Guest Experiences


Had a great stay, enjoyed the food & the wonderful ambience.

- Ms. Joyalukkas (India) after 2 week stay. January 2019

I even feel sad to leave this 'authentic' and 'enchanted' piece of paradise, poured so full with love. It's been a joy to spend 10 days here, a place best described as 'the real deal', because it is born of passion and filled by knowledge in a professional, yet understated way. For me, the birds, flowers and plants, and sustainable practices offered me almost as much healing as the exceptional therapies and considerate experts.

- Ms. Benge (UK) after 2 weeks stay. January 2019

Heaven on Earth. Thank you for the enlightening journey. Soukya is a sanctuary for the soul.

- Mr. & Mrs. Brandes (USA) after a week stay. January 2019

This was my third visit and cannot wait for my fourth. A very special place.

- Ms. Tippett (UK) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

Total reset for mind, body and soul. We leave feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. Thank you to Dr. Mathai and all at Soukya for a beautiful stay.

- Ms. Long (UK) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

A truly extra ordinary experience. We leave here refreshed after being impeccably looked after by your wonderful staff.

- Mr. & Mrs. Hedley (UK) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

Thank you for excellent hospitality, serene, calm and rejuvenating campus.

- Mr. Vyas (India) after 2 days stay. January 2019

We came back with no big health problem but we had wonderful stay and enjoyed the treatments and great food.

- Mr. & Mrs. Masani (India) after 2 week stay. January 2019

Came here for detox and weight loss. Lost around 8kg. Feeling light and happy. Great staff.

- Mr. Taneja (India) after 2 week stay. January 2019

Had a wonderful and eye opening experience. This long ayurvedic tradition brought me a lot of benefits.

- Mr. Thielen (UK) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

Excellent treatment, wonderful staff, I feel I am in heaven. Thank you for the wonderful gift

- Mr. & Mrs. Budhrani (Singapore) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

Excellent treatment & stay! Going back rejuvenated. What a wonderful stay. Will definitely be back soon.

- Ms. Graham (India) after 2 weeks stay. January 2019

A very spiritual, calming and tranquil, beautiful place in which to re-discover things about yourself, find out new things too! Wonderful treatments! Great food and lovely people. We have enjoyed it all & will benefit from everything here.

- Mr. & Mrs. Radhakrishnan (UK) after 4 days stay. January 2019

We came for a health check and left 6 days later feeling 10 years younger, lighter, with a magnificent clarity of mind. Soukya has a world class team of doctors and therapists. The gardens are spectacular, utterly breath taking. The cuisine was imaginative, interesting and very tasty.

- Mr. & Mrs. Ward (UK) after a week stay. February, 2019

I am so very grateful for the wonderful experience in Soukya. When I got here, I felt drained and emotionally stressed. After few treatments I regained my strength and feeling more relaxed. Thank you Dr. Mathai for your support, who has the gift to work with others in need of mental, spiritual and emotional healing

- Mr. & Mrs. Fownes (UK) after a week stay. February, 2019

Gratitude for all the therapists who touched me daily with care and love. Gratitude for Ayurveda- I honour all on the path of this science, and to be on Soukya grounds is always such a healing experience.

- Ms. Kewalramani (USA) after 2 weeks stay. February 2019

A fascinating week. The staff could not have looked after us better and never stopped smiling.

- Ms. Boscawen (UK) after a week stay, February 2019

Soukya has been an incredible experience for me. Thank you to all the staff for their kindness.

- Ms. Holden (UK) after a week stay, February 2019

Very grateful for this experience, this wonderful blissful place, the staff, the garden and the food.

- Ms. Chalabi (UK) after a week stay, February 2019

Soukya changed me in the best way possible. There is warmth and love everywhere here. We are one with nature.

- Ms. Eksioglu (Turkey) after a week stay, February 2019

This has been the most and best valuable experience that I had for myself.

- Ms. Kabalak (Turkey) after a week stay, February 2019

We will definitely come back every year. Soukya is our home in India.

- Ms. Ergelen & Ms. Hazinedaroglu (Turkey) after a week stay, February 2019

I leave Soukya rejuvenated and whole. Thank you to the whole team of Dr. Mathai.

- Ms. Webster (New Zealand) after a week stay, February 2019

Had a wonderful stay 4th time around. Thanks to everyone for giving me a place to heal, peaceful and once with nature. Once again kudos on the very difficult but excellent job of consistently maintaining the centre & grounds in excellent condition. The comfort that the familiarity brings is heart warming.

- Mrs. Rajgopal (India) after 10 days stay, February 2019

Such a lovely, special and magical place. The gardens and the care taken by all the staff is of the highest excellence. It is fully a healing place, a friendly place and a home away from home. It is the people who make Soukya. Also loved the wildlife and farm animals. Always something to do. Thank you all for this wonderful gift of health.

- Ms. Waney (UK) after 2 weeks stay, February 2019

Wow! Soukya took care of my body so I could take care of my mind in this beautiful oasis. I found peace in your beautiful property and was reminded of my home, home in nature and my home inside myself, cannot give higher praise. I look forward to returning for an extended stay some time in future.

- Ms. Trigg (USA) after 2 days stay, February 2019

Soukya is a very special place. From the beautiful garden to the knowledgeable doctors, to the wonderful therapists, to the excellent yoga, I have been rejuvenated. It is like a sanctuary illuminated by love.

- Ms. Gattung (New Zealand) after 3 weeks stay, February 2019

Thank you for creating this very special place of healing. Everything is done from the heart and I feel living healthier and more knowledgeable, nurtured and loved. The entire team is amazing.

- Ms.Woodwiss (New Zealand) after 3 weeks stay, February 2019

Excellent Service as usual. Keep it up and will be back. Feeling rejuvenated.

- Mr. Dempo (India) after 1 week stay, February 2019

For one week I was in a beautiful place learning about Ayurveda and the art of slow thinking. It was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.

- Ms. Khalaf (Jordan) after 1 week stay, February 2019

I hope to come again. The thing that I also enjoyed and made it more meaningful is the smile of the staff in the reception, garden, dining and therapy.

- Ms. Ragheb (Jordan) after 1 week stay, February 2019

Hope to come again for extended period of time. Had good experience.

- Ms. Navuluri (USA) after 1 week stay, February 2019

Excellent & good staff in all the departments. Doctor teams takes care well.

- Mr. Kareem (India) after 10 days stay, February 2019

Perfect as usual, as for many years. Nice evolution in the food and care. Very nice.

- Dr. & Mrs. Rossetto (Belgium) after 2 weeks stay, February 2019

It was really excellent. I love Soukya.

- Mr. Bononcini (Belgium) after 2 weeks stay, February 2019

Thank you Therapists and Doctors. good Indian low fat food.

- Mr. & Mrs. Wen (Singapore) after 12 days stay, February 2019

Loved it here. Doctors are amazing, actually going to miss this place, will be back for sure.

- Ms. Ragulal (India) after 12 days stay, February 2019

To be well is to live well. Perfectly understood this concept in the 15 days of my stay here. There is a unique serenity, simplicity, harmony here which one has to experience being here, I thank Dr. Mathai Dr. Suja Mathai and the team for making me feel blessed. I take back some lovely memories to cherish. Grateful to god almighty for the wonderful phase in my life. May god's grace be on all of you always.

- Ms. Kailash (India) after 13 days stay, February 2019

Lovely experience, Thank you.

- Dr. Naughton (Ireland) after 13 days stay, February 2019

Thank you so much for everything. This is the most wonderful place. You looked after us incredibly well.

- Lady & Sir Ivory (UK) after 9 days stay, February 2019

I can say it is world class service and it is proud for Karnataka state and India for having Soukya for Welness, Medical, Holistic treatment.

- Mr. & Mrs. Majetia (India) after 9 days stay, March 2019

So grateful for the Doctors, therapists and all the beautiful nature of this place.

- Ms. Cresp (New York) after 3 weeks stay, March 2019

It has been my 4th time at Soukya. It feels like coming back home to a family who takes care of oneself. A special thanks to Dr. Mathai and the whole team.

- Ms. Rehm (Germany) after 11 days stay, March 2019

Outstanding doctors, therapists and staff, we return to UK strongly, rejuvenated. What a memorable place.

- Dr. & Mrs. Dixon (UK) after 12 days stay, March 2019

2nd trip. Both outstanding in every respect. Two most prominent highlights are the exceptional staff in all areas of Soukya and the natural beauty. Thank you.

- Mr. Bahl (India) after 9 days stay, March 2019

Thanks for all the people I met. It is a unique place. I will come back.

- Ms. Musallem (Kuwait) after 9 days stay, March 2019

I have spent three wonderful days. The facility is what the nature around us should be. The staff is superb. The doctors are superb, though I want more time to interact in a longer stay, they were very available in my short stay. Congratulations to Dr. Mathai for creating this good place.

- Mr. Tansel (Turkey) after 3 days stay, March 2019

Every visit enhances my health and happiness. The kind hearts of soukya have truly become a family to me. I am blessed.

- Ms Mitchell (USA) after 20 days stay, March 2019

Fantastic experience, excellent staff. Overall wonderful time spent.

- Mr. Tanti (India) after 10 days stay, March 2019

This has been a life changing experience. I thank you from my heart, I shall return.

- Ms Arden (U.K) after 20 days stay, March 2019

Again you have changed everything. I leave regretfully but also joyfully, knowing that I shall return soon.

- Ms Thompson (U.K) after 20 days stay, March 2019

What a pleasure to discover this little Esleu and to enjoy the benefits of this therapy. Many thanks to the wonderful staff.

- Mr Convent (Belgium) after 13 days stay, March 2019

Beautiful, calm and serene. Such a shame, it took us so long to come here. Lovely gardens, so calming, wonderful people to be with. Doctors and therapists were really helpful and caring. Had an amazing few days. Would definitely love to be back. I am very grateful for this wonderful time at Soukya. God bless!

- Mr. & Mrs. Santhosh (India) after 10 days stay, March 2019

Once again a peaceful, calm experience finding in Soukya. The warmth of a family and the understanding of mental and physical limits have been looked after greatly. See you soon.

- Mr Paracone (Italy) after 23 days stay, March 2019

A wonderful and peaceful retreat... Thank you to everyone at Soukya! Particularly enjoyed Yoga and meditation seminars.

- Ms Grimston (U.K) after 11 days stay, March 2019

It is all I hoped far and more. My mind is at peace and my heart has been opened. Every soul at Soukya contributes to the loving and healing atmosphere. I feel so blessed and privileged to have had my time here. A heartfelt thank you and blessings to everyone.

- Ms Conlan (Ireland) after 22 days stay, March 2019

Wonderful piece of heaven. Well-kept and preserved. Far from the noise of the city limit.

- Mr. & Mrs. Rao (India) after 5 days stay, March 2019

Thank you Therapy team and to all the staff for their beautiful smiles and for the flowers, the colour of the sun and rainbow.

- Ms Phillips (London) after 23 days stay, March 2019

All good. Staff and doctors especially.

- Ms Williams (USA) after 26 days stay, March 2019

Leave taking with me great feelings of Joy peacefulness & gratitude, blessed by god to have Soukya as part of my life's journey, hoping to visit again soon. Thanks to all members of Soukya family. You're all just amazing.

- Ms Boland (Kuwait) after 15 days stay, March 2019

Awesome stay in Soukya, what can I say, it is always perfect. I love Soukya. I love everybody here. Many thanks and full love to you.

- Ms Gerbal (France) after 16 days stay, March 2019

A unique experience. Excellent treatments and service in a serene and comfortable environment.

- Mr Manji (Kenya) after 11 days stay, March 2019

A wonderful experience. We are feeling relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. The centre is beautiful and serene, we love the colours of all the flowering shrubs and the organic farming. Everybody has been very hospitable. A lovely stay all round, Thank you!

- Mr & Mrs Malhotra (India) after 3 days stay, April 2019

2nd time we are in Soukya for treatment. What a pleasant and silences we feel 1st Soukya lo9oks like Aden, What a wonderful treatment by using medicines & very high quality cleanliness in every field is also excellent. Nothing more everything is perfect. Thank you.

- Dr & Mrs Baby (India) after a week stay, April 2019

My first experience at soukya as a tester for few days. Will be back for personalised treatments and everything about Soukya is commendable from the eco environmental friendly of recycling, own energy supply and organic fruits and vegetables. I have loved the mindfulness and appreciate the gardens with fruits and fragrant flowers. Felicitations to Dr.Mathai and his team! Chapel service was lovely!

- Ms Dodhia (Kenya) after 4 days stay, April 2019

Soukya has been outstanding way better than I could have expected. It is a magical oasis which I will be back to visit in the future for sure. The surroundings are just stunning with all the flowers, butterflies and peaceful environment. The service has been exceptional with each person catering to my need, always with a smile. The doctors and treatments are exquisite and I am enjoying each one very much. A very special thank you Dr.Issac Mathai for his compassion and excellent care. I am so grateful for his experience and already feel the healing journey begin. I am very much looking forward to my next visit with love and light.

- Ms Berrada (Singapore) after 4 days stay, April 2019

Soukya feels like a little heaven on earth. It was my second time here and I had a restful, rejuvenating stay. Nothing I have seen matches the serenity of the environment at Soukya. Dr.Mathai and his team have and are continuing to do an excellent job.

- Ms Aroli (Bahrain) after 28 days stay, April 2019

My wife and I had a fantastic 2 weeks. We will come again. Thank you staff you make the place. Thank you Dr.Mathai for creating the place.

- Mr & Mrs Yateem (Dubai) after 15 days stay, April 2019

This was my second time in Soukya. As excellent and healthy stay. Once again thanks to the staff for making it a must come back place.

- Mr Malhotra (India) after a week of stay, April 2019

This was my 2nd stay at Soukya. The first time I said Soukya changed my life. This time Soukya did it again. If you can change someone's life it means you can achieve miracles. Twice I went through life changing experience. I am someone who thrives on harmony and as harmony is the child of diversity. Diversity is everything. In culture, religion, gender, foods, therapies, plants, trees, fruits, flowers, herbs, oils, birds, animals, name it is there. Diversity generates harmony, harmony generates peace. Peace generates healing, healing generates life changing experience. Thank you Dr.Mathai for creating Soukya. Thank you Mrs.Mathai and to all the staff you are all a great team. You have clearly demonstrated that Soukya means wellbeing and a humanious state of mind, body and spirit. Thank you for that.

- Mr Assaf (Autralia) after 20 days of stay, April 2019

A keystone life experience. Thank you all.

- Mr Ioakeimidis(Greece) after 5 days stay, April 2019

I come to Soukya each year and each year the experience is magical healing, Tranquil and bringing back harmony. A big thank you to Dr.Mathai and his team particularly the therapy team. God bless.

- Ms Trivedi (India) after 16 days stay, April 2019

Thank you to everyone at Soukya who made my third trip here as memorable as my first.

- Ms Heine (New Zealand) after 16 days of stay, April 2019

Life at Soukya is beautiful. Thank you very much to the amazing team at Soukya.

- Ms Bolle (Dubai) after 8 days of stay, April 2019

A very special second visit. Thank you to all the team

- Sir Ivory (London) after 11 days of stay, April 2019

Words will definitely fall short to capture the essence of my experience at Soukya. Indeed, it is a place of healing, and each of the healers were like angelic presence in my life! Soukya with its pristine atmosphere reminded me consistently of paradise with the reflection of peaceful exterior urging the same within! The love, affection, positivity and care I received are unforgettable. Really felt as if I am nurtured in the lap of Mother Nature. Journeys sadly come to an end But with Soukya the journey is eternal as it has touched my soul. Special mention of gratitude to thank you so much, Dr. Issac and Mrs. Suja Mathai for their holistic creation to treat mind, soul and health.

- Ms Burman (India) after 3 weeks of stay, April 2019

Soukya ticks all the boxes. The service, the treatment the food are all excellent. To my mind, what adds considerably to this excellence is the way the resort is laid out. There is a sense of space, a superb use of trees, garden and shrubbery to create a lush, green oasis and an attention to little details that is evident in how the staff has been trained. All in all, Dr.Issac Mathai and Mrs Mathai have created a gem.

- Mr Padmanabhan (India) after 3 days of stay, April 2019

Soukya has been incredible for my overall wellbeing. I feel a difference in my mental health. I feel calmer and so much better. My skin feels glowy and my hair feel lustrous. The perfectly manicured gardens, warm people, delicious food and therapy are absolute bliss. This is my second time here and Dr. Mathai medicines are miraculous. I am so grateful! Much love!

- Ms Mirza (India) after 10 days of stay, April 2019

Good staff with healing touch and nature recreated with thought.

- Mr Ravindranath (India) after 4 days of stay, April 2019

Words cannot explain how grateful I am to the Soukya staff and Dr. Mathai is a 'true healer'. Dr. Suja Mathai did an effective diet chart. The surroundings gave me much needed peace. I have detoxed my MIND, BODY & SOUL, Many blessings!

- Ms Quadros (India) after 2 weeks of stay, April 2019

It was excellent experience for me, sure I will come again.

- Dr. Al Muhanadi (Doha) after 13 days of stay, April 2019

This was my longest stay at Soukya almost 8 days after 2 previous visits of 5 & 4 days. It was an outstanding experience at a time when I much needed it. Your knowledgeable, competent and very pleasant staff, doctors, yoga teacher, therapists & all personnel reflect well on the high quality of standards that Soukya maintains. The breath taking landscaping, the atmosphere of peace and calm throughout the facility, your thoughtful planning and efficient organisation, all lead to a feeling of wellness for those who are fortunate enough to be here. I will be back! THANK YOU from the bottom of my rejuvenated heart and spirit. May you keep up the great work!

- Dr. Tharoor (India) after 9 days of stay, April 2019

This third visit in 3 years has been as blissful as the previous ones. The cleanliness, professionalism and beauty is amazing. It is a piece of heaven and it provides us with the serenity we need. Please keep it up.

- Mr Mardemootoo (Mauritius) after 15 days of stay, April 2019

This place if truly 'One of a kind' to invest on your health. I am feeling so good and nice, truly relaxed. Soukya is best for Nature Lovers. Lot of thought process done to make this place amazing and beautiful. Every staff here is smiling, helpful and professional. Dr. Mathai team is very nice and humble. Thanks to all for taking such good care. Appreciate Dr. Mathai taking time to meet guests. Will visit Soukya again. Regards to all.

- Ms Samuel (Dubai) after 3 days of stay, May 2019

Quality treatment with utmost care that promotes health. It is an institution dedicated to promote health by making use of all Ayurveda, yoga and Indian systems of medicare. So over all treatment is highly satisfactory.

- Mr Mahadevappa (India) after 2 weeks stay, May 2019

Many thanks for hospitality. Good luck.

- Mr. Kazimir (Slovakia) after 20 days of stay, May 2019

Thank you very much for this very unique experience.

- Mr. Lancaric (Slovakia) after 3 days of stay, May 2019

A pleasure to be here always. A blind faith created will live that 'all shall be well once we reach SOUKYA' is only reassuring. Bless you all always.

- Mrs. Raheja (India) after 10 days of stay, May 2019

Thank you for an incredible, life changing trip! I feel like my mind and body have been healed. One of my best experiences ever. Very grateful for the treatment I got!

- Ms. Mardemootoo (Mauritius) after 15 days of stay, May 2019

This is my first experience at Soukya. I have no words to describe how I feel, but I can say that Soukya gave me new life. Now I am different person with lots of positivity and energy with me. Everything about Soukya is commendable. I enjoyed healthy yet very tasty food and amazing 12 days stay at Soukya. Thank you for make me smile again. If you wish to feel magic, you should experience Soukya once in a life. Life Saver Soukya.

- Ms. Pathan (India) after 12 days of stay, May 2019

Thank you all for your help and support! A wonderful collection of caring and wonderfully talented people. I look forward to seeing the change in my health over the next few months! Thank you all.

- Mr Ivory (UK) after 47 days of stay, May 2019

I was always looking forward to this visit for the third time. Going back with full satisfaction, extreme energy level and real peace of mind. Thanks.

- Mr & Mrs Jangle (India) after 11 days of stay, May 2019

This is my first experience at Soukya. Going back with full satisfaction, extreme energy level and peace of mind. Soukya gave me positivity and energy. Dr. Mathai and his team do an excellent job. Doctors team do a very good job. Quality of food is best. Going back with full satisfaction. We will come again. Thanks.

- Mr & Mrs Kshirsagar (India) after a week stay, May 2019

Excellent place for holistic health treatment. This is my first trip/stay at Soukya which gave me immense pleasure. Within and around beautiful surrounding. Peace and calm prevailing everywhere in the campus/dining hall. Away from din and bustle of the town. The pollution free environment adds to the healthy treatment being given here. I felt energetic and refreshed. Thanks to Dr.Mathai and his team. Staff everywhere in Soukya is very much co-operative and well-behaved.

- Mr Singh (India ) after a week stay, May 2019

I did a lot of research before finalizing SOUKYA as the wellness centre for my rejuvenation. Read very good feedback on the internet and friends, but you have to experience it to believe all the good feedback. Some of the positives: 1. The biggest positive experience for me was interacting with doctors team, who have been guiding and mentoring me in my healing process. A piece of advice to all is to be very receptive to the age old traditional methods of yoga and meditation. The team takes you to the depth of your subconscious which is very therapeutic. 2. The food its clean, tasty and diverse. 3. The staff which has been groomed very well to be courteous and caring, the therapists, dining area staff are all very good. 4. The locale 30 acres of lush green farm, the walking track, yoga hall, the chapel, the silent area, etc.

- Ms Bhasin (India) after 11 days of stay, May 2019

This is my first and long overdue visit to Soukya. And what a memorable experience. This place is so peaceful and calm. Just being here itself is therapy! The pace of life is sedate And calm and ideal for rest and rejuvenation. Every member of the staff is courteous and competent. Congratulations to Dr. Issac and Suja. Will be back for sure!

- Mr Krishnan (India) after 10 days of stay, June 2019

Soukya" is a small piece of heaven in midst of pollution, noise and unhealthiness. Best place to heal yourself and remember the value of healthy life. We are very thankful to the great service and all the treatments offered here. Thank you "Soukya Team

- Mr & Mrs Sabastin (India) after 15 days of stay, June 2019

Soukya is a retreat for meditation, mindfulness and healing. I come to Soukya every year and the experience is rejuvenating and a source of deep peace, inspiration and great energies. A very special mention of the gardens, trees, flowers and fruits of Soukya it teaches us to contemplate the invisible and unseen- not through the power of knowledge but through the power of feeling in nature. A journey into our inner senses, in Stillness. Thank you!

- Ms Rahaman (India) after 6 days of stay, June 2019

I am completely blown away by the quality and authenticity of Soukya. From the ethos of your farm land and solar panels and bee hives to the extraordinary combination of medicinal practises, this place is truly special. In all the places I have been, I have so rarely felt so immediately complete trust that my health and road to recovery are in such knowledgeable and caring hands. And to top it all off, my daughter loved it too.

- Ms Grey(Transylvania) after 3 days of stay, June 2019

Was nice being here at Soukya. The treatments, staff, doctors, therapists, ambience, environment, all had been a great experience. The personalised service and attention make the experience all the more great. My best wishes to Dr. Issac and his team.

- Mr Yadav (India) after 8 days of stay, June 2019

Being at Soukya was the most blissful experience of my life. Everything here is divine. I would love to come again and again!

- Ms Kumari (India) after 9 days stay, June 2019

We had a pleasant and comfortable stay at Soukya and enjoyed each moment with peace, happiness and good health. In short, we feel Soukya as "Paradise on Earth"

- Mr & Mrs Chacko (India) after 15 days of stay, June 2019

Soukya is a way of life and a real example of temple to cleanse your body and soul. This being the first time, is nothing by a start of a life long journey.

- Mr & Mrs Shah (India) after 15 days of stay, June 2019

Panchakarma 21 days. I am very glad that I chose exactly Soukya for this procedure. Thank you for the magical place, for the magic and caring people, for the delicious food and the new me!

- Mrs Bondarenko (Ukraine) after 22 days of stay, June 2019

It was a pleasure to stay with you! This authentic place is unique. The people are beyond caring and the food is delicious (especially the mangoes). Unfortunately, we had to prioritise and leave a little earlier than expected but we hope to come back soon one day

- Mr & Mrs Muhlhoff (Germany) after 15 days of stay, June 2019

My sixth visit and a very special stay once again the competence, attitude and caring qualities of doctors and soukya teams is par excellence. Thank you for the healing and the nurturing grateful to the universe I am able to come back refresh and rejuvenate in Soukya.

- Ms Bartholomew (India) after a week stay, June 2019

Soukya a great unique place to relax, recharge and reconnect with oneself holistically. The environment, the facilities, the caring & serving culture of Soukya is really awe inspiring and have all combined to create a dreamlike place for holistic healing. All the staff Reception, Housekeeping, Restaurant, and Therapy are really committed to serving, caring and helping all the visitors of Soukya. I salute Dr.Mathai Vision and his unwavering commitment for creating such a much needed & wonderful wellness centre on earth. I will always cherish and create opportunities to visit Soukya again & again. Whishing a great future for Soukya.

- Mr Ahlawat (India) after 2 weeks of stay, June 2019

Soukya, it was a lovely experience for me where one gets to know his inner self and starts looking at life from a different perspective. I had a very positive experience and looking forward to incorporate this in our daily lifestyle. The food & staff were amazing and extremely friendly and polite. I want to congratulate and also thank Dr.Mathai for the lovely work done with the Holistic Health Centre and beautiful gardens. Thank you.

- Mr Faleiro (India) after 5 days of stay, 2019

Overall it is good.

- Mr & Mrs Bhaskar Reddy (India) after 5 weeks of stay, 2019

Wonderful blissful experience, serene atmosphere and a great ambiance. The Soukya tour was very educative. The sprawling gardens are beautifully landscaped with herbal plants, scented flowers, and fruit bearing trees and is a pleasant treat for the eyes. It is a tribute to our ancient civilization and a way of life. Congratulations.

- Mr Joaquim Faleiro (India) after 5 days of stay, 2019

My 6th visit in 6 years, I guess that says it all. Continually improving, dedicated staff from top to bottom. Other worldly almost. Normally I come in May but June was fine too, although monsoons delayed. I first came her by chance at a passing reference by a Saudi Colleague. Bravo, Dr&Mrs Mathai.

- Mr Thoms (USA) after 2 weeks of stay, 2019

My second visit to Soukya, Wonderful stay, Thank you all. I came frazzled but am going away calm and rejuvenated. My energy re filled. Soukya is positive energy, I can feel it. The property is beautiful, food delicious, sounds peaceful, treatments do the trick, flower fragrant, staff is so kind and supportive. Special shout out to doctors for taking care of me. I have recommended soukya to friends & family, got my mom & sister to try and am sure we all will be coming back, dad too. Thank you again.

- Ms Sofat (London) after 10 days of stay, 2019

I would like to whole heartedly express my sincere gratitude to all the doctors and staff at soukya. Food was amazing, I have really enjoyed the food because it is been so healthy and tasty. Staff have been very polite and kind, therapists have been very professional and so the treatments have been amazing. Soukya has been very well maintained and extremely peaceful. Housekeeping staff have done a great Job and so the room has always felt very comfortable to relax. Loved the beauty of Nature. Loved the stay at Soukya.

- Mr Kumar (India) after 44 days of stay, 2019

Thank you so much for accepting us to stay at Soukya centre, had a wonderful time and felt the energy came back to me. Beautiful surrounding, accommodation, staff you have here in soukya. Will definitely come here. Thank you.

- Mr Zaal (Dubai) after 11 days of stay, 2019

Had a wonderful experience. Shall love to visit again & again. Thanks a lot Soukya.

- Mrs Reddy (India) after 5 days of stay, 2019

Great and fresh experience, calm & relaxing. Visiting soon in the next few months.

- Mr Alshathry (Riyadh) after 8 days of stay, 2019

Thanks, as always.

- Ms Sarabhai (India) after 15 days of stay, 2019

Always a pleasure to be here. A calm and peaceful atmosphere, lovely surroundings which is a therapy in itself. The holistic treatment and diet has really rejuvenated and refreshed us, Thank you.

- Mr Nambiar (India) after a week of stay, 2019

Was a pleasure to meet Dr.Mathai and Ms Anna. Had a really relaxing stay, the campus is really well elaborated, the restaurant is excellent and the food is truly unique. We very much enjoyed the cooking demonstration, yoga and meditation every day. Thank you so much for a relaxing stay.

- Ms Kagliwal (India) after 8 days of stay, 2019

There are times when you ask yourself questions of why and what we are doing with our lives. The answer comes along in a space like Soukya. Dr Mathai and his friendly talks has found a new place in my energy of life. There is more to do and more dreams to happen when you are done with Soukya. You are back again because with Soukya and the ten million thoughts and dreams you are never done. Thank you Dr.Mathai we are friends for life and thank you the wonderful team at Soukya, keep smiling and keep calming people, stay blessed always.

- Ms Iyer (India) after 13 days of stay, 2019

Wonderful place, great staff and a chance to get your life & health back, Thank you all & bless you.

- Dr Alshubaili (Kuwait) after 17 days of stay, 2019

Soukya is devoted place, professional treatments and super surroundings. The horn of the train (invisible) keeps you aware that there is a real world outside and to enjoy the moment at Soukya even more.

- Mr Schuerman (Belgium) after 15 days of stay, 2019

Had an amazing time at Soukya. Treatments were professional and showed good results, peaceful experience and will be back soon.

- Mr Raheja (India) after 20 days of stay, 2019

I came to Soukya exhausted and disoriented. The few days here have enabled me recover slowly and recollect myself. Soukya is a wonderful place where people really take care of you enabling you winding down and getting at peace within yourself. I leave Soukya with positive mind set and en route for recovery. Thank you.

- Ms Villafrance (France) after a week of stay, 2019

I have been coming to Soukya every year since 2015 except 2017, Dr.Suja & Issac Mathai have created paradise on earth, cannot thank you enough Soukya what you do for me.

- Mr Tewari (India) after 9 days of Stay, 2019

Soukya a miracle place to wholeness, wellness and harmony surrounded by peaceful silence, bush greenery, clean sir, scent of fresh herbs, fragrance of colorful flowers and tall trees, truly one feels like entering paradise. This place is mesmerizing, a true heaven and happiness in the hustle and bustle of Bangalore city. One can merely soak in the beauty of nature and the warmth of the people here and regain the years lost in the misery of unhealthy living. The doctors here connect you in the divine healing. Thank you all the doctors for all the counseling you gave me and for patiently answering all my questions. The happy smiling faces of the girls who treat you, its therapy for heart and mind to be greeted by the dining room staff is food for the soul. I have had the most blissful and tranquil state of mind during my stay at Soukya. Thank you Dr Mathai for this divine place of healing. The confidence you have given me and your reassuring words that I am going to be fine will always get the going. I go back with cherished memories, thankfulness and gratitude.

- Mrs Rajkumar (India) after 22 days of stay, 2019

It is a great place, I recommend for anybody with Diabetes and hypertension, after 3 day my glucose and blood pressure were normal. Staff competence & friendly. My congratulation to Mrs & Dr Mathai.

- Mr Ahmed (Dubai) after 8 days of Stay, 2019

Very settling environment and great kitchen, Lovely energy with spectacular botanic gardens, staff wonderful. A great place to recharge even without treatments holistic health centers are vital in this modern vata deranged age, this one clearly excels. Thank you.

- Ms Marty (Australia) after 5 days of stay, 2019

This is the place I come to regularly over the years to rejuvenate, sort out recent medical issues and get energies to face the world. A true heaven of care, competence and helpfulness.

- Mrs Punjabi (India) after 10 days of stay, 2019

Once you enter the gates of Soukya, a certain calm comes over you and you feel very safe. Once you meet Dr.Mathai and talk to him you know that you are safe and before you leave you will be a different person. This is exactly what happened to me. I am leaving a different person. I feel good and fit. Dr.Mathai and his team work with such dedication. Thank you all very much for this beautiful experience. Its always going to be in my mind in a special corner forever so thank you Soukya, I give Soukya Excellent.

- Ms Quadros (India) after 12 days of stay, 2019

I liked the ambience very much, like being completely with nature, serene beauty is mesmerizing. Love to come again.

- Mr&Mrs Anand (India) after 21 days of stay, 2019

The great treatment and therapy were perfect and effective. I will be back next time.

- Mr Chalasani (Germany) after 11 days of stay, 2019

Next time I will not wait so long to come back. I would not have a better experience, after struggling for 6 years and trying 4 different doctors, you are the one who change my life. Thank you so much, all my symptoms are almost gone and I am much stronger on one month.

- Ms KD Kidder (USA) after a month of stay, 2019

Soukya never fails to amaze me, time I spend here is to re discover I, me, and myself. Look forward to my visits always. Thanks stay blessed Soukya.

- Mrs Golchha (India) after 14 days stay, 2019

It was very good time, thanks for everything, wish you all the best.

- Mr Ramil (Russia) after 44 days of stay, 2019

Thank you for your hospitality, Soukya is a very special place.

- Mrs Patel (UK) after a week of stay, 2019

Ten years ago we were here, the first time we could see the nature can do when humans look after it, its now a paradise the treatments were again extremely good and all personal very friendly and helpful. If our good lord allows it we will come again, we are both in the eighties.

- Mr&Mrs Peter Brommer (Germany) after 8 days of stay, 2019

All staffs, doctors, therapists are being very nice in Soukya. The gardens, pool and restaurant everything is very well clean, we completely feel secure and comfort, treatment is very well. Thank you team Soukya and god bless all of you. Soukya is a wonderful organic and ayurvedic world.

- Mr Madani (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2019

Coming again after almost years because Soukya is a magical place there you are reminded of the immense power of nature and the universe which are one. I wish this true healing power for everyone. Soukya bottles up this healing power in each and every service from the food to the treatments to its walking path and its medicine. Live love and pray. The true powers of healing blessing to each of you who come here for this purpose, much love.

- Ms Dhall (USA) after 13 days of stay, 2019

1 week is very short but I enjoyed it very much, I feel re energized and clear headed, next time I will come for 2 to 3 weeks

- Mr Omes (Netherlands) after 42 days of stay

What an inexplicably wonderful experience. The attitude and nature truly heal mind body and soul. Thank you for the warmth love, hospitality and support on the journey of life.

- Ms Singhvi (USA) after 2 weeks of stay, 2019

Fantastic as always.

- Ms Shah (USA) after 23 days of stay, 2019

Thank you, Soukya for helping me reclaim my life, somewhat the campus is superb and aids in the residents healing process.

- Mr Kalra (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2019

It has been a wonderful 24 glorious days. The place is just perfect and the gardens, the people, the atmosphere, the restaurant, the peace of mind and upon all the treatment and proficient staff at hand always. I definitely will recommend strongly and hopefully be back again thank you.

- Mr Alsharhan (UAE) after 24 days of stay, 2019

This has been a rare and unique experience for us. An eye opener for me. I received amazing results for my diabetes with the control of food and great treatments. The plan of setting Soukya and its gardens concept for walks was most soothing and calming. The administration is so very efficient. An institute is only as good as its staffs functioning, here the staff from Doctors, Therapists, kitchen, and yoga teachers to maintainers of the whole environment are simply and superbly great. I learnt so much about myself and life generally that I will always remember my stay, treatment and experience here. Soukya has a great future. We wish Soukya to heal a whole lot of people now and the coming future. Best wishes always to all staff at Soukya.

- Dr & Mrs Rashpall (Malaysia) after 8 days of stay, 2019

Truly great sanctuary for wellness we had excellent treatments and we are remarkably rejuvenated. Our journey towards wellness has begun, outstanding doctors and great service.

- Mr & Mrs Mehta (UK) after 15 days of stay, 2019

Thanks for your hospitality during the visit, we had excellent treatment, we really appreciate every single day within my stay and off course it will be one of the places that I recommend for others to visit for treatment. Thank with love.

- Ms Al Neebari (Kuwait) after 22 days of stay, 2019

In fact I would thank you for the warm hospitality and the proper treatment and examination you have, I was appreciated and treated more than what I expected, I would also like to thank Dr. Issac Mathai and his team of doctors and all therapists, all medical staffs and all employees in Soukya.

- Ms Alghanem (Kuwait) after 22 days of stay, 2019

Arriving at 3pm at Soukya and wandering around the next day, I thought that it would be an extreme challenge to stay for more than 2 weeks, now after 25 days it feels like home and I have recovered in a remarkable way from all my neurological problems. How you guys did it, I do not know but the result is phenomenal A special thank you to my therapists and Thank you great staff, great service. Dr.Mathai and team, thanks for all and stay in touch.

- Mr Spierings (Netherlands) after 29 days of stay, 2019

I did walk in with lots of pains and aches, my metabolism was at the lowest. I feel a remarkable improvement in myself in just 6 days. I need to come back and stay for 3 weeks and I am looking forward to it. Serenity and silence much needed for healing, it is everywhere in Soukya. My6 diagnosis was done so perfectly which I always knew but no outside doctors were able to do, Soukya you did it.

- Ms Vaikunt (India) after 6 days of stay, 2019

An amazing experience, even better than my last visit, very impressive staff.

- Ms Scott (UK) after 8 days of stay, 2019

Could not believe the paradise exist in India. Great experience, highly motivated team, doctors made us feel very comfortable with all recommended treatments which included Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic treatments and Naturopathy. Therapists were very good with their work, not to forget the cuisine which was excellent and well planned and complimented by the ever attentive and smiling staff. Most of all we enjoyed the tranquil surroundings. We go back rejuvenated and look forward to come back again soon. Our sincere thanks to one and all.

- Mr & Mrs Suresh Kewalramani (India) after 11 days of stay, 2019

Have been coming since 20014. I think that says it all. Awesome for my condition, thank you.

- Mr Singh (Dubai) after 11 days of stay, 2019

I did not come with some great problem and thought I was okay but only after 40 days I know what okay should mean effortless living, thanks.

- Mr Tyagi (India) after 42 days of stay, 2019

A very unique and special place. So grateful I found this holistic wellness retreat to re set and take health habits back with me. Amazing staff and service and want to continue the self-care they educated me about. Added such calm and years to my life.

- Ms Bear (USA) after 8 days of stay, 2019

Awesome. Looking forward to my next visit. Great staff, doctors, property, and animal experience.

- Ms Boshwitz (USA) after 6 days of stay, 2019

What a life changing experience for both, my husband and I. it is a true home away from home. We were totally pampered from food to therapies to the gorgeous landscape. The staff are so welcoming and warm. The chef is absolutely amazing and talented ad we enjoyed all our meals. The service at the restaurant was spectacular and they were ever ready to please and oblige. The therapy centre is a true heaven. Once we entered there we completely forgot about the outside world. All the therapists are brilliant and very skilled. The doctors, our counsellors were very warm in listening to our problems and always ready with their expert solutions, from the security to the gardeners and all the people at the receptions, we have never felt more welcomed in any other place and we were really well taken care. Thank you soukya for this amazing and un forgettable experience.

- Mr & Mrs Navin Kewalramani (India) after 26 days of stay, 2019

Thank you as always for everything, for your wonderful care. The most magical spiritual place.

- Ms Goodman (UK) after 6 days of stay, 2019

I am leaving with richness of self that never attained in any other place I have been before. Thank you.

- Mr Fakhoury (Jordan) after 57 days of stay, 2019

This was my first visit and I will be back. It was a wonderful experience. The grounds are beautiful, the food was delicious, the staff throughout the campus were excellent and the treatments and yoga were very relaxing and rejuvenating.

- Mr Bilumoria (USA) after 8 days of stay, 2019

Stayed for 10 days and it had been an amazing experience. The landscapes and greenery is something I have never seen before. Totally out of world. The food, service, treatment, all more excellent. The housekeeping and layout are extraordinary. Each and every details have been very well looked after in the entire campus.

- Mr Chhabra (India) after 7 days of stay, 2019

What a beautiful place, lovely ambience, friendly people, will be returning again with family. Loved the affection and warmth of doctors and every single person here. Thank you so much.

- Ms Shwetha (USA) after 2 weeks of stay, 2019

It been a wonderful experience spending my 40th birthday in Soukya. Completely recharged and feeling so positive to get back and the life in a more wholesome way. The campus is so wonderful with all the beautiful plants, flower in full bloom, fruits & butterflies and a wonderful team. Really made the thing so special. Thank you so much.

- Mr Kardar Singh (India) after a week of stay, 2019

Blessed is this place and this ecosystem holds a power to heal and nourish. Love to all and wishing you the very best and may more grateful and happy people.

- Ms Ramasamy (India) after 11 days of stay, 2019

A stay at Soukya is a life changing experience. Thank so much

- Ms Souillac (UK) after a week of stay, 2019

We lived here a unique once a lifetime mind opening two week stay. Thanks a lot, we wish all at Soukya merry Christmas and happy New Year 2020

- Mr & Mrs Brhel (Slovakia) after 15 days of stay, 2019

Had a wonderful experience stayed 5 days only but a great change, Staff were excellent, treatment was awesome, beautiful meals. Bless you all, thank you Soukya for a warm welcoming.

- Mr & Mrs Sidik (Zambia) after 6 days of stay, 2019

This is second time here in Soukya I found here calmness and psychological and physical rest. The treatment was excellent. Thank you Soukya for all services provided to me.

- Ms Balghanim (Riyadh) after 15 days of stay, 2019

Wonderful place. Gods own place on earth. Flawless service.

- Mr Mohan (India) after 4 days of stay, 2019

Had a wonderful experience, it is beyond any expectations, the doctors are amazing, I am very fortunate to be here in Soukya. I love coming in Soukya, the Paradise on earth.

- Ms Sangamitra (India) after 6 days of stay, 2019

I had a wonderful time at Soukya. The doctors are very knowledgeable and understanding to my condition. The staff are much pleasant and professional. The property is charming and exquisite, I am leaving here feeling refreshed to revitalized, Thank you.

- Ms Vinke (Bangkok) after a week of stay, 2019

It has been a great journey to discover Soukya. Thank you the treatment days have made better, very professional and nice people, clean environment.

- Ms Munoz De Gaviria (Colombia) after 13 days of stay, 2019

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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