" Had a great stay, enjoyed the food & the wonderful ambience. "

- Ms. Joyalukkas (India) after 2 week stay. January 2019

"I even feel sad to leave this Ďauthenticí and Ďenchantedí piece of paradise, poured so full with love. Itís been a joy to spend 10 days here, a place best described as Ďthe real dealí, because it is born of passion and filled by knowledge in a professional, yet understated way. For me, the birds, flowers and plants, and sustainable practices offered me almost as much healing as the exceptional therapies and considerate experts."

- Ms. Benge (UK) after 2 weeks stay. January 2019

"Heaven on Earth. Thank you for the enlightening journey. Soukya is a sanctuary for the soul."

- Mr. & Mrs. Brandes (USA) after a week stay. January 2019

"This was my third visit and cannot wait for my fourth. A very special place."

- Ms. Tippett (UK) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

"Total reset for mind, body and soul. We leave feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. Thank you to Dr. Mathai and all at Soukya for a beautiful stay."

- Ms. Long (UK) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

"A truly extra ordinary experience. We leave here refreshed after being impeccably looked after by your wonderful staff."

- Mr. & Mrs. Hedley (UK) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

"Thank you for excellent hospitality, serene, calm and rejuvenating campus."

- Mr. Vyas (India) after 2 days stay. January 2019

"We came back with no big health problem but we had wonderful stay and enjoyed the treatments and great food."

- Mr. & Mrs. Masani (India) after 2 week stay. January 2019

"Came here for detox and weight loss. Lost around 8kg. Feeling light and happy. Great staff."

- Mr. Taneja (India) after 2 week stay. January 2019

"Had a wonderful and eye opening experience. This long ayurvedic tradition brought me a lot of benefits."

- Mr. Thielen (UK) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

"Excellent treatment, wonderful staff, I feel I am in heaven. Thank you for the wonderful gift"

- Mr. & Mrs. Budhrani (Singapore) after 3 weeks stay. January 2019

"Excellent treatment & stay! Going back rejuvenated. What a wonderful stay. Will definitely be back soon."

- Ms. Graham (India) after 2 weeks stay. January 2019

"A very spiritual, calming and tranquil, beautiful place in which to re-discover things about yourself, find out new things too! Wonderful treatments! Great food and lovely people. We have enjoyed it all & will benefit from everything here."

- Mr. & Mrs. Radhakrishnan (UK) after 4 days stay. January 2019

"We came for a health check and left 6 days later feeling 10 years younger, lighter, with a magnificent clarity of mind. Soukya has a world class team of doctors and therapists. The gardens are spectacular, utterly breath taking. The cuisine was imaginative, interesting and very tasty."

- Mr. & Mrs. Ward (UK) after a week stay. February, 2019

"I am so very grateful for the wonderful experience in Soukya. When I got here, I felt drained and emotionally stressed. After few treatments I regained my strength and feeling more relaxed. Thank you Dr. Mathai for your support, who has the gift to work with others in need of mental, spiritual and emotional healing"

- Mr. & Mrs. Fownes (UK) after a week stay. February, 2019

"Gratitude for all the therapists who touched me daily with care and love. Gratitude for Ayurveda- I honour all on the path of this science, and to be on Soukya grounds is always such a healing experience."

- Ms. Kewalramani (USA) after 2 weeks stay. February 2019

"A fascinating week. The staff could not have looked after us better and never stopped smiling."

- Ms. Boscawen (UK) after a week stay, February 2019

"Soukya has been an incredible experience for me. Thank you to all the staff for their kindness."

- Ms. Holden (UK) after a week stay, February 2019

"Very grateful for this experience, this wonderful blissful place, the staff, the garden and the food."

- Ms. Chalabi (UK) after a week stay, February 2019

"Soukya changed me in the best way possible. There is warmth and love everywhere here. We are one with nature."

- Ms. Eksioglu (Turkey) after a week stay, February 2019

"This has been the most and best valuable experience that I had for myself."

- Ms. Kabalak (Turkey) after a week stay, February 2019

"We will definitely come back every year. Soukya is our home in India."

- Ms. Ergelen & Ms. Hazinedaroglu (Turkey) after a week stay, February 2019

"I leave Soukya rejuvenated and whole. Thank you to the whole team of Dr. Mathai."

- Ms. Webster (New Zealand) after a week stay, February 2019

"Had a wonderful stay 4th time around. Thanks to everyone for giving me a place to heal, peaceful and once with nature. Once again kudos on the very difficult but excellent job of consistently maintaining the centre & grounds in excellent condition. The comfort that the familiarity brings is heart warming."

- Mrs. Rajgopal (India) after 10 days stay, February 2019

"Such a lovely, special and magical place. The gardens and the care taken by all the staff is of the highest excellence. It is fully a healing place, a friendly place and a home away from home. It is the people who make Soukya. Also loved the wildlife and farm animals. Always something to do. Thank you all for this wonderful gift of health."

- Ms. Waney (UK) after 2 weeks stay, February 2019

"Wow! Soukya took care of my body so I could take care of my mind in this beautiful oasis. I found peace in your beautiful property and was reminded of my home, home in nature and my home inside myself, cannot give higher praise. I look forward to returning for an extended stay some time in future."

- Ms. Trigg (USA) after 2 days stay, February 2019

"Soukya is a very special place. From the beautiful garden to the knowledgeable doctors, to the wonderful therapists, to the excellent yoga, I have been rejuvenated. It is like a sanctuary illuminated by love."

- Ms. Gattung (New Zealand) after 3 weeks stay, February 2019

"Thank you for creating this very special place of healing. Everything is done from the heart and I feel living healthier and more knowledgeable, nurtured and loved. The entire team is amazing."

- Ms.Woodwiss (New Zealand) after 3 weeks stay, February 2019

"Excellent Service as usual. Keep it up and will be back. Feeling rejuvenated."

- Mr. Dempo (India) after 1 week stay, February 2019

"For one week I was in a beautiful place learning about Ayurveda and the art of slow thinking. It was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. "

- Ms. Khalaf (Jordan) after 1 week stay, February 2019

"I hope to come again. The thing that I also enjoyed and made it more meaningful is the smile of the staff in the reception, garden, dining and therapy."

- Ms. Ragheb (Jordan) after 1 week stay, February 2019

"Hope to come again for extended period of time. Had good experience."

- Ms. Navuluri (USA) after 1 week stay, February 2019

"Excellent & good staff in all the departments. Doctor teams takes care well."

- Mr. Kareem (India) after 10 days stay, February 2019

"Perfect as usual, as for many years. Nice evolution in the food and care. Very nice."

- Dr. & Mrs. Rossetto (Belgium) after 2 weeks stay, February 2019

"It was really excellent. I love Soukya."

- Mr. Bononcini (Belgium) after 2 weeks stay, February 2019

"Thank you Therapists and Doctors. good Indian low fat food."

- Mr. & Mrs. Wen (Singapore) after 12 days stay, February 2019

"Loved it here. Doctors are amazing, actually going to miss this place, will be back for sure."

- Ms. Ragulal (India) after 12 days stay, February 2019

"To be well is to live well. Perfectly understood this concept in the 15 days of my stay here. There is a unique serenity, simplicity, harmony here which one has to experience being here, I thank Dr. Mathai Dr. Suja Mathai and the team for making me feel blessed. I take back some lovely memories to cherish. Grateful to god almighty for the wonderful phase in my life. May godís grace be on all of you always."

- Ms. Kailash (India) after 13 days stay, February 2019

"Lovely experience, Thank you."

- Dr. Naughton (Ireland) after 13 days stay, February 2019

"Thank you so much for everything. This is the most wonderful place. You looked after us incredibly well."

- Lady & Sir Ivory (UK) after 9 days stay, February 2019

"I can say it is world class service and it is proud for Karnataka state and India for having Soukya for Welness, Medical, Holistic treatment."

- Mr. & Mrs. Majetia (India) after 9 days stay, March 2019

"So grateful for the Doctors, therapists and all the beautiful nature of this place."

- Ms. Cresp (New York) after 3 weeks stay, March 2019

"It has been my 4th time at Soukya. It feels like coming back home to a family who takes care of oneself. A special thanks to Dr. Mathai and the whole team."

- Ms. Rehm (Germany) after 11 days stay, March 2019

"Outstanding doctors, therapists and staff, we return to UK strongly, rejuvenated. What a memorable place."

- Dr. & Mrs. Dixon (UK) after 12 days stay, March 2019

"2nd trip. Both outstanding in every respect. Two most prominent highlights are the exceptional staff in all areas of Soukya and the natural beauty. Thank you."

- Mr. Bahl (India) after 9 days stay, March 2019

"Thanks for all the people I met. Itís a unique place. I will come back."

- Ms. Musallem (Kuwait) after 9 days stay, March 2019

"I have spent three wonderful days. The facility is what the nature around us should be. The staff is superb. The doctors are superb, though I want more time to interact in a longer stay, they were very available in my short stay. Congratulations to Dr. Mathai for creating this good place."

- Mr. Tansel (Turkey) after 3 days stay, March 2019