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Friendly, caring, deserving staff for one and all. God Bless. Results guaranteed. Wishing well to all.

- Dr. A.C. Malhotra (India) February 2000

I felt well cared for. Everyone was so friendly and warm. I still need to achieve what I set out to do. I hope it will happen.

- Ms. Bela Raja (India) February 2000

You have an extra ordinary clinic!! So nurturing and caring and special. I must recommend you to everyone I know. I will miss you all!! See you next year!!

- Mrs. K.D.Kidder (USA) March 2000

You have all touched my life and health profoundly. I can never be the same - only better! Your patience and care have helped me immensely. I shall miss you all. But plan to return!!

- Ms. Mindy Mitchell (USA) March 2000

Thanks to all of the Wonderful doctors, healers, and staff. My health is much improved, and I am very grateful.

- Gurujot Kaur Khalsa (USA) March 2000

Thanks to all the healers here, for listening so carefully, for teaching me yoga for wonderful massages that are also a learning experience, and for food, acupuncture, reflexology, accupressure and especially for Smiles and Caring.

- Mr. Michael Leonard (India) March 2000

I am highly impressed by the whole programme and the treatment and the most wonderful team of Doctors. It has been a great experience. I am going to miss you all. I am grateful to you for right path and right attitude you have shown me. It was simply wonderful, being with you all. Thanks A Lot.

- Susheela Thyagarajan (India) March 2000

With a big Thank you to all and much love.

- Purnima Soufi, March 2000

A programme beyond compare. Given me a new lease of life. From yoga, auricular therapy to reflexology / ayurvedic sessions all of these are to be experienced to be believed. Not forgetting the experienced, encouraging and enthusiastic staff of doctors and assistants. A warm Thank you with all my hearts.

- Vijay (India) April 2000

This is excellent place for body.

- Ms. Marina Abramovio (Holland) April 2000

Thanks to all the pleasant and friendly doctors and staff. I am most impressed by the whole programme and treatment. All the best to all the doctors and staff.

- Fredrick D'Souza (India) April 2000

This has been a wonderful healing experience, holistic and holy. It has been a profoundly positive mind-body-spirit cleansing and rejuvinational healing. You feel as if you are my family. Love and blessings for all of you in every way. Thank you and God bless you all.

- Albert Ellis (USA + India) April 2000

I feel as if I have come home. You are more than Doctors. You are healers. You heal with your hearts. You have helped to transform me to a place of peace. I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

- Pameh Medor (India + USA) April 2000

Thank you Doctor Mathai and all Doctors and staff for a very caring attitude and patience. I feel much much better than when I started. Will be back next year.

- Ms. Sonya Kjosgoasd (London) May 2000

Thank you. This has been a wonderful experience. I have more energy and feel very relaxed.

- Tariq Alinur (India) May 2000

It has been a wonderful experience. All the staff are very sincere and they are very genuine in solving your problem / aches whatever it may be. I feel pampered and good when I come here. Thanks a lot for everything.

- Prema Mimali May 2000

I've enjoyed every aspect of the treatment; unluckily are the people who do not experience such a beautiful / wonderful feeling. I wish I could continue doing this for all my life and feel wonderful about myself. All the people / staff are very caring. Thank you all.

- Balkrishan Mankani June 2000

Young, enthusiastic, curious, overly sensitive passionate team of Doctors, therapists, and every one else is a definite winner team. I enjoyed every second of my 7 days here and will certainly refer to some friends everywhere. I'll return soon. A great place and a great people to be. The treatment is working wonders already. God Bless each one of you and do pray for me.

- Adil Syed (USA) June 2000 after a week

In the current world of a stressed executive, one does not know the damage and abuse one does to his own self. I slowly realised as I underwent the therapy the importance of body and mind. Doctors and attendants were highly professional and committed. They have done wonder to my body and also advise the right things to be done. This experience will ever live down in my memory lane and I shall always be a source of reference to the needy. Thanks for every thing.

- B. Prakash (India) June 2000

Nice staff. Nice work. Very well prepared food. Thank you for every thing.

- Geeta Dilip June 2000

It was a very pleasant experience to emerge out of this treatment a stronger person. The encouragement given by the Doctors and staff and their perseverance and dedication throughout the course is why I completed it successfully. Thank You for every thing.

- Prajwal Mundapa June 2000

Before I began the treatment, I had firm belief in Doctor Mathai and his team. I also believed in the medical systems being followed. I expected the moon - I got the sun, the sky the earth and much much more !!!! There are numerous references to the attitude of the "staff". Here I have to repeat / echo the feelings expressed by others - great team, lovely attitude, personal care there is so much I can say. I am sure this "movement" will grow from strength to strength and prove to be a boon to millions of people. All the Best to the lovely team.

- Mr. J. Govardhan (India) July 2000

To spend such an extended time in such a deeply relaxed state was truly a gift. The atmosphere is truly healing on many levels. In a quite miraculous way, everyone and everything works together so that I felt I was participating in a balancing and harmonising action. I am especially grateful for the support I felt from each member of the team and especially Issac for my own search to understand myself.

- Mrs. Susan Thompson (USA) July 2000

I have spent 12 days in these good facility getting treatment for obesity. The treatments seems to be effective and the staff are very pleasing. I spent a nice time and carry enjoyable memories.

- Mr. Ali-Mohd' Al-Jamea (Bahrain) July 2000 after more than a week

I've always been a bit sceptical of alternative therapies, but the past month has shown me that they are quite effective. My digestive system has been problem-free for a couple of weeks now - it’s been more than a year since my colon has been this healthy. Many thanks to the healers and staff.

- Ms. Christina Wu (USA) August 2000

Excellent-Great visit-great people. Thank you.

- Minha Rajput (London) August 2000

A four-year-old condition has improved by about 50% in 10 days. That just about says it all! An excellent form of therapy with a dedicated team. Thank you.

- Joanna Wilhelm (Germany) August 2000 after over a week

A great place to learn, to receive the positives which replace the negatives. Gentle and highly professional staff who CARE. I've learned things for a lifetime and know lifetime will be much longer and healthier. Thanks for making the world a better, more bearable place, for so many.

- Chip Kingery (India)

A wonderful experience, giving me hope of having a brighter future. Grateful for the work you are doing and hope many more will benefit from the expertise here. Thank You.

- Mary Catherine Moses (USA) September 2000

This has been a wonderful experience. I've learned about myself and your culture. I feel as though I've been here before and I am anxious to come again.

- Kathleen Rose Schival (USA) September 2000

Doctor Mathai was right on the diagnosis and helped me understand my complaints to always be doing. Great management, wonderful people. Thank You.

- Peggy Nabrowski (USA) September 2000

I loved the oil massage. My body responded to all that wonderful attention. Your staff is wonderful and I really loved the Yoga session.

- Gloria Carroll (USA) September 2000

Thank You for your gracious level of very skilful treatment. May Peace, Health and God Fortune be with you.

- Susan Scout (USA) September 2000

If the result of the treatment is as incredible, friendly and loving as the staff, I will live forever!

- Hank Henry (USA) September 2000

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me each time I visited. I feel wonderful.

- Teresa Benicewicz (USA) September 2000

Thank You so much. The treatments were wonderful.

- Nora Buhlmann (Kushacht) September 2000

This place added as much to our experience of India. Loved the treatments, loved the staff.

- Peg Dougherty September 2000

Thank You. I felt very cared for. I felt rather like a newborn baby afterwards. The massage was wonderful. I feel wonderful. It was perfect.

- Sara Miot (USA) September 2000

Thank You. My body, mind, spirit thank You for your warmth, nurturing and care. The treatments are fabulous. I hope some day to return.

- Julie & Sam Yau (USA) September 2000

Thank you for this wonderful healing treatment. Words fail to express the feelings in my heart.

- Catherine Crews (USA) September 2000

Cut my smoking habit with the help of team here. Got my bowel to function in order again. Thank you and hope to work with you in the future.

- Mr. James Woltensberger (Switzerland) September 2000

Thank You. Last night's treatment was beautiful. I slept the most peaceful deep sleep. My whole being weeps with joy from being so genuinely cared for and nurtured. I am now ready and cleansed to be in Sai Baba's presence blessings. I feel fortunate to receive such healing treatments to help reverse affects of alcohol and drug abuse. Grateful and feel loved and nurtured great staff - can 1 or 2 come home with me.THANKS.

- Ms. Madonna Hill (USA) September 2000

I honour the divine within you! You are pioneers of the Golden Age and I am grateful to each of you.

- Theda W. Gillespie (New Zealand) September 2000

A place of healing. A place of love. A place of peace.

- Ann Healy (USA) September 2000

Excellent massages. Excellent staff and doctors makes one feel relaxed, refreshed and great at the end of the day. Hope to catch up with you'll real soon! Thank you for everything.

- Tahira Suhud (UAE) October 2000

Excellent treatment. The staff is very caring and polite. Looks after very well. Thank you!

- Mrs. Usha Vaze October 2000

Excellent, the treatment was superb. The staff is also very polite. Feeling very relaxed. Thank You.

- Mrs. Hema Thaker (India) October 2000

Words are few; my heart is true. Places like this; are found very few. Excellent staff and doctors. Great treatment making one feel relaxed and refreshed. Thanks a lot.

- Naresh Acharya November 2000

Wonderful care from every one. Your staff is caring and attentive. I look forward to coming back when the Whitefield Clinic is finished. Issac and Suja thank you for all your help in Puttaparthi and also for your hospitality in Bangalore. If I come back by myself you know what to do.

- Mr. John F. Kirtley, educationist (USA) November 2000

Thank you for taking such good care of us. Quite an enjoyable experience.

- Leila S. Hanegud November 2000

Thank you for sharing so much information with us about your fabulous centre. Please consider us your American partners and let us know if we can collaborate in any way on your mission. Thanks also for the great massage.

- L. Hanagrd & Flanagan (India) November 2000

There is nothing I really can suggest. I found more than I expected here. I wish there was a centre like this in Mumbai and other places . Thank you for healing my arthritis to a great extent - I will be returning here again and again.

- Indira Mahindra (India) November 2000

It made me proud of India having such innovative and thorough clinics as yours, into professional courteous, and very attentive staff . And the services are very commendable. Please keep in touch when you come in USA Thanks again

- Dr. Sarla Chhabria M.D.(USA) November 2000

This is one of the best discoveries I have made. The care and comfort offered is outstanding. The results are excellent.

- Ms. Martha Magnus December 2000

Overall, the treatment is good and my general weakness has reduced. So has the heaviness and numbness in my leg. I hope that at some point with continued treatment I will be able to bend my knee. Doctors have listened patiently to my problems and also wish to add that the staff are very courteous and nice. Thank you.

- S. Sitalakshmi (India) December 2000

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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