Guest Experiences


It is so beautiful and peaceful here at SOUKYA ! Being here has been a wonderful experience. Your staffs are really nice people always with a smile. I look forward to coming back for healing and relaxation. I will miss SOUKYA."

- Steven Pat Fetner (USA) January 2007

All you need is love, love is all you need."

- Steve (USA) January 2007

It has been a wonderful and beautiful stay here ! Thank you for all your help."

- Max Fetner (USA) January 2007

SOUKYA has been a great experience, it provides a friendly, comfortable, safe environment away from the clutter of my normal lifestyle. Everyone on the staff has been very nice and made my stay enjoyable. Thank you all !"

- Rebecca Fetner (USA) January 2007

It has been an amazing stay here at SOUKYA ! Your staff has been wonderful as well as both you and Suja inviting us great places, and being as kind as possible !"

- Stella Maeve (USA) January 2007

Great treatments, guests, atmosphere ! There is a lot of magic at SOUKYA."

- Wendy Luke (USA) January 2007

SOUKYA has given me the pleasure of trying the Ayurvedic treatments and massages at its best. I thank you all starting from Dr. Mathai, doctors, therapists, kitchen staff you all made me feel at home. I feel so much better and more relaxed (thank you all). I will definitely come back."

- Fatma Al-Qasimi (UAE) January 2007

SOUKYA is an excellent place to rejuvenate and relax. At SOUKYA, things just connect to you. The plants, trees, animals, flowers the people everything and everybody interacts with you. After a long time I feel completely relaxed. Note: Dr. Mathai's consultation is worth it."

- Sandeep Agarwal (Indonesia) January 2007

I enjoyed my stay at SOUKYA. Even though it was really brief. The staff are amiable, gardens impeccable and atmosphere calm and relaxing."

- Anushka Silva (India) January 2007

I have had a great time here. All of the relaxation has been wonderful. Thank you."

- Josh Fetner (USA) January 2007

Without the noise from the railway I wouldn't feel in reality. Thanks for the wonderful day, thanks for all you looking help and concern. "

- Dr. Gotthard Behnisch (Germany) January 2007

I am a panchkarmist ! Feel great at the end. 2007 here I come."

- Aroon Purie (India) Janaury 2007

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. All the staff are very warm + friendly + happy to help. For me it's a good start 2007. I just hope I continue the good work !!"

- Kiran Sabharwal (UK) January 2007

I came as a sceptic and leaves as a believer. Sanam came as a believer and leaves with a commitment to return. We shall return. Why ? Because at SOUKYA, they care. And it shows in ways, both small and big. SOUKYA is a textbook case of service excellence driven down by the leader, Dr. Mathai. We thank everyone at SOUKYA for the most relaxing week in our lives. Once is not enough. We wish you success and blessings."

- Mrs. Sanam & Mr. Yazdi Karai (UAE) January 2007

I came on 2nd January New Year start. I had a very good time here. The people, staff, doctors are excellent. Very warm, very helpful always smile on the face. Never seen people so warm and kind like here. I wish you all the staff and Dr. Mathai success, health and blessings. Thank you."

- Roshan Fazal (UK) Janaury 2007

Came here to rejuvenate. Going back feeling like a new born. I wish this place, success, may this place be a blessing to whoever visits. Meeting Dr. Mathai is an experience that has to be experienced.

- Shraddha Soni (India) January 2007

SOUKYA: beautiful, serene, healing. The most amazing yoga studio I have ever seen. Will stay longer next time. Thank you for your graciousness."

- Susan Masterson (UK) January 2007

We thank Dr. Mathai for his graciousness and two whole team for the most enjoyable and relaxing days we could spend at SOUKYA. We are deeply impressed by the beauty and the atmosphere of this place, by the most outstanding attitude of its mind, warm and helpful staff, the excellent comfort and service provided and by the quality of the treatments offered. We hope we could come back to this little paradise and we wish you success and blessings."

- Mrs. Klaudia & Mr. Raimund Menges () January 2007

Thank you for every thing - it is the most amazing place on the world ! The attitude of staff, service, rooms, food, therapy - Excellent, waren… We love all one of you ! We will be here again ! Shalom - Namaste."

- Bilha Meir & Naomi Levi (Israel) January 2007

An excellent experience - Very professional, relaxing - truly amazing place !! My best wishes to all at SOUKYA keep up the good work !!"

- Hiro K. Budhrani (Europe) February 2007

Coming to SOUKYA was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel like a completely new and transformed person. Everyone on the staff is amazing. The therapists really know what they are; they are great. The doctors know their staff and they treat you with such care and attention. That it's amazing. I love this place and I am definitely coming back."

- Negar Jahanbin (UAE) February 2007

I appreciate the thoughtful and attention to every detail. I only hope this heaven is here for a long time - to care us and all living the same !"

- (USA) February 2007

Had a wonderful stay and deeply appreciate the warmth from all the SOUKYA staff. I wish the Mathais all the best for the future and congratulate the doctors and therapist on a job will done. Hope to see you all in the near future. Warm regards."

- Jihad Iqbal (Saudi Arabia) February 2007

SOUKYA, excellent, most amazing place, the treatments, facility, staff very very good, doctors very helpful. Have no hesitation recommending to this unique facility. Congratulations to Dr. Mathai and all the doctors and staff for their hard work and wish them the best."

- Jain Satya Paul (UK) February 2007

Once again had a great time at SOUKYA ! Many thanks to Dr. Mathai and to Dr. Shubha and Usha for all their help."

- Perveze Mirza (India) February 2007

Congratulations on creating a little piece of heaven where people really CARE about you and go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met. I benefited greatly on all levels. Thanks to your wonderfully capable and dedicated staff. Your therapists are outstanding and I have given you a separate letter with accolades. I will return regularly and will be honored to refer SOUKYA to others. Blessings to you for caring."

- Susan O' Neal (USA) February 2007

Everything was very good !!"

- Daniela Volpi (Russia) February 2007

Wonderful massages and treatments. Yoga was a discovery for me. Excellent staff !"

- Margarita S. Vadera (India) February 2007

The massage and Ayurveda treatments were very good. Felt light in body and mind. The staff is very polite and obliging. The doctors are very very nice. Wish you every success for being by the ancient practice of Ayurveda to us. Here nutrition needs to be looked but."

- Nina Taneja (Indonesia) February 2007

The lost paradise became truth. Welcome acquarius era !!! SOUKYA people, I slute you and the whole world as well."

- Enrique Singer (UK) February 2007

I came to SOUKYA not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. So I booked in for a week just to rest and enjoy my stay. But I am grateful to Dr. Mathai for explaining to me the benefits of Ayurveda and Homeopathic treatments. So I prolonged my stay to over it weeks and benefits from the full treatment for my requirement. The place is "heaven on earth". All the doctors, therapists, office staff, dining, room services are very polite, pleasant and wonderful. SOUKYA Day celebrations are wonderful. Thank you all."

- Rajinder Obhrai (UK) February 2007

My second time here for rejuvenation treatments. Thank you to all dedicated talented SOUKYA family."

- Maura Brackett (USA) February 2007

Thank you Dr. Mathai for keeping SOUKYA so beautiful and calm. With its marvellous team of caring doctors, therapist and all the other nice people living and working here, it is a very, very nice place to come back to."

- Francesca Rossetto (Belgium) February 2007

I usually loved my second stay at SOUKYA. I attained most of my objectives in a totally relaxed atmosphere. This is a place I totally recommended. Thank you."

- Pietro Bononcini (Belgium) February 2007

We had a great experience ! The environment was homely, people were courteous and extremely accommodative. The treatments were good. The treatments gave a lot of relief for our pains. The food was good. On a whole it calmed our anxiety, and we are leaving with total freshness."

- G. M. Rao (India) February 2007

I and my sister enjoyed and relaxed too much. Every staff are very nice. I don't forget this beautiful days."

- Rani Batra (India) February 2007

If something reminded me of my childhood is the pampering I get from each and everyone - massages, warm food, bathes and hair drying from Girija. All the girls at the massage were good, the boys at the kitchen were excellent. My only wish is that all these people are as well paid as the amount Of US dollars charged per each session ! To end it all, I found myself very grounded living thought you people all ground."

- Mr. & Mrs. Chandu (Australia) March 2007

I am in awe and filled with so much gratitude. I have been to so many places and tried so many things - but nothing was been so effective or deep relaxing as the treatments here - A huge thank you to the doctors, the therapists, the waiters and cooks and especially to all the unknown faces behind the scene - it takes an army to run a place like this and I thank each and everyone - I will be back - with everyone I know !"

- Clare Dakin (UK) March 2007

I had a very beautiful and comfortable stay at SOUKYA. Right from the time I arrived everybody has been very courteous, smiling and extremely efficient. At the reception, on therapy centre or food and house keeping. One can watch the beautiful garden and hear the birds sing. I hope the therapies benefit me so that I can come back again. Thank you for everything."

- Kumud Bajaj (India) March 2007

This whole week has been for me a unique experience to help cleansing the body, mind and soul in such a peaceful place. A special mention for the staff. People here are so nice and effective. I will come back ! Thank you all !"

- Ludaric Grave (UK) March 2007

A wonderful ending to a fabulous month long journey in southern India. Everyone was kind and helpful and I return home 2 kilos lighter and also lighter in my mind and spirit !"

- Joan Hardy Clark (USA) March 2007

3rd time in SOUKYA, different experience, but what remains is this well being sensation, the good care of people from SOUKYA, the great expertix of the therapists and hopefully the feeling and outcome in a few days - I am addicted !"

- Brochand (Netherlands) March 2007

I am more than happy to be here. I enjoyed all time. Staff is very good. No complains."

- Deshpal Wadhwa (Kenya) March 2007

It is excellent. Had the best time of my life. Thank you SOUKYA for the most wonderful hospitality and care."

- Shylaja Kejriwal (India) March 2007

A rare place, with immaculately kept grounds and buildings, meticulous attention to details, and professional and caring doctors and therapists. A most wonderful experience."

- Santosh Kumar (USA) March 2007

it was an outstanding experience in a ‘One of its kind' places. My second stay here in 3 years and the place just keeps getting better and better and better !"

- Puneet Sabharwal (India) March 2007

A fantastic place. Run professionally and efficiently. The staff is polite, warm, friendly and always smiling !"

- Vineet Nagrani (India) March 2007

This has been the most heavenly experience. Extremely service and facilities out of this world. This is a little piece of heaven in most fortunate to experience. Thank you."

- Dr. Sally K. Nelson (USA) March 2007

Very good experience. Came for only one day - so the time was too short ! The staff was excellent, and the facilities were well mentioned. Really enjoyed every minute of it !"

- V. Madhusudan (India) March 2007

I have been to many places, but I can say with full confidence that this is the best place, where I have most people who care for the health of their visitors. I congratulate Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Suja Issac for their wonderful place."

- Abdulaziz Hussain (Bahrain) April 2007

This was an eay opening experience. Never did I think that such an institution existed in India. Well done Dr. Mathai. Wish you all the success."

- Mohammed Yateem (Bahrain) April 2007

I arrived at SOUKYA stressed to my limits physically and emotionally after 3 short weeks. I leave fresh and new. All of my pains down the drains. I look forward to walking among the jasmine bushes again someday. Thank you all."

- Cynthia Miller (USA) April 2007

In 4 days I have been revived, inspired, rejuvenated and fallen in love with SOUKYA !"

- Deborah Coryell (USA) April 2007

We loved it here! I feel relaxed and rejuvenated! Too short a stay!"

- Andrew Weil & Kathy Goodman (USA) April 2007

I have to say that I met the previous writer Suhasin from France and I was sorry to find that she was negative about everything in her life … If only she stayed longer she would have found her positive center - I have watched this center grow from the beginning and it so impressive what has been accomplished ! I came clouded by fear, doubt and in 20 days I am leaving stronger and flexible and clear. Everyone must experience this !! Thank you Thank you !" "It is here that one regains, their core of wellness…. Their sense of wellbeing…. It has been years since I felt that ! Thank you Now I know how I am supposed to feel. I will be back !"

- K.D. Kidder (UK) April 2007

Treatment is very nice. I will pray to God, for Dr. Mathai and his family for their prosperity. And I am temple to all staff members."

- Guruji - Bhat BB (India) April 2007

Love is in the detail and here you will find love from the jasmine flowers left by the bedside table, the waiters who remember how you take your tea to the care of the doctors and therapists. Thank you for the experience; thank you to all the staff and to Dr. Mathai and Suja for building and sharing their dream with such detail."

- Preethi Nair (UK) April 2007

A little piece of heaven on earth. I leave SOUKYA with my spirits and feel blessed to have met such wonderful caring staff and to have enjoyed the natural beauty. To all of you - I give a heartfelt thank you. Keep smiling, keep dancing and remember to love. "

- Christine Pearson (Singapore) April 2007

When I left Switzerland 2 weeks ago, I headed all for a place to relax and recharge my batteries. What I found though in SOUKYA was a piece of heaven on earth with a beautiful paradise garden ! Many thanks to all of you, who made my days so lovely and unforgettable. I take a lot of details back in my memory from nicely arranged flower bowls to impressive yoga positions … I might be able to know some of them into practice. God bless you all."

- Ursula Mathis - Kiihne (Switzerland) April 2007

I came here to get rid of my pain in the knee and spondilititis. SOUKYA received me with a warmth and friendliness. I became a child when I walk through the Jasmine foot path and ofcourse, the lonely goat, turkey, hen, cows. The doetons, therapists and other staff are very caring and taking all the details and friendly. Yoga is good. On the whole this place is soon pleaseful with positive energy. As for my suggestion a little bit of change in the Menu, to eater to all kinds of people coming from different part of the world. A small Ganesan temple with bell ringing to drive away any negativity. I pray to Mookambika for a long life and prosperity to Dr. Mathai, Suja and their family."

- Padma Narayanaswamy (Indian) April 2007

I have been so touched by the care and concern of all the staff and their pleasant presence. The doctors professionalism and attention to details makes me feel assured that both the bigger and the little matters of my health are valued by them and incorporated into the treatments. All their, supported by a beautiful, natural environment ! A obglent accommodation in the menu for guests with different taste buds would be my suggestion. Thanks so much, Dr. Mathai& Suja and the best of luck and good wishes to you - and SOUKYA."

- Leena Chaudhari (India) April 2007

The first place we think of when ill or stressed out is SOUKYA ! I would recommend this to all my friends ! Family - Everyone needs to recharge once in a while. Everything is just perfect - Please give the wild rabbit a companion. He is very lonely. Thank you for all the care, warmth; hospitality. Will definitely come here every chance we get. It's even more wonderful, if that's possible, than on our last visit in 2004 !"

- Mala Sekhri (India) April 2007

Excellent is not the word. Wonderful people, ambience, food, treatment and what not. Good Luck."

- Dr. Gomathyshivaji (India) April 2007

The magnificence of the surroundings is mirrored in the outstanding service and magical hospitality of the staff at every single level. We feel blessed to be have and carry SOUKYA and the Mathai family in our hearts. Thank you." "We arrived feeling ragged and we leave feeling well rested and cared for. Thank you all for the care you have given us." "It's been a great holiday partly because of you !"

- Kim, Belinda, Makin, heo, Hugo & Natasha Jobst (UK) April 2007

A unique place and experience that deserves to be emilated - it seems to me to offer the only sensible way of promoting health, happiness and poulsing. It offers you the chance to find the places under you that you have forgotten or have been ignoring the really good places. I wish you every success. It's truly deserved."

- Olivia Mackinder (UK) April 2007

Very happy with the accommodation. Mini safe would be may welcome."

- Hari Punja (Fiji) April 2007

Guess will be back !"

- Brij Raj Singh (India) April 2007

What "comments & suggestions" can a man give to :God's own place" - SOUKYA?"

- Raghav Bagaria (India) May 2007

It was simply ‘Heaven on Earth'. One feels the presence of God, His peace and serenity every where. I could have been in a better place to receive the quietness and peace I was really in need form my busy schedule. God bless all your endeavors."

- E. H. Ryall (India) May 2007

It's a wonderful place to stay and spend its time with lease. The sessions were wonderful and even the doctors were good. The therapies were real affective. Sangeeta: The time spend in SOUKYA was great, a real place to enjoy. Our doctor was very co-operative with me and my daughter both. The staff was very efficient, polite and took great care. Excellent place with natural environment and healthy surroundings."

- Rajeev Kumar (India) May 2007

I had a wonderful time here and I hope many more people can experience this place. It was a great experience for my mind, body and soul !"

- Amrutha Nagarajan (USA) May 2007

I offer my gratitude and boundless love to SOUKYA, Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and all here who give of yourselves with grace, kindness and caring. May good health and peace of mind be yours as it is now mine because of SOUKYA. It is possible to have here today only with the knowledge that one day I shall return. Namaste".

- John D. Leech (USA) May 2007

I enjoyed staying here. Excellent quality of food and very co-operative staff. May be for treatment I required to stay long. I thought there is scope for improvement in the interior of rooms and massage area specially shower area. Otherwise everything in SOUKYA is good and may God bless the people coming in SOUKYA with lots of problems. I wish to come again for treatment. Thanks to each and everybody in SOUKYA."

- Rupal D. Sanghvi (India) June 2007

SOUKYA is excellent, fantastic, wonderful place. The time spend in SOUKYA was great. We all enjoyed staying here. Very good quality of food and the staff is very friendly, very co-operative and always smiling ! The doctors are very good and helping nature. Ours day so lovely and unforgettable. My 2 years baby also enjoyed in SOUKYA. I give a heartful many thanks to all of you and "SOUKYA". I don't feel like leaving this place."

- S. Anurag Maheshwary (India) June 2007

Another extra ordinary experience on this 2nd visit. I learned was reminded of complexity of the healing process - it requires work by all involved. The knowledge, care and compassion of all of your staff and doctors and therapists makes this possible. SOUKYA is indeed a uniqued and blessed place. Your dreams touch all of us Issac & Suja. Blessings to you, your family and all who abide to visit."

- Pamela Burwell (USA) June 2007

For the first time in my life I experience paradise !!! Beside my pain, anger, depression I was able to see all the warmth, care, love the doctors and therapists had given me and this was enough for my healing. I wanted to have from the second week, I felt so weak amd homesick, but with everybody's support I made it and here. I don't want to go …. Thanks for everything Dr. Mathai and May God Bless you and your family as always."

- Rania Kimaz (UAE) June 2007

SOUKYA is excellent place. I met madam Suja and Joji. All people is good and serves very happy."

- Rangwala Fakhruddin (Kuwait) June 2007

Thank you for a wonderful stay."

- Gauri S. Trivedi (India) June 2007

Ayurveda is the best prevention to keep healthy. So start as soon as possible and repeat regularly."

- Ernest & Rena Stocker (Australia) June 2007

Thank you everyone with team SOUKYA. I enjoyed every minute and plan to return soon."

- Dr. Cally Theisen (USA) June 2007

I love it here at SOUKYA. Its like paradise on earth. No problems you meet love and warmth everywhere at SOUKYA. Thank you for a wonderful stay. What I experienced here will be the start of something new. Thank you all so much."

- Ann-Charlotte Karlosson (Sweden) July 2007

What a wonderful place to be. I am touched by the warmth and loving atmosphere. This place is blessed. Everyone had a healing function for me. I am also impressed by nature again In my mind things have changed, my body will follow. Never got used to the vegetables only diet. Thank you all so much !!! I want to be back because it is to experience for me. This was once in a lifetime experience. A good one !

- Hanneke Buijs (Nederland) July 2007

Love the place, the land scape architecture and especially the staff. They are so very pleasant, well mannered and helpful. Thank you and God bless. Even the guests seem to be hand picked !!!"

- Ramesh Reddy (India) July 2007

Beautiful place and lovely place. My first experience very impressed. Keep this way very exclusive ! All the best !"

- R. Muthu (India) July 2007

Though Bangalore has many Spas - rejuvenation centres at its outskirts, "SOUKYA" is really unique. Massages, treatments, food, ambience, staff all the departments are excellent. My heartful thanks to Dr. Mathai and his wife Suja."

- Latha Srinivasan (India) July 2007

Very very happy with "SOUKYA". There is tremendous (energy +) which makes the patient well. Thank you to Dr. Mathai and his team."

- Preethi Bakkesh (India) July 2007

A breathtaking by beautiful place. An absolute feast for the senses. But a lot more - with the holistic treatment, the combination of Ayurveda, homeopathy and naturopathy. It is a heaven of hope for people like me who have been disappointed time and again by the other modes of medicine. I look forward to coming back to the warmth and care of the place and the people who run it."

- Razia Ebrahim (Singapore) July 2007

A big thank you to everyone at SOUKYA for allowing me to have such a peaceful and relaxing stay. My best wishes …… till next time."

- Ranjan Roy Chowdhury (India) July 2007

During our first visit here at SOUKYA, our family had a wonderful time enjoying our time together. It couldn't have been possible with all the helpful doctors and absolutely friendly staff at this health centre. The treatments we had were very successful and we are pleased with our results ! We feel healthier and more alive ! Many thanks again to everyone for making our experience so pleasurable."

- Chi Liu, Ellen Fu, Jessica & Jeffrey Liu (USA) July 2007

Heaven on earth. I arrived at a crisis point in my life and I now have greater clarity about moving forward to the next half of my life. The staff here are outstanding in their dedication and service. I shall return."

- Richard Shooter (UK) July 2007

The SPA is an excellent place to rejuvenate. I enjoyed the peaceful ambience. I congratulate Dr. Mathai and his team for their wonderful centre. My sincere gratitude Mrs. & Dr. Mathai and their staff for making my stay comfortable. God bless you and your family and staff. Thank you very much."

- Basavaraj Horatti (India) July 2007

It's such unique place, where I can't describe. But you have to live in order to enjoy. It is the place where earth can touch the skies."

- Dahahi & Mohammed (UAE) August 2007

The most peaceful place in earth. I love it ! I feel energized and ready to take on the world."

- Negar Jahanbin (Iran) August 2007

SOUKYA makes the healing process an enjoyable experience through its warm staff and inviting surroundings. Thanks to everyone and I can't wait to come back."

- Ayesha Ali (Canada) August 2007

The two weeks I spent in SOUKYA were wonderful. The staff was very friendly and accommodating the treatment useful and I had great results."

- Faezah Ali (Canada) August 2007

I have truly enjoyed my stay at SOUKYA. The staff and doctors have been extremely kind and helpful. I look forward to coming here again. SOUKYA has given me the right push towards a healthy new beginning."

- Sara Tehseen Ali (Canada) August 2007

So relaxed I don't want to leave ! All good things come to an end. I guess ---- I'll be back."

- Richard Coram (UAE) August 2007

Thanks to everybody in SOUKYA, I feel peaceful and relaxing and I enjoyed the treatment during my stay. My best wishes."

- Johara Al-Ali (Qatar) September 2007

Although very short we relaxed and enjoyed the treatments and serenity of SOUKYA. Thanks to all the team."

- Paul & Liliana Flai Sola (Malta) September 2007

Surely a place to remember. A short stay during which we had the opportunity to experience complete relaxation. Fantastic surroundings, second to none. A big thank you goes to Dr. Issac and family for their mirth above all for the warm welcome. Hope to be here again soon. Thanks to all.

- Rachel Vella & Colin Aqiuliar (Malta) September 2007

An amazing place and definitely needs a revisit. A must for all those who can afford it and want to be healthy. Great effort !!"

- Ravi Khanna (India) September 2007

A great place for a silent retreat and enquiry. Will definitely visit again."

- Radhika Santhana Krishna (India) September 2007

Amazing place ! It's like paradise on earth. I really enjoyed my stay here. The staff, doctors everybody here is so helpful and loving. Thank you for giving me so much of love and care. I have improved a lot here with my health. I am looking forward for my next visit."

- Sangeetha Kejriwal (India) September 2007

God bless Dr. Mathai & Suja for conceiving and creating this beautiful wellness centre. Its been even more enjoyable on my 2nd trip back here. The staff is amazing - Gentle, helpful, softspoken, caring. The doctors and therapist s are all wonderful. Will be back for sure."

- Radhika Bahl (India) September 2007

I am so grateful that I was "led" here to this wonderful, healing place. I thank Dr. Mathai and everyone for this wonderful healing place. I thank Dr. Mathai and everyone for this beautiful vision of exquisitely relieved. SOUKYA really is a life changing place. I was so well cared for and with much love, it would have been impossible not to be healed and such beautiful surroundings . Thank you for everything.''

- Caroline Pick (UK) September 2007

Great place with even greater people. From yoga to therapy to food all went perfect. Wishing you guys the very best for years to come."

- Thyagarajan Rajan (Bahrain) September 2007

One thing is to have a vision another thing is to turn the vision into reality, and it takes hard work and dedication to achieve this, and Dr. Mathai and his wife has demonstrated both and right now they are impacting their world. SOUKYA is great, I reserve my comment until next visit during which Dr. Mathai promised me a smile. Thanks."

- Mr. & Mrs. Ezeonyi (Africa) September 2007

The place is amazing, like a perfect place needed for relaxation. The therapies are very effective. I am going to keep the memories until my next visit which should be soon. Thank you Dr. Mathai for taking care. The staff is well trained and courteous. P.S. - A gym or atleast a treadmill should be provided as the weather can get rainy sometimes so just to carry on the work out. Thank you."

- Mr. Abhishek & Anupam Bajaj (India) September 2007

I am really lucky to be journalist, to come visit the world and discover such beautiful places like yours."

- Blaisse lionel (France) September 2007

Beautiful lovely place - Wish we could come back."

- Lavaine Marion (France) September 2007

Beautiful place and lovely people. Thank you all so much."

- Lefebvre Chantal (France) October 2007

Lovely place - perfect - Need one in ! Thanks - great 10 days."

- Susan Richardson (USA) October 2007

An unbelievably peaceful, healing and beautiful tour. Many thanks."

- Charlotte Daellenbalh (Newzealand) October 2007

Lovely, beautiful place - Thank you."

- Simon Suensey (Newzealand) October 2007

It is true, I am relaxed ! Far away from your daily stresses, such a beautiful place. Will certainly divert your all emotions for a while. The food is almost too good ! Therapies quite enjoyable and everybody is charming. I will come back when there will be new rooms as the noise has kept me awake on most nights. Also could you add a beauty parlour? It would be so nice to be able to get a facial, your nails done and look like new when one gets out! Thank you."

- Patricia Low (Switzerland) October 2007

Truly a place to commune with god and discover the mysteries of nature. The staff and service was simply outstanding. I congratulate Dr. Mathai on the success of SOUKYA and wish him the very best in carrying this message to the world."

- Venu Rajamony (UAE) October 2007

Staff was very genuine and caring. Soumya & Shubha paid special attention to our needs. Very relaxing environment. Couldn't go swimming. Wanted to get pedicure and facial treatment as well. Food was excellent."

- Archana & Atima Haranahalli (USA) October 2007

Serene and peaceful ambiences. Truly a beautiful setting. Super service by well trained staff with a super attitude. Very healthy and very tasty food. Highly skilled therapists. Really professional doctors. Dr. Mathai has truly built an institution which is unique. I will definitely come back. But may when SOUKYA has broad band internet access in the rooms."

- Anil Dixit (Singapore) October 2007

Once again ‘a thank you' to the pioneer in holistic healing "SOUKYA", wishing you recommending success and glory in spreading health and well being."

- Dharam Vir (India) October 2007

This has been a splendid experience, though at 3½ days, too short ! My wife and I were overwhelmed by SOUKYA - the beautiful landscaping, the layout, the traditional and attractive buildings and above all the superb quality of the staff and the services. The therapies and treatments were all administered professionally and extremely well. But what attract us most was the attitude of the staff. They were, without exception, highly competent, professionally well trained, and extremely pleasant to deal with - helpful, willing, ever smiling, and ready to rememberor anticipate every need. SOUKYA is clearly a healthy family and for that, full credit must go to Doctor and Mrs. Issac Mathai and their superb management team. A very special word of thanks to Dr. Shubha for their expertise and attentiveness; to Ramesh, my lead therapist, for his outstanding services; to Ruati, my diligent and capable reflexologist; and to the always cheerful and highly efficient Geo of the kitchen staff for his kindness and for his prompt service. We leave SOUKYA impressed, uplifted and grateful. God willing, we will be back - for longer ! Best wishes to all at SOUKYA."

- Shashi Tharoor (USA) October 2007

Soler, serene and colourful ambience provide the background for a harmonious synthesis of peace and tranquility. People in this organization at all levels from the reception, room service, doctors, therapists - seems to be the greatest asset. Service with humility, courtesy, affection and with a smile enchants and captivate. A word of ‘thanks' is warranted to Mr. Jojy Mathew for his all round performance and prompt and pro-active response to situations. We also wish to thank Dr. Mathai and wish the enterprise he has built and prosperity and success."

- Mrs. & Mr. Manjooran (India) October 2007

Hi to everyone at SOUKYA and thanks a lot. We had an amazing and wonderful experience here. We enjoyed our holidays together here - very relaxing, heavenly and very insightful. This is really heaven on earth and only because of all the people here. Everyone from doctors, to therapists, to kitchen staff, to house keeping person were so helpful, courteous, warm friendly and always ready to assist. Varsha, Narayan, Ashok at therapy was full of warmth always. Manu and Anish at kitchen were always there for our service. Jaya at reception was always smiling. The food especially was outstanding. Very innovative also. I learned some new dishes. Harish even made pizza for kids. So thanks a lot for all of you and we will definitely come again. These all happened only because of you. So special thanks to you Dr. Mathai for your guidance."

- Mr. & Mrs. S. Bansal (India) October 2007

SOUKYA was the perfect place for us to land after traveling around India for several days and before our journey towards home. Thank you so much for a lovely and relaxing stay in this beautiful oasis."

- Jennifer Wasmer (USA), Urs Winzenried (Europe) November 2007

We as a family has a great time at SOUKYA. Our kids including my 7th month old baby had a great time. We are very impressed with all the staff and the services provided by them especially the staff at dining and at therapy ever smiling faces. I have to make a special mention of Aneesh, Jobin, Shabin, Manu, Tiju, Geo who were excellent with their courteous manners and warmth good job. Please keep it up. Same in the case with both the therapists Girija especially Gayathri also who gave me treatment very professionally and nicely done and eveready to help out. Their smiles itself keeps us cheerful. Thanks a lot to both of you along with the guidance of doctors. You both did a great work. The whole ambience at SOUKYA is so appealing, peaceful and has been very well kept with the landscaping garden well taken care by Joe along with his gardening staff and the rooms very well (kept) maintained under the supervision of Ramesh along with house keeping staffs. I liked all the front desk personals too who were also very warm, smiling and helpful. Ofcourse it goes without saying that without the guidance and vision of Dr. Mathai & Mrs. Mathai none of these will be possible. So thanks a lot for SOUKYA. I should also thank Harish and Srinivas for their excellent cooking and demonstrating nice recepies. According to me SOUKYA = ever smiling, very cheerful staff, wellness, peacefulness overall good health (once we finish all our treatments). Quodos to everyone at SOUKYA. Thanks a lot doctor. I would like to write pages on praises about everything in SOUKYA but right now time is ticking so we move on better with bigger smiling faces. Thank you Girija for the therapy treatment you gave me. I was really impressed. God Bless. We pray to God that everybody remains this way SOUKYA at SOUKYA. Bye for now."

- Mrs. Gowri & Mr. Vikram Viswanath (India)

Second trip to SOUKYA and thanks for all excellent services. Keep it .Fulfil my expectation."

- Murari Jalan (UAE) November 2007

A new beginning. Bliss."

- V.L. Fry (Japan) November 2007

Very nice, calm, relaxing and well kept peace with an ever friendly and professional staff. Like to come back ! Suggestion: What about introducing some coffee, made of organic cereals."

- Nicola Jonocha (India) November 2007

Beautiful environment - the gardens and wildlife were amazing and made my stay very relaxing and enjoyable."

- Martin Jones (Australia) November 2007

An ‘oasis of peace and tranquility. Thank you SOUKYA for the wonderful relaxing experience. I will be back shortly."

- Gail Demonte (India) November 2007

A short stay, but an enjoyable one. SOUKYA has been a wonderful experience - the environment, therapies and welcoming staff. SOUKYA has brought together, my mind, body and soul in harmony, a rejuvenating experience. Had a fantastic time, but I guess all good things come to an end, until next time.

- Sajni Sharma (UK) November 2007

A wonderful experience, looking forward to my next trip soon."

- Rajni Purewal (UK) November 2007

I thought the feeling of being up in the skies in your tightest aircraft was bliss - until I came here and felt thought not the same - but a must try for all to feel the almost same bliss. Thank you and God willing I will be back soon."

- Wgcsr R Demonte (India) November 2007

I came here because I had a problem with mind and some bad habits. Definitely, this is the place for change your way of living. Energy has come back to me and life is gonna be different since now. Thanks to all doctors and therapists of SOUKYA."

- Jordi Tur Serra (Spain) November 2007

A wonderful experience!! An extra ordinary hospitality with excellent food. The interaction with doctors and the rest of your staff is of a loving and friendly kind. The treatments are incredibly well performed. The garden is so beautiful and gives time/possibility for reflexion and rest. Thank you, Dr. Mathai. Looking forward to seeing you soon again."

- Peter & Eva Lumholdt (Sweden) November 2007

This is my 3rd visit to SOUKYA - In fact it has now became an annual feature for me. A place which is home away from home - a place to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate. Plus get rid any minor/major ailments that may have crept in during the year. Dr. Mathai and his staff deserve Kudos for keeping the standards high and improving upon them. My best wishes to them always and my prayers for the success of their new ventures. Till next time……."

- Nakul Kamani (India) November 2007

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful stay. I visited SOUKYA for the third time and was, once again, astounded by the staff that are all so warm, accommodating, kind and genuine. This place is a true sanctuary and slice of heaven and a delight to visit. Thank you all for a wonderful week!"

- Jenny Ljungberg (USA) November 2007

The treatments were superb as always, the staff kind and helpful I leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you."

- Kathryn Dixon (USA) November 2007

As usual, the minute you step into SOUKYA, you feel more peaceful. The staff is always very friendly and helpful and we are enjoying ourselves here while getting consultation as well."

- Netra Srikanth (India) November 2007

SOUKYA is like a gift of the Gods - a spiritual sanctuary to heal body and mind. Honoured and privileged to have found SOUKYA. Laughter contributes to healing. How about laughter sessions daily? Proper, yogic breathing helps too. Can such simple to follow programs be introduced? I pray that more people get to know about SOUKYA's harmony."

- Vinod Advani (India) November 2007

Thanks for the kindness and likeness inreturn."

- Wendy Slater (USA) November 2007

It is the first time I had the feeling the staff was almost as pleased to be here as me. I have never seen such well being elsewhere, and it is contagious."

- Colinne (France) November 2007

This was my second stay at SOUKYA. It was again an outstanding treatment with those lovely girls. The professional and efficient doctors did their best for my Arthritis. It is improving! A big thanks to everyone. I will be back. All the best."

- Margit Eirich (Germany) November 2007

This place is a nature lovers is Paradise! Overall ‘Vision' of Dr.Mathai is brilliant and Suja Mathai's touch on environment is lovely! Let it go and let it flow is a wonderful way of healing! Will be back to continue. My birds of SOUKYA count 24/74.

- Suresh Seshadri (USA) November 2007

This was out first visit, and it was a wonderful experience. From the moment we arrived, we have been captivated by the imagery, and hospitality of all the staff. We have discovered much in a day here and we have discovered there is more to be discovered than we have time for. This has been a wonderful stop for us, and it has rejuvenated us for the rest of our journey through India. Thanks."

- Biraj Bora & Karmen Mckellar (Canada) December 2007

It was a wonderful and very special visit. I am greatly looking forward to returning."

- Lisa (UK) December 2007

Sincerely superb."

- Patel (India) December 2007

A perfect at place to begin what is a life changing trip to India. Simply flawless in everyway - but so much more than that. With heat - everyone is so happy, friendly and welcoming. Thank you Dr.Mathai and all your team. I look forward to returning again for a longer stay."

- Kristine Locke (UK) December 2007

I had a wonderful time and I enjoyed my stay here. The treatment was excellent. All the staff are very helpful, friendly and loving. I am very pleased with my stay here. SOUKYA is a right place to to be in. I am looking forward for my next visit soon. Thank you Dr. Mathai."

- Pia Olin (Sweden) December 2007

Impossible to fault from the staff to the treatments, to the food. I asked my wife to find me the best Holistic Health Center in India and she sureded. See you again sometime next year. Next time I will be bringing some of my staff with me. You are a great man and visionary Dr. Mathai."

- Mal Emery (Australia) December 2007

very relaxing place everyone in SOUKYA are friendly thanks a lot to everyone. We gonna miss SOUKYA, all the girls in treatment, the boys in dinning we really had a great time once again THANK YOU ALL and lastly not the least the room cleaners keep it up and reception too."

- Najma & Fatma (U.A.E) December 2007

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.ā€¯

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Weekā€™s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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