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It was a lovely experience with peace and serenity and polite and nice people around. Wish you all the more success.

- Mrs. Usha Bakshi (India) January 2004

A wonderful and peaceful experience. We will be back.

- Mr. & Mrs. W. Swin Burn (UK) January 2004

Great experience. I feel rested and relaxed ready to start again. Thank You to all the staff.

- Julia Adams (Malaysia) January 2004

A very enjoyable stay. Thank you to the wonderful staff.

- James Sterling (Jake)(USA) February 2004

Dear Suja and Dr. Mathai I would like to share few thoughts of mine during my stay of 8 days at SOUKYA. As a doctor myself I know how much difficult and stressful to run a medical establishment. Now one can imagine the mega establishment of yours. I am short of words to put it regarding your institution; starting from reception to treatment your staff has given the happiness and comfort of a house. Everyone has shown warm attitude when we meet them, they are your priceless asset. We all can imagine who is behind this magnificous show. It is none other than yourself and your wife. I have a simple and common word Thanks for what all I have received at SOUKYA. This Thanks has a special meaning here. I can do only one duty by praying God for the welfare of you, your family and children, your staff and patients for whom you have dedicated yourself day and night and for the wellbeing of your patient at physical and mental level . As a member of doctor fraternity, I congratulate your doctors for their kind and concern

- Dr. A.K. Satyavathi M.D.(India) February 2004 after a week

Three days are not enough in this idyllic place. I will leave floating on a cloud of serenity. Many Thanks to Dr. Mathai and all your wonderful staff. I will spread the word about SOUKYA in the UK - and hope to return.

- Christine Bass (U.K.) February 2004

This was a wonderful experience. I am glad I came. I will be returning soon with more people. They all need some escape from their daily lives struggles.

- Aparita Bhandari February 2004

Wonderful attentive staff - wish 'SOUKYA' the best for the future.

- Momin Latif (India) February 2004

Its paradise of earth. I had great fun for 12 whole days. Friendly doctors, therapists and staff. Thank you very much Dr. Mathai.

- Jyothika Kedar & A.K. Parvathamma (India) February 2004 after over a week

The place, staff, medical treatments and advice have done wonders for me. Many thanks to you Dr. Mathai and every one at 'SOUKYA'.

- Sheela Harivallabh Das (India) February 2004

Serene and tranquil environment at SOUKYA has brought a new vigour and liveliness in me. I would greatly recommend the experiences to any. Staff and administration is worthy of higher praise.

- Mr. Munir Lone (U.K.) February 2004

A pleasant and interesting experience and good thoughts for co-operation with Scandinavia.

- Ms. Margaret Hollows (Denmark) February 2004

Idyllic, serene, peaceful and tranquil place. The staff, doctors and therapists have done wonders for me. An experience of a lifetime which I will never forget.

- Anila Tanna (UK) February 2004

It has been an extremely relaxing time, far from the mad world ….. A unique experience where one can find oneself. Wonderful staff.

- Ms. Florence Villiers (Pakistan) February 2004

A beautiful setting in which to enjoy marvelous treatments given by excellent caring staff. It has been completely rejuvenating.

- Stephanie Guest (USA) February 2004

An oasis of tranquility.

- Razif Abdullah & Azizah Abu Bakar (Malaysia) March 2004

Thanks to Dr.Mathai and the caring staff. My health has been greatly changed.

- Marcia Hill, March 2004

Thank you SOUKYA for teaching me to respect my body, calm my mind, and elevate my spirit. My sincerest thanks to the doctors and staff and I wish you every success. God Bless.

- Shama Habib (London) March 2004

Short but wonderful visit. We shall return to rejuvenate our bodies and souls when we have more time.

- Mr.&Mrs. Chris Carter (USA) March 2004

In seven days a new second home. Thanks to all.

- R. Bernsohn (USA) March 2004

After nine weeks traveling in India on pilgrimage what better way to integrate my journey than to travel deeply into body, mind, spirit through SOUKYA treatments. Through this blessed purification and letting go of physical, emotional and mental toxins may I and all sentiment beings be healed and may we dwell together in peace, love, joy and happiness that is free from suffering and the causes of suffering. Gratitude to all.

- Janet Evergreen, cranio-sacral therapist (USA) March 2004

Fantastic and peaceful. Staff were really helpful and helped to create the stress free environment. Really look forward to seeing you again.

- Natasha Kottegoda (Colombo) March 2004

World class facility. "JANAT" HAI

- Suresh G. Bharwani (India) March 2004

Absolutely home. Keep it up

- Sumalini Reddy (Chennai) April 2004

I have been a fan of Dr. Mathai since 1990, now I have became a fan of Mrs. Mathai too. I came here to get healed. I am going back healed, inspired and motivated. In addition to being a fantastic healing center, SOUKYA is a great example of professional and management excellence. It is people like Doctor and Mrs. Mathai who will make this century the century of India. SOUKYA has inspired me to go back into the "real" world and excel in everything I do - now this is true healing!! While Dr. Mathai's presence is obvious in Soukya, Mrs. Mathai is omnipresent. The gentle touch of a lovely hostess is present everywhere. What a great couple!

- Govardhan (Bangalore) April 2004

A fantastic rejuvenating weekend with the best hospitality in Bangalore - We even got Easter eggs !

- Katie Murray (London) April 2004

This is how you should spell HEAVEN - Soukya, Bliss re-defined !

- Manpreet Walia (Bangalore) April 2004

Wonderful stay, great place, good staff and manpower great rejuvenation.

- Radhika Somanna (Bangalore) April 2004

A wonderful place hopefully a model for all health care in the future. Well done. Staff are the best.

- Wendy Albert (Australia) April 2004

A different place, and an experience very different, yet had before. Wish the crew of ‘SOUKYA’ – all the very best for the future. The staff and crew have been great at their hospitality. Thanks a lot.

- Neeta Shah (Bangalore) April 2004

Wonderful experience!! Extremely courteous staff. Very caring. Thank you.

- Apurvi Sheth Mirpuri April 2004

Logo saying fight it ! “Never let your mind down” Beautiful, peaceful environment. Extremely healthy, mind focusing, good healing process. Excellent staff very friendly.”Health is Wealth” SOUKYA like my second house – actually “first” surely come back very soon. I just have many more compliments – but, for now Goodbye ! Thank you for every thing.

- Vishal Ghogar (Thailand) April 2004

This was my first change a , and my very first body massage….despite all I was totally out

- Shibani Kapur (Delhi) May 2004

Ouite a wonderful experience, especially for come one as massage shy as I am.

- Muneeza Naqvi (New Delhi) May 2004

The therapy was done with great respect and I learn much of the stone therapy and I can use it also in Holland by my Ayurvedic therapy

- Monique Hoogendoom (Holland) May 2004

A feast for the eyes. Nature in all it's glory. Dr. Mathai is a humane and sensitive doctor. Wish more doctors were like him. The staff – polite and yet very warm. One goes warm and happy in spirits. Thank you Dr. Mathai.

- Sulekha Nair (Mumbai) June 2004

The garden alone is soothy enough. The warmth, the excellent service, the treatments all go towards making it so special. Thank you.

- Omana (Bangalore) June 2004

We are very very pleased with the treatment. All the doctors and staff are very good and co-operative. Food served for breakfast lunch and dinner was nice. Very nice and pleasant place for morning and evening walk 2.5km, track is nice.

- D.M. Khandkar (Karnataka) May 2004

Very pleasant staff my comments are just as positive as my last trip. Good doctors – Excellent staff – Good sense of humour. Every body all positive and smiling SOUKYA will always be a big part of my life. (Health is Wealth)

- Vishal Ghogar (Bangkok) June 2004

A pleasant surprise and even fun despite all my initial hesitation. Good food, great staff from top to bottom. I am actually feeling a little sad leaving. “Lekhana” and “Soukya” will always be on my mind and in my memories. Will be back!!

- Meherwan Narula (Bangkok) June 2004

A very peaceful, tranquil place to find time to think and breath in.

- Janette Noye (Dubai) July 2004

I wish to thank all members of SOUKYA for providing me and my colleague a very peaceful stay. Hats off to Dr. Mathai and his team.

- Partha Pratim Saha (Kolkata) July 2004

A very nice and pleasant stay. Thanks to your wonderful staff. Nice relaxing, thirteen days away from every thing.

- Zea Fareed July 2004

My mother and I just descended to this institution and are so glad that we did so. Every body is so professional and courteous and I am leaving with fond memories of this serene place. If my mother does get better than it will be an added bonus but am confidential that the team at SOUKYA will make my trip worthwhile. God bless all at Soukya.

- M.A. Essa (Kenya) July 2004

Hey SOUKYA – “ give me back my belly”. Special thanks to Pradeep and kitchen staff for the unlimited supply of Dosas. I guess the highlight of my stay would be the excellent massages and the unforgettable Basti’s (don’t think I’ll be back for the same in the near future) Jokes apart – a long peaceful three weeks with friendly and knowledgeable doctors and staff made my stay an enjoyable one. Thank you doctor and Mrs. Mathai and wish SOUKYA and staff all the best.

- J.Joseph (Abudhabi) July 2004

If you see to the sky in the midnight with nice moon looking you can say I am in the floor in Soukya

- Rashid Omar Al Hanori (Sharjah) July 2004

It was unique and great days which I spent in Soukya. Every thing is excellent, staff, food, treatments and weather. Special thanks to Dr. Mathai for his great efforts to establish this center.

- Nasser Al – Shurafi (UAE) July 2004

Just Heaven ! A great break away from Bombay !

- Nina Goel (Mumbai) August 2004

An unforgettable and most enriching experience. May god bless you work always.

- Lida Jacob, IAS (Kerala) August 2004

Heaven on earth ! The peaceful environment and the super friendly staff makes 'Soukya' and unforgettable experience. The treatments were amazing. Seven stars !

- Sameera Khan (New York) August 2004

I glorify god, as he has given wonderful opportunity to stay in Soukya. I received good treatment and attained good relaxation to my mind, body and soul. I pray god to bless Dr. Mathai and family members and staff members of Soukya. Thank You.

- D. Chandrakantham (Bangalore) August 2004

A thrilling experience. Every thing is in positive. All the best wishes.

- R. Prabhakaran, IAS (Kerala) August 2004

Soukya" is a visionary's dream come true. To Dr. Issac Mathai the visionary goes the credit for realising his life's ambition to get up a truly Global Holistic Centre. This global health village set in sylvan surroundings maintains the higher standard of holistic health and inded a truly exhilarating experience. I wish Dr. Issac Mathai who is ably assisted by his charming wife Suja all the very best.

- B.K.R. Rao (Bangalore) August 2004

An absolutely exhilarating experience. Thank You.

- Shameem Abdullah (Delhi) August 2004

It's a superlative effort worthy of experience by everyone.

- Dheeraj Garg (Chandigarh) August 2004

I must compliment Dr. Mathai for his efforts for providing this health care for the global - people. This is great service to the people and good name to the country. I wish and assure him my full support for his efforts to maintain this institute.

- C. M. Ibrahim (Bangalore) August 2004

Superb ! A wonderful healing experience. Ambience is perfect, the treatments therapeutic and overall SOUKYA fulfilled my soul and gave me a great sense of peace and contentment. Thank You Dr. Sudha. I will be back …

- Priya Sen (Bangalore) August 2004

It was excellent ! I came here to loose weight and ended up being completely relaxed and rejuvenated. The staff are excellent ! I hope to be back soon.

- Reshma Jacob (Dubai) August 2004

A delightful experience! One I am going to town about! The place, the people, the treatments were just what the doctor ordered for this weary body (and soul). I loved it and thank you all for all you've done to make this experience so special. God Bless You. “

- Shankari Murali (Bangalore) August 2004

Wonderful place to be in. Good relaxation. Great hospitality and serene. Good team of work force. All The Best.

- Alexander Castelino (Bangalore) August 2004

I enjoyed staying in SOUKYA very much. Such a wonderful and peaceful place and very beautiful. Staff of SOUKYA are very nice and very helpful. There a feeling of being home Love and Care. I enjoyed morning prayers with SOUKYA staff. Also I thank the staff for celebrating my birthday on 25-8-04. I was away from my family. But I celebrated with SOUKYA family which was indeed very touching for me. I pray for all of you and Love you.

- Fathima Syed S. Kazim (Kuwait) August 2004

Divine serene place. Affectionately, caring look after by all the staff. Fully charged, feeling in Bliss. What more ! WOW !!

- Alka Jalan & Sudhir Jalan (Calcutta) September 2004

The place is beautiful!! The people are very friendly and warm and most of all the treatments are fabulous! Good Luck! Keep up the excellent work! Good Luck!!

- Sindoori Reddy (Chennai) September 2004

When I got here, I was like Humpty – Dumpty – all in pieces ! My grateful thanks to Dr. Issac Mathai and his marvelous team, who very lovingly put me back together again – piece by piece! Excellent, very high quality treatment, lovely staff ! Super facility. “

- Bindoo Purnaiya (Bangalore) September 2004

It’s been wonderful to know your family and to see you bring your dreams to fruition. Your facility is extra ordinary. World class, Thanks. It’s great knowing the Mathai family. A BIENTDT – To see you soon again!

- Dr. Gary Auerbach (USA) September 2004

The place is beautiful. All the doctors and staff are very good. In the morning just heaven! A great break away from Pune! In the afternoon and evening we feel just we are in the quiet place like jungle, there is only noise of birds and nature. People are very friendly. Treatments are very good, lovely staff. Thanks for all to Dr. Mathai! To see you soon again!

- Sunil S. Bhosle (Pune) September 2004

Well today is my last day here and I have a heavy heart! In the past three weeks you have taken me from a person in pain with no hope to pain free, healthy, energized, happy and ready to take on the world again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The care, love and attention to detail here is unlike any thing I have ever experienced. It has been a real Heaven on Earth! I look forward to returning.

- Melanie Webb (Australia) September 2004

Absolutely terrific experience. Incredible landscaping – a “true oasis” in the middle of madness. Superb doctors, therapists, staff – calm, serene, pleasant and effective. The atmosphere is heavenly. The food is good – effective for what one needs to achieve.

- Manish Kejriwal (Bombay) October 2004

Fantastic time, that is the best way to describe this Heaven of Peace…. It’s been distressing, unwinding and one feels completely relaxed and peaceful. Everyone is so very helpful and caring. It is been a wonderful experience.

- Vrinda Rajgarhia (Bombay) October 2004

I was very apprehensive when I came nine days and as I had just quit smoking. From the first day the staff put me at ease with their wonderful demeanor. Dr. Mathai “Mabrook” on a great facility ! Loved the food and the massages. If there is one thing I would change it would probably be the decoration of the rooms - Natural fabrics like khadi and a lighter sofa finishing would be better. The interior of the rooms can be little putting off. All in all- a wonderful and healthy trip. More to send my husband here soon and be back myself. Thank you.

- Piyali Roy Singh (Dubai) October 2004

This is a brilliant way to relax and unwide from the stress of every day life. The massage was very therapeutic. We will definitely recommend the good doctor and the resort to our clients for treatments and massages. The staff were very friendly as well and most helpful.

- (New York) October 2004

Very peaceful indeed. It was a wonderful experience – I am sure to do it again in the future. Thanks to all wonderful staff.

- Pramod Malik (Canada) October 2004

Many thanks. Will come again.

- October 2004

I feel like I have experienced ‘Rebirth’. I came here to quit smoking and relax and I am going back with both objectives 100% fulfilled. The only revelation has been the two main objectives that I had before I came are really fringe benefits. Soukya, has given me a new body, refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated my mind and body. The wonderful ambience, the great food, friendly staff and most importantly the entire experience will be relived, flavoured and revisited again ! Keep up the good work and thank you from the bottom of my heart

- Puneet Sabharwal (Bangalore) October 2004

I just want to thank Soukya, that is Uncle, Aunty, Dr. Shubha and all the therapists for helping me achieve a part of my goal and also for the wonderful hospitality. God Bless !

- Priyana George (Delhi) October 2004

Unfortunately I was only able to spend a short weekend here. The grounds are beautiful and peaceful, the staff caring and friendly, the treatments soothing yet invigorating. I hope to be able to return again for a longer stay.

- Glenn Bernsohn (USA) October 2004

A fantastic and peaceful, tranquil place for every one to come rejuvenate. I feel like new person well worth the time spent here.

- Sat Lail & Manjit Lail (UK) October 2004

Excellent environment, great experience. Thanks a lot to the team. Look forward to come again.

- Sushma & Ravidra Chamaria (Kolkata) October 2004

Wow! We had a beautiful, rejuvenating weekend. The cool breeze, nature-blended environment, relaxing treatment and courteous staff make a magical effect. We did not realize that “relaxation” is such a serious affair. Thank you, Dr. Mathai.

- Dilip & Ajitha James (Bangalore) October 2004

We felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated at this Heavenly spa. The world at our doorstep! Kudos to the wonderfully trained staff. Thank you Dr. Shubha and Dr. Mathai.

- Dr. Nalini & Dr. Ramesh (Bangalore) October 2004

A retreat for mind, body and soul par excellence is SOUKYA with holistic approach in all respects – the ambience, treatment, food and the overall approach. Do keep it up and we do hope to be associated with it life long. Thank you.

- Dharam Vir (New Delhi) October 2004

Thanks to my wife I ended up here and now leave here with a very positive experience. Excellent staff and great facility. Compliments to Dr & Mrs.Mathai and every individuals at SOUKYA that makes this is a great experience ! Will hopefully be back – Insha – Allah.

- Brij Raj Singh (Dubai) October 2004

Positive achievements are obtained through much effort and application. Unfortunately we tend to become complacent and paralysed at the very thought of an applicable process that could possibly heal and gave us. Issac, we’re known each other for almost twenty years and I am honored to be your friend. For you and Suja, SOUKYA has become a reality. For me SOUKYA has become a source of rejuvenation. Am I looking for a miracle or should I be satisfied with feeling great? I will take the later. Much love to you and the staff.

- Steve Fetner (USA) November 2004

If “faith can move mountains, so can Soukya!” And that is because the SOUKYA “theme”, the only one of its kind in the world, is backed by the SOUKYA “team” which perhaps is one of a one of kind found no where else. If your medicines worked like magic, Dr. Mathai and Suja, the love and compassion, the hospitality and grace, the friendliness and smiles and the sheer human touch of your fantastic team were truly the healing balm for the body and mind. And so clearly, this team is lead by two people, You, Dr. Mathai and Suja, who, by being who you all are making this world a more beautiful place. Equally remembering the love and warmth of Dr. Sudha, Dr. Shubha, Kala, the therapists and all the serving staff – you made us well, you made us well, you made us whole again – Thank you, over and over.

- Anitha Reddy (Bangalore) November 2004

Healthy ways” – Body, mind and soul – A unique experience just that subtle and still touching every part of your life on this lovely campus – that’s how I will rate the hospitality. For Dr. Mathai to have visualized this in his mind and then to have made in a reality – makes a very special person. This world needs more Mathais.

- Hari Krishna (Bangalore) November 2004

It’s very beautiful place. I would like to come here again.

- Masami Honma (Japan) December 2004

A very short stay which set me up perfectly for a night flight

- Ray Stone (Australia) December 2004

Unique opportunity to learn from an integrated holistic center. Excellent service.

- Nigel Moniz (UK) December 2004

Good, I am coming after six month. Room service and House keeping fine.

- Rajendra Kothari (Maharashtra) Decemebr 2004

Very nice

- Satoko Umizama (Bangalore) December 2004

I was moved by the peaceful environment

- Naoko Movino (Bangalore) December 2004

It has been a great experience.

- Durriyah Vasi (Dubai) December 2004

I will take back with me memorable experiences of this place, the people and the wonderful friends. I made – that combined with the treatments – was an unforgettable experience. I will be back again. Inshaallh !

- Durriyah Kathawala (Mumbai) December 2004

Great place, great people and a great experience. Shall come again some time. Good luck and lots of thanks.

- Navneet Sethi (Bangkok) December 2004


- Susan Grant (USA) December 2004

Great place ! Excellent and committed staff. Wishing Dr. Mathai and his team all the best for 2005 !!

- Jude Devdas (Bangalore) December 2004

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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