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This newsletter is aimed at creating awareness on a chosen health issue or medical condition. We wish to educate people on the condition and its prevention. Also, how the different Systems of Medicine and Complementary Therapies help in treating the condition. This month we have focused on Mental and Emotional Health which is relevant to all. Even if we cannot avoid it in our daily lives, we need to help ourselves cope with it better.
Dr. Issac Mathai M.D.(Hom),M.R.C.H. (Lond) and Mrs.Suja Issac M. Sc., M.Phil. (Foods & Nutrition)
SOUKYA awarded as the "Most Spiritual Spa" in the world by Conde Nast


SOUKYA was awarded the "Most Spiritual Spa" in the world at the Conde Nast Traveller Spa Awards at London, on 3rd February, 2015. Conde Nast Traveller London in association with Healing Holidays launched The Spa Awards 2015 at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London on the 3rd February 2015. In addition to the various illustrious titles conferred on SOUKYA over the years, we have now been awarded the "Most Spiritual Spa" in the world by Conde Nast, London. This is the only award for India under any category. Conde Nast has also rated us as the most Prestigious Holistic Health and Spiritual destination. The award was given to Dr.Issac Mathai by the Director of Conde Nast Ms.Frances Geoghegan.

Member of National Health Committee

Dr Issac Mathai has been chosen by Ministry Of Health, Government of India to be a Member of National Health Committee to advice on Holistic Health.

Free Homeopathic Medicinal Kits at Dr Mathai's Rural Holistic Health Centre


Free Homeopathic Medicinal Kits are being distributed as a part of community health care service at the Centre (DMRC). Children are taught how to use them while Doctors do the follow up periodically. This has been empowering the Children to take care of their Health. Laboratory Facility is also being set up to conduct Medical Tests.

Dr Mathai has released his new book HOLISTIC HEALING.


Prevention Magazine and HarperCollins on 23rd January 2015, in New Delhi, organised the launch of Dr Mathai's new book HOLISTIC HEALING - A doctor's guide to rediscovering health and happiness, naturally. The story of his life weaved together with his experiences in the Medical field right from the beginning of the time. The book guides the reader to Holistic healing by helping the reader look at their body, health and life anew.

"Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, that is very important for good health" - The Dalai Lama


Mental and Emotional Health
  • Physical health is related to mental and emotional well-being, But Do we ever think about our mental and emotional health?
  • When we think about our health, we usually think that Illness can only be physical. But, two more dimensions of health exist -The Mental and Emotional health
  • One may consider it to have only little importance, but they deserve as much attention as an aching limb, a wound or a fracture.
  • While it may be easy to notice when something is wrong with us at a physical level, Do we ever think about our mental and emotional health?
  • When we are upset, our physical health is also affected, as mind and emotions are not separate entities from the rest of the living being. A healthy state is to find a balance between the intellectual and emotional side.
  • Many physical ailments originate in mind and its condition, in a past history of stress, distress, anxiety, fear or a state of mind that has never been balanced.
Mental Health

Good mental health - Allows a person to reach out to his entire potential. It helps a person work efficiently to cope with the stresses of life. Also, Allows a person to stay focussed, Process information, have Good memory and recalling capabilities. Mental health involves managing and deciding the appropriate reactions to situations. This prevents unnecessary and unhealthy stress, which if severe can lead to depression.

Emotional Health

Positive emotional health- It is when a person is in control of his thoughts, feelings and behaviours. They feel good about themselves and have good relationships.

Emotional wellbeing is the ability to understand the value of emotions and recognising, building upon, and operating from their strength.


Body responds to stress by making stress hormones - Cortisol and epinephrine. These hormones wear down the body and emotions, when they are made for a long time. Stress hormones act by mobilizing energy from storage to muscles, increasing heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate and shutting down metabolic processes such as digestion, reproduction, growth and immunity. People who are under a lot of stress are often emotional, anxious, irritable and even depressed.

Should I see a doctor?

If a person finds himself becoming increasingly irritable, anxious, angry, depressed and taking unhealthy risks like drinking or abusing drugs, eating excessively, having certain obsessive behaviours, one may have a problem dealing with emotions. It's very important to talk with a doctor or a counsellor about getting help.

Stress, depression, and anxiety can contribute to a lot of physical ailments including digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, and lack of energy.

The doctor in such cases will have to take into account the Mental and Emotional state of the person, as well as treat the physical ailments hand in hand


We believe that good health is in the well-being of physical, mental and spiritual realms of oneself. At SOUKYA, place yourself in the beautiful path towards self-healing and improving life by making necessary lifestyle modifications. Take an approach towards calming the body, mind and soul and make a conscious effort to look within and get in touch with your inner self. Feel motivated to enhance relationship with yourself and with those around you. Experience the delight of finding direction to life. Our experienced doctors guide you through to the betterment of your health by understanding your individualistic needs and designing a protocol to address your medical issues.


Holistic approach strongly believes in the role of mind and emotions in the health of an individual. Affections in any one of the spheres namely Body, mind or soul, affects the others too, irrespective of them being positive or negative. Hence the treatments prescribed are likewise.

NATUROPATHY - Naturopathy believes in Nature healing and self-healing. Naturopathic detoxification treatments like fasting and mud therapy, and naturopathic diet which is satwik, helps the mind and emotions stay clean and calm.

YOGA - Yoga helps to develop positive mind and emotions, and to keep them in a state of balance with Yogic techniques like yoganidra, trataka, meditation and pranayama like bramari, nadishodhana and ujjayi.

AYURVEDA - The ancient science of Ayurveda (Science of Life) has treatments like sirodhara, thalam, sirovasti, abhyanga, pizhichil etc. And more effectively, panchakarma treatments like Snehapanam, Nasya, Virechanam and vasti, which help mental and emotional detoxification, de-stress and stability.

HOMEOPATHY - Role of mind and state of mind is given utmost importance in homeopathy. A person's general physical and mental makeup, the constitution is taken into consideration while prescribing for the ailments. Taking into consideration, the individuality of every person, understanding that every person is different from another, medicines are chosen to suit them in all dimensions to arrive at holistic health.

COMPLEMENTARY THERAPY - like reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, auriculo therapy and many more, contribute a lot to the healing of body, mind and emotions.

NUTRITION AND DIET - A wholesome, nutritious and balanced diet comprising of adequate liquids, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains nourishes the mind as and body.


Green Juice

Salad Cucumber1/2
Spinach5-6 leaves
Mint10 leaves
Coriander1-2 sprigs
Wheat Grass20gm



Blend all the above and sieve it.
Pour the strained juice into a glass and serve at room temperature.


A mindful walk around SOUKYA grounds will take you through the lush green lawns, the abundantly flowering and fruiting stretch of trees which have attracted various species of birds that one can hear chirping all through the day and a variety of colourful butterflies doting on the fragrant flowers . The gardens with lotus ponds and Fish pond. The Vineyards and orchards laden with fruits and the pretty sight of organic vegetable garden and herbal medicine gardens. The barnyard with domestic animals, likes of sheep, cows, geese and rabbits. Walking Amidst the healthy green foliage and breathing in the fresh air, while the cool breeze tantalizes your senses, helps you unwind the worked up mind and emotions. The tranquillity of the beautifully cultivated land is soothing to the mind and helps one feel liberated and elevated. Deep and slow conscious breathing while taking a walk can do wonders to One's Mind and body.

Tips on Mental and Emotional well being

Express your feelings and talk about what is bothering - it is important to vent out and not stock up negative and unhealthy feelings and thoughts.

  • Do not get carried away by emotions and think before u act.
  • Make time for things you enjoy. It could be anything that makes u happy
  • Be active; Take care of your body by exercising regularly, eating healthy meals and getting enough sleep.
  • Don't abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Connect with the people around you.
  • Learning new skills can help keep the mind active.


"To the mind that is still - The whole universe surrenders - Lao Tzu"


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