"The International Holistic Health Centre (IHHC) will be a landmark for local and international health, as it combines modern medical practice with ancient systems. It is a visionary concept in health management. Holistic medicine is being viewed by the W.H.O as a model of health care and advocacy. I was most impressed by the whole programme of treatments. The overall holistic approach to health and well being, as well as the individual attention. Excellent!"

- Dr. Roberta Ritson, Policy Action Coordination, WHO (Geneva) December 1999

"I am in Bangalore to find out more about the International Holistic Health Centre, a spiritual quest to explore what it has to offer to a person's body and soul. To learn about the different traditional systems of medicine it has to offer and the different ways of helping a person to wholeness and harmony of body."

- Ms. Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, (UK) January 1997

"Modern medicine is inclined to reduce a person and his disease to mainly a quantitative and physical dimensions. Holistic medicine on the other hand, with its different manifestations considers a human being as a whole with all his dimensions. This is what the International Holistic Health Centre proposes to do."

- Dr. Francois Chefdeville, Professor of Homeopathy,
The Byron Institute (France) August 1998

"I am very pleased to know Dr. Mathai and his wife. I am delighted to be introduced to holistic medicine through the Wellness Clinic. I wish Dr. and Mrs. Mathai and members of staff all the best. Many thanks to all."

- Mr. Abdul Rahman Bu Ali, Deputy Health Minister (UAE) October 1999

"I am very happy that I came here. This is the kind of place I have long been looking for. Thank You Doctor Mathai and all other Doctors, staff members for their care. I will return soon."

- Lama Doboom Tulku, Director, Tibet House, New Delhi (India) April 2000

"Your vision and beginning realization of an International Holistic Health Centre is exciting, Provocative and a ray of light for the coming century. It would be a great pleasure to be a part of the team. You are a model for a new possibility of health and caring - Compassionate loving care with skill and specific therapy. Congratulations. I also feel wonderful."

- Dr. Fredrick Fritz Smith, Founder, Zero Balancing Therapy (USA) September 2000
(Dr. Fritz & Aminah)

"Your staff has all the qualities of a true healing temple, led by the mastery of Dr. Mathai. Thank you for such loving, dedicated care."

- Dr. Aminah Raheem, Founder, Process Acupressure (USA) September 2000

"I enjoyed a wonderful programme developed for my particular needs - and I feel wonderfully rejuvenated - everyone treated me with caring attention, and I am most appreciative."

- Ms. Lynn Franklin, Publisher (USA) December 2000

"Experiencing is different from hearing. We hear human values, human respect and polite and loveable approach. The values of all these qualities have been diminished because of advance in science, technology and change of attitude of professionals. My experience of last two-month's therapy has convinced me that one can appreciate the values of approach, respect and politeness of the staff in this centre. I firmly believe allopathy and Holistic therapy are complementary to each other."

- Dr. V.R. Pandurangi (UK) February 2001

"Excellent and thorough ayurvedic massage and (snehana / svedana). Very relaxing and healing. Good use of oils and hand work. Many thanks. Namaste."

- Dr. David Frawley, world renowned ayurvedic writer (USA) March 2001

"Doctor Mathai and his dedicated and professional team are doing a marvellous job in providing excellent facilities for a holistic treatment of the human body. I have no doubt that this set up is perhaps among the first in the world. We in Bangalore and India all indeed proud of you, Dr. Mathai."

- Mr. B. K. R. Rao, IPS (India) September 2001

"Thank You Dr. Mathai for the superb healing, you have gifted me. Its a wonderful feeling to be cosseted and cared for, and a special thanks for the attention and care and for all the helpers my gratitude."

- Mrs. Mrinalini Vikram Sarabhai, legendary dancer (India)December 2001

"Umm! Feel squeaky clean inside and very rested. Thank You."

- Dr. Mallika Sarabhai, international artist (India) February 2002

"It's been an "EXPERIENCE-EXTRAORDINAIRE" for our whole group. We never know what we were coming in for, and what followed for the next three days of our stay was way beyond our imagination. The hospitality, the warmth, (and inspite of our seminar schedule) your guidance to go through the massage and the reflex therapies had been so exhilarating, rejuvenating and utmost relaxing. After long we experienced ourselves so close to nature and overall giving a spiritual - touch to our stay …..! Our heartful thanks and good wishes to Dr. Issac Mathai, Mrs. Mathai and their wonderful team of doctors, therapists, and all other staff who made our stay a wonderful lifetime experience ……."

- Dr. R.P. Patel,Dr. K.V. John, Dr. & Mrs.Jayraman, Dr. (Ms.) K.H. Matani, Dr. Prakash Kumta, Dr.S.P. Koppikar, Dr. Jayaesh V. Sanghavi, Dr.Aleem,Dr. Venkatraman, Dr. Jauda, Dr. Ashok Anand, Dr. Peter Martin, Dr. (Mrs.) Khushali Gambhir, Dr. Anbu Kumaresan, Dr. Sundar (India) June 2002

"It was with a pleasant surprise that we witnessed the enormous change from a barren piece of land into a virtual corner of the heaven on earth. The phenomenal achievement of the Centre, both in terms of infrastructure and the surrounding beautification as well as the astounding calibre of the professional care and service brought us great joy at seeing a wonderful dream come true through the untiring efforts of the lovely couple, Dr. and Mrs. Issac Mathai. We are completing our first of many stays here with fullest satisfaction, and are certain that the Centre would flourish even further. With our very best wishes."

- Ms. Alia & Mr. Farid Zarif, UN (New York) August 2002

"Had a wonderful time. All the best."

- Mr. Venkatesh, actor (India) October 2002

"Excellent healing space with tranquillity to release all fatigue. Thank You! This is great!"

- Dr. Koshiro Otsuka (Japan) January 2003

"Best service and healing! Thank you very much. Love and peace always."

- Mr. Horst M. Rechelbacher, Founder, Aveda Cosmetics (USA) January 2003

"Excellent of model for integrative health centre."

- Dr. Kazuhiko Atsumi, Founder, Japanese Holistic Health Association (Japan) January 2003

"It was very deep relaxation time and I felt gratitude for everybody and every thing in this world. This ayurvedic massage is very wise and I want to recommend to many people especially in this conference." class="content"

- Dr. Shin-ichiro Terayama (Japan) January 2003

"Vision Manifest = Heavenly realm, absolute healing bliss - Buddha found."

- Mr. Robert & Nena Thurman, Tibet House (New York) January 2003

"A wonderful healing place. Thank You for your generosity Issac and Suja. You are truly wonderful people. You have our love. Kiearr'wo!"

- Kakkib Lidthia,spiritual leader, Mrs. Rachel & Zatchmirr Warrawee'a, (Australia) January 2003

"It was extremely enjoyable stay here as well as the participation to the Holistic Summit last week. I look forward further interaction with you. I feel cared!"

- Lama Doboom Tulku, Director, Tibet House, New Delhi (India) January 2003

"Excellent treatment. We will be back ASAP. A wonderful centre."

- Peter L. & Dr. Phyllis Koch Sheras, Counsellor (USA) January 2003

"Excellent staff, great quality docs, awesome food, warm open hearts, loving and proud people wonderful treatment. A memory of a lifetime."

- Mr. Peter Amato, Wellness Centre (USA) January 2003

"This has been a wonderful, healthy, restful and fun two weeks. The staff is great! Can't want to see you all again. IHHC is setup to advance, nourish and promote integrative medicines into the next century. It fosters and educates in the field of wellness, preventive medicine and integrative and complimentary health modalities. It seeks to foster a dialogue between traditional medicine and the culture with modern thoughts in order to integrate both the body of knowledge and the spirit of wisdom on this planet."

- Roni & Jerry Toporovsky (USA) January 2003

"A heaven on earth. My salute to the souls behind this splendid project. I wish them all the success."

- Mr. Ajey Lohia, industrialist (India) April 2003

"I came here with discomfort in the mind and mentally not pleasant. Today I am leaving this place with peaceful mind and healthy body. Thank you Dr. Mathai. Wonderful job. I will visit again."

- Mr. Rajnikant, actor (India) April 2003

"The most relaxing and get energising experience . After two years of constant travelling a few day here put me back on my feet. A very professional and at the same time, pleasant team of doctors, therapists, and staff all make one 's stay comfortable refreshing and great."

- Mr. Francis Wacziarg, Neemrana Hotels (India) April 2003

"A sanctuary that heals body, mind and soul. I will definitely be back soon."

- Ms. Shirin Paul, Park Hotels (India) May 2003

"A wonderful experience of peace and harmony of mind and body."

- Mrs. Malini Srinivasan, Industrialist (India) August 2003

"When I die, I want to go to SOUKYA!"

- Mr. Aroon Purie, India Today Magazine (India) August 2003

"Me too!!"

- Mrs. Rekha Purie (India) August 2003 after her second visit

"Pure Bliss! Can imagine why the Mathais call it SOUKYA!"

- Ms. Ratna Rao Shekar, Housecalls Magazine (India) September 2003

"Wonderful staff, peaceful and healthy. Very rewarding. Surrounded by wonderful people and nature. Blessings to all. Thank You."

- Mr. Jose & Mrs. Carmen Bosquets (Switzerland) October 2003

"I never realised I could feel so healthy and look so well in such a short space of time. I intend to continue what you have started by taking care of myself and determined to return very soon. Thanks to all at SOUKYA for helping me to see the other me!"

- Ms. Janet Al-Far (UAE) November 2003

"SOUKYA is a dream come true for Suja and Dr. Issac and a wondrous experience for people like us who face the onslaught of growth in cities. A big thank you to this beautiful couple and each of their staff for pampering us all the way to good health and making us feel so very special. May this paradise continue to be a health haven."

- Mrs. Sabita, writer & Mr. Y. Radhakrishna (India) November 2003

"What a wonderful experience! We go away rejuvenated and feeling a great deal better than when we came. Thank You for the warm welcome and friendly hospitality."

- His Holiness ArchBishop Desmond Tutu & Leah Tutu (South Africa) November 2003

"Extremely well thought and implemented recreation medical SPA. Wish SOUKYA extremely success."

- Mrs. Renuka Ramnath, India's Leading Businesswomen (India) November 2003

"Taken the treatment for two weeks. Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Mathai with total dedication have created this unique health centre with a soul object having all types of treatment under one roof. Their object to make the people who comes for treatment to go back with confidence for the excellent treatment to rejuvenate the system"

- Mr. H.D. Devegowda, Former Prime Minister of India (India) December 2003

"We have been part of a miracle - our hearts are overflowing. We return with joy in our hearts, gratitude and friendship in abundance and extend every possible good wish to all who live and work here. Long may you flourish."

- Dr. Kim Jobst, Editor, Belinda, Joshua, Theo, Hugo & Natasha (UK) January 2004

"The planes fly over, The trains hoot by and the cars don't know where this road leads. Behind a secret door SOUKYA and its marvellous healers are busy stretching the longevity of those fortunate ones who know of this secret blessing."

- Aman Nath, Neemrana Hotels (India) January 2004

"On my second visit - The first one being in April last year, when even this book wasn't started! - I enjoyed SOUKYA even more. The quality of the come and attention we get from everyone, the drs and their team is remarkable. Suja's garden are a pleasure for the eyes and the mind. This is a great place to regain one's sanity …"

- Francis Wacziag, Neemrana Hotels (India) January 2004 after his second visit

"I recommend Dr. Mathai and his team for the global approach they take to the many ailments modern life and age generate, and for the various ways they use to cure them. Not to mention a faultless organisation and a beautiful setting. Our stay has been very profitable, and we enjoyed it."

- Jean Bernard, Former French Ambassador to the UN & Anna Merimee (France) January 2004

"A wonderful, peaceful environment filled with smiling people. A real treasure tremendously"

- Zohreh Tabatabai, UN (Switzerland) January 2004

"This is our second visit to SOUKYA and we love it more than ever. We hope that SOUKYA will be a yearly visit for seasons of health maintenance and relaxation. The grounds are glorious - the new walking path is wonderful the treatments are better than ever - and the care and attention of Dr. Issac, Suja and the staff are so warm open and friendly - Thank you all so much. And we look forward to seeing you all next year."

- Jerry & Rony Toprovsky (USA) February 2004 after their second visit

"Nothing quite prepares you for SOUKYA not even the good fortune of knowing Suja and Issac Mathai and having a sense of what they can make possible. In a distant world of the technological splendours of Bangalore they have formed an unworthy expanse of land into a vibrant, and yet gentle, oasis of calm, serenity and harmony - facets which each of their team members so vividly shares. Thank you."

- Ramu Damodaran, UN (New York) February 2004

"We were looked after with great care for every little detail by a very courteous and well-trained staff and efficient doctors. Very relaxing - our compliments for Dr. and Mrs. Mathai. With many thanks and best wishes for all future developments."

- His Highness Maharaja Gaj Gaj Singh II of Jopdhpur & Her Highness Maharani Hemlata Rajye (India) February 2004

"SOUKYA is an oasis for me, it keeps calling me back – my third visit. Peace, tranquility are here. I hear the soft rustling of the leaves once again and go back rejuvenated, energized and at peace. Excellent team work of staff Suja and Mathai are fantastic. Wishing you every success. It is a home away from home. I will keep coming back."

- Shirin Paul (New Delhi) April 2004

"Our stay at SOUKYA is like a dream. We are very grateful to Issac and Suja for these so relaxing excellent and friendly days and very impressed by the care taken by all the doctors, therapists and all the staff at the reception, restaurant, gardens…Thank You so much. All our love."

- Dr. Francois Chefdeville & Sylvie(France) April 2004

"An oasis of beauty health and peace in a violent world. May the meaningful therapy spread and blossom. Thank you all."

- Mrinalini Vikram Sarabhai (Ahmedabad) April 2004

"A truly wonderful healing place filled with kind & gentle persons. May this institution (I am sure that it will) grow to be a place of harmony! Om Shanti!"

- Prema Srinivasan (Chennai) May 2004

"Serene surroundings filled with kindness which not only looks after our bodies but also our souls."

- Mrinalini Srinivasan (Bangalore ) May 2004

"Here is "SOUKYA" we see an integrated effort of holistic treatment in a landscape of purity of air beauty and serenity. There is tranquility and harmony the holistic way here."

- Premalatha Seshadri (Chennai) May 2004

"SOUKYA is an all embracing experience. Here, the mind and the body are nurtured in such a way that it is possible to feel oblivious to the burdensome problems one arrives with. The "SOUKYA Smile" ever present on the faces of those who work here, brings joy and encouragement to all that are fortunate enough to visit. We leave after three special weeks, deeply grateful for the experiences we have shared with new found friends and the healing we have received from such caring hands. The memory will last forever."

- Simon & Florenda Baily Gibson (Dubai) May 2004

"It was magical ie; " the island in the clouds" which is SOUKYA – peace, healing, smiles, and grace true refulfiling from the chaos of the world. We go back to Africa refreshed and ready to take new challenges – Thank You"

- Kuki Gallman & Sveva Gallman (Africa) May

"My second coming !! SOUKYA – its people, its food, its gardens, its philosophy – all await with welcoming arms and send back to the world recharged and healthy positive people, Thank You."

- Arun Kapur (Haryana) May 2004

"In today’s busy world, man doesn’t have even time to work at himself, not even for a day. He is running as if he has to catch someone, or here is someone chasing him for his life. In Soukya, you don’t need to run. There is no one you need to catch and no one is chasing you. There are only nice people who want to make your stay enjoyable. So, slow down, and enjoy."

- A. Juma (Dubai) July 2004

"Friendly and competent staff, delicious South Indian food, exquisite weather and a marvelous healing atmosphere make SOUKYA a Westerner's therapeutic dream. Not only did I feel safe as a single woman (the security is top watch), but truly cared for and warmly received as a guest. Highly recommended."

- Diane Robinson (USA) July 2004

"Superbe eudroit, magnifique store, piere calme, relax aut, ressoureaut – Personnel attatif a chaque besous, decret et preseut a la fa’s soires, extra – excellent se jour."

- Nicole Pierre August 2004

"Magnifique. Sergcice impeccable, idial four le refaier due. C’est un de ces eudroit in l’ou revient."

- George Escribano (France) August 2004

"Fantastico, o espaco é sensacio nal para recuperar as energeas gastas no stresse do dia-dia. O trataments é magnifico, é pessosal, é atencioso e gentil. Em fin, E TUDO DE BOM !!!!"

- Edson de Alcantara (Brazil) August 2004.

"An ideal place to purify one’s mind – body – soul. The resort is tranquil and pleasant enough to have a great health programme. The concept, efforts taken to maintain the philosophy at all levels, and the motivated staff under the guidance of Doctor & Mrs. Mathai, truly make SOUKYA an unique place in this world."

- M.C. Mani (Dubai) August 2004

"Ce que j’ai le plus apprécié: le soin apporté dans choque détail. What I appreciated most: the care brought everywhere in each detail: the organization of tress, flowers, the real comfort of the place (decoration, etc,.) the smile and gentleness of everyone from Dr. and Mrs. Mathai, to the women removing the dead leaves, everything and everyone being a source of well being, quietness and pleasure. In four days, I found opportunity to feel deeply in accordance with myself and others. Thanks."

- Isabelle Crespelle (France) August 2004

"Heaven on earth:- there’s a price to pay for perfection, and its well worth saving up for. Warm, sunshine, idyllic, therapeutic – I shall be back to write a book in the mornings and be pampered in the afternoons. Thank you"

- Rosemary Napper (England) August 2004.

"Un si joli livre des soins trés agréable et des gain trés geutiles"

- Francoise Tachker-Brun (France) August 2004.

"Enjoyed the peaceful surroundings and excellent care. Thank you."

- Fanita English (USA) August 2004.

"A special place of quiet and unobtrusive abundance. I have been well cared for at so many different levels and I am nourished and healed by the total holistic experience. Thank You. I will tell others."

- Adrienne Lee (UK) August 2004

"It was wonderful again, like last year. Whenever I am in India I will spend a few days in this beautiful body and soul healing place as you must have noticed : I am telling others about SOUKYA !"

- Marijeke Wusten (Netherlands) August 2004

"An oasis of paradise. I came for serious medical reasons and I found substantial healing. But, I also found a place of serenity and beauty where everyone is warm and accommodating."

- Bob Gerber (USA) August 2004

"I was very impressed by the very professional treatments. Definitely SOUKYA is among the three best place for holistic healing I have ever been and as a travel agent specialized in this field there were many I saw."

- Cornelia Kelar (Switzerland) August 2004

"We enjoyed this spa very much. We will be self marketing for Soukya. We think it is an excellent home to rest and enjoy peaceful life that everyone need. It is like preventive maintenance for the body. Thanks a lot. See you again. Salam."

- Khalid Al-hajri (Qatar) August 2004

"Thanks to everyone: Doctors, therapists and all the many others who make SOUKYA a Lovely place to be with the great care brought to every part of the whole. SOUKYA is full of Happy, caring people who enjoy their work and the effect is Tangible."

- Susan Thompson (USA) September 2004

"Heaven on Earth" Thank you Dr. Mathai and your full team to creating a very special, spiritual and holistic environment to enable us to emerge ourselves fully into and come out the other side for a better person".

- Daniella Russell & Michael Hill (Dubai
November 2004

"Congratulations ! Doctor and Mrs. Issac Mathai. You have created the most beautiful and peaceful facility that we enjoyed in our lives. Accompanied by an excellent healing and staff that always have a smile on their lips, you have given us paradise on Earth. Shalom and Namaste !"

- Erika & Jonathan Meyer (Israel) November2004

"We are very happy to stay in this Paradise such a long time "From this place must all Russian people start to learn India. The most important thing in the holistic center is harmony between people and nature. We feel it every day." Thank you for attention and big care. We hope we will come back. Best wishes to this project in the future."

- Elena & Tamara (Russia) December 2004

"It was a great experience. Very calming and very soothing will recommend highly to other friends."

- Dr. Susheela Sampat (USA) December 2004

"Every visit back brings more joy and better amenities and improved services. Please keep it up."

- Ajey Lohia & Mahesh Sharma (Calcutta) December 2004

"This is truly integrated holistic center. Dr. Mathai is brilliant and approaches the cause from its roots. Combining five star facilities with this approach is the best way to make the patients follow through program ! Will highly recommended people in need. Thanks !"

- Bansi Lakhani (USA) December 2004

"Its simply miraculous; I feel a world of a difference, now fully restored to old energy levels, optimism and ready to "take on anyone" attitude. Thank you Dr. Mathai and Suja and all members of your wonderful team ! I am so grateful. (I feel in love with the cows too !!)."

- Mala Sekhri (New Delhi) December 2004

"Congratulations to Dr. Mathai for setting up a truly holistic center. Great and original treatments and wonderful therapists, doctors and staff. Please expand so that millions benefit !"

- Dr. Shikha Sharma (New Delhi) December 2004

"Great doctor, terrific therapists, delicious and healthy food, beautifully landscaped setting – staff is so friendly and helpful every thing is perfect !! Felt pampered and indulged – I will be back for sure. Thank you, every one at SOUKYA !"

- Vibhuti Patel (USA) January 2005

"My Dear Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Issac, What to say ! It was an excellent and wonderful experience. "You do what you preach". "God bless you all at SOUKYA !" I came with this life style : Weakening in the body, lack of energy, fatigue + aging fast, back pain, raised blood pressure, symptoms of diabetes, high cholesterol, stressed and bad food habits. Now I am leaving with Soukya’s way of life". SOUKYA give the necessities of life : Rejuvenate, changing eating habits and appetites – Nourishing food and hygiene, healthy and excellent blood pressure, nurturing, clean and fresh air. Lovely and adequate exercise, reducing my stress. Excellent protocols of massages, Excellent meditation. "All these without losing sight of the Faith Spiritual."

- Khalid F Al-khateb (Bahrain) January 2005

"This has been a wonderful experience filled with unexpected and states of mind. A true healing center. Thank you."

- Aminah & Fritz Smith (USA) January 2005

"A place where the body, mind and spirit get healed simultaneously – truly a wonderful experience where you can feel integrity."

- Gokul K. Agarwalla (USA) January 2005

"Being our second visit here, the SOUKYA experience was even better than our first time. In a world that seems to have gone and it is great to know that we have a place where we can refresh and reflect on the truly important things in life. Thank you Dr. Mathai, Suja and everyone at SOUKYA for a truly memorable weekend !!"

- Vasundhara Das & Roberto Narain (Bangalore )

"This has been a long awaited gift to myself, which I feel happy to have fulfilled in this perfectly healing environment with people lovingly devoted to my care – I feel like a young child again. Since driven to the entrance of this purifying, rejuvenating and spiritually cleansing experience of Soukya. Thank you one and all. I will do my best to here you by integrating what I’ve gained here in my daily life and by spreading the word."

- Lynn Franklin (USA) January 2005

"Thank you Soukya". I have had a wonderful experience with wonderful people here at SOUKYA ! This is one of the most peaceful place that I have visited. I hope to be back soon. God bless SOUKYA and all the nice people who work at Soukya. Thank you and Good luck !"

- Sharmin Abji (Tanzania) January 2005

"Thank you, Soukya. I arrived weary and distracted, and am leaving refreshed, energetic and focused. Obviously the treatments warm and are well chosen. But the thing that I love most in this place is its people. Everyone’s face is warm and kind and this is contagious. I am blessed to have spent time with your staff and to have grown to know the guests who were also here during my stay. We are all departing with a feeling of camaraderie that we haven’t experienced since childhood ! Thanks for that too !"

- Lisa Venezia (USA) January 2005

"This is my second visit – It has been fantastic. I completely ascribe to Dr. Mathai’s approach to Mind, Body, Wellness, which he has incorporated in the beautiful environment of SOUKYA and in his graceous and beautifully trained staff. Dr. and Mrs. Mathai have created something unique to India and I congratulate them and look forward to returning. Perhaps in the world."

- Stephanie Guest (USA) January 2005

"A unique island of tranquility on the edge of an intensive city. A place where the mind calms and adjusts. Thanks to the miracle of Ayurvedic treatments combined with wonderful caring staff excellent food (the best I had in India) and a beautiful environment."

- Frances Kazan (USA) January 2005

"Thank you for a wonderful two days that has given me knowledge that I will be able to use to help improve my Mind, Spirit and Body for the rest of my life. I feel fortunate to have met Dr. Mathai."

- Jenny Ljungberg (Sweden) February 2005

"SOUKYA is our Home in India. Our heartfelt thanks for the hospitality and kindness of all the staff. See you next year."

- Jerry & Rony Toporovsky (USA) February 2005

"An island of healing and dedication to the healing of people, the earth and all, Many Thanks."

- Stephen Fulder (Israel) February 2005

"I really was impressed by the love and peace of the whole place and the people working here. I am looking forward to come back soon."

- Heiko Santelmann (Norway) February 2005

"SOUKYA radiates with love, joy and compassion. Nourishing to body, mind and spirit."

- Jackie Wootten (USA) February 2005

"As John said to the staff this morning – "SOUKYA is beautiful, but you (the staff) are even more beautiful!" We love India! And SOUKYA could not be a better starting place. Thank you for the healing, peace and love."

- John & Rise Richardson (USA) February 2005

"My second visit and I am so sad I have to leave this Paradise. Treatment girls, dining staff, housekeeping simply wonderful. Made such great friends one can only make at SOUKYA. In Aries words "I will be back".

- Shama Habib (UK) February 2005

"A rejuvenating experience which heals on many areas. Mental and Spiritual. I regained my sense of humor – This place is fantastic. Thank you SOUKYA staff and Dr. Mathai."

- Betty Bernard (USA) March 2005

"SOUKYA gets better every time I come. I am looking forward to my next visit already. Going back fully recharged.!!!"

- Goverdhan (India) March 2005

"Seven weeks isn’t long enough for a place like this ! One of a kind ! Thank you to all !"

- Rajiv Khemlani (Hong Kong) March 2005

"This is my second visit to SOUKYA and I have found it to be just as rewarding an experience as the first. If you expand, try to retain the unique atmosphere; it really works!"

- Simon Baily Gibson (UAE) March 2005

"What a great experience! Nothing like NYC or Central Park. From the moment I arrived, I felt relaxed and pampered. One of the many qualities that distinguishes SOUKYA from other places is the personalized attention. They really care! It is rare these days. It does not go on noticed. Worth the top I’ll be back!".

- Gregory Yerman (USA) April 2005

"My congratulations to Dr. Mathai, his wife and entire team and staff here at SOUKYA. They don’t leave a stone unturned to make your stay comfortable. The management is very open and receptive to suggestions and to me this is a sure sign that this resort is going to be one of the best in the world – soon. My best wishes always."

- Nakul Kamani (India) May 2005