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I am very happy that I got to start my new year by visiting a place like Soukya. It was a very short stay but has really given me what I needed. Everyone at Soukya have been amazing. Thank you.

- Ms.Namrata Rao (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

My second time here, always satisfied. Thank you for all the love.

- Ms.Ahasan (Bangladesh) after 6 days of stay, 2021

Short stay but nice stay, due to lack of time could not stay long, and will stay in future, Thanks

- Mr.Rundla (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

I spent a week here and it was just what I needed to recharge and rejuvenate my body, mind & soul. I loved the holistic approach to health and wellbeing and all aspects of treatments, diet and the other programs reflected that holism, and it was a delight to be one with nature in this beautiful place with the lovely garden and trees and the constant birds sounds and the silences. The Courtesy, concern and friendliness of everyone from Dr.Issac Mathai to all the therapists, the dining hall staff and chefs and housekeeping and gardening staff are to be especially commended. Much gratitude to all of you. I could not have asked for a better way to start 2021. God bless you all.

- Ms.Paul (India) after a week of stay, 2021

A big thank you to the Soukya team for the wonderful week I spent here. It was great spending time in this ambience and to be interacting with happy smiling people the whole day. Dr.Mathai & his team, dining, kitchen staff, front desk team and the housekeeping made my stay here a very memorable one, kudos to Dr.Issac Mathai and Dr.Suja Mathai in creating this world class space. All the best & god bless.

- Ms.Alexander (India) after a week of stay, 2021

Soukya has been such an amazing find. We had such a relaxing time it was really what we needed to reset the pace. The staff across the facilities was extremely courteous, knowledgeable & helpful we look forward to being back and spending more time, special compliments to the chef for making absolutely delectable dishes that each our 2 year old loved & the treatments staff, they really were some of our best massages & the landscaping & gardening team, what a gorgeous choice of plants, loved everything Thank you.

- Mrs&Mr.Lakhani (India) after 2 days stay, 2021

First time visitors, lifelong converts. Glad we are starting early, it is a perfect blend of a medical facility and a resort, the restaurant staffs are true asset.

- Mr.Arora &.Mr Shah (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

Our stay here at Soukya was very relaxing and rejuvenating. The whole place is as meditative as you enter from the gate the relaxation starts with the way you are welcomed. The rooms the garden, the carefully curated meals, therapy yoga everything has been designed to relax the body & mind. Thanks to each & every staff who is working here for taking care of us. It is indeed one of the most sustainable wellness resort I have ever been.

- Mrs.Bhutia & Mr.Khurana (India) after a week of stay, 2021

We had a great time with Soukya family, Thank you Dr.Mathai for conceiving, planning, executing & successfully running this world class facility. Fortunate to have experienced the philosophy & the practices of this esteemed institution.

- Mrs.Radhu & Mr.Krishna (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

I am very happy with my decision to come to Soukya, very caring staff, great doctors, great therapist, lovely ambience, could not have asked for anything more.

- Mrs.Sharma (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

Had a very holistic experience indeed very rejuvenating and healing would love to come back more often.

- Mrs.Movalla (India) after 8 days of stay, 2021

Coming to Soukya was in my bucket list, it was indeed a very rewarding and healing experience, thanks to the staff and management. I was treated royally.

- Ms.Mathew (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. I thank you for the amazing hospitality, great food and wonderful memories.

- Mr.Patil (India) after 4 days of stay, 2021

We really enjoy our stay here, everything was top notch. Really nice food, delightful staff and service, nice building and gorgeous gardens. An incredible place of healing. Thank you.

- Mr.Koprivica & family (Austria) after a month of stay, 2021

Excellent resort. It has everything one needs to completely unwind and rejuvenate the mind and body. The therapies and treatments are top class. Atithi Devo Bhava seems to be the Motto. Great staff, food, gardens, doctors, walking track, therapists, rooms, and the list seems endless. Worth repeating regularly.

- Mrs&Mr.Naganand (India) after 15 days of stay, 2021

Excellent service. The staff is your strength, complemented by the amazing gardens. Total relaxation & ANANDA. Thank you to all of you for making it a warm 15 days

- Mrs.Anantharaman (India) after 16 days of stay, 2021

Best treatment centre have ever been to. Staff are very polite and obliging. I have decided to come to Soukya every year.

- Mr.Ramesh (India) after 11 days of stay, 2021

Amazing place. Centre like this are needed more, all over the world.

- Mrs&Mr.Jhunjhunwala (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

Perfect for body & mind detox, very friendly and warm staff. Treatments were very effective. Doctors are very good and explain in detail. Thank you.

- Mr.Anantharaman (India) after 16 days of stay, 2021

Therapists and ayurvedic therapies are very excellent. Ambience of the place is very good. Doctors are friendly and there was special care taken by Dr.Mathai and the entire team. Holistic approach well executed.

- Mrs&Mr.Nagarajan (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2021

Therapists and Doctors are excellent. Staff at your place too good. Excellent services. Feel too relaxed.

- Mrs&Mr.Aroumougam (India) after 4 days of stay, 2021

Namaskar, Soukya is heaven on earth. Very peaceful place, I have been here for 21 days, but still feel like to stay more. I would like to thank all staff members and doctors for their hospitality and care. They not only made my stay comfortable but mesmerizing. I am totally relaxed and rejuvenated here my all worries and anxiety disappeared. I am taking lot of positivity from this heavenly beautiful place. Each and every moment spent here is really worthwhile. Once again thanks to complete Soukya team for making me feel so special.

- Mrs.Patil (India) after 21 days of stay, 2021

Thank you, short stay this time. Lovely to see Soukya in full bloom. Thanks to the therapists for my massage treatment. Doctors for support and Dining staff for good food service. Best, see you again.

- Ms.Sofat (India) after 4 days of stay, 2021

Soukya built with Passion, dedication and the Love towards it breaths in Dr.Mathai & his entire team. I am thankful to Rachita & Gaurav for having been the reason for having pulled me here. The day I entered and met Dr.Mathai immediately I called my son in Jaipur and told him that he must come here and experience what commitment is and how we all can benefit from else s commitment, my experience here has cemented what I had heard and even imagined.

- Mr.Chopra (India) after 5 days of stay, 2021

My first time in Soukya. Had come for a meditative break and to take some treatments. Absolute blown away by this place. Dr.Mathai has created something very amazing and the quality of the offering come out in all aspects, treatments, products, Doctors. Room, Food, overall environment nature around you. Really happy that I chose Soukya & will be back soon & for sure will be recommending this place to all friends & family. Keep it up.

- Mr.Taparia (India) after a week of stay, 2021

I have been here before 2016 but there has been an exponential jump in quality of care. I really enjoyed my time. Thank you Doctors.

- Ms.Mamidipudi (India) after 6 days of stay, 2021

What a fabulous product Soukya is, from Dr.Mathai to the house keeping services, warmth & attention to detail Soukya has healed and rejuvenated me. Special mention of the beautiful landscape and the excellent therapy centre & therapists. Thank you team Soukya, look forward to repeated visits.

- Ms.Chandrasekhar (India) after 16 days of stay, 2021

Soukya, it is a seven star ambience, but a subtly spiritual experience, with Mother Nature showering her best, Dr.Mathai & his dedicated friendly team take care of the rest. Thanks to one & all with deep gratitude for having started me on the path to recovery, by intricately weaving together a range of treatments to heal the body, mind & the soul, truly one of its kind.

- Dr.Sreevidya (India) after 27 days of stay, 2021

Thank you Soukya & team. My experience has been amazing, I would like to thank Dr.Mathai for his one to one session and explaining the healing process. Thanks to each & every staff.

- Mr.Anuj Kohli (UK) after 3 days of stay, 2021

Great service, good doctors & great food. Could have more therapies, more than excellent.

- Ms. Bhatnagar & Mr.Bhatnagar (Dubai) after 2 weeks of stay, 2021

Beautiful place made and run with passion. Super people all around even the ones working in field. Above all Dr.Mathai is a magician, only talking to him makes you relaxed and you feel you can leave yourself in his hands. I am waiting for him to open in Portugal. Thanks everyone

- Ms. Jain (India) after 17 days stay, 2021

Thank you Dr. Mathai & Suja for a wonderful, restful weekend. Soukya is an amazing place, the landscaping, chirping of birds feels magical. You have maintained the same quality of care from 2008 when I first came. The smiles of your staff, their friendliness, professionalism is outstanding. The treatments were top class, of course.

- Dr. Sudha & Dr. Vinay (India) after 3 days stay, 2021

Great service, excellent hospitality with well taken care of each client. Good team of Doctors.

- Ms. Nidhi Gupta (India) after 4 days of stay, 2021

Simply the best.

- Mrs. Rao (India) after 8 days of stay, 2021

This is my second visit and I have enjoyed my time here along with my brother. The staffs are very nice and welcoming with great service. Thank you all.

- Ms. Fatma Al Maawali (Oman) after 15 days of stay, 2021

The place is neat and beautiful and Thanks for everything.

- Mr. Said Ibrahim (Oman) after 15 days of stay, 2021

First time to Soukya, had a wonderful, relaxed stay, therapies are really amazing, staff very professional. The food was very healthy and delicious. I have been to most of the wellness centres in the world in the past 15 years, I rate Soukya as number 1 now.

- Dr. Bellam (India) after 13 days of stay, 2021

Was here for 5 days and has the best time ever. Amazing & beautiful place with the friendliest staff, best 5 days I have spent away from home in a long time, will definitely come back.

- Mr. Varghese (India) after 5 days of stay, 2021

First time at Soukya, excellent experience, good atmosphere, staff very cooperating & affectionate, will try to come again, Doctors are very competent.

- Mr. Gupta (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2021

Thank you for the very nice and warm stay at Soukya. It was a life changing time for me.

- Ms. Ellen Te Brake (Netherlands) after 23 days of stay, 2021

Soukya is holistic in every sense of the term. The place is designed with great care, has been planted thoughtfully and is run very competently. The treatments were extremely effective. The food was very tasty and was presented tastefully. The staff are warm and friendly. All together an amazing experience.

- Mrs. & Mr. Atheeq (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 20 days of stay here. The entire staff feels like family now & it is a bitter sweet departures. But my time here has been more than satisfactory. A big thank you to all, Best service.

- Ms. Tanti (India) after 20 days of stay, 2021

I have been coming to Soukya since its inception and this must be my 8th visit here, perhaps more. I have known Dr.Mathai and his wife Suja as family and over the years, some of the old staffs who have been here since its inception also feel like family. The ambience of this place, friendliness of the staff, quality of treatments and the delicious food leave little else to be desired. I wish my Soukya family all the best in the years ahead.

- Mrs & Mr. Kamani (India) after 9 days of stay, 2021

Our first visit to Soukya and it has been absolutely wonderful. The staff is very helpful and always smiling. The food is amazing and the treatments were wonderful too.

- Mrs & Mr. Vaswani (India) after a week of stay, 2021

This was my 2nd visit to Soukya and I really experienced a very positive vibes during my 2 weeks of stay. I really dont have words to Thank Dr.Issac Mathai & Dr.Suja Issac for this wonderful team, everyone starting from watchman to Doctors, it was a beautiful experience. Will try to make it every year.

- Mr. Kumar (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2021

This is first visit to Soukya. I must thank Dr.Mathai & Dr.Suja for creating such a beautiful atmosphere to stay, the place is maintained very well, a very good doctors are available here, all the therapists and other staffs are also good, I will try to make my time to visit Soukya every year. Thank you for all.

- Mr. Veeranna (India) after 13 days of stay, 2021

The entire experience makes one totally unwind & heal. Many thanks to the Doctors, Therapists & other staff, loved my room, keep up the good work.

- Ms. Saloni Duggal (India) after 4 days of stay, 2021

This is my second visit to Soukya in as many years. This place continues to amaze me, right from the carefully designed accommodation, soothing treatments, outstanding dining and well trained staff, Soukya takes rejuvenation to the next level. Thanks again to Doc & Suja for creating this paradise on earth.

- Mr. Gopi Krishnan (India) after 10 days of stay, 2021

The words of the poet Amir khusrau fit Soukya, exactly. If there be a paradise on earth, It is this, It is this, It is this. No words to describe the place or the people.

- Mr. Kalyanaraman (India) after 3 weeks of stay, 2021

Eutopia in terms of ambience and a medical destination created by Dr.Issac Mathai & Dr.Suja Issac. May the universe bless your family and bless Soukya. From the Garden staff, the Reception, Dining staff, Chefs and the treatment Doctors, everyone is polite, Caring and Patient. The therapy centre is excellent.

- Mrs. Kalayanaraman (India) after 3 weeks of stay, 2021

Heaven on earth is the feeling we both get here, we were treated as Devas. Everyone has done their best to make our stay memorable, cheers to the team at Soukya.

- Mrs. Noaman (India) after 5 days of stay, 2021

It was just what the Doctor ordered. The property is spectacular, healing starts from the green area to your excellent Doctors, treatments & food, best of luck to Soukya & your team, will come back soon.

- Mrs. Jaising (India) after 4 days of stay, 2021

Had an amazing time, great feeling, Love you Soukya.

- Mr.Taneja (India) after 6 days of stay, 2021

This is my first visit and the general experience exceeded my expectations, spent 12 days and accomplished the objectives of the visit. I hope I can make this an annual feature.

- Mr.Sawhny (India) after 13 days of stay, 2021

I wish I had the ability of a poet to describe the magic that is Soukya. The love and effort which has gone into making it what it is, shines through in every corner, every person, every action. The Mathais are blessed to be the cause of making this come alive and keeping it resonant with this energy. We were blessed to have experienced it and pray that we can keep doing it.

- Mr&Mrs. Goenka (India) after 20 days of stay, 2021

We came here for a short break to rejuvenate ourselves after a stressful year, Soukya more that exceeded our expectations with respect to our goal. The staff were friendly and courteous, the food was fresh and organic, and the treatments relieved our stress, the natural surroundings and habitat improved our mood one could go on and on. We will definitely be back for more.

- Mr. Nikhil Balaraman (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

I have been a regular at Soukya for more than 20 years. That is a testament to the efficacy of treatments that I have received here Thank you.

- Mrs. Varghese (India) after 5 days of stay, 2021

Kudos to Dr.Mathai for creating this amazing paradise. Everything here is just Awesome. The treatments were extremely soothing, special mention & thanks to the Doctors & the full team. The staff are very courteous & friendly, special compliments to the gardeners, who maintain this beautiful green oasis. It was wonderful meeting Dr.Mathai and knowing about the tremendous social service being done. We definitely hope to return for a longer stay. Presently Thanks to Soukya, we are leaving Relaxed, Refreshed & Rejuvenated.

- Mrs. Omprakash & Mrs. Dutta & Mrs. Gopalkrishnan (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

My fourth stay at Soukya and each time is more satisfying and memorable, six days is not enough as Dr.Mathai keeps telling me, but it helped restore me after an unpleasant boat of long covid and prepare me for the arduous months ahead. As with my previous stay two years ago, I found myself deeply impressed by your extremely well trained staff, their professionalism, thoughtfulness and exemplary commitment to service. Everyone from the operations sector to the waitress was competent, prompt and unfailingly pleasant and helpful. I was again struck by the attention to detail at every point, the facilities, amenities, interior design and the beautiful landscaping, as well as the attractive yet particle layout of Soukya. The calmness of the surroundings was conducive to neor and recuperation and I leave feeling restored and revived after a tough couple of post covid months. Thank you, Dr.Mathai & Suja for your pen less hospitality and for creating and running such a beautiful idyll. My mother joins me in extending her gratitude and admiration for the high quality of your staff, efficient organization and thoughtful, attractive service. Wish you even more success.

- Mr. Shashi Tharoor & Ms. Lily Tharoor (India) after 6 days of stay, 2021

We enjoyed our stay, food, treatment and services are excellence.

- Mr.&Mrs. Goel (India) after a week of stay, 2021

Enjoyed our stay, food and treatments, will come again. Great place, was for a short stay to accompany my wife, greenery landscape, food, treatments everything is worth enjoying, will surely visit again with family & friends.

- Mr.&Mrs. Daga (India) after 6 days of stay, 2021

Soukya is a beautiful creation. This is my first stay & am truly impressed with its world class facility and service. Artistically designed buildings merging into well manicured ornamental gardens, a wide array of vegetable beds, arboretum of medicinal plants, butter flies & birds provide great ambience and a beautiful experience. The doctors, therapists and service staff are dedicated and are exceptionally good. The holistic approach to healing is highly beneficial and rare to be found elsewhere. Food is diverse, nutritious & tasty. Grateful to Dr.Issac Mathai, Mrs.Suja and their dedicated team for creating this wonderful space and great service. Soukya is pride of Karnatak. Best wishes to them and god bless.

- Mrs. D.N. Narasimha Raju (India) after 15 days of stay, 2021

Enjoyed my stay completely. Beautifully done place. I like the most in yoga hall & sound of wind chime & birds chirping made me so happy. Treatments were good. The overall stay was very good and leaving Soukya fully relaxed and rejuvenated.

- Mrs.Rachna Gupta (India) after 15 days of stay, 2021

Though it was a short stay, I loved every bit of it, it was extremely relieving. I must say the staff is very courteous and they make you feel like home. Everyone is very flexible & very attentive to guest requests. Not seen a greener place in a long time and treatment were the best. Would definitely come again

- Ms. Kriti Gupta (India) after 15 days of stay, 2021

The ambience and treatments makes you relax and appreciate what god has created, the gardens are so well maintained, the rooms are very clean, and next the therapists too are good. Thank you for giving me this time of pure relaxation.

- Ms.Kurian (India) after 5 days of stay, 2021

Dr. Mathai though I am a farmer but this place Soukya is going to be in my memories for ever. Kudos to you to Mrs.Mathai for her deep insight in maintaining and designing this 30 acres paradise. We all had a gala time here. As far as treatments and therapy is concerned. My father and my wife came with some critical illness. Allopathic treatment had made both of them dull almost life less with very low spirit. After treatments/therapies now there is drastic change in their attitude and illness. We have not seen God, but can say only. You all are God like figure for us. A deep thanks from care of our heart.

- Mr. Sohan Lal daga & Mr. Arun Daga & Mrs. Manju Daga (India), after 19 days of stay, 2021

Soukya for me was soulful rejuvenating, energising, healing and so much more. The people associated to the organisation, right from the therapists, practitioners to the chef to the maintenance staff, everyone is a family working towards a common goal of helping people. I have learnt a few culinary hacks from chef, had some great dinner arranged by F&B staff, had great conversation with the doctors, I came to nourish my body, I am leaving with a nourished soul with the Soukya family as my new friends. Thanks to all, special thanks to Dr.Mathai. Love you all.

- Mrs. Manju Daga (India) after 19 days of stay, 2021

Soukya is developed and nurtured by a visionary couple Dr.Mathai and Dr.Suja Issac. The eco system is maintained with meticulousness and loving care. Treatment is well planned and explained by the doctors, massages for hand uses are as rhythmic as the strokes of the percussionist, food both in variety and taste is extraordinary, presentation is delightful and nutritional value, the dishes matches the requirement of wellness. All staff are well trained and courteous, competent in their task. We had a restful week of stay, felt rejuvenated. We carry happy memories and hope to be back for a refill of health and happiness. In conclusion let us say the whole Soukya was an unmarried but efficient place of wholesome activity.

- Mrs.&Mr. Maiya (India) after a week of stay, 2021

Soukya is the 1st wellness place we decided to come, it has been a very relaxed week and we are going back feeling rejuvenated. Every aspect at Soukya is personalised and taken care of. The place is lush with greenery and planned extremely beautifully. We appreciate each member of Soukya for giving us an unforgettable experience of relaxation & rejuvenation.

- Mrs.&Mr. Jethwani (India) after 8 days of stay, 2021

Being my first visit to Soukya, I was indeed overwhelmed by the beautiful surrounding, garden and above all the endless organic vegetables, fruits and herbs galore. Simply a feast to the eyes. The chef gave us wonderfully curated food day after day, with perfect portion control, each and every meal was completely satisfactory. Full marks him from a health freak and foodie like me. Doctors are more cooperative and extremely helpful. Thanks to Dr.Mathai for the books and a special thanks for the fruits so fondly sent to the room. Thank you to all the therapists and the housekeeping and room service and restaurant staff for taking care of us. Special thanks to the dining team for the wonderful continental main course salads and desserts, low cal, nutritious yet so tasty.

- Mrs.&Mr. Tibrewalla (India) after 8 days of stay, 2021

Not enough words to describe the serene and calmness. I have felt in the couple of days I was here. Thanks once again to one and all for being so wonderful in every possibly way. This place is a different altogether. It is tough to grab the beauty in very few words. It is an experience which I have experienced until next time. Best wishes, onwards & upwards.

- Mr.Kartik (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

I absolutely loved the place, it made me really tune in, each & every person is absolutely wonderful, kind, sincere & so caring. The doctors, therapists and all of management are par excellence. Taking Soukya integrated into my being. Will definitely come again to rejuvenate. Love to all. God bless all.

- Ms.Jyoti Kumar (India) after 16 days of stay, 2021

As always Soukya proved a blessing for body & soul going back rejuvenated. Thank you all.

- Ms.Ruchika Soi (India) after 8 days of stay, 2021

We loved our stay at Soukya. We feel relaxed, refreshed and energized by our time here. We really liked every single aspect of the centre, the food was delicious, nourishing and healthy, the staff was very friendly, helpful and welcoming, the setting was beautifully natural and peaceful, the massage the therapists were friendly and skilful, the doctors were knowledgeable and showed genuine concern. All in all it was truly a holistically catered experience. We will surely be back soon.

- Mr.Rajan Tanti (India) after 15 days of stay, 2021

What an experience for Silence, Fresh air, Treated all as equal, attention to details, Mild Cuisine, Well mannered staff and Courteous. A model hard to replicate, God bless.

- Mrs.&Mr. Nagarajan (India) after 5 days of stay, 2021

What an idyllic Place and absolutely delightful staff, doctors, massage therapists, kitchen staff. Lovely stay, thank you.

- Ms.Tara (India) after a week of stay, 2021

A very calming and serene experience here at Soukya, doctors & therapists are very competent and friendly. Absolutely delightful stay. Thank you.

- Mr.Anand Prabhu (India) after 20 days of stay, 2021

Wonderful ambience, excellently managed with good therapies, food and very courteous staff.

- Mr.Soota & Mr.Karedan (India) after 3 days of stay, 2021

Wonderful experience at Soukya, overwhelmed by the beautiful surroundings, garden. Food here is excellent. Enjoyed our stay.

- Ms.Anita Bhasin (India) after 5 days of stay, 2021

The tranquillity and peace in Soukya made me fully relaxed. After going through the therapies, yoga sessions and meditations, I came to feel the inner power of my body, mind and spirit. I also read the first few chapters of Dr.Issac Mathai book. I have to say that those who found Soukya are all destined to come here to cleanse their body, mind and spirit Thank you.

- Ms.Akiko Sugita (India) after 4 days of stay, 2021

My time at Soukya has been stirring. The nature itself with the beautiful trees and vast vegetable gardens, helps you heal the treatment, the staff were excellent, the food is simply delicious, especially the continental food, kudos to the F&B team, they are well trained and very hospitable. Thanks once again. Dr.Mathai and his team of doctors, therapists are outstanding. I feel so better in just 4 days, thank you all at Soukya.

- Ms.Malavika Hegde (India) after 4 days of stay, 2021

Soukya is just beautiful. Have learnt so much about my body and mind. Look forward to coming back soon. Thanks to all the folks here who made the experience what it was.

- Mr. Arora (India) after 10 days of stay, 2021

All four of us had a fantastic experience at Soukya. Thanks to Dr.Mathai and the entire team here which made our stay very meaningful and memorable. The overall environment with so much greenery helped one to enjoy the natures bliss. The entire process from the accommodation, food, therapies, yoga sessions and meditation sessions helped to rejuvenate the body mind and soul to the core. Thank you everyone who made it happen. Till we come back goodbye.

- Mr.Dinesh Rathi and family (Nigeria) after 16 days of stay, 2021

I am rejuvenated, revived, thank you to the entire staff of Soukya who made it possible and their positive attitude and longevity with the institution speaks volumes to the culture here and to be mission and vision of Dr.Mathai translated so beautifully in his green oasis, the attention to details I believe it is all Mrs.Suja handiwork, so tasty nutritious food, all made Holistic healing in the real sense happen.

- Ms.Rekha Menon (India) after 5 days of stay, 2021

It was a long overdue visit, I am too glad I came here and spent 15 days which is a must feel to clean to light and to healthy in mind and body. It is a must to visit Soukya for 14 days once a year. Food is delicious though veg changed my concept of healthy veg food. Staff is amazing cultured and good at what they do. Doctor has done a wonderful job of training his people.

- Mr.Virwani (India) after 13 days of stay, 2021

Soukya has been an amazing experience, Dr.Mathai and the whole team has helped me heal and I am very grateful to him and Soukya. Food, treatment, Yoga everything is outstanding. Thank you Soukya I love you and will miss you.

- Mr.Lalwani (India) after 15 days of stay, 2021

Really enjoyed.

- Dr. Yulios (India) after 4 days of stay, 2021

My second visit here in two years through the pandemic, that should say it all, I continue to be blown away by the care and professionalism throughout, from the doctors, therapists, the restaurant staffs, chef and each and everyone else that made my nearly three week stay one of rejuvenation and recovery. I am deeply grateful to Dr.Mathai and Mrs.Suja Mathai for this wonderful healing centre Built and wish Soukya every success going ahead. I feel like I am returning a new person, Thank you.

- Ms.Sneha (India) after 20 days of stay, 2021

Coming to Soukya was on our mind for many years and we finally made it. The high praise throughout this book says it all. What a memorable experience its been. The beautifully landscaped grounds, the super efficiency of the place and the overall aesthetic is stunning and the delicious food was an unexpected bonus. The veg cuisine with a creative twist is a real eye opener. A big thank you to all we will surely be back.

- Mrs.&Mr.Vellapally (India) after a week of stay, 2021

We had a pleasant and enriching experience at Soukya. The staff are conscientious, courteous and dedicated to their jobs and made the whole experience enjoyable and elevated to the next level. The food is delicious and innovative. Our compliments for Mrs.Suja for her fine taste so evident in the cuisine and landscaping. Thank you Soukya.

- Mrs.&Mr.S.V. Rao (India) after a week of stay, 2021

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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