"An island of peace in a troubled world.Great service,Great people. "

- Ms.Amiye & mr.Rodney(Nigeria) after a week stay, January 2018

"My first time here.I was looking to get away from the buzz of the city,get relaxed and rejuvenated.Mission accomplished!Thankyou to the whole SOUKYA team.A great experience. "

- Mr.Dmello (India) after 2 days stay,January 2018

"1st time in 2005 and never stopped coming back.The proof is there-SOUKYA is my safety kit comfort bubble and always top of my mind.I feel so lucky to know the place.And as always, I found what I came for. Dr.Mathai is really special and glows and stays close in sprit of growning success and activities.So does the staff,super professional doctors and therapists restaurant staff. "

- Ms.Brochand (France) after a week stay,January 2018

"Once again A big thankyou for bringing us alive in mind,body and soul.If I had to be an architect of heaven-this would be the way I would have planned it with all the angel helpers.A place where you see all angels helping you with every need. "

- Mrs.Kewalramani & Ms.Nisha (USA) after 2 weeks stay,January 2018

"Superb experience.High quality care provided by excellent doctors and therapists.Spectacular beauty of the resort adds to the overall experience.Iam leaving healthier and reconnected with myself. "

- Ms.Slowikowska (UK) after 2 weeks stay,January 2018

"This is a wonderful place to relax and unwind while getting care from the doctors.Had the best time here with wonderful surroundings and staff. "

- Ms.Sood (India) after a week stay,January 2018

"Where do I begin!Everything is so perfect!The ambience,the serenity,peace,treatments,service,doctors,dining staff.All so wonderful makes us feel we are at home!The personal attention by all the doctors,dining staff very helping and caring. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Budhrani (Singapore) after 2 weeks stay,January 2018

"Good service and Hospitality. "

- Mrs.Shantha(India) after a week stay,January 2018

"Charming and remarkable place.Unique combination of eco-friendly farming and energy generation with similar attention to overall health of the body.Wide application of the SOUKYA approach would be the best possible way to improve the health of any country. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Jeremy (UK) after days 4 days stay,January 2018

"SOUKYA has truly a healing experience with its beautiful grounds and caring staff.Right from Dr.Mathai and the other doctors to the dining room,reception,garden staff-everyone is very pleasant,friendly and helpful.The treatment was very well explained and carried out. "

- Ms.Sinha (India) after 2 weeks stay,January 2018

"Excellent treatments.I feel very healthy. "

- Ms.Thi Vo (Vietnam) after a week stay,January 2018

"Wonderful food,great staff,beautiful surroundings and amazing treatments. "

- Ms.Fisher (Saudi Arabia) after a week stay,January 2018

"My healing journey at SOUKYA will be one of the most important transformative experience in my life.I cannot begin to express how greatful Iam for the blessing of this place.The entire staff made sure every minute that my healing was the most important focus they had.I feel my next phase of line with great energy and complete confidence.Many blessings for continuing this great work. "

- Mr.Stuit (USA) after 3 weeks stay,January 2018

"Fresh Climate,friendly staff,relaxing therapies.Will come back! "

- Mr.Vinh & Mrs.Phuong (Vietnam) after a week stay,January 2018

"I feel healthier the moment I set foot on SOUKYA and I leave with the desire to come back as long as I can.Thankyou to all doctors,therapists,dining,housekeeping,Reception and drivers.All above Dr.Mathai and family without forgetting the people working on that perfectly alpine and beautiful to the eye land. "

- Ms.Kanaruglou (Greece) after 2 weeks stay,January 2018

"This is my 3rd visit to SOUKYA,and the standards are top-notch and well maintained as always.Rejuvenation and calmness are the hallmarks of SOUKYA.Thanks to the ambience,doctors,treatments,therapists and the restaurant and all the smiling staff here. "

- Ms.Uma Iyer(India) after 2 weeks stay,January 2018

"It has been an extremely gentle and peaceful experience.Dr.Mathai met with me several times and reassured that my health and mental issues were extremely mild and that I would be refreshed and sorted very quickly.Doctors were extremely patient,kind and gentle throughout and I felt protected and safe under their guidance.Iam still amazed at what a difference the treatment has made. "

- Ms.Poddar (India) after 3 weeks stay,January 2018

"Third time at SOUKYA and still amazed by this heavenly place, the kindness and dedication of its staff,doctors and therapists and the healing power of Ayurveda.No doubt,I will be back. "

- Mr.Grave (UK) after a week stay, February 2018

"This was an amazing and beautiful experience for us both.We were tremendously impressed by the beauty of SOUKYA, the lovely gardens and greenery add to the relaxing atmosphere which we needed too much.All the staff were helpful and courteous. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Finberg (Israel) after a week stay,February 2018

"A very special place. "

- Dr. Macfarlane(Australia) after 2 days stay,February 2018

"Excellent experience!Hope that I will be back.Ifeel much better now! Really a holy place. "

- Ms.Zhevago (Ukraine) after 3 weeks stay,February 2018

"Dr.& Mrs.Mathai have created a special place here.The attention to detail to make guests feel welcome is amazing.The staff are super-courteous.The treatments are very good.The food and ambience are excellent.! "

- Mr.Deepak Lalwani (UK) after 3 days stay,February 2018

"I love the staff,the gardens and the therapies. "

- Ms.Philips (UK) after 2 weeks stay,February 2018

"Thankyou again. "

- Dr.& Mrs.Rossetto (Belgium) after 2 weeks stay,February 2018

"Right place for changes. "

- Ms.Povarnitsyna (Russia) after 3 weeks stay,February 2018

"Experience has been extraordinary from quality of service,treatment,food to housekeeping,everything was excellent in world standards.Wonderful experience in a magical setting. "

- Mr.Ram Nath Sharma & Mr.Deven Sharma(USA) after 4 days stay,February 2018

" Perfect!!! Impressed by the competence of doctors and level of service in therapy,dining and Reception.Highly appreciated!!! "

- Mr.& Mrs.Golawala (UAE) after a week stay,February 2018

"A warm thanks yet again to everything of SOUKYA and especially the doctors and therapists for the kindness.It truly has been a healing journey,one that I look forward to repeating many times ever. "

- Ms.Alireza (UK) after 2 weeks stay,February 2018

"I shall miss the glorious gardens the delicious dosas and the ready smiles of SOUKYA staff.Thankyou to doctors,therapists,dining and ground staff for a very relaxing and replenishing 4 weeks. "

- Ms.Ferguson (UK) after a month stay,February 2018

"A fabulous experience!! The staff were terrific.Quality of medication,therapy and doctors stand out.The gardens,serene atmosphere is just great.Look forward to suggesting this to others and visiting again. "

- Mr.Venkatramani (India) after 2 weeks stay,February 2018

"Everything is very good. "

- Mrs.Nathwani (India) after 3 days stay,February 2018

"Dr.Mathai and your team are just great.The doctors,therapists,grounds people,kitchen staff.Every one is just with positive energy.Its a great place to come and find yourself ,get close to your creator through walks in the nature.I will always cherish this experience.Please keep up the excellent work.!! "

- Ms.Gono (Zimbabwe) after 2 weeks stay,February 2018

"Excellent staff,effective treatments,friendly smiling staff all around. "

- Ms.Mei wen (Australia) after 2 weeks stay,February 2018

"A big thankyou to all doctors and staff.Enjoyed every moment of my treatment and stay.The ever smiling friendly staff all around made my stay very relaxing going with a very light and happy feeling.Will be coming back. "

- Ms.Jain (India) after 2 weeks stay,February 2018

"Absolute must! Do not wait to fall unwell before you come here.Come to take care and recaliberate yourself!.Excellent staff,super clean!A big thanks to everyone. "

- Ms.Lathika Pai(India) after a week stay,February 2018

"This is an amazing experience in my life.Never seen this type of hospitalities.Doctors are very professional and competitive.Supporting staff also cordial.I have also relish feed during my stay.Very well managed organisation.Overall awesome experience and love to visit again to this heaven. "

- Mr.Nathwani(India) after 10 days stay,February 2018



"SOUKYA just gets better and better.Excellent doctors who explore things clearly,uniformly high quality and professional therapists and all the staff here are so positive. "

- Dr.& Mrs.Dixon(UK) after 2 weeks stay, February 2018

"It was a good experience for me.I enjoyed my time in SOUKYA.Thankyou Dr.Mathai and special thanks to the friendliest staff for their professional care and efficient service they have shown during my stay. "

- Mr.Abdullah & Mr.Hussam Balsharaf (Saudi Arabia) after 10 days stay,February 2018

"Thanks to the great doctors,therapists and dining staff.Healing will happen. "

- Ms.Weixlbaumer(German) after 3 weeks stay,February 2018

"Thankyou for bringing me back to life. "

- Ms.Matrayova (Switzerland) after 3 weeks stay,February 2018

"Thankyou very much for the holistic treatment and for the safe and healthy alternatives it provides.Simply stated we very appreciated everything during our stay at SOUKYA. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Gurreddy (India) after 3 weeks stay,February 2018

"Thankyou for the holistic treatment,the beautiful grounds,the activities,the service and wholesome food. "

- Mrs.Durai ( Singapore) after 43 days stay,.February 2018

"Thankyou again for a deeply healing experience.Just being present in this place is part of the healing journey.I depart ready to leap into the new phase of life"

- Mr.Stuit (USA) after days stay,March 2018

"Thankyou very much for the great hospitality and treatment.It was a very refreshing and awesome experience.There is a lot of positive energy in this place and the holistic approach of treatment is first amazing!.I thank the Almighty God and the doctors and staff of SOUKYA and Dr.Mathai and family for their good will,endurance and hardwork. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Chacko (UAE) after days stay,March 2018

"Thankyou for all the care and comfort.Iam feeling a new person. "

- Ms.Trivedi(India) after days stay ,March 2018

"Thankyou.This really helped me. "

- Mr.Jayakar (India) after days stay,March 2018

"It is quite experience.A person should be open minded to accept different approach for healing. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Alansari (Middle East) after 2 weeks stay,March 2018

"The courtesy and friendliness of all has been heart warming. "

- Ms.Chaudhuri (India) after 10 days stay,March 2018

"My stay at SOUKYA is always amazing.All perfect. "

- Ms.Gerbal(France) after 2 weeks stay,March 2018

"SOUKYA has been a wonderful blessing.I feel renewed and nourished by the people,the land and ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and homeopathy medicine.The kindness,the warmth,the care and the gentle tender staff of Doctors and the staff,all of you who touched me and made me smile daily-Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.Iam so greatful to feel peace,love and in my heart as I go out and integrate in the world with a smile and a fullness knowing the world really is a magnificient place with beautiful people.Thankyou for restoring my confidence. "

- Ms.Kewalramani (USA) after 2 weeks stay,March 2018

"Beautiful experience. Wonderful stay.Thankfull to all the doctors for helping in my healing.Great service by all the staff. "

- Ms.Sharma (India) after 2 weeks stay,March 2018

"Our 10th visit.Always renewing and it gets better and more lovely.But Dr.Mathais absence is felt sorely.Thankyou doctors,therapists and all staff members.I feel sqeeky clean. "

- Dr. Mallika Sarabhai (India) after 2 weeks stay,March 2018

"Dr.Mathai ,you are well represented by excellent doctors,therapists,staff.We felt that there is a good system and high level of management code at every level at the SOUKYA Centre. "

- Mr. & Mrs. Alghamdi (Saudi Arabia) after 2 weeks stay,April 2018

"Thankyou so much for everything.I felt I was in Heaven. "

- Ms.Aleman (Italy) after a week stay,April 2018

"Thankyou for everything.I enjoyed every moment. "

- Ms.Azza (Saudi Arabia) after 2 weeks stay,April 2018

"Great service,effective treatment and a wonderful; experience overall!Keep up the balance between care and treating patients.Also the property is maintained very well.Definitely coming back. "

- Mr.Rathod (UK) after a week stay,April 2018

"Overall wonderful experience,specially friendliness of staff.Therapies are amazing,lot of realizations to take back towards better health and lifestyle management. "

- Ms.Gupta (India) after 2 weeks stay,April 2018

"Second time experience.Amazing staff.Had a wonderful time.A true experience of wellness. "

- Ms.Taneja (India) after 2 weeks stay,April 2018

"It was again fantastic!Thankyou SOUKYA. "

- Ms.Pochova (Prague) after a week stay,April 2018

"Had a fabulous and great experience here at SOUKYA.I would recommend the place for everyone. "

- Ms.Berg (USA) after 2 weeks stay,April 2018

"A very peaceful and relaxing stay.Excellent staff and property. "

- Mr.Abraham (India) after 2 weeks stay,April 2018

"A heaven or a place one wants to return always.I loved it always.Bless each and every person at SOUKYA. "

- Ms.Raheja (India) after a week stay,April 2018

"Very pleasant stay,definitely too short.I will come back and will keep up the good resolutions.Thanks for your kindness and competence. "

- Ms.Lambotte (USA) after a week stay,April 2017

"I found SOUKYA to be a truly extraordinary place of nurturing and healing in a beautiful setting.It was a wonderful experience.The doctors and the therapists were both competent and caring.The food was healthy and tasty-a rare combination.SOUKYA is a luminous with a positive energy.Dr. & Mrs.Mathai have created something rare and special.Thankyou very much indeed for a wonderful week. "

- Ms.Keshavan (India) after a week stay,April 2018

"My wife and I spend 20 days at SOUKYA.We came with some medical issues that we wanted to work,we found more than we expected and with a much deeper understanding of our bodies.The doctors,the therapists and other staff have made this experience unique.We definitely will come back and recommend to our friends.SOUKYA is a beautiful place to recharge the spirit. "

- Mr. & Mrs.Carlos (Panama) after 3 weeks stay, April 2017

"Thankyou so much for the great hospitality and treatments.It is well organised holistic place.Look forward suggesting to others and visiting again. "

- Mr.Husain (India) after 2 weeks stay,April 2018

"Thankyou Dr.Mathai and the wonderful staff for taking care of me. "

- Ms.Mehra (India) after 2 weeks stay,April 2018

"Dr.Mathais staff is a blessing to the humanity at large by providing healing and wellness.Dr.Mathais personal touch with patients is commendable.May god continue to bless your healing service over the years to come.Thankyou and proud of this institution. "

- Mr. Kurian (USA) after a week stay,May 2018

"The grounds are so magical.I love all the plants and how lovingly they are maintained.Its so nice to have the long walking trail for exercise.All the staff have been so friendly and caring to me.The food is delicious and so nourishing.My favourite yoga room in the world! "

- Ms.Edwards (Australia) after a week stay,May 2018

"Amazing Place,positivity at its very best.Be it yoga,dining room,doctors,therapists everyone is extremely caring and helpful.All doctors including Dr.Mathai are always available.Food is really delicious.Surely coming back soon. "

- Mr.& Mrs. Seth(India) after a week stay,May 2018

"Had a great time.Refreshed and rejuvenated. "

- Ms.Bharathi (India) after 3 weeks stay,May 2018

"Thankyou Dr.Mathai and the fabulous team of doctors and care givers!You all have taken care of me here with so much of attention to minute details for my health.A new way to a healthy life!Truly a holistic experience with beautiful surroundings and service. "

- Ms.Daisy (India) after 2 weeks stay,May 2018

"Amazing Place,our 2nd visit.Staff is very good.The food is very good.We will come back next year. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Aggarwal (UAE) after 3 weeks stay,May 2018

"This place is fantastic.I had a great experience.The staff is excellent.Iam fortunate to travel the world as a tennis professional and this is one of thye best places. "

- Mr.Shetty (USA) after a week stay,May 2018

"My 2nd visit.I will definitely come again. "

- Ms.Panjabi (India) after 2 weeks stay, May 2018

"5th Annual Visit.Does not wear thin. A tranquil and powerful process.Not a jarring movement.A seamless community from Dr.Mathai through the doctors and therapists to the entire staff.Well trained and self motivated and the memory lasts through out the year. "

- Mr.Thoms (India) after 2 weeks stay,May 2018

"I feel very lucky to have found SOUKYA. "

- Ms.Connell (UK) after 3 weeks stay,May 2018

"As always, a heaven of tranquilty and the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. "

- Ms.Bolle (Belgium) after a week stay,May 2018

"A most strong effect,insightful weekend. "

- Mr.Karan Bajaj(India) after a week stay,May 2018

"Each stage of the experience was completely seamless,wonderfully planned and very very personally transformative.Iam heading back completely rejuvenated and creatively more fulfilled than I have been in months.Iam Flying,highly recommend it.I felt the butterfly feeling. "

- Ms.Graves (UK) after 3 weeks stay,May 2018

"My stay at SOUKYA was magical.The transformation in all of us in a week is palpable and we are greatful to Dr.Mathai and his team.The property is so beautiful and the treatments are just amazing. "

- Mr. & Mrs.Talati (India) after a week stay,May 2018

"SOUKYA has been blessing for me!Thanks to all the doctors for renewing,recharging and refreshing me. No words to explain the vision and charishma of Dr.Mathai. "

- Ms.Gupta (India) after 2 weeks stay,May 2018

"Iam sad to be leaving after these wonderful days.I have learned a lot and hope to put it into good effect back home in London. "

- Mr.Fownes (UK) after 2 weeks stay,May 2018

"I have such wonderful experience about SOUKYA. I would definitely like to come back here again. "

- Ms.Serafini (UK ) after 2 weeks stay,May 2018

"I want to thank each and every person at SOUKYA from the bottom of the heart for taking so much care of me and my son.Our experience at SOUKYA has been extremely enriching,educative,motivating and informative.We are surely taking back a lot with us.A special thankyou to all the doctors for guiding us these days and the therapists who put in there 100% effort to give us such great results. "

- Ms.Seth & Mas. Aryan (India) after 2 weeks stay, May 2018

"Thankyou ! Had a great time. "

- Mr.Nayar (India) after 2 weeks stay, May 2018

"Entering SOUKYA is like getting into a calm tranquil and nourishing heaven.Love the flowers and orchards,the chirping of the birds and the butterflies.All the doctors were very competent and thoughtful.The therapists were simply amazing.The dining staff were also amazing.Food demos were excellent.On the whole a very positive and rejuvenating experience. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Bhatia (Singapore) after 2 weeks stay,May 2018

"Yet another rejuvenating experience after a gap of 10 years.Tanquil,soothing and nourishing for mind and body.Grateful to Doctors and Dr.Mathai for the advice and insight.The attentiveness and responsiveness of the front office and housekeeping were excellent.Hope to be back again. "

- Mr. & Mrs.Shahi (India) after a week stay,June 2018

"Its a very good experience and had a great time. "

- Ms.Girijamma & Mas.Rahul (India) after 2 weeks stay,June 2018

"Thank you for high class medical service and warm hospitality. "

- Mr.Shtepa (Russia) after 3 weeks stay,June 2018

"Wonderful experience and very good hospitality. "

- Mr.& Mrs.Bhaskaran (India) after 4 days stay,June 2018

"Truly a holistic approach to natural medicine.Thank you for this amazing experience. "

- Mrs.Ramasamy (India) after a week stay,June 2018

"Everything about SOUKYA is tuned to healing.Not just the body but the mind and spirit too.The people,the doctors,the staff and of course Dr.Mathai and Mrs.Mathai know the secrets of healing.Thankyou for everything. "

- Mrs.Nayar (India) after 3 weeks stay,June 2018

"Fantastic!Thank you to all doctors and staff.They made us feel so comfortable and were non intimidating through the treatments.The quality of food and service absolutelt blew our mind!The premises are beautiful!Will come back !! "

- Ms.Santhanam & Mr.Rajagopalan (USA) after 3 days stay,June 2018

"SOUKYA provides an existence full of devotion and complete healing.One of its kind in India. "

- Mrs.Sarkar (India) after a week stay,June 2018

"This is our third visit and SOUKYA gets better each time we are back!In the 5 years since our last visit,everything has got better- great to see.Dr.& Mrs.Mathi raising the bar year afyer year.The food is exceptional this year as is the care and friendliness with which it is made and served.Doctors and therapists competate calm and caring as always.Great experience once again. "

- Mr. & Mrs. Pawar (India) after a week stay,June 2018

"This is my second stay in SOUKYA and donot think its my last one.Loved my stay here and go home feeling rejuvenated and light.Thanks a lot for all the love and care. "

- Ms.Sunila Rajan (India) after 4 days stay,June 2018

"Thankyou for this amazing experience.The venue itself is incredible and the people working are perfect and so kind.Hope to be back. "

- Mr.Vandomel (France) after 4 days stay,June 2018