1. What makes SOUKYA different from spas and other healing centers and resorts around the world?

  • We are a residential integrative medical facility that is the first of its kind in the world.
  • We treat people with a holistic approach.
  • Doctors from different systems of medicine monitor the treatments, which are done by well-trained therapists.
  • Consultants from any field may be called in as required, and treatments done in consultation with them.

2. What are the different systems of medicine and complementary therapies available?

  • We practice many Systems of Medicine including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy
  • Complementary Therapies such as Yoga, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Acupressure and several kinds of therapeutic massages (check Integrative Medicine & Complementary Therapy page).
  • We have several Wellness Packages and also unique Medical Programmes to address specific medical issues.

3. What else makes SOUKYA unique?

  • We are a model for holistic living, and not just a healing centre.
  • We are situated on a 30-acre organic farm and grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables that supply the SOUKYA kitchen.
  • The landscaped gardens include aromatic, ayurvedic and herbal plants.
  • Our eco-friendly approach makes use of solar water heating and energy saving devices, drip irrigation, organic composting and many natural and hand-made materials.

4. What Wellness Packages are available?

We have several Wellness Packages like Stress Management, Rejuvenation & Detoxification packages (check Wellness Package page). Though they are packages they are customized for each person.

5. What Medical Programmes are available?

We design Medical Programmes for any condition (check Medical Programme page). Initially we let you know what we can do and how long it would take. We have had good success with even rare and incurable conditions like Brown Sequard Syndrome, Brain tumour, Cancer, HIV and even common conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis, etc. The person would have to go through a detailed Holistic Health Evaluation with our doctor which would last for about 1½ hours and only then would the treatment programme be designed.

6. Are there non-residential packages?

No. However, there may be non-residential follow-up treatments for those who have previously taken a residential programme here.

7. What kind of treatments will I receive?

  • If you are here just for a relaxing break you can choose whichever Wellness Package you like and the treatments mentioned will be given to you according to the treatment hours in a day. Treatments will be all customized even if it is a set Package.
  • If however you want to address a medical issue when you have initially opted for a Wellness Package, this can be done after a Holistic Health Evaluation with the doctor. Changes in the treatment programme will then be made.
  • If you are here on a Medical Programme then the treatment programme will be designed after the Holistic Health Evaluation with the doctor. The treatment programme will integrate different Systems of Medicine and Complementary Therapies based on the person's needs.

8. How different is an Ayurvedic massage?

  • The massage starts with the recitation of an ancient prayer to invoke healing and is not religious in nature. While SOUKYA has a spiritual basis, it is non-sectarian and non-denominational, and these prayers are done out of respect for the Ayurvedic tradition.
  • There is a lot of oil used on the body which most soon find to be quite pleasant.
  • In general, the massage uses gentle, firm and synchronised strokes unless of course based on the conditions and requirements of the individual.
  • After the massage, the person gets a herbal steam for the body alone as heat to the head is not recommended in Ayurveda.
  • As per tradition, male therapists massage male patients, and female therapists massage female patients. This may be because the massage strokes come quite close to the groin area and for women the chest area is also massaged.
  • One's body is quite exposed as one is given to wear only a massage thong and the massage strokes are such that the body cannot be covered.

9. Are there any restrictions during an Ayurvedic treatment?

  • During an Ayurvedic protocol, in terms of exercise, one cannot exert oneself as in running, jogging, brisk walking, swimming, rigourous sport or in any kind of strenuous work. You can take a walk provided you protected well from the cold. Yogic breathing, Meditation and Relaxation techniques are advised.
  • In terms of other senses, it is good to indulge in light reading to give rest to the eyes and hence we have not provided television in the rooms. You could listen to soothing music and allow your body to absorb the effects of the treatments.
  • It is best to allow your body to go through the entire healing process, be it abstinence from normal work and stresses, or even allow your body to go through a catharsis. Interestingly, the effects of the treatment are felt way after the treatments are over and by observing these restrictions you can maximize on your stay and help your body to gain the best from the programme.

10. Are Ayurvedic medicines safe?

Yes, when prescribed appropriately by qualified doctors. All Ayurvedic medicines are all made from natural sources like plant, animal, metal or mineral.



11.What kind of accommodation do you have?

We have suites, deluxe and super deluxe rooms. Suites have a private garden and open-air shower, while deluxe rooms have an attached garden. All rooms are very spacious. There are a total of 13 deluxe rooms, 4 Super Deluxe, 4 Super Deluxe Special Rooms and 4 Suites (1 being a Presidential Suite) at SOUKYA.

12. How many residential rooms do you have and how many can stay?

We have a total of 25 rooms, so our maximum capacity is for 50 people. That comes to more than an acre of space per room.

13. Do you provide Internet services?

Yes, we have an ISDN connection, which is usually available (at cost) when the reception is open (7 a.m. until 9 p.m.).


14. What is the minimum period of stay?

  • For an experience, 2–5 days.
  • For a basic programme, 1 week minimum.
  • For weight management, at least 2 weeks minimum.
  • For Ayurvedic Panchakarma, 2–4 weeks is recommended.
  • For Medical Programmes, anywhere between 2–6 weeks.
  • From our experience, most people like to stay longer than we recommend!

15. How early do we book?

Earlier the better in case of a longer stay. Preferably a minimum of one week in advance for a shorter stay.

16. How can payment be made?

On confirmation, accommodation amount is paid. The remainder should be paid within a day of check-in. We accept credit cards (Visa, Master and American Express), cash and only Demand Drafts.


17. What kind of food do you serve?

We serve ovo-vegetarian food (egg and vegetarian). It is low fat, low salt and low spice. We have fixed menus and guests on a Medical Programme will be put on a custom diet. Many of the fruits and vegetables come from our own organic gardens and orchards.

18. Are smoking and alcohol allowed?

No, alcohol and smoking are not allowed within the grounds of SOUKYA. If necessary, smoking can be done outside the gate. Being a health facility, we presume guests would appreciate and abide by this policy.

19. What do I need to bring along?

  • Important - If you not an Indian citizen, your passport with a VISA to visit India.
  • If you are here for a medical programme, please bring all medical reports with you.
  • Walking shoes and some comfortable clothing for Yoga.
  • Any favourite calming music with a walkman-CD. We do have a range of uplifting Indian classical music CD's.
  • Appropriate converter for Indian current (240 V) for your electronic items.
  • Warm clothing for the months of November to February.
  • Most important - bring along a smile and a positive attitude – it hastens your healing process.


20. I would like to travel in India while I am there. What do you recommend?

  • Best recommend that you finish your India travel and finish your stay at SOUKYA as you can go back all recharged with health.
  • If that is not possible, finish SOUKYA and take the rest of your India trip. Our travel desk could help you with arrangements but do keep in mind peak season room availability!
  • You could take short trips whilst you are staying at SOUKYA, but those on a Medical Programme travel is advised only when specific treatment protocols are complete otherwise it hampers the healing process. You will have to check this point with the doctor.