."

- Archbishop Michael Jackson (Dublin, Ireland) after a 3 day stay, July 2014.

Unless the able leadership of Dr. Issac Mathai and Mrs. Mathai, the entire facility has coming very nicely. We can experience perfection in every sphere of activity in the campus. It gives different experience all together. The entire team of SOUKYA right from gardeners up to Doctors, are very humane, helpful, courteous, dedicated, committed and are highly motivated personal. This is the uniqueness of SOUKYA. I would like to end by saying that this is a different world all together I enjoyed my stay thoroughly in SOUKYA."

- Mr. C.V. Venkatesh (Bangalore, India) after a 2 week stay, July 2014.

An excellent place to Rejuvenate after many years of stress and hard work. Lost excess weight and the mind is totally clear. Life is no rehearsal. One must visit 'SOUKYA'."

- Mr & Mrs. H.S. Sethi (Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa) after a 13 day stay, July 2014.

A great story to tell everyone we know, absolutely well kept, staff are extremely engaging, courteous and willing, which is a major strength of SOUKYA. Was good to see my wife, absolutely energetic, forth coming and cheerful after spending 2 weeks here. I see her lot more confident and clear in her mind set. All the Best SOUKYA, Cheers."

- Mr. & Mrs. Kumar Sitaram (Chennai, India) after a 2 weeks stay, July 2014.

SOUKYA has truly been a wonderful experience for me having stayed here for 24 days, I could probably write a book on this place. It's very calm, serene & truly aesthetic. Mr. & Mrs. Mathai have done a great job. I thank the doctors and the staff for being uniquely wonderful. For the first I have learnt to connect with myself, to relax, reflect and rejuvenate myself with all the treatments and the refreshing environment. My compliments and thanks to all."

- Dr. Fathima Zohra (Bangalore, India) after 24 day stay, July 2014.

Lovely location and excellent treatment and services. Look forward to coming back."

- Ms. Connie Chan (Singapore) after a 2 week stay, July 2014.

Rejuvenating, relaxing, refreshing, location and the weather conditions just perfect. The team is dedicated and the services efficient. I will come back."

- Ms. Mahi Mehra (UK) after a 2 week stay, July 2014.

Wonderful as always. You cured my severe ailments, so what else can I say! Thank you to the most wonderful staff, doctors and Dr. Mathai."

- Ms. Kunjali Shah (New York) after 11 day stay, July 2014.

Was a great time as usual leaving here, completely rejuvenated, will be back again next year. Always a pleasant experience.

- Mr. Alex George (Dubai) after 8 day stay, July 2014.

This is the best place. I really enjoyed the treatment. After coming here my knee pain is almost reduced. Now I'm enjoying my regular walk. I love this pollution free surroundings, I thank each and every one in SOUKYA, Thanks."

- Ms. I. Mangadevi (Hyderabad, India) after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

I lack appropriate words with which to adequate describe this heavenly sanctuary for the benefit of others, may be to call it the 8th Wonder of the World is close to actually describing the facilities here, the people and their professionalism as well as the effectiveness of their treatments, advice and prescriptions. Hats off to Dr. Issac Mathai and wife, to all staff and doctors. Let us see more of your facilities coming up everywhere Dr. Mathai especially in Zimbabwe."

- Dr. Gideon Gono (Harare, Zimbabwe) after a 22 day stay, August 2014.

Wonderful location, the serenity of the place is very calming, both of us are very very happy with our overall well-being and the attitude of the staff and doctors. We go away sad due to the relationship we have made but happy that these relationship will stay with us for the rest of our lives. SOUKYA is a place I would recommend to my friends. God bless and best of Dr. Mathai and the rest of the staff."

- Mr. Uday and Pooja Nayak (London) after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

Simply Superb" Dr. Mathai and the doctors - thank you for putting so many things in perspective. Therapists and the boys in the Restaurant – 100 marks to them. The grounds are beautiful and force us to be one with nature. All I can say is that I've discovered new things about myself and the "Meaning of Life" well done and God Bless to all. I SOUKYA one gets to meet the most interesting and people of diverse backgrounds. Made a bunch of fantastic friends."

- Ms. Nalini Panday (Chennai, India) after 22 days stay, August 2014.

I loved the place and the environment, the treatments are excellent and the therapists are very kind and friendly. I enjoyed my stay and also met a lot of people. I enjoyed the fresh organic greenery, the pure oxygen, the peace and the tranquillity of the environment. I feel much better and healthier after my 2nd stay at SOUKYA."

- Ms. Gaby D'souza (Doha) after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to SOUKYA the treatments and environment is fantastic it's so encouraging to see people coming in with a walking stick and 2 days later they are waling independently. The staff are wonderful and patient never once flinching if we get a bit impatient because of our various diets and treatments. Dr. Mathai please build a centre for us in London so we have a place closer to home where we can go for our regular treatments. Will definitely be back thank you all for making my stay so wonderful? Also met some lovely people here the energy of the people is completely positive."

- Ms. Namita Kapoor (U.K) after 8 day stay, August 2014.

SOUKYA is a living monument to our country's ancient culture and traditions. Indeed a home for body, mind and soul. Dr. Mathai and his wife has created this idyllic cradle of relaxation and healing. Proud custodians of civilisation and values. I had the opportunity of touring the organic garden and collection of medicinal plants. The mission and passion involvement and commitment of the staff is incredible. My sincere gratitude to you and your highly motivated staff."

- Mr. Luzinho Faleiro, Ex – Chief Minister, Goa (India) after a 5 day stay, August 2014.

I really enjoyed all my treatments, the staff is amazing! Everybody is very gentle and smiling. It is very touching!"

- Ms. Nadine Massoud (London), after a 8 day stay, August 2014.

A very positive experience and stay at SOUKYA, kind, helpful and professional people, doctors, therapists, cook and receptionist are polite and motivated. The garden is very interesting and beautiful to discover."

- Ms. Nadine Mourani (Geneva), after a 8 day stay, August 2014.

We had a very pleasant stay in SOUKYA, and we enjoyed a unique experience, the efficiency and friendliness of therapists and physicians, Reception team, not to mention the courtesy of Dr. Mathai. We enjoyed the food and appreciated the service of a very friendly team. We will come back for a longer stay."

- Ms. Nadia & Mr. Jurgen Fischer (Dubai, UAE), after a 8 day stay, August 2014.

I would like to thank Dr. Mathai, Doctors, Therapist, Kitchen staff & cleaners for making my experience wonderful again and again in SOUKYA. Every time I find myself in positive energy, peace, of course good food, I come back to SOUKYA to find myself with health and energy. Thank you again."

- Ms. Fatma Al Qassimmi (Dubai, UAE), after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

Such a wonderful experience that has set me on the toad of health and wellness, many thanks to Dr. Mathai and my treating doctors, therapists, the cooks, the receptionist who were all kind, helpful and very professional. Hope to come back soon. Thank you all. "

- Ms. Asmahan Alenezi (Kuwait), after a 15 day stay, August 2014.

I am soooo proud of my close friend Suja and her magician doctor of a husband Isaac. I truly had an unforgettable experience of my life. Thanks to all at SOUKYA. I didn't see a single unhappy face, would love to come back as often as possible coz I know I am in the best hands in the world."

- Ms. Sharmila Nath (Delhi, India) after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

We had a very pleasant stay in SOUKYA, and we enjoyed a unique experiences, efficiency and friendliness. Not to mention the touch of Professor Dr. Mathai, we have some points we mentioned some of them to him."

- Prof. Ibrahim (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) after a 9 day stay, August 2014.

Thank you very much for the opened doors to a wonderful world of Ayurveda, wise and Holistic. Special thanks to a highly competent doctors and therapist. I wish you all the best and don't stop in development and achievements, your may make the world better."

- Ms. Elena Dobrovolska (Kiev, Ukraine) after a 22 day stay, August 2014.

This place is heaven for health. We got a new meaning of health care and way to improve life. Short stay but very useful. Will come back again soon. Thanks wishes."

- Mr. Shakthi Nath (New Delhi, India) after a 6 day stay, August 2014.

A place and staff of great positive energy, professional competence and natural kindness! Nine days of bliss and excellent medical treatments. A stay which I hope will change the way I live for the years to come looking forward to be back within six months."

- Mr. Alexander Batchvarow (Bulgaria) after a 8 day stay, August 2014.

Extra ordinary place perhaps one of its kind in the world with an integrated holistic approach for treatment of chronic illness."

- Mr. Bhadresh Shah (Ahmedabad, India) after a 8 day stay, August 2014.

I have never experienced a place like SOUKYA in all of my travels! From all of the people who work here to the grounds and facilities. Everything is SPOT ON! Don't change a thing. SOUKYA is truly a one of a kind Holistic centre not to rivalled worldwide! Thank you for your excellent care and treatment."

- Mr. Frank Riccuiti (New York, USA) after a 3 day stay, August 2014.

Paradise on earth! An unbelievable blend of physical, emotional and mental healing. As usual enjoyed every minute spent at SOUKYA. It has been a magical experience. Great job Suja and Isaac!

- Ms. Sameera Khan (New York, USA) after a 3 day stay, August 2014.

This beautiful, serene and quite place helped me to disconnect from the stress of city life almost immediately. The doctors and the staff are very competent and caring, kind in their work. They took good care of me and I am going back home very satisfied as the treatment was customised to my needs and ailments. Thank you very much!!"

- Ms. Samiksha Jain (Bangalore, India) after a 15 day stay, August 2014.

This is first time at SOUKYA, SOUKYA is the real meaning of luxury treatment. Spectacular place to visit and to enjoy nature and to have real treatments. SOUKYA's staff are friendly, trained and greatest asset. Thank you for all SOUKYA staff."

- Mr. Musawa A. Somily (Saudi Arabia) after a 22 days stay, August 2014.

This is my third time into SOUKYA. I called it Heaven on Earth. Everyone I met were very excellent in every way whether the staff or the doctors. Even the workers outside are very pleasant to see and talk lot. I enjoy the place a lot. Love the scenery and the place. Thanks a lot for having SOUKYA in my life."

- Ms. Altaff. Al Sultan Al Essa (Kuwait) after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

My deep gratitude to the SOUKYA team for making my entire month stay a rejuvenating and peaceful experience. The doctors and therapists are extremely competent and always available for any grief. The daily mindful walks in this wonderful environment were each time a new adventure. Even the food was delicious in spite of being a health resort. All staff were very kind and helpful. Thanks you again for everything."

- Ms. Nicole Massoud (Lebanon) after a 4 week stay, August 2014.

Loved the place, doctors, treatments and all are very nice. Love the walking trail."

- Mr. Manish Gupta (Hyderabad, India) after a 9 day stay, August 2014.

Had a fabulous stay at SOUKYA, what really makes the place stand out is the warmth and friendliness of the staff."

- Ms. Megha Agarwal (Mumbai, India) after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

I enjoy returning to SOUKYA to the nurtured back to vitality. The diligent and courteous staff, excellent treatments and lush landscape rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. The organic food and yoga add to the wellbeing."

- Mr. Suman & Mrs. Renuka Munjal (New Delhi, India) after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

An exceptional Holistic stay, very pleasant and effective. We have discovered the traditional Indian medicines in a great atmosphere and very caring staff. Thank you for everything. We wish you prosperity. All the best."

- HRH Princes AL Yohana Bint Khaled Al Saud (Saudi Arabia) after a 11 day stay, August 2014.

This is my 2nd stay and again the staff were exceptional and the treatments effective. Will be back."

- Ms. Deborah Owen (Washington DC, USA) after a 2 week stay, August 2014.

At the outset I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Mathai and all the staff who looked after me during my three week peaceful stay here. The atmosphere was very serene and tranquil. The treatment given to me was very opt and professionally carried out. I truly feel rejuvenated. All the staff who served me were extremely understanding and helpful. I am very glad to have chosen SOUKYA."

- Mr. Michael D'souza (Bahrain) after 3 week stay, August 2014.

My stay at SOUKYA was a wonderful healing experience, as well for the body, as for the mind. I wish I had known this magic centre before! A warm thank you to all the staff and doctors, so committed and so good at healing area. Hope to be able to come back soon and will tell the benefits of such a stay around me (took all the documentation in my room for display)."

- Ms. Christine Charles (Paris) after a 4 day stay, August 2014.

Restful and rejuvenating stay!! Excellent, friendly staff all around, from gardens to Doctors, well done!"

- Ms. W. Mei Wen (Australia) after a 5 day stay, August 2014.

PLACE – Heaven on Earth, Staff and Service – Very professional, committed, courteous, pleasant and helpful, Treatment – Genuine Holistic Ayurvedic treatment, effective and works wonders within the first few sessions. Food – Never would have thought that Healthy food could be so delicious! Enjoyed every single dish! Congratulations to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and all the staff of SOUKYA. God Bless you all. Thank you for such a blissful stay."

- Ms. Maneshah Nepaul (Mauritius) after a 8 day stay, August 2014.

This is my first experience of any Holistic Health Centre, I think I got the BEST PLACE CALLED SOUKYA. I am thankful to God to send me to this place. I had the best time of my life. I love the Doctors, people, treatments and gardens. It is a heaven on earth and service is like a Seven Star Hotel. Thank you to all SOUKYA family who has taken excellent care of me, don't have word to thank you guys. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I am coming back soon with lots of people. Going to miss this place."

- Ms. Anjum Husain Schon (Dubai, U.A.E) after a week stay, September 2014.

I have been to best of Holistic Health Centre in and outside India. I find SOUKYA very competent. The environment and landscaping is very good and property is well kept. I was very impressed by the cleanliness and hygiene. The staff, doctors and therapist all are very polite and nice. I am happy that I came here as I found this place to my satisfaction. I wish them all very best."

- Mr. Ramesh Narang (New Delhi, India) after a week stay, September 2014.

This is my second visit within 3 month, first I have encouraged my friends to come with me, this time 7 members of my family came, not only they enjoyed it but they highly appreciated everything, the people, treatment, nature, service, food, attitude, feeling of being home, long list. For me it is the place where I can find myself, my health and my peace which is lost in my daily life back home."

- Dr. Rafia Obaid Ghubash (Dubai, U.A.E) after a 10 day stay, September 2014.

SOUKYA to me is like Heaven on Earth!!! Thank you to all, of the wonderful job in SOUKYA! Congratulations! Well done!! God bless you always."

- Ms. Kasia Lekawska (Bangkok) after a 10 day stay, September 2014.

Excellent Service & very happy."

- Mr. K.C. Pallani Swamy (Karur, Tamil Nadu) after a 21 day stay, September 2014.

Wonderful place to heal may God almighty bless SOUKYA from strength to strength in the years to come to serve the ailing humanity."

- Mr. Bobby Sandhu & Mr. Satnam Dhaliwal (UK) after a 24 day stay, October 2014.

Most congenial and efficient service & hospitality."

- Ms. Radhika & Hans Herzberger (Andhra Pradesh, India) after a week stay, October 2014.

It was wonderful to be here. The centre is well planned, organised + beautiful. The treatments superb, the staff competent and very attentive. Thank you for a great week."

- Mr. Markus Beihl (Toronto, Canada) after a week stay, October 2014.

I experience wonderful, nice experience here. The centre is well organised with all natural atmosphere. The treatments is very very good. Doctors are also very good. They treat you like own ones. Doctors and staff is very affectionate and lovable. Thank you for all the things."

- Mrs. Laj Gandhi (New Delhi, India) after a 4 day stay, October 2014.

Thank you."

- Ms. Allison Walsh (USA) after a 27 day stay, October 2014.

Very relaxing, Vigour and energizing."

- Mr. Suresh Bharwani – Jetking (New Delhi, India) after a week stay, October 2014.

I was very impressed with the efficiency, friendliness and passion with which all team members work at SOUKYA! Congratulations to Dr. Mathai for the excellent service and personal attention by every staff member."

- Mr. Lovy Khosla & Mrs. Vandana Khosla (New Delhi, India) after a week stay, October 2014.

Everything is Okay."

- Mr. Hareb Lootah (Dubai, UAE) after a 4 day stay, October 2014.

It was a very sudden decision for me to come to SOUKYA, originally planning to go to Kerala for Naturopathy treatment, however after going through your well informative website, I made up my mind. The seven days I spent were are truly remarkable, I was overweight, back pain, skin problems etc., I lost 4.5 kg's in 7 days, back pain is normal feeling great. Therapist are truly friendly, everyone great with a smile. I would rate the whole experience with an 'EXCELLENT' and look forward to sending my mother for her back treatment. Keep up serving humanity."

- Mr. Kailash Nath Sadangi (Mumbai, India) after a week stay, October 2014.

It's a beautiful place and excellent, I lost weight and my mind clean and I will come again. I thank you very much."

- Mr. Juma Al Kubaisi (UAE) after a 6 day stay, October 2014.

Thank you so much for a great experience, it was better than I expected it to be. The beauty and serenity of the grounds coupled with great treatments has made it an amazing place to be. It's been a wonderful 2 weeks. Namaste."

- Ms. Lama Saleh (Dubai) after a 2 week stay, October 2014.

A very memorable experience at the highest levels of quality. All aspects of the retreat are of a superlative. Thanks to all employees, the team of doctors and therapist. Too little time, next time hopefully longer.

- Mr. Ulrich Eckhardt (Dubai) after a week stay, October 2014.

It is a beautiful place to stay and take treatment. Reception, accommodation and the attitude of the staff is excellent."

- Mr. Ramesh. B, Superintendent of Police (Bengaluru, India) after a 3 day stay, October 2014.

Excellent Experience."

- Ms. Sandra Riveros (Chile) after a 16 day stay, October 2014.

Thank you very much for everything. It was a great experience, liked the place very much. Looking forward to come again. Thanks again to everyone."

- Ms. Maryam Lootah & Ms. Maisoon (Dubai) after a 27 day stay, October 2014.

Thanks for everything".

- Ms. Malalai Nadi and Ms. Urzala Weiss (Kosovo) after a 2 week stay, October 2014.

I am amazed at Dr. Mathai and his charming wife's capability in running this wonderful "Paradise on Earth". Each time we find that there has been an improvement on the past. The accommodation is spic and span in beautiful serene surroundings. The Health Service is outstanding. Ayurveda Doctor is easily one of the best Ayurveda doctors in the country and his capacity to diagnosis, prescribes medication and follow up is the best. There are excellent therapists of whom I found some therapists outstanding, lucidity and diligent. I naive at Dr. Issac Mathai and Suja Mathai's enthusiasm to produce the first class service in this part of the world."

- Mr. B.K.R. Rao & Mrs. Vasundhara Rao (Bengaluru, India) after a 2 week stay, October 2014.

The best Ayurvedic treatment that I ever experienced. Going back home rejuvenated."

- Ms. Vidya Yalamanchili (Bengaluru, India) after a 2 week stay, October 2014.

I take a deep breath and then release it for my annual two week stay in "SOUKYA" – my 12th year. In that experience I disconnect from my stressful city life and come here and leave my healing to the competent care of the concerned Doctors and staff. I leave SOUKYA with peace, a feeling of wellness and attuned to my inner being."

- Ms. Susan Rehaman (Bengaluru, India) after a 12 day stay, October 2014.

SOUKYA is not only for body but mind and spirit. It is a harmonium effect to the human being. We are fighting in a world of business but we failed to consider our body and life. It is a heaven to get blessing to the triad body mind spirit. Keep the harmony with the nature through SOUKYA. May God bless all by the Service of SOUKYA, their Holistic approach. Special thanks to SIM of SOUKYA and it's JAM with prayers."

- Bishop Theophilus (Kerala, India) after a 17 day stay, October 2014.

This is my first visit to India, so SOUKYA became a "Little India" for me for 22 days and I am very glad I've found SOUKYA. Everybody has been wonderful, peaceful and friendly. Flowering trees, birds, such a nice piece of paradise. A very big thankyou to Dr. Mathai for creating this unique place. I look forward to returning to SOUKYA. With best wishes to all at SOUKYA."

- Ms. Aigul Mussakozhoyeva (Kazakstan) after 3 week stay, October 2014.

What a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate. Thank you to all the doctors, kitchen staff, and therapist for making my stay a pleasurable one. I look forward to coming back early next year. Except this time I will be staying for 2 – 3 weeks. Thank you Dr. Mathai and the SOUKYA team."

- Ms. Saroj Dev (Delhi, India) after a week stay, October 2014.

I came to SOUKYA with great expectations and was not let down. A wonderful experience – thank you to everyone."

- Ms. Karen Kirkwood (U.K) after a 11 day stay, October 2014.

I really enjoy this 2 days of relax, Yoga and Treatments. Staff is great."

- Ms. Carla Blanco (Mexico) after a 2 day stay, November 2014.

Had an excellent stay. Will definitely be back for a longer stay next time."

- Ms. Nirupa Shankar (Bengaluru, India) after a 2 day stay, November 2014.

Once again the special treatment and loving kindness of all the staff, doctors, cooks, gardeners, drivers, have worked to make this a wonderful experience. Thank you all."

- Ms. Helen Symons (USA) after a week stay, November 2014.

I am grateful to the entire SOUKYA Family for their contribution to my health and wellbeing. Thank you…. Until next time."

- Ms. Sameera Jamal (USA) after a 26 day stay, November 2014.

EXCELLENT Ayurvedic Treatments!! Congratulations Dr. Mathai & Team for a Brilliant effort. The dedications and devotion to a Holistic way of life shows thru. Well done and keep it up. Thank you, with best wishes."

- Ms. Kusum Rani Sahni (New Delhi, India) after a 15 days stay, November 2014.

The Ayurvedic treatment has worked wonders on my wife and so on me, the dedication of the therapists and the doctors are commendable. Thank you and God bless all the staff in Soukya."

- Mr.Kishore S Tracy (Mumbai) after 15 days stay, November 2014.

I am grateful to the god who created Dr.Mathai. Dr Mathai has created World class treatment centre which is unique in the world. I am very Happy with all the treatment and feeling much much better than before. I have no words to express my excellent feeling. Thank you very much."

- Mr.Amar Bahadur Singh (Varanasi, UP) after 22 day stay, November 2014.

4th year already! It is like coming back home, Only the Champagne is missing. Thank you to Dr Mathai and his team. I am going to come back next year better than I was this year. Namaste."

- Ms.Manon Kanaroglou (Switzerland) after 16 days stay, November 2014.

Thank you for making me life agreeable again. Will leave SOUKYA with much more strength and will to follow the instructions I got. All the best."

- Ms.Klelia Sarfati (Switzerland) after 16 days stay, November 2014.

Wonderful place. Has great positive energy. I had a lovely time. The staff were wonderful and made my stay a comfortable one. The place is beautiful and the treatments are great. Would love to come back."

- Ms.Sudha Pillai (Bangalore) after 7 days stay, November 2014.

Thank you so much for the great stay. The therapists and staff were excellent, always friendly and accommodating! We are very happy with the service."

- Mr.Tom and Ms.Lindsay Hirschmann (UK) after 12 days stay, November 2014.

A great "Thank You" to everybody for their competitive and excellent care. This must be the friendliest place on earth."

- Ms. Silvia Hirschmann (UK) after 20 days stay, November 2014.

Once again we have no words to thank you all for a most wonderful stay and very helpful in restoring our health. The staff were most helpful. Medical treatment has enabled us to recover completely. We feel very sad to leave and look forward to our visit next year."

- Mrs.Savitri & Mr.Vijay kakkar (Switzerland) after 12 day stay, November 2014.

SOUKYA is an extremely well run centre. Excellent, friendly staff and relaxing therapies! Enjoyed my stay and look forward to come back. Thanks!"

- Mr.Santosh Alexander (California) after 4 days stay,November

Thank you again for a healing and most beneficial stay. I am going home healthier and lighter with my batteries recharged. Ready to face life again."

- Ms.Prudence Chittiappa (Bangalore)after 10 days stay, November 2014.

I go away rejuvenated and feeling a great deal better than when I came. Wonderful place of serenity, healing, Flora, Fauna, with friendly, caring people. A complete package which I have never experienced before. Thank You for everything."

- Ms.Roopa Rungta (Mumbai) after 7 days stay, November 2014.

Much improved than 8yrs ago. The staff is well trained, courteous and understanding. The treatments are indeed effective. The vegetable patches are fantastic."

- Mr. Krishna Chivukula& Dr. Jagada Chivukula (USA) after 38 days stay, December 2014.

The conception of the whole enterprise in Holistic care in such lovely setting is commendable. The three days of tranquillity and treatment have revived me and the defined food habits here are the new goal in the New Year for me. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place."

- Mr .Paul C Salins (Bangalore) after 3 days stay, December 2014.

Whenever there is something wrong with us or we want to feel better than we are, the magnet that SOUKYA is, it draws us towards it, both my wife and I have come to see this place as an island of peace in the troubled water of the world. The treatment and the ambience take us to an exalted level within and outside us. The entire staff is very efficient, professional, and courteous and yet work in an unobstructed manner. And for Doctor and Mrs Mathai no words can convey our gratitude to them. We pray that god bless us with more such caring and loving human beings. We go back healthy and happy with most pleasant memories of Soukya and the world that it has opened up for us.Thank you all and may god bless you all."

- Mr. Gurbachan Jagat(Manipur) after 14 day stay, December 2014.

Indeed a most pleasant experience in luxury and comfort, doubly so since I achieved my target in reducing weight and bringing my Blood sugar level down to normal. I am very proud my countrymen, Suja and Dr Mathai could create and achieve so much through their imagination, expertise and effort to benefit. So many People and that they consider me their Friend!"

- Mr.Jose Parayanken (Mozambique) after 15 days stay, December 2014.

I have a very pleasant stay in SOUKYA. I have achieved my goal.Very good therapy and very good staff all around. Very happy with my stay."

- Mr.Manjit lit (England) after 23 days stay, December 2014.

We take deep gratitude to congratulate the doctor for having given us such a wonderful place. We went 2 decades back in ages and experienced what our ancestors did enjoy! After the treatment I feel so good. My pain has considerably gone down. I feel lighter. Shed some pounds and inches. All those people who are working for you, right from Elite crowd to the ordinary are just WONDERFUL. They are well trained with amazing behaviours. Hats off to you DOCTOR! Organic Gardens are amazing. We might finish the whole guest book if you are to include each and every details. On the whole SOUKYA is amazing."

- Ms.Shanthi Mary & Ms.Carolyne (US) after 16 days stay, December 2014.

Thank you Dr Mathai and Mrs Mathai for letting me experience HEAVEN ON EARTH. Right from the Doctors to therapists, Dining staff, Reception, Security, Garden staff, reception, security, garden staff, housekeeping staff extremely courteous, friendly,and well trained. Simply the best. You have made me a NEW PERSON to be able to face the world in a much better way. I feel completely healed Mind Body and Soul. God Bless All at SOUKYA."

- Mr.Rajiv Krishnama (Hyderabad) after a month stay, December 2014.

KUDOS to ‘Team SOUKYA’ for conceptualising, creating and effectively running this Oasis of Tranquillity! My brief stay at your lovely establishment is peppered with memorable experiences from the ever keen to help smiling employees to unexpected moments of sheer breath-taking vistas. You have High standards to uphold and undoubtedly in times to come will set yourselves to be a benchmark that others will want to emulate. Good Luck and wish you continued success in your endeavours! A special thanks to Dr Mathai for enabling this visit and to have me experience the inimitable ‘SOUKYA Experience."

- Mr.Ajith Pavithran,(Gurgaon) after 2 days stay, December 2014.

As usual this time also I observed some improvements in the outdoor areas. This is remarkable that such a setup is kept up to its standards and managed so meticulously. The efficiency and professionalism of Doctors, Therapists, and all other staffs and the pristine setting of SOUKYA encourages the guests to come back. This was my 5th visit I think, I thank you all for taking care of me."

- Mr.Tanveer Hyder (Perth, Western Australia) after a week stay, December 2014.

When I arrived to SOUKYA I was completely exhausted body and mind. After staying here for 12 days I am totally revived, ready for the New Year. Absolutely loved the peace and the closeness to nature. Experienced the blissfulness of what Mother Earth has given us. Overall a very nice stay, a special thanks to all the doctors who are kind and attentive. A big thank you to all the wonderful staff. Mealtimes are made so warm and welcoming. Chef thanks for the yummy food."

- Ms.Varsha Devnani (Dubai) after 2 weeks stay, December 2014.

Yet again I had a wonderful time in Soukya. Hope to come back every year if possible. All the staff, every single one of them were so friendly and amazing. Thank you to you all. I leave SOUKYA everytime feeling a world of a difference."

- Ms.SharmilaNath (Delhi) after 13 days stay, December 2014.

Had an amazing week at SOUKYA- learnt a lot and will take these lessons into my life at home. Thanks to all the staff who were all excellent. Long may SOUKYA continue."

- Ms.Lindsay Hanson & Mr.William Arnold ( London) after 11 days stay in December 2014.

Exceptional experience. The best Ayurvedic treatments in India and beyond. Revitalised, Thank you."

- Ms.Ann Scott (UK) after 3 day stay in December 2014.

Another wonderful 8 days at SOUKYA. Deeply grateful to Dr.Mathai, Suja and other doctors for all the attentiveness and care. The therapists, the kitchen staff very caring and housekeeping was meticulous. SOUKYA is an Island of grace and one is privileged to be able to spend some time here. I cannot thank Dr.Mathai and all the staff enough for the gift of better health and wellbeing that I take away with me as I leave from here. Hope to come again soon. Thank You."

- Ms.Nirmala Lakshman (Bangalore) after 9 days stay, December 2014.

Wow! Wonderful atmosphere. Good care from all the doctors. Very friendly atmosphere.Overall all the service was excellent. SOUKYA is really a HEAVEN ON EARTH. Hope to come back next year. Thank you!"

- Mr.Krishna Kumar (Chennai) after 14 days stay, December 2014.

Wonderful as always, which is why I keep coming back. Thank You."

- Ms.Pallavi Shah( US) after 5 days stay, December 2014.

Two weeks I was in a very friendly and caring atmosphere. Special Thanks to Dr Mathai for the creation of a tale named SOUKYA. Really want and hope to be back here again".

- Mr.Qasim Ibrahimov (Azerbaijan) after 15 days stay,December2014.

Loved the experience, Its like too pure and nice. Food was awesome and staff is too supportive and helpful in all respects. Ambience is like soo relaxed and now feeling too rejuvenated. After these 5 days in SOUKYA I feel totally changed from inside and clean inside. Loved everything."

- Ms.Pooja Mittal (Delhi) after 7 days stay, December 2014.

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.ā€¯

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Weekā€™s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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