Guest Experiences


Walked in for a meeting, but ended up checking in for two days of bliss. Thanks a lot for this wonderful experience. Highly recommended it to every one.

- Vinod Agarwal (India) January 2006

Luxury to the limit !! Rare to find a place that gives you a unique experience. Rare to have a place which puts you in touch with your body, and solitude your soul. Rare to come out of a place feeling NEW ! That place is SOUKYA

- Rekha Purie & Aroon Purie (India) January 2006

It was an excellent stay ! I came looking for contacts to other therapy centers. And found a holistic way for therapy. Thanks a lot for the wonderful time, the excellent treatments. So I will start with the way -the holistic center, SOUKYA. Will come back soon.

- Dr. Gabriel Eismann (Germany) 2006

Undoubtedly a unique place – one can unwind, destress, relax and get medically treated – overall healing of body, mind and spirit can be felt. For us it is the beginning of a new chapter with new resolutions, new schedules – best part is the confidence that we can do it back home since we have followed it here. A wonderful experience !

- Sameer & Bhavana Gupta (India) January 2006

SOUKYA has been a top notch experience from the tour to my treatments, to my departure. I will recommend SOUKYA to my friends and family. A special thanks to Dr. Mathai, Dr. Lokesh & Ramesh for all your care and treatments durimg my stay. I look forward to coming back. Sincerely.

- Brad Beckerman (USA) January 2006

Our satisfaction is unique. Our special thanks goes to everyone, but in a particular way to those silent large number of people working and smiling in this place, giving us the privilege for having been here. Thank you.

- Roberto & Angelina Palazzi (Italy) January 2006

Having shared the dream of Dr. Issac Mathai & Dr. Suja for the last 15 years for this center of excellence - I was thrilled to come and stay here, to participate in this fully developed 'SOUKYA' - abode of wellness. I and my wife Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Bhat enjoyed the treatment ,the approach , the hospitality, and the care given by them and their team. Congratulations & I pray for continued success and fulfillment.

- Dr. K.S.S. Bhat (India) January 2006

Dr. Mathai's and Suja Mathai's dream of SOUKYA - What a wonderful sanctuary of peace this is ! Congratulations and best wishes. I had a wonderful & relaxing experience here – This is truly a place that brings happiness.

- Dr. Shyam Bhat (USA) January 2006

Enjoyed the treatments and stay. Coming back soon for one month.

- Mohammed & Huda Al Khalifa (Bahrain) January 2006

Very friendly service and relaxing environment.

- Gabriel (UAE) January 2006

Dr. Mathai & Suja have made 'SOUKYA' a unique place for rejuvenation & relaxation. Truly an experience to be in this sprawling place and go in for these treatments ! We deeply appreciate the warmth and service of everyone. Thank you ! 'SOUKYA' to be definitely recommended for.

- Mr. & Mrs. Franklyn (India) January 2006

It's like a paradise – we had a wonderful stay and enjoyable experience being here. Thank you so much Dr. Mathai & Suja for all the guidance from your end. We will miss all this back home.

- Mrs. & Mr. Nitin Bhosale (India) Janaury 2006

It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks a lot for a wonderful time.

- Bettina Ganghofes (Germany) January 2006

It was a wonderful experience which relaxed not only my body but my mind as well. Thank you very much.

- Mark Johnson (Germany) January 2006

Wonderfully rejuvenating and by such lovely people. Thank you. Eager to return.

- Colotte Webb (UK) January 2006

Thank you for a lovely, relaxing experience. Charming ladies.

- Sharon Turbull (UK) January 2006

Thank you.

- Sergy Lyhuh January 2006

Different & refreshing !

- David January 2006

Thank you, relaxed.

- Hideki Sane Sanekata (Japan) January 2006

Thank you !

- Masakazu Hayashi (Japan) January 2006

Great !

- Akihisa Kamata (Japan) January 2006

Thank you. It's a very good experience for me.

- Kenichiro Hayashi (Japan) January 2006

Very relaxing, thank you !

- Daniel Sdurides (USA) January 2006

Relaxing. They found out the points.

- Takashi Yamanishi (Japan) January 2006

Very relaxing and refreshing. Thanks a lot.

- Andreas Tielmann (USA) January 2006

Very good, . Thanks a lot !

- Ramesh Babu (India) January 2006

This has been a unique experience. We are leaving the center much better than when we came. All arrangements are carefully planned, leaving room for inducing and accelerating the healing. Our thanks to Issac and Suja and their entire staff ! Our only suggestion is keep it up !

- Mr. & Mrs. Damodaran (India) January 2006

We had a wonderful relaxing experience. The treatments were methodical and seem to be clinically effective. I have found these organised treatments better than in the U.K. that is alternative medical treatments. Please maintain and improve as required.

- Dr. & Mrs. Ramachandran (UK) January 2006

I just can say thank you so much to everybody, to Dr. Mathai and his wonderful wife, to the whole team of therapists, doctors, restaurant, receptionists … and every body else. It was the best time and each had to improve health, body, …. Spirit and mind. And also I found the most professional ayurveda treatments … and learned a lot also for my business. Leaving today more than happy, full of power and luxury and love, every body gave to me here … Thanks Dr. Mathai, for creating this wonderful place in world … See you all soon …

- Andrea Kulhmann (Germany) January 2006

Mind blowing, rejuvenating and relaxing – A wow place which gets your mind, body and soul into top gear. See you again soon.

- Neeta Shah (Bangalore) April 2004

Wonderful experience!! Extremely courteous staff. Very caring. Thank you.

- Gopal Jain (India) January 2006

Body, mind and spirit refreshed and rejuvenated ! Great experience.

- Richard Bass (UK) January 2006

A wonderful and much – needed tonic for my entire being. Thank you. Namaste.

- Karen Marmer (USA) January 2006

SOUKYA lives up to its logo and mission – it leaves you, as you complete the treatments, with SUKHA – well being, Shanti: peace and a deep respect for India's traditional holistic medicine. The aesthetics is unmatched. The hard work that goes into the multiple services is invisible, quiet, like a magic wand. The vision and service mindedness of all – especially Dr. Suja & Issac Mathai – is unique. We were fortunate – to be in this 'Seventh Heaven.

- Devaki & Lakshmi Jain (India) January 2006

Had a wonderful time. Great place, Wonderful experience, Wonderful people.

- Venkatesh (India) January 2006

Wonderful experience.

- Henry B. Middleton (USA) January 2006

Thank you – Kind staff.

- Shirley Caracciola (Italy) January 2006

A very special place, Dr. Mathai keeps a watchful eye over his flock and all of us benefit greatly from his gentle but fine professionalism, in the art and science of 'wellbeing'. The doctors and all staff could not have been more caring.

- Arun Kapur (India) January 2006

It was a very relaxing experience for both body and mind. Feels rejuvenated. Staff and doctors are very caring. Overall a great experience.

- Shyam S. Bhartia (India) January 2006

Monistic simplicity, Purity and purpose excellence of practice have combined into an alchemy of cleansing, discovery and rejuvenation. Thanks for your passion to setting it perfect.

- Marieke Brugman (Australia) January 2006

We had a very relaxing time. That's what we wanted. Great setting, friendly staff, impressive nature.

- Daniel Schneider (Germany) January 2006

As usual. Just green. I will be back in two weeks.

- Marijke Wusten (Netherlands) January 2006

Great experience. Very relaxing. Warm welcome, cold pod!

- Marieke Gessens (Netherlands) January 2006

Nice experience, those massages! Friendly doctors. Great ambience.

- Janneke de Groot (Netherlands) January 2006

Excellent. We will come again!

- Brown & Adrienne Lee (UK) February 2006

We have found a Paradise!!

- Carloe Marilla De Carato (Italy) February 2006

An awesome stay. Extremely friendly. Would definitely come again!

- Rohit Verma (India) February 2006

I will come again. Every thing was good and well done. Thank you very much.

- Margherita Negri Da Oleggio (Italy) February 2006

Great experience. All detail perfect. Treatments perfect. Very pleasant atmosphere.

- Paola Citterio Lalatta (Italy) February 2006

My third visit and Paradise and this time brought my husband. I think like me he is also looked by SOUKYA.

- Shama & H.D. Habib (UK) February 2006

Excellent experience. Some variety in food would really add a lot !

- Krishna Chivukula (USA) February 2006

My 1st visit. Will come again. Good Luck.

- Rukmani Maharaja (Australia) Febraury 2006

Surprised at the depth of the transforming experience. Caring and nurturing atmosphere. Cleanliness also.

- Madhu Trehan (India) February 2006

This is the best thing happened on this India trip. Very unique experience we enjoyed every minute. Best wishes. God bless you.

- Ipe & Susie Mathai (USA) February 2006

A piece of quiet in a frantic city. Excellent place to relax and get had some peace of mind.

- Minique Van Wijnbergen (India) February 2006

Very nice and quiet place. You certainly come at rest. Great. See you again.

- Carav Wijabergen (Holland) February 2006

I really enjoyed the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. A sense of well being prevailed in me. Hope I will keep it'.

- Pietro Bononcini (Belgium) February 2006

Second visit to such an excellent place ! SOUKYA is not a holistic center, it is the state of mind ! Treatment superb.

- Gianfranco Rossetto & Francesca Piamonte Rossetto (Belgium) February 2006

Issac – wonderful to see your dream materialized. Fantastic treatment, lovely rooms & grounds. A real sanctuary. A beautiful base.

- Marietta Pinto (Belgium) February 2006

One day of peace in a outstanding place. Will come back again!

- Bouda Harald (Germany) February 2006

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience a 3 week stay… life, changing …. And much needed by the entire western world.

- Lynne Williams (USA) February 2006

Excellent ! Great experience. I will be back !

- Friederique Guillemard (France) February 2006

I really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere , the flowers and the treatment. Will be coming back shortly for a better change in life style and health.

- Syeda Riffeth (India) February 2006

I enjoyed the peace, the lovely treatments, the cordial and smiling staff, so very much. I feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated, after my one month stay.

- Sari Schaffer (USA) February 2006

So peaceful and calm. Wonderful treatments and the most friendly, smiling staff. People like that make all the difference.

- Chandra Sankar (India) March 2006

Wonderful ! I'll be back many more times.

- Kunjali Shah (USA) March 2006

I really enjoyed this peaceful place and will tell all my friends back home to come here. Keep up the good work. I will be back. Thanks all.

- Shenaz Dedhar (Tanzania) March 2006

Wonderful experience. I feel a new person. Thank you to all at SOUKYA. God Bless.

- Gauri Trivedi (India) March 2006

'Atithi para b' – its really practiced by all of you. We do feel it and wish you God Bless & Thank you. Rest & rejuvenation have been great. Thanks to all your team.

- Dr. Geeta Mehta (Trivedi) (India) March 2006

My second visit – As good, if not better than the previous one. Very peaceful and relaxing –I am truly very fortunate to get this opportunity to enjoy SOUKYA – Wonderful staff – Very polite and friendly. Thank you !

- Lalitha Sahani (India) March 2006

What a transforming stay ! The SOUKYA experience is spiritual and relaxing. The people and the nature's bounty wrap one up with love and nurturing care.

- Jija Hari Singh (India) March 2006

3 weeks of peace, happiness and great health in beautiful Bangalore. I love this place and was a great experience. I'm bringing my mom next year. Very unique and high quality treatments! SOUKYA staff is very polite, friendly and professional. Will miss SOUKYA !!!

- Sugam Tiku (USA) March 2006

SOUKYA has been an inspirational experience for lifestyle change. A tranquil oasis away from the urban cesspool. The central philosophy of holistic health and harmony seems to prevail in all aspects of SOUKYA - from the design to organic food to treatments. The most outstanding aspect – your wonderful staff, SOUKYA team. Truly caring, warm people! I can't wait to return.

- Miel Sahgal (India) March 2006

SOUKYA is a magical place. The atmosphere is wonderful. It's been an uplifting experience. I have learned so much here. Thank you.

- Karen & Ryan Thompson (USA) March 2006

Completing our 3rd visit to SOUKYA. We depart once again with a feeling of excellent physical and mental well being and with a determination to return with family members and friends. Thank you Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and all SOUKYA staff for making our stay here a rewarding experience.

- Farid & Alia Zarif (USA) March 2006

Thank you so much! 2 weeks with you was a dream. Every body is so lovely. Sure I will come back very soon. Love and many thanks for all of you.

- Daniele Gerbal (France) March 2006

2 days of complete peace and relaxation. This is truly a magical place. I will come back for 14 days treatment next. Thanks for everything. With love.

- Zepur Solakian (USA) March 2006

A truly calming, relaxing experience that cleansed the body, mind and soul.

- Jon King (England) March 2006

A wonderful experience. Very relaxing and calming.

- Gill Mc Barnet (England) March 2006

Hot stones is wonderful. Feel totally relaxed woh ! Thank you very much. A lovely place, very nice people, really enjoyed the massage ! Thank you.

- Darren Johnson (England) March 2006

Hot stones – fantastic experience!

- Sharon Shvebridge (England) March 2006

Reflexology. Excellent.

- Satyan Bhalla (UK) March 2006

Hot stones revive your body.

- Trinided Rubio (UK) March 2006

Time + space to reflect and recharge. I definitely need more of this in my life ! What an amazing place and what genuine and professional people.

- Hayley Gee (UK) March 2006

Thank you for a wonderful stay! A beautiful place.

- Gillian Aram (UK) March 2006

Thank you for everything. It was enjoyable and every body was nice. We look forward to coming back soon with more time!

- Arun & Dipti (India) March 2006

Awesome place, wonderful place. We were so blessed ! Thank you very much.

- Arun & Miriam (India) March 2006

Great experience. My 10th visit out of the world.

- Suresh Bherwani (India) March 2006

It was a wonderful stay. It is a good place Dr. Mathai has created. Thanks a lot for good treatment.

- Dr. L. Jha (India) April 2006

SOUKYA, my last hope in getting my neck and back better. It was a wonderful one month's stay. We can never forget all your support and encouragement. The staff was very friendly and kind. Wish you all the best in landing the helping hand to those who are in need of holistic health and harmony like us. Thanks a lot from the bottom of our hearts.

- Jahanvi & shobhna Shah (USA) April 2006

What a delightful staff and beautifully peaceful grounds. I simply must return for a long stay.

- Ms. Michelle Thompson (USA) April 2006

Joy! Peace! This is not just a health center but also a temple of tranquility. I do hope I can come back soon.

- Kropal & Amanna April 2006

My stay at SOUKYA: An excellent experience ___________ wonderful and nice professional staff and wish the best for the founders & management. And God may bless them all. Thanks

- Iraj Jahanbin April 2006

Glad I came. Will recommend.

- Hari Nott April 2006

Excellent experience, last year, so back again this year. Will recommend to all. Thank you.

- Mr. & Mrs. Charoen Bajaj (Thailand) April 2006

Hard to express the pleasure of the experience. I will be back again soon.

- K. Temple (Singapore) April 2006

A great stay as always.

- H. Neotia (India) April 2006

A very good experience. Talented and friendly team.

- S. S. Kanoria

Lowered my BP and weight significantly. Looking forward to future results. All the staffs are wonderful!

- Adam Parson (USA) April 2006

Got rested! Being happy!

- Ganga Hoogendooran (Armsterdam) April 2006

It's good to be totally taken care of !

- Nathalie Brochand (France) April 2006

I hope I ill return in this nice paradise ! Soon.

- Allirany Brochand (France) April 2006


- Sujay Kuruvila (India) April 2006

Great place! Would love to come again.

- Mrs. Elizabeth K. (India) April 2006

Rejuvenating, relaxing, recharging. SOUKYA serenely revitalizes. Thanks!

- Prof. Rajeev Gowda (India) May 2006

SOUKYA special.

- Atsuko Kiwjo (Japan) May 2006

I would really love to come and enjoy the whole experiences the one day I had here was wonderful but not enough!

- Danielle Campbell (UK) May 2006

What an amazing experience. Thank you Dr. Mathai and all your staff – it was an honor and a pleasure to stay with you.

- Caroline Brien (UK) May 2006

Truly an experience to remember. Thank you I shall return.

- Tanya Dalton (UK) May 2006

What a remarkable place and experience. Would like to stay longer and experience. Thank you.

- Annette Mastermen (UK) May 2006

A truly beautiful and peaceful retreat. Thank you for the experience. One shalln't forget. I only wish I could have stayed longer.

- Georgia Collins (UK) May 2006

This is one of the best place, I have ever stayed. I have not only got good health. But in 31 yrs I have lived purely for myself. My sincere thanks to SOUKYA.

- Nirmal Singh Sandhu (India) May 2006

Many, many thanks to all here at SOUKYA. Your combined efforts have made for a truly successful visit. Just what the doctor ordered. A wonderful place that I hope to return to again and again.

- Nancy Spencer (UK) May 2006

I loved my visit. Your incredibly warm and professional staff made it a one-at-a-kind experience. I am sad to go back. Look forward to next time.

- Jane Moggio (USA) May 2006

A perfect experience.

- Ann Leibowitz (USA) May 2006

High quality treatment, idyllic environs!

- Geetanjali Kirloskar (India) May 2006

Lovely as always.

- Madhu Trehan (India) May 2006

Was a real discovery? Thanks for every thing. Very enjoyable and relaxing. Thank you very much.

- Conile May 2006

All experienced. Indeed to be repeated.

- M.K. Hamed May 2006

The massages and the Ayurvedic Treatments were relaxing and rejuvenating. Thank you. Great to be here.

- Navkesh Batra (India) May 2006

It was a great experience of healing and a time of peace. May your services grown to give external peace and joy here.

- Rev. Vincent Rajkumar (India) May 2006

Great Place.

- Akanksh Sareen (India) May 2006

SOUKYA is all the name means well being, peace, restful and above all harmony.

- Mrinalini Vikram Sarabhai (India) May 2006

Warm and welcoming even in the absence of Dr. Issac & Suja Mathais. Though we missed them, Wonderful care and Attention by one and all.

- Shubha Sridhar (India) May 2006

Very relaxing and peaceful.

- Naveen C. Kini (India) May 2006

Not only am I feeling great but also a lot of my other aches pains are better, which I thought I would have to live with for life. Thank you for the great hospitality as well.

- Minal Gupta (Indian) June 2006

My wife and I had a very memorable wedding anniversary stay. Highly rejuvenating and highly recommended.

- A. K. Monappa (India) June 2006

You are creating something very special here a beacon of light in a darkened world. Thank you.

- Pamela Burwell (USA) June 2006

An absolutely great expereince. Feeling totally destressed and rejuvenated. Thank you.

- Chetan Gupta (India) June 2006

Superb experience. A world-class center or Holistic Health Care. May God Bless Dr. Mathai, Mrs. Mathai and their dedicated staff'.

- Soman Baby (Bahrain) June 2006

A truly life changing experience. Such a comfort is known that there is this healing pocket of pure and warm heartedness sincerity in the world ! I shall cherish it for ever. My deepest gratitude, peace, love and blessings.

- Annabel Bertie (Scotland) June 2006

An oasis of health away from the hectic world where one can find the true balance between body, mind and soul. Thanks to Dr. Mathai and all the wonderful staff at SOUKYA.

- Linton Paul (Malaysia) June 2006

Resurrection personified.

- Bindya & Nimisha Agarwal (India) June 2006

Its been a nice experience to stay at SOUKYA. Special thanks to all the staff who made the stay comfortable and pleasant.

- Anuradha & Sanjana (India) June 2006

I had a restful stay.

- Asha Seth (India) June 2006

We enjoyed our stay and this will remain memorable.

- Sidd Jyothi & Rajeshwari (USA) July 2006

Another memorable visit. You will see me again soon. Keep up the good work. Lovely to see Jackie, SOUKYA & birds.

- Kathryn Temple (USA) July 2006

Why do we forget that we can't be the only machine which can run on without fuel and lubrication? Till SOUKYA reminds us.

- Aman Nath (India) July 2006

SOUKYA is as great as ever. The yoga, the treatments, the hospitality are the best you can dream.

- Francis Wacziarg (India) July 2006

Life – changing experience. Thanks to all the staff !

- Krishna Chivukula (USA) July 2006

Great tranquil environment, and lots of attention to detail. Heavenly experience. Keep it up.

- Gaurav Gupta (India) July 2006

It was a great pleasure to meet all the doctors here. They are truly a combination of mind & body doctors.

- Simin Gjodstinat (Iran) July 2006

Excellent facility. Greatly relaxed will be back.

- Nitin Rai (USA) July 2006

Great thanks to all the Doctors and employees. We had excellent treatment and time here.

- Haleh & Jaleh Vafai (Iran) July 2006

Many thanks ! We feel rejuvenated and recharged. Very conscious staff and splendid experience.

- Shanker Subramanian (USA) July 2006

The vibrations that emanate at SOUKYA, put you at case as soon as you enter the gorgeous estate !

- Radhika Chopra (India) July 2006

A wonderful experience physically, mentally and spiritually exhilarating ! Compelling reasons for repeat visits to SOUKYA !

- Nina Kilachand (India) August 2006

Wonderful service, ambience and the richness of Ayurveda.

- Pragnya Modi (India) August 2006

A beautiful place to detox physically, mentally to chill and introspect and indulge yourself with great hospitality! Warmth.

- Tina Ambani (India) August 2006

A very peaceful environment that encourages healing and tranquility.

- Celesta Alexander (USA) August 2006

the women who performed the treatments were kind, gentle and sweet. All the staff was remarkable and wise. Celebrate the staff ! They make SOUKYA sing !

- Jennifer Naylor (USA) August 2006

Wonder place to unwind and rediscover inner peace.

- Ravi Shankar (India) August 2006

Wonderful place. Great staff. Had a wonderful time. Thank you for every thing.

- Ranjan Bhagat (USA) August 2006

Thank you for every thing.

- Lakshay (USA) August 2006

Had such a great time here at SOUKYA – the place & staff and all the treatments were amazing! Everyone was so nice and warm – it's the best place to relax chill and detox ! Plus, I met the most interesting people – 'Fellow – SOUKYA – ers' ! Thanks again – Keep in touch – Will miss you all ! Love.

- Jihan Iqbal (Saudi Arabia) August 2006

It was needed to put the brakes on my life and rediscover a path for me and only me. Staff were superb ! P.S. The snake gourd variety was great.

- Harminder Channa (UK) August 2006

SOUKYA' is truly the tiniest place for Rejuvenation for the body, mind and spirit. Hats off to Dr. Issac Mathai for the great concept, the eye for details, for creating the perfect ambience and assembly a superb team of doctors and staff. Wish and pray God to give him the support to create more such organizations which will make us an Indians & India Proud!

- Rama Krishna & Usha Krishna (India) August 2006

Fourth year of stay. Marvellous & excellent experience.

- Abraham T. Chacko (UAE) August 2006

A true health retreat. A home away form home. The staff and the natural surroundings and the overwhelming bow from staff and fellow visitors makes one month feel better, eternal and short timed. Thank you.

- Padma Coram (UAE) August 2006

Refresh Ebenezer' It did happen to me in this amazing place SOUKYA. Extraordinary people place and everything. Kudos to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai for creating world-class holistic center.

- Dr. Abraham Ebenezer (India) August 2006

Came in feeling staff & generally like an old machine … in just one therapy feel rejuvenated and 'well oiled!!' Amazing place & amazing people. People make an institution and here one congrats to Dr. Issac Mathai, Mrs. Suja Mathai and team….

- Indrani Sudarshan (India) August 2006

I've always prayed to God for good health first. I guess coming to SOUKYA. My prayers have been answered – and in style!! Thank you God and thank you people of SOUKYA. You've the best!!

- Azad Iqbal (UAE) August 2006

My 21 day retreat at SOUKYA has been the most gratifying and uplifting experience for Mind – Body and Soul – I am leaving heavy hearted, because this place makes me feel rejuvenated – Focused – Peaceful and content. I thank all of you at SOUKYA for your care and love shown so each one here – with all my prayers, love and best wishes.

- Farida Azad Iqbal (UAE) August 2006

Excellent place to relax. I feel rejuvenated. Amazing ambience and fantastic teamwork. Keep it up.

- Prabha Talwar (India) August 2006

The grass would not have been better without the grass hoppers, the food would not have been better without the waiters smile, the therapists sincere touch. I thank all who made this experience better for myself.' 'Great experience. Leaving with full of happiness. Thanks.

- Raju Kambala (India) August 2006

If I could I would send the world to SOUKYA, if they could experience the healing power of innocent love, genuine caring and heart felt tendering that has both touched and enriched the loves of my wife and myself. Godspeed in keeping your dream above and well. Dr. Mathai and most dedicated staff! To your love and honors.

- Gary & Marcia West (USA) August 2006

I come for 3 days. Now I wish it were 30. Lovely atmosphere, beautiful gardens. The treatments are to---.

- Kay Jones (UK) August 2006

The serene smiling faces of everyone at SOUKYA exude such warmth and love that one is instantly at ease. A memorable experience which I am since to repeat. God bless Dr. Mathai & his wife for having the vision and the ability to convert their dream into a reality for all to enjoy !!

- Radhika Bahl (India) August 2006

Great vision and a great team!! Thank you !

- Ramesh K. (USA) August 2006

Really relaxing and wonderful time here in SOUKYA. Best wishes.

- Miguel (Spain) September 2006

I enjoy a lot the tranquility and relaxation of this wonderful place. I hope to have another opportunity to visit this health center.

- Santiago Fernandez (Spain) September 2006

Thank you so much for such a wonderful stay. Everyone here is so friendly and always smiling. We will come back soon.

- Mr. & Mrs. Harshavardhan Neotia (India) September 2006

This experience has been absolutely fabulous and a real treat for us. The attention to detail is truly amazing. Not only have we learnt about how to achieve a healthier lifestyle but have also met some fantastic people! We hope to make SOUKYA an annual feature in our lives! Thank you for a wonderful 5 days. All the best to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai – who have been truly wonderful.

- Akshay & Puja Poddar (India) September 2006

Had a marvelous week. Therapist and doctors are very good. Hope to see a change in me in the near future. Thanks to these days. Walking every day was a dream with all these flowers, plants and birds. Met very nice people too! Staff was wonderful. Hope I'm sure I will meet the Mathai's again. Please give my sincere thanks to them for having made this lovely place.

- Susana Mignon (Mexico) September 2006

A wonderful and very different experience, be it is the ambience, the therapies or the ever smiling faces of all SOUKYA associates.

- S. Prabhuraman (India) September 2006

A very unique experience. The ambience brings calmness to the body & soul. Well trained professional staff treated me well.

- Shivaramakrishnan (India) September 2006

Staying at SOUKYA is like being immersed in a world of beauty and warm humanity. We are so glad that with Suja's help Isaac's dream became true. With all our love

- Renate & Bernard Mateo (France) September 2006

Stay at SOUKYA was an experience that cannot be expressed in simple words.

- Pramod R. Nair (India) September 2006

God gave us just one life and one day at SOUKYA makes it complete. Thank you Suja & Issac.

- Mrs. Vidhya Chandran & Dr. Chandran (India) September 2006

SOUKYA is a model of a center where healing and hospitality come together ! Keep it up.

- Dr. Krishna Mohan (India) September 2006

Something I will never forget and will re-visit. The therapies are professionally and will return.

- Shaun & Vignes Kumar (Malaysia) September 2006

An aural & visual delight! A perfect place for healing! Many thanks to Dr. Mathai and his dedicated staff for a wonderful experience. Hope my insomnia problem will be rectified.

- Perveze Mirza (India) September 2006

A great unique experience. Thank you to all here who made our stay very relaxing. Dr. Mathai +up the good work. Spreading your message.

- Kavita Chana & Rachna (UK) September 2006

Many thanks to Dr. Mathai. Very peace, great experience. Thanks for relaxing. All therapist are very good.

- Vidya Goenka (India) September 2006

Thanks to Dr. Mathai & all the staff of SOUKYA. Very relaxing place. Thanks for every thing.

- Santhosh Chaudhry (India) September 2006

Thanks to great initiation by Dr. Mathai and team that I had a chance to reboost my health. Special thanks to Shubha and Usha for their care and expertise. The staff is well trained and caring which matters while healing. Excellent hospitality too!

- Varsha Anand (India) September 2006

Thank you for a beautiful experience and for much lovely generosity. Best of luck. Will recommend to others.

- Dr. Annie Abraham & Ms. Susan Abraham (USA) September 2006

Thanks to Dr. Mathai. Thanks to Dr. Shubha & everyone. Most wonderful experience – life changing. See you soon.

- Pratap (Bob) Kondamoori (India) September 2006

Even a short visit shows you power of the place. Which comes then its people, the treatments, and location +++. Truly overall well being. Congrats & Thank you.

- Ajay Bhal (India) September 2006

A unique experience. Great staff.

- Capt. B. Goverthan (India) September 2006

An amazing experience on every level. Amazing staff, astonishingly healing energy of the place. Thank you!

- Cecile Wendover Clover (USA) October 2006

Wonderful stay, all staff members are co-operative and hospitable. Silence here can teach to learn inner silence also.

- Harsha Vardhan Gupta (India) October 2006

My stay was a very satisfying and refreshing experience. The facilities are excellent and staff receptive and efficient. I would love to come back here for a longer stay. Thank you to everyone who made it such a pleasant experience.

- Payal Dhar (India) October 2006

My first visit has been a short but wonderful experience. The fresh air and open surroundings alone are the perfect antidote to Bangalore's stress and pollution!! A real treasure. I will be back soon.

- Julie M'buinen (India) October 2006

Very relaxing and calming experience. Excellent therapy staff.

- P.N. Vaidyanathan (India) October 2006

Excellent environment. Very cooperative and dedicated staff. Very fruitful and pleasant stay.

- Raj Mudhoo (Mauritius) October 2006

I thought I had died and gone to heaven … it has been one of the finest I have ever had. An experience further enhanced by the dedicated doctors and the friendly staff. I'll be back.

- Anita Nair (India) October 2006

Excellent responsive staff. A lovely environment. Massages were superb !!

- K. M'Fate (USA) October 2006

Almost perfect. Body lotion in room would make it so ! I'll be back for 2-3 weeks next time.

- Deb Coulson (USA) October 2006

Perfect job and wonderful place. We took big profit of our stay and will be back certainly next year.

- Saatci Virtanes (Switzerland) October 2006

I learnt to breath again. It was a gift from heaven. Lovely place, lovely people. You should have a 'frequent program ! I'll be back !!

- Preeti Vyas (India) October 2006

Extremely well organized with trained people to make it a perfect health break !! Would definitely be back for a rejuvenation.

- Poornima Mitta (India) October 2006

Excellent service and very peaceful. Great way to spend a weekend.

- Guptas (India) October 2006

Excellent combination of world class resort and health care center that addresses needs of Body, Mind & Soul indeed. Highly recommended.

- Dr. & Mrs. Sridhar Mitta (India) November 2006

Wonderful health services as well as staff members. Hope to come again.

- Mohammed Al-Azem (Syria) November 2006

Both my wife and I had a very relaxing time and enjoyed the good service and personal attention. A slightly disturbing factor was the noise from the nearby railway line.

- Wach Thomas (Switzerland) November 2006

Due to time constraint a very short stay for me, but a very serene one. This place is blessed with peace.

- Mohd Sidik (Malaysia) November 2006

I had a lovely stay here at SOUKYA. It is very peaceful and I like the sounds of nature here. Food was to my liking – do wonder whether I will be thus good when I return to England ! Thank you to all the staff who were helpful during my stay. What to do about the train ?

- Nutan Shah (UK) November 2006

SOUKYA is a beautiful place, with many types of flowers and plants. It is extremely peaceful. There are many birds and bird calls. The staff is friendly and helpful ..always eager to run an errand, provide something special. Our thanks to them all.

- Reba & Dave Williams (USA) November 2006

Another lovely stay at this eden called SOUKYA. My congratulations to Dr. Mathai and his vision for creating this beautiful retreat. I feel rejuvenated and ready to face the rogours of normal work and life. My thanks to Dr. Suja Mathai and the staff for making my stay comfortable and memorable. Look forward to coming back here soon.

- Nakul Kamani (India) November 2006

It is indeed my pleasure to stay here with my daughter during her treatment. Commendable job by Dr. Mathai and his staff for making this place beautiful, hospitable and I would say a world class resort for all treatments or rejuvenation. Housekeeping has been very good. Food and juices were really great. Will love to come back. Again congratulations to Dr. Mathai & his staff for wonderful work and keeping the place so clean. God bless.

- Dinesh Mehar (USA) November 2006

A very short stay but enough to say that this is the place to come and rejuvenate mind and body. Thank you.

- Andrew Carnegie (UK) November 2006

Nice place here ! I enjoyed and relaxed too much. I will come again next time more longer. Every staff are very nice. Food of course ! Room is very clean and comfortable.

- Yoriko Shimaya (Sendai) November 2006

SOUKYA has been a revelation to me and I will keep up what I known is right for health ! Everyone has been wonderful, so skillful and generous. I have enjoyed the grounds lenont much from the ways you grow plants & trees. Everything here makeup a whole and if certainly reminds me about is most important in my life. Thank you !! Please could you make a small field for the cons…!

- Polly Lansdowne (UK) November 2006

Beautiful place, beautiful people, smiling face. Every body makes an effor to do their best. Thanks.

- Ester Robles (Australia) November 2006

Thank you very much ! I had a relax time in this beautiful place. I don't forget this beautiful days !

- Fujioka Hisashi (Tokyo) November 2006

Thank you so much for all your kind hospitality with SOUKYA spirit and heart. SOUKYA truly creates an amazing healing environment with the celebration of life though heart touching experience ? I hope more Japanese people will come and experience the world of SOUKYA.

- Koshiro Otsuka (Japan) November 2006

SOUKYA is a place where everybody feels good so do I. I've got a new mentality attitude of my life. Thanks to all the lovely people who spoiled me and my soul.

- Edith Muiller (Germany) November 2006

At SOUKYA every thing is seen by heart. The wonderful doctors, the lovely girls, the friendly waiters, the gardeners. Every body is having his highly skilled and dedicated job to satisfy the guests. Look forward to come back.

- Margit Eirich (Germany) November 2006

My sincere gratitude goes to the Almighty God who gave me the opportunity to come across your brochure. I also thank him for the journey mercies. I will keep on praising him for that. I really thank the Lord for 'Apostle' Issac Mathai. He has blessed him to loom his Intelligence and Resources together to say lives by building such immense healing kingdom to promote humane lives. May the Good Lord improve upon the potentials of every worker here. It is my prayer that subsidiariel would be built across the world. I sensed the nature of self discipline by staff member, comfortment which is welcoming, faces beaming with smiles, treatments very excellent. It is my Prayer that the Good Lord should richly bless you and your families with good health crowning all. I will miss SOUKYA !!!

- Millie Afua Nretia (West Africa) November 2006

Bring here for the fourth time is testimony to the way 'SOUKYA' makes one feel. Thank you every one.

- Mahalakshmi Kailas (India) November 2006

My second time here and just as lovely and peaceful as I remembered. I'll be back in a couple of months and can't wait !

- Kunjali Shah (USA) November 2006

The garden was beautiful and the staff so friendly and helpful, I met some really nice people too. I will always remember my stay in SOUKYA and thank everyone at making my stay as happy as they did, with always a smile of staff.

- Zena Duffy (Spain) November 2006

Great place for healing and relaxation. The therapists are wonderful a blessing from above my guardian angel being Ms. Rekha. Thanks to her love and care, I am feeling great emotionally and physically. Thank you !

- Pooja Mehar (USA) December 2006

The most wonderful perspective of 'wellness' that I have seen. Safe, logical, well trained therapists but above all a certain graciousness and sincerity that truly brings 'SOUKYA' to the heart and soul. Many thanks.

- Suneeta Reddy (Indian) December 2006

Excellent place, superb people and soothing therapy. A must come back – place. Every body makes great effort to make the stay a delight and treatment purposeful.

- R. K. Sarine (India) December 2006

SOUKYA is a wonderful place, environment is good, rooms are good and above all the doctors, therapists and other support staffs are very professional, informative and very caring.

- K. Jaya Prakash (India) December 2006

My wife, son and myself had a wonderful time during our short stay here. Its unbelievable that such a calm, serene and beautiful place exists a stone's throw from the hustle and burlte of Bangalore city. The doctors, the therapists and staff are very sincere, courteous and took care of us very well. Feel rejuvenated and a sense of well being as we leave. 'Thanks to SOUKYA'. Hope to return and defenitly recommend friends and family. Maashallah

- Shakeel Abdul Rahiman (India) December 2006

Here is really a relaxing and peace full place. I spend a great time here. May be I can come back.

- Herget Juergen (UK) December 2006

SOUKYA is unique ! The entire approach to therapy is unlike any other. From the Holistic Health Evaluation to the carefully composed treatment schedules, and the patient yet insightful sessions with Dr. Mathai. If you do choose to rejuvenate here, it would help to expect a long term healing effect rather than instant uses. And the benefits would be multi dimensional.

- Rahul Verma (India) December 2006

I arrived unprepared. I know only a little what SOUKYA meant. And here I learned what 'holos' signifies. Of course 11 days are too short to understand all of the philosophy of SOUKYA. But I experienced a careful professional treatment in the therapy centre and enjoyed the areas and the friendliness of all staff who ever I met. I also appreciated that not only the respect for our patients is important but also the ecological food production on your grounds.

- Barbara Harth (UK) Decmebr 2006

SOUKYA's greatest asset is its staff ! A truly wonderful group of remarkable people.

- James (Jake) Sterling (USA) December 2006

SOUKYA – An aesthetic experience to help cleanse the body, mind and soul in warm, friendly and attentive surroundings. Thank you !!

- Manjari Nirula (India) December 2006

This place is filled with peace, calm and serenity. A truly wonderful place to receive warmth, love and friendly sourroundings. Although the stay was short, it was wonderful to be hope !!

- Rupa Mohan (USA) December 2006

Absolutely amazing. Do not want to leave. I look forward to my next visit. The place is peaceful and transforming. The staff is unbelievable and cannot imagine not coming back. Thanks for making such a difference to ones lives.

- Shraddha Gupta (UK) December 2006

Beautiful place, beautiful people, great treatments.

- Anertte Brulhmann Frisch (Switzerland) December 2006

Thank you for your love and knowledge. Much love.

- John Linnen (UK) December 2006

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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