Guest Experiences


"Thank you Dr.Mathai & Suja. You have created heaven on earth, nurturing and rejuvenating the diversity of medicinal plants and organic food and rejuvenating the spirit,mind, body of those of us who come here. The beauty in every detail, the care in everyone’s interactions make SOUKYA special."

- Dr.Vandana Shiva (Delhi) after 8 days stay, January 2015.

"The stay was good! Feeling very good."

- Mr.Vineet Sood and Ms.Monisha Sood (Punjab) after 22 days stay, January 2015.

"Thank you so much. I am feeling very clean and healthy after detox course."

- Mr.Mykailo Bondarenko (Ukraine) after 11 day stay, January 2015.

"It’s the real deal! Authentic, inspiring and wish I had stayed longer."

- Ms.Alice Coptcot (UK) after 11 day stay, January 2015.

"I feel so loved and cared for, Hard to leave. I look forward to my next visit. Three weeks were perfect!"

- Ms.Martha Mc Grath (US) after 22 day stay, January 2015.

"An enduring and delightful experience. The treatments are excellent. I wish I could stay longer. Thank you to all the delightful staff who made my stay such an excellent experience."

- Ms.Romily Mc Alpine (UK) after 11 day stay, January 2015.

"A beautiful place with absolutely wonderful people. I look forward to feeling full effects of my visit."

- Ms.Mary Legg Winter (US) after 12 days stay, January 2015.

"Thank you a lot for you are great and kind too. Great result (-10kg, normal cholesterol, normal liver) and great people."

- Mr.Oleg Volkosh (Russia) after 21 days stay, January 2015.

"Excellent experience! Will definitely come back. Dr Mathai and SOUKYA team have created an excellent world class institution making all Indians proud. Well done."

- Mrs.Shalini Sethi (Bangalore) after 15 days stay, January 2015.

"This is our 5th time in Soukya. Thank you very much for your taking care of us. We are looking forward to see you again."

- Mr. & Mrs.Bondarenko (Ukraine)after 9 days stay, January 2015.

"I always enjoy SOUKYA. It is truly a heavenly experience and worth the time, effort and is worth every penny. Dr Mathai and Mrs Mathai have done and continue to do a fantastic job. I am proud that we have this holistic Facility in India. Thank you and see you next year."

- Ms.Avril Quadros (Bangalore) after 16 days stay in January 2015.

"This is the 4thtime in SOUKYA. We all enjoyed, really very good, good treatment, we will visit again and again."

- H E Abdulla Mohamed Abdulla Al Salmi, Mr.Abdul Rahman Al Salmi, Mr.Hathim, Mr.Mohamed Yusuf (Muscat) after 5 days stay, January 2015.

"Incredibly, SOUKYA seems even more beautiful from it did five years ago. But the hand of care and gentleness of healing has not changed. My specific medical issues were addressed both individually and as a part of my overall wellbeing. Dr.Mathai was always available to correct and to guide.The sheer joy of waking up to living the day in and returning in SOUKYA calmed not just the mind and spirit but the demons of ill health as well. Thank you!"

- Mr.Ramu Damodaran after 16 days stay, January 2015.

"Congratulations Dr Mathai & Mrs Mathai for what you have achieved by materialising your dreams and ideas with your effort and work.The result is SOUKYA and your institution overall – it’s a great path in Holistic Integration, which you give on for the future. At SOUKYA I had the opportunity to enjoy the competence of the doctors, the well trained therapists, and friendly staff. SOUKYA is a wonderful place to recover and go back full of energy. Thank you."

- Ms Elaine Gallati (Switzerland) after 11 days stay, January 2015.

"Once again a warm thanks to Dr Mathai and each and every one at this wonderful place. SOUKYA is truly heaven on earth, the serenity here is what helps us heal our problems. Every time I have visited I feel so much at home here. It’s always with a heavy heart I say goodbye to SOUKYA. Till my next trip, which will be hopefully in the near future."

- Ms.Suraiya Ebrahim (Dubai) after 11 days stay, January 2015.

"Our second visit to SOUKYA and there has been no change- Everyone is still so welcoming, caring and attentive. It really is a bit of paradise on earth. We leave rejuvenated and detoxified- ready to continue the excellent work put in by the doctors and therapists.Their support, advice and care is so appreciated. Thank you! Chef’s cooking demos have also been most useful. I go back with recipes I am going to try. Last but definitely not the least, Thank you to all the friends that we have met. You shared experiences, support and laughter, has helped through the times of uncertainty. In summation I feel such gratitude to having the chance to experience the wonderful world of SOUKYA once again. By God’s grace we will return. Thank You Dr Mathai and your team. You have a Wonderful SOUKYA family and we feel blessed to have the experience of it. Much love."

- Mr.Naresh & Mrs.MeeraSabherwal (London) after 11 days stay, January 2015.

"As usual we had a beautiful time of total cleaning of body and mind."

- Mr.& Mrs.Lukach (Switzerland) after 23 days stay in January 2015.

"I was very happy staying at SOUKYA, I was very well looked after. The staff and the doctors are very polite, competent and were very good to me."

- Princess Saleha Sultan (Hyderabad) after 4 day stay, January 2015.

"SOUKYA has been a very nice experience. It has not only cleansed our body but it has also cleansed our mind as well. Everyone, right from the doctors, therapists and specially the food department has taken very good care of us. Hats off to DR Mathai to come up with such a concept. The 40 days that I have spent here will be cherished by me always. The holistic approach of healing was very rejuvenating. Lastly, but most importantly- SOUKYA for us in one word would be simply ‘HEAVEN’. And I pray to God, coming here will be the beginning of a new life for me."

- Mr .& Mrs. Manish Agarwal after 40 days stay, January 2015.

"Dear SOUKYA team, Thank you for one of the most inspiring, loving and transforming experience I have ever experienced. Thank you for doing your best to help me restore a sense of balance, helping and guiding to my truth and most important thank you for teaching love and open my heart. This was really a journey to the soul. And to find the right words to express is very emotional for me (in a grateful way). Continue what you are doing and the healing with others go on. All the best to you all, you were God sent. Thanking you, love you."

- Ms.Ansuya Naido (Africa) after 20 days stay, January 2015

"I was extremely impressed with SOUKYA, everything from the room, to the beautiful grounds, the friendly staff, the knowledgeable doctors and the wonderful treatments! And the food of course is delicious! I will miss my morning walks and the sound of the birds! All the best."

- Ms.ArwaTurkait (Dubai) after 8 days stay, January 2015.

"A beautiful place. Wonderful facility. Well maintained.staff are extremely friendly and well trained. A great place to unwind. Great Achievement and well done Dr Issac Mathai and his team at SOUKYA."

- Mr.Jacob (Anil ) Mammen (Bangalore) after 5 day stay, February 2015.

"The time spent at SOUKYA was an experience out of the world. Will come again soon for a longer duration. The place itself has a good vibrancy. You feel to be in a place free from all tensions."

- Mr.Karan Sehgal (Delhi) after 3 day stay, February 2015.

"It is a fallacy to project SOUKYA as solely the place for treatment. One should visit SOUKYA just to relax, rejuvenate and re-energise- for a holiday- drawned in sheer beauty, calm and solitude."

- Mr.Haidermoto (Pakistan) after 22 days stay, February 2015.

"Gitta told us it was a little bit of Heaven and so it is!"

- Mr. James and Mrs.Sarah Williams (Cornwall) after a week stay, February 2015.

"The ambience, people and treatments- all perfect! We absolutely loved the food and all the caring staff. Thank you!"

- Ms.Belinda Wright (Wild Life Society Of India-Delhi) after a week stay, February 2015.

"Thank you …again and again!"

- Mr. & Mrs. Rosetto (Belgium) after 17 day stay, February 2015.

"Truly holistic, peaceful and distressing. My second visit and third one will be very soon. Great place indeed."

- Mr.& Mrs.Sameer Gupta(New Delhi) after 8 days stay, February 2015.

"Thank You very much to SOUKYA family. We enjoyed our stay and the treatments. The ambience, the therapists, doctors were excellent! We loved it here. Thanks again!"

- Mr.Kabyer & Mrs.Ruzmmin Remtilla (Canada) after 15 days stay, February 2015.

"Excellent experience! We were greatly encouraged by the hope and possibilities reflected in the treatments. Will definitely be back. Thank you!"

- Mr.Rajesh and Mrs.Meenal Kapadia (Mumbai) after 8 day stay, February 2015.

"For this second visit in SOUKYA, ten years later, we found a place of Harmony and serenity, peace and beauty- in this world of chaos. The garden are more and more beautiful and we feel so close to nature. Being SOUKYA is always a wonderful experience, soothing and beneficial for body and mind. Thank you so much Issac and Suja, but also all the caring staff."

- Dr.Francois &Ms.Sylvie Chefdeville (France) after 9 day stay, February 2015.

"It is our 2nd visit in 3 months, this time I came with my brother and wife, it is really very pleasant to come to SOUKYA, we find peace. Well most of all very caring and professional staff. We thank you for all effort that therapists, doctors and Dr Mathai are doing to give the best to us. God bless you all, always. Thank You!"

- Mr.Sultan Alybay and Mrs.Nazinine (Lisbon) after 16 day stay, February 2015

"Our second visit was as heavenly as our first! The serenity and healing environment at SOUKYA are out of this world. The food is fantastic and the staff are well trained and always have a sunny disposition. The doctors are excellent and the leadership provided by Dr Mathai and Mrs Mathai is exemplary. We have definitely committed ourselves to annual visits to the little piece of Heaven called SOUKYA."

- Mr.Harish & Mrs.Kristin Khanna (USA) after a week stay, February 2015.

"Excellent overall & charming location"

- Mr.Neel Mani (Delhi) after 22 days stay, February 2015.

"Being my first visit, I have only really praises for Dr Mathai and team, and the beautiful environment he has built in Bangalore. For me, it’s like a mile stone, which a few years from now I hope would be like a turning point towards a healthy life. While I lost a few kilos in weight I lost more in my head and I feel really light and energised. Great Place."

- Mr.Loney Antony (Mumbai) after 13 days stay, February 2015.

"Before coming to SOUKYA we did not really know what to expect, upon our arrival we found a beautiful and peaceful place, competent Doctors, a well organised structure and a friendly staff always at our disposal. The holistic approach was an eye opener and we felt far away from our day to day frenzy in Europe. We both feel great and healthy."

- Mr.Peter Schreve & Mrs.Irene Schreve (Switzerland) after 14 days stay, February 2015.

"It is one of the best places I have visited and I would like to thank all the team members who work in this place. I will come back again as soon as possible and I will tell all of my Family and friends. Thank you!"

- Mr.Ibrahim Kafood (Doha, Qatar) after 8 days stay, March 2015.

"Had a very comfortable and enjoyable stay. Everyone including the gardeners are very polite, all the gardeners get up to greet, when you pass by. Very nice! Relaxing surroundings! We would like to thank everyone for the care and attention we received from them. Many many thanks to all !"

- Mr .& Mrs.Satwinder Bhogal (UK) after 8 days stay, March 2015.

"Brilliant Experience. I feel very lucky to have been advised – suggested to visit this amazing holistic institution. Only after few days I feel so much better. Not enough good words to say about everything and everyone."

- Mrs.Santosh Talwar (UK) after 11 day stay, March 2015.

"My first visit so did not expect to find such an efficient, well organised & run holistic centre. Everyone from the doctors to the gardeners with a permanent smile on their faces was exhilarating to see. Thanks for a good stay and looking after me so well. Though I did not come here for a specific ailment in mind. It has opened my eyes about another avenue to the holistic approach to health via Ayurveda and homeopathy. Thanks again."

- Mrs.Malwinder Rupaubhi (UK) after 10 days stay, March 2015.

"I was fearful of travelling so far and alone, but at 84 years old I knew I had to do something drastic. I was feeling old and lacked energy and incentive to do much of anything. I forced myself to take the 20 hr trip to SOUKYA. After 1 month, I am very hopeful that my life will become greatly improved. Treatment plan and daily consultations regarding my progress, I feel much more energized and able to become the active person I used to be. I am on the way to a healthier lifestyle through Yoga. Diet, proper exercise and mindfulness of the path to wellness. There is no place like SOUKYA to learn the lessons of healthy living. I am grateful to have been here. Thank you Dr Mathai and all of your outstanding staff for an unforgettable experience."

- Ms.Doris Kidder (USA) after 1 month stay, March 2015.

"SOUKYA is the world class site for Ayurvedic treatments. The outstanding holistic health centre continues to provide me with rejuvenation and a positive attitude toward aging. Thanks everyone for my 8th visit."

- Ms.Maura Brackett (USA) after 19 days stay, March 2015.

"We are back second time within a year with our daughter. This speaks how we have been experiencing the well-being of the treatments we have received. We are also happy to know that we can continue the follow up with SAHAYA which is very close to our residence. Hope to be back to get well and feel better and better than before!"

- Mr.& Mrs. Manay (Bangalore) after 9 day stay, March 2015.

"Beautiful, peaceful, soothing, restoring- Just what I was looking for. Excellent doctors, therapists and overall great staff. SOUKYA has a lovely vibe and I would so like to come back. SOUKYA has nourished my body, mind and soul- Thank You!"

- Dr .Mandakini Arora (Singapore) after 9 days stay, March 2015.

"An Oasis of tranquillity and wellness"

- Mr. & Mrs. Shyam Sunder (Delhi) after 25 days stay, March 2015.

"Great team of doctors & Therapists. Friendly staff. Beautiful gardens. Ayurvedic treatments were done in a very dedicated way. Big Thank you to All."

- Ms.Omur Yeginsu (London) after 22 days stay, March 2015.

"This is my sixth trip. Speaks for itself."

- Mr.Shiv Nadar (Delhi) after 16 days stay, March 2015.

"This time I am back in SOUKYA for a short 5 day visit. Just enough time to release, relax, revive & rejuvenate! There were 4 generations of my family bonding for few days in the serene surroundings. Will be back for a longer visit later in the year. Thanks to the SOUKYA team."

- Ms.Suzan Rahaman (Bangalore) after 5 days stay, April 2015

"Congratulations to Mrs & Dr Mathai. A true place of healing and shanti. A big thank you to all the staff from the doctors to therapists, dining staff, each and every person. SOUKYA rejuvenated my mind, body & soul. Kindness in abundance."

- Ms.Rukshar Mehta (London) after 6 days stay, April 2015.

"Wonderful stay as ever in the Garden of Eden you have created. Thank you to all."

- Ms.Gail Rebuck (London) after 9 days stay, April 2015.

"Fantastic! Keep Smiling."

- Mr.Hari Mudaliar (Germany) after 5 days stay, April 2015.

"It was a great experience to visit SOUKYA for the first time. A wonderful place with people very dedicated to their work, experienced and Skillful… an overall surrounding where magic happens."

- Ms.Natasha Hohn(Germany) after 5 days stay, April 2015.

"Indeed a great place to get rejuvenated, the ambience and care of the centre will be remembered by us. Great food – well planned treatments made it a memorable stay."

- Mr. P .G Thyagarajan (Bangalore) after 2 days stay, April 2015

"Authentic Ayurveda, I enjoyed your property tremendously"

- Ms.Sandie Johannsson (Maldives) after 4 days stay, April 2015.

"Got a ‘ray of Hope’ at SOUKYA for my condition. I would like to thank Dr Mathai, SOUKYA doctors, therapists and staff. Pleasant stay. Heading towards recovery!!!! Hope to come back soon."

- Ms.Shruthi (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, April 2015.

"A life changing experience, I felt so taken care of by all the staff, Doctors, Therapists, wonderful restaurant staff and of course Dr Mathai. Very grateful and feel an inner shift to the healing process has begun and will continue."

- Ms.Coralie Saulson (USA) after 20 days stay, April 2015.

"This is the kind of place where the mind is at complete rest and the physical healing can take place that much easier! Truly a piece of ‘Paradise’ in the middle of an ever expanding and chaotic city! Thank you DR Mathai for seeing your vision through and giving us all this wonderful place of healing. You have a really dedicated and friendly staff in all areas too. I thank each and every one of them – Your ‘SOUKYA’ family! Thank you!"

- Ms.Chitra Shanmugam ( Bangalore ) after 21 days stay April 2015.

"The confidence with which I was referred by my friend Mr Mohan Daniel who happens to be a dear of Dr Mathai and Suja, proved to be more than 100% . Amazing experience. Lot of healing. Wonderful team of Doctors, therapists and all others. Very genuine, Honest, concerned, humble, modest and caring. No words can describe the experience. Would suggest others to have this life time experience. Love and regards."

- Mr.Deepak Sharma (New York) after 14 days stay in April 2015.

"Wonderful team of Doctors, therapists and all others, very genuine, honest, concerned,humble, modest and caring. No words can describe the experience. Would suggest others to have life time experience. Love and regards."

- Mr.and Mrs.Imtaz Ali (Portugal) after 21 days stay, April 2015.

"Wonderful unique experience, Thanks to all the caring staff and especially to Gardeners who keep the grounds beautiful."

- Mr.& Mrs.Kellas (Scotland) after 14 days stay, April 2015.

"Congratulations to Dr Mathai. This is a great place for healing and Rejuvenation."

- Mr.Subba Reddy (Chennai) after 14 days stay, April 2015.

"It has been a great experience for the last 2 weeks in all aspects. We felt very special for all the good treatments from Doctors and being looked after by the Lovely staff. Congratulations Dr mathai for running a great place and thank you for all your advice"

- Mr.& Mrs.Perera (Dubai) after 17 days stay, April 2015.

"The healing time in SOUKYA offered a space for reflection and returning to self. The staff were kind, helpful, nurturing. Thank you all."

- Ms.Annie Cariapa (Bangalore) after 11 days stay, April 2015.

"After 10 days stay in SOUKYA. I am very Happy"

- Ms.Kolesnikova Lena(Russia) after 11 days stay, May 2015.

" Wonderful to be back, Everything met or exceded our expectations. The gardens, farm and food have reached new heights. Delicious meals. Feel healthier, happier and more energetic. Thank you!"

- Mr.Guy and Ms.Kim Guilemard (Dubai) after 5 days stay,May 2015.

"I have come several times. I feel very good overall. My Gout is 100% better now and my body shape is very good. Will come back again. Very good staff and very good service all around. Thanks!"

- Mr.Manjit Lit (UK) after a week stay,May 2015.

"A different experience. Thank you."

- Mr .R.Raghunathan ( Mumbai) After 21 days stay,May 2015.

"Great food, nice staff, good rooms and service. Excellent walking area."

- Mr.Mohammed Aleleak (Saudi Arbia) after 5 days stay, May 2015.

"This is my second visit to SOUKYA. Doctors and Therapy staff are very competent and took excellent care. I am going back satisfied."

- Mr.Michael D’souza (Bahrain) after 11 days stay, May 2015.

"Therapy staff: Excellent. Mess Staff: Brilliant. Hats off to chefs and waiters- 7 stars. Great Ambience. What a place! Overall will like to come again."

- Capt.Brar (Dubai) after 10 days stay,May 2015.

"Amazing experience. Doctors, therapists were loving, caring, sincere and had great concern. Keep it up!"

- Mr K .Thiagarajan (Chennai) after a week stay, May 2015.

"Wondered if second visit would be as magical as the first and happily it was. Therapy, staff, accommodation, grounds, food very special. A memorable experience."

- Mr.Robert Thoms ( USA) after 15 days stay, May 2015.

" I am now here for the third time. It is a seven star health Centre. Rooms very clean. Dining services very good. Therapists are good. Its very nice all around."

- Mr.Manjit Lit ( Canada) after a weeks stay,May 2015.

"My 7th visit. That should be the endorsement. High level of everything has been maintained."

- Ms Mallika Sarabhai (Ahmedabad) after 18 days stay,May 2015.

"Very Beautiful, Rejuvenated. Will surely visit again."

- Ms.Mita Mehta ( Delhi) after 7 days stay,May 2015.

"Beautiful atmosphere and lovely staff. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I would like to thank everyone including the kitchen, housekeeping, therapists, Doctors, reception, pharmacist and the wonderful workers and gardeners. Will surely visit again soon."

- Ms.Rasha Al Mukhtar (Abu Dhabi ) after a week stay, June 2015.

"Excellent Treatments and Excellent staff.Thank you very much for your kind support and understanding. Best Wishes and hope to see you soon."

- Mr.Ameen Bhanji and Gulchan( Portugal ) after 27 days stay,May 2015.

"Firstly, Congratulations to Dr & Mrs Mathai for the great, Abs great institution SOUKYA. They have created and what is remarkable how they have upgraded it continuously and in such a superb manner. My wife, her mother and I are simply overwhelmed. Thank you and thank you again."

- Mr.N P Singh & Mrs.Krishna Sekhri(Delhi ) after 9 days stay, June 2015.

"Everything that Dr & Mrs Mathai and team have done at SOUKYA is with great care. The Kerala architecture, the horticulture, the wonderful kitchen and of course the doctors and treatments. The biggest benefit for me is becoming aware of the need for the body to rejuvenate. Congratulations Dr Mathai on creating this wonderful proposition or Institution in just 15 yrs."

- Mr.Sandeep Singhal (Bangalore ) after a week stay, June 2015.

" My Deepest gratitude to all at SOUKYA. Every Aspect here is healing: Nature, treatments, food and the entire staff; Always smiling. SOUKYA is a rare and unique holistic center for integrated alternative medical treatments in an exceptionally tranquil environment. After 6 weeks here, I leave reluctantly, But knowing I will return. Thank you Dr Mathai for your vision and passion that is SOUKYA. I leave a new person; My life changed forever."

- Ms.Radhika Sareen( Dehradun) after a 6 weeks stay,June 2015.

" If there is Paradise on Earth. It is here, It is here, It is here"

- Ms.Mala Sekhri(Delhi) after 9 days stay,June 2015.

"A very special and heartfelt thank you to Dr Mathai for taking such good care of me .Once again to the therapists here, who truly have the healing touch."

- Ms.Prarthana Modi (Delhi ) after 28 days stay,June 2015.

" Great, Superb, Dr Mathai you are lovely, blessed and spreading this aura to other areas too. A wonderful experience. God bless all the staff, They were always smiling ."

- Ms.Vandanapuri (Delhi ) after 11 days stay, June 2015.

" Excellent and friendly staff, very co-operative. Thanks to all the Doctors I met. Thanks a lot for all the kind support.and Best wishes!"

- Mrs.Bhageerathi Iyer(Mumbai) after 4 days stay, June 2015.

" I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated in my two weeks here. A big Thank you to Dr Mathai and the entire team at SOUKYA for their amazing hospitality, warmth and excellent care and service. I got my much needed ‘ME’ time and also made some wonderful friends. Going back feeling healthy and at peace with great memories of SOUKYA. God Bless Dr Mathai for building this excellent institution."

- Ms.Mandeep Maitra (Singapore) after 15 days stay, June 2015.

"Excellent treatment and the facilities are awesome. All the Doctors and the staff are very knowledgable and helpful all times. I came here with my wife and spent 2 weeks, It has been such a great time. I am leaving this place fully rejuvenated and energetic. Learnt the importance of deep breathing. Truly appreciate Dr Mathai for running such a splendid institution. God Bless SOUKYA team. Lastly,also made some very good friends here during our stay."

- Mr.Ramesh Ramakrishnan(Dubai) after 14 days stay,June 2015.

"Excellent facilities, friendly staff, competent doctors, Great treatments. Compliments to Dr Mathai for concept and creation with love and passion, complimented by a team who are maintaining highest standards."

- Mr.Vasudevan(Pune ) after a week stay in July 2015.

"Very good doctors, excellent treatments and fabulous ambience. Dream turned into reality. Always wanted a relaxation wellness place like this. Cheers to DR. MATHAI!"

- Ms.Pooja Vikram Nankani (Mumbai) after 10days stay, July 2015.

"It was a total different experience for me. Soukya served the purpose of my visit. What amazed me was the courtesy of the staff right from front office to the watchmen at the rear exit gate. The staff at dining have extremely good patience and courtesy. Kudos to them. The treatment felt good hoping to feel the effect of it in the long run. The place has been beautifully landscaped and rooms very comfortable. I met some great friends for life. Thank you for that Soukya."

- Mr.Roshan Menezes (Bangalore) after a week stay, July 2015.

"It has been a altogether very very nice experience with all the treatments so far and specially the ambience. Short and sweet a paradise on earth:.

- Mr.Ritesh Gupta (New Delhi) after 8 days stay, July 2015.

"It is my second visit to Soukya which in itself is already a positive opinion! And i will come again next year-what more can i add?!"

- Mr.Alexander Batchvarav (London) after 8 days stay, July 2015.

" Soukya was an experience much beyond our expectations. In a short period of 7 days, we are rejuvenated, recharged, going back with lot of energy and a promise to return very soon."

- Mrs.Poonam and Mr.Satish Kagliwal (Maharastra) after 8 days stay, August 2015.

"This is my first visit and hopefully I instead to visit once a year.Dr.Mathai has done an amazing job and it was wonderful to meet him personally."

- Ms.Renuka Mahajan (New Delhi) after 7 days stay, August 2015.

"Soukya has been a very calming and peaceful experience. The whole set up and energy is very positive. The therapists and doctor are very professional. There is a lot of personal attention. Hygiene standards are very good. The staff at dining area are very competent and helpful. The overall experience has been very positive. One feels Dr Mathai’s passion for holistic health!!!All the very best!!!"

- Mr.Hassamal (Mauritius)after 14 days stay, August 2015.

"Its great to be back at soukya. There are a lot of improvements since I was here last. Lots more greenery, number of treatment rooms have increased and the whole therapy are has been updated to the highest quality. I am so pleased to see that my suggestion of cooking demo has been taken on board and there are 2 demos per wekk! Also the activities every evening is a great idea I have seen an improvement at soukya at every visit. The staff in every dept is always so helpful and efficient. Mrs and Dr Mathai are doing a brilliant job. Every one is so welcoming and it truely feels like home to me. Thanks to everyone for making my stay to wonderful. God bless all at Soukya."

- Mrs.Pavitra Bhatt (Mumbai) after 15days stay, August 2015.

"It has been a brilliant experience all in all. Very relaxing excellent treatments beautiful gardens and maintenance,cleanliness is superb. Staff and doctors are doing a great job. Good food f,eel very close to nature. The wind chimes and birds chirping so soothing. Feels like one is in a trance most of the time. Kudos to Dr Mathai on building a world class holistic centre in India. We look forward to future trips hopefully."

- Ms.Avani & Mr.Ajay shah (Mumbai) after 11 days stay, August 2015.

"It has been a wonderful experience. We appreciate the excellent service extended by the doctors. The therapists are well trained and disciplined in their job. This environment is serene and beautiful. Overall quality team work!One of the best holistic healing centres and we look forward to come back here. Totally rejuvenated and beginning of a new journey for my mother and myself."

- Ms.Ulfath Mohideen & Mrs.Fathima Mohideen (Trichi) after 15days stay, August 2015.

"Wonderful experience in a peaceful, relaxed and beautiful environment. Best part is there is no rigidity of rules in terms of don’t. I Had a truely rejuvenating experience and will surely come again. THANK YOU!"

- Mr.Arindam Bhattacharya (New Delhi), September 2015.


- Ms.Susan Rahman (Bangalore),after a week stay, September 2015.

"The resort is as expected upto international standards.Staff are extremely Courteous and well trained.Keep up the good standard of Hospitality"

- Mr.Arjun Ramesh(Bangalore) after a 3 week stay, September 2015.

"A Wonderful first taste of Ayurveda and Soukya.The gardens are wonderful-always something new to find or see.Staff are excellent. Felt very much at peace. Leaving very relaxed"

- Ms.Anne Frances Davis,( Australia ) after 9 day stay , September 2015.

"I had a wonderful week here at soukya!Everyone who works here is so kind and professional which truly stood out to me.The therapists were very relaxing and helpful.Iam very glad I got to experience this.Thanks to the amazing staff."

- Ms.Shilpa Reddy (Newyork,USA) after a week stay, September 2015.

"Amazing Place!Amazing treatments,Amazing staff and a out of the world."

- Ms.Vinny Gujral( Gurgoan )after 15days stay, September 2015.

"Many thanks for a very inspiring and relaxing stay.I have felt clear benefits from a short time here and will take a number of ideas home with me.Soukya is a beautiful,harmonious place and many thanks and best wishes to all the friendly and gracious staff."

- Mr.Paul Rushton (UK)after a week stay, October 2015.

"Amazing Experience Excellent Environment.The peace quiet and beauty of Soukya’s greenary,flowers plants Bliss of all.Smiling helpful courteous staff, patient doctors and caring therapists have benifited for wellness programme over a week’s stay and will return again and again.To experience Tranquilty peace and wellness of our bodies and mind."

- Mr.Bharath Mahey and Mr.Kishore Mahey (New Delhi) after a week stay, October 2015.

"Arriving past midnight at any Airport can be daunting but the pick up service and Check-in in Soukya was very good.I have nothing but praise for this fantastic oasis of health and would recommend it to everyone.Syabas Dr.Mathai and team."

- Ms.Sabera Shaik (Malaysia) after 8 days stay, October 2015.

"Iam greatful for everything that god has blessed me with.I have found an amazing change both internal and external.Soukya was definitely a journey to remember.The staff and doctors are kind and very helpful.Special thanks to food and beverage department for serving me the most delicious meals.The senery,plants are beautiful and a lot to the ambience.Definetely deserves a second visit."

- Mr.Tameem Ravat (South Africa) after 44 days stay, October 2015.

"Over all experience was very good.Staff is great in every area Dining,Therapists all are very good and professionally trained.I feel great at the end of my treatment.Thanks to all the staff members and doctors for making this a wonderful stay."

- Mr.Rajinder Paul Singh (New Jersey) after a week stay, October 2015.

"This place is a heaven of beauty,serenity and healing.I leave feeling wonderful.My thanks to all."

- Ms.Deirdre Hutton (London) after 8 days stay, October 2015.

"Thank you so much to all of you.Doctors and therapists are so professional and lovely.Food and beverage department are also great.Food delicious.I’m greatful for everything.Thank you God."

- Ms.Raffaella Ruschena(Italy),after 22days stay, October 2015.

"Iam leaving happy!What better recommendation can there be?"

- Ms.Susan Oldfield(California) after 32 days stay, October 2015.

"SOUKYA-Is a dream from which I don’t want to awaken!In such a short while I sense a deep healing of the mind body and soul.This place is surely blessed by the creator and the Universe(who)/which works through Dr. & Mrs.Mathai,the gardeners and the entire staff-who are examples of compassion;love;care;dedication and hope.Soukya is Magical and Blessed!!Thankyou everyone!"

- Ms.Komal GB Singh (New Delhi) after a week stay, October 2015.

"This was now my 3rd visit here and each time I leave feeling renewed body mind and soul.Many thanks to the whole dedicated and exceptionally friendly Soukya team.You all together made my stay so carefree and enjoyable."

- Ms.Silvia Hirchmann (UK)after 10 days stay, November 2015.

"God’s own place-created by Dr.Mathai.No words can explain its beauty,serene atmosphere,natural environment,wonderful team of doctors and staff,housekeeping and all others who make you feel on top of the world..This is my third visit to SOUKYA this year-though short ones.I like everything here and thanks to Dr.Mathai and Mrs.Mathai for their outstanding hospitality.I really wonder from where he got such dedicated staff! Thanks for everything."

- Mr.Om Prakash & Ms.Pallavi Omprakash(Bangalore) after 4 days stay, November 2015.

"Very interesting stay.I loved the water harvesting,gardening,solar energy,courtesy and love of everyone."

- Mr.K.S.R Murthy(Secunderabad) after a week stay, November 2015.

"Wonderful and rejuvenating few days at soukya.From cafeteria staff to the therapies,doctors,hospitality staff all very trained ,experienced and going beyond duty to make your stay comfortable.A very warm welcome given by Dr. & Mrs .Mathai .Special thank you for everything.Wish you God’s grace and blessings ahead to you and family."

- Mr.Ajit Sharan,Ms.Neelam Sharan & Ms.Aditi Sharan (New Delhi) after 8 days stay, November 2015.

"Beautiful experience,at the right time,gentle but professional.Thankyou Dr.Mathai for the quality time spent explaining and guiding me.Thankyou all doctors and therapists for your care and patience.Thank you Dining staff.Thank you to all the staff behind the scene."

- Ms.Suleima Abu Risheh (Jordan) after 13 days stay, November 2015.

"We were here just for 5 nights .Our experience was been unique and uncomparable.Treatment and Hospitality has been very professional and again A++++.Food variety and quality has been delicious,Healthy and better than any 5 star Hotel.We definitely plan to come back."

- Mr.Naresh Verma & Ms.Nilam Verma (USA) After 5 days stay, November 2015.

"All together an enjoyable and useful experience.Soukya came highly recommended to me and it has not failed to reach that expectations.The doctors are amazing in caring.Thankyou for all your attention.Thankyou therapy staff for always smiling and professional.Thankyou dining room staff for great food.First time in spa I don’t get hungry yet lose weight.Will definitely come back."

- Ms.Lina Tabbaa (Jordan) after 15days stay, November 2015.

"Soukya is an Oasis!We are nourished by the beautiful surroundings ,the calm,attentive + caring staff,the artful therapy,nourishing and colourful food.All balanced with Yoga and meditation.A Unique experience in a unique location."

- Mr.& Mrs.Chromey (USA),after 22 day stay, November 2015.

"I return to Soukya every couple of years to receive treatment to improve my overall health and well being.Initially I came to Soukya and was treated for a condition which western medicines is unable to deal with and in few months was symptoms free.I was basically given a new life.Dr & Mrs.Mathai have created a beautiful space where profound healing takes place.Iam eternally greatful for having found this extra ordinary center for Healing."

- Ms.Lyndy Kimball (USA) after 14 day stay, November 2015.

"Very good institute,well maintained.All the staff in every Department are pleasure in doing their duties most sincerely and willingly with a smile.Rooms is very comfortable.Food is good.Treatments are excellent.Doctors are taking care of the guest’s health problems very well.Yoga classes are conducted well.Whatelse you want!!!.Will visit again after 6 months.This institute is doing a great service to people in taking care of their health problems and improve their health to lead a happy and healthy life.Wishing all the best."

- Mr.P.S.Reddy (Chennai) after 12days stay, November 2015.

"Great experience.Peaceful and calming.Extremely well maintained and soulful experience with nature.Thanks and gratitude to Dr.Mathai,Mrs.Suja and team."

- Ms.Manasi (Bangalore) after 2 days stay, November 2015.

" a man can dream and make it true"

- Mr.S.K.Pattanayak (Bangalore) after 3 days stay, November 2015.

"A great thank you to everybody for their competence and excellent care-Even one single day is a bliss!"

- Dr. & Mrs. Rossetto (Belgium) after 3 day stay, December 2015.

"Many many thanks to all my staff and regards and pranam to all my doctors.Wish to all our staff and therapists.I feel the bliss and satisfaction on my stay."

- Mr.Jayabardhan Mishra (Orissa) after 15 days stay, December 2015.

"Thankyou for a warm and healing retreat.Your gentle and caring treatments helped me heal greatly.I arrived physically and emotionally depleted but Iam leaving refreshed and restored.May god bless your oasis of healing and keep you well."

- Mr.Raafat Chirazi (Dubai) after 9 days stay, December 2015.

"Excellent experience of healing as always.Thanks to the professionalism and politeness of doctors ,therapists,administrators,staff in the dining area and at the reception.The experience was wonderful as always .Keep it up!"

- Mr.Tanweer Hyder (Australia) after 8 days stay, December 2015.

"Really enjoyed my stay and want to stay longer.Already planning when I can come back.The whole team at soukya are professional and thankyou for all the advice which I can take back and apply in my daily life.Feel very happy and relaxed and very happy with the treatments."

- Mr.Jackiy Ramani (Bangkok) after 7 day stay, December 2015.

"Thanks for everything you did for me.I will see you seen."

- Mr.Ghaleb Jaber (UAE) after 8 days stay, December 2015.

"My month here at soukya has been an unlifting and in every way healing experience due to the extra-ordinary setting,dedicated and thoughtful doctors and an unsurpassable team of therapists.The food was so good that I didn’t notice the restriction that had been placed on my diet.Iam very blessed to have been given this opportunity to achieve better health and look forward to my return sooner rather than later!Thanks to everyone and wishing the Mathai Family everyone at soukya a joyful Christmas/festive season and a peaceful new year!2016."

- Ms.Antonia Leach (UK) after a month stay, December 2015.

"Its indeed a comfortable place for stay with so much natural beauty around and warm look again makes it a beautiful place to stay."

- Justice Arun Mishra (New Delhi) after 9 day stay, December 2015.

"Good Experience.Quiet relaxing.Staff is too good in every respect.God bless them.Treatment are excellent.Keep it up."

- Ms.Geeta Kapoor (New Delhi) after 11 days stay, December 2015.

"This is a enchanting place I cannot believe it has taken me so long time to return.I love its serenity,its ethos,its staff but most of all I love the gardens."

- Ms.Jo Foley (London) after 6 days stay, December 2015.

"Wonderful place,very well maintained,fabulous services,Royal treatment by efficient and pleasant mannered staff.I will recommend this retreat to any one who seeks holistic well-being,healing,recuperation and rejuvenation.I feel like a whole shiny new person!!Awesome!"

- Ms.Sandhya Rajgopal (USA) after 11days stay, December 2015.

"Good experience,calm and quite place and very relaxing.Staff is too good and helpful.Treatment was excellent.I loved the Gardens."

- Ms.Mamta Dahiya (Haryana) after 10 days stay, December 2015.

"Great Experience.Had a wonderful time and enjoyed ourselves."

- Mr & Mrs.Ritvik Lukose (Bangalore) after 3 days stay, December 2015.

"Had a quality time.Very appreciative staff and very helpful."

- Mr.Kanishk Mahip (Ranchi ) after 10 days stay, December 2015.

"Excellent service,super therapy,friendliness and competence.Thankyou for everything."

- Ms.Alina Vasilenko (Russia)after 15 days stay, December 2015.

"Excellent!Very Good!The Best!!!We will be back."

- Mr. & Mrs.Dmitry Morozov (Russia) after 8 days stay, December 2015.

"Excellent place for rejuvenating and re-energising.Very well maintained and well trained staff."

- Ms.Nandini Raju (Hyderabad) after 5 days stay, December 2015.

"An almost perfect place to get rejuvenated.An extremely courteous staff stands out as does their commitment to work."

- Mr.Shankar Krishnamoorthy (London) after a week stay, December 2015.

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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