Guest Experiences


"A wonderful stay and we hope to come back."

- Dr.Brian Silver & Mrs.Shubha Shankaran ( USA) after 7 day stay, January 2016

"Another lovely stay in this beautiful little paradise.Surrepticious food,Super service and terrific treatments.Soukya’s gorgeous grounds feed my soul.Thanks and hope to return."

- Ms.Vibhuti Patel (USA) after 23 days stay, January 2016

"This person centered and holistic health care centre would be the future model for people who want to be healthy forever.Thanks for all the hospitality given to me which was very much appreciative.Wish further success for the healthy mankind."

- Dr.Kim Sung Chol ,WHO (New Delhi) after a day stay, January 2016

"Perfect as Usual."

- Mr. & Mrs.Viacheslav Lukach (Ukraine )after 20days stay, January 2016

"Too short stay.See you again.Thank you all."

- Ms.Manon Kanaroglou (UK) after 9 days stay, January 2016

"I came with some expectations,leaving with love,comfort and happiness.Thankyou.Best people always provide the best.Thankyou all and every single person in soukya."

- Dr.Amina Mohammad Almarzooqi (Dubai) after 15days stay, January 2016

"We are here for the third time.We hope will come back next year.All good."

- Mr .& Mrs.Stepan Getmantsev (Russia) after 8days stay, January 2016

"Good Experience."

- Mr. & Mrs.Abdul Kareem(Kerala) after 11 days stay, January 2016

"Relaxing atmosphere,good experience overall.Staff very friendly,good service."

- Dr.Anoop Jalan (West Indies) after a month stay, January 2016

"Thankyou all the staff for their kindness and help."

- Ms.Mary Elce (UK ) after 16days stay , January 2016

"Wonderful.Many Thanks"

- Ms.Laura Brancato (USA) after 2 weeks stay, January 2016

"Excellent experience.Congratulations to the brain behind it and to the dedicated staff a very big thanks.Without you all this excellence will not happen.Thankyou so much for making our stay here the most beautiful days of our life."

- Ms.Anjali Nair and Ms.Suchitha (Dubai) after a week stay, January 2016

"Loved the people around,good ambience,loved your staff."

- Ms.Aishwarya Rajesh,after 2 days stay, January 2016

"More than expected.Thanks to everyone from management to labours.Hope to be back god willing.It was also a good chance to refresh memories with my friend."

- Mr.Ahmed Almudaiheem & Mr.Abdulaziz Alanbar(Riyadh) after 12 days stay, January 2016

"Once again a great experience.Going back happy,healthy and charged up.Thanks to each one of you from Dr.Mathai,Drs at the therapy,the therapists,the gardeners for creating this heaven."

- Ms.Mini Raheja (New Delhi) after 8 days stay, January 2016

"Soukya is a beautiful place that is well planned,tastefully decorated,very well organised and co

- Ms.Jeyanthi Sithara (USA) after 8 days stay, January 2016

"Good Experience."

- Ms.Lata Chedda (Mumbai) after 8 days stay, January 2016

"I feel rejuvenated in every way!Wonderful experience.Thank You!!"

- Ms.Jane Weldon (USA) after 21days stay, January 2016

"Thanks for the love and care,I felt at home with family and friends,coming back soon."

- Ms.Nisreen Shinkar (Saudi Arabia) after 22 days stay, January 2016

"Soukya is a paradise!Thankyou for your passion for healing.Heartfelt thanks."

- Ms.Lakshmi Vora (Mumbai ) after 15days stay, January 2016

"Very impressed."

- Ms.Asha Mahendra Gandhi (USA) after 2 day stay, February 2016

"What a beautiful surrounding,healthy food,service from dining team was superb;gardening;housekeeping team so friendly.Some excellent treatments with the yoga and evening practice.Thankyou all!"

- Mr. & Mrs. John Carter (NewZealand) after 6 days stay , February 2016

"We come back and back because this is such a caring and loving place and we come to get well and we do."

- Ms.Pallavi Shah and Ms.Kunjali Shah (USA) after 14days stay, February 2016

"Thankyou very much for everything nice and good in Soukya Centre.We feel like live in home."

- Ms.Khloud M Alnuaimi (Dubai) after 15 days stay , February 2016

"Soukya is a magical place.The placement of every plant,tree and smile comes from the heart.There are no short cuts in life and soukya does not claim to be one.What it is ,is a place to find balance in mind,body and soul.Its an amazing place.I will be back! Thankyou Dr.Mathai & his team."

- Mr.Mark Dean Jones (Hong Kong) after 13days stay, February 2016

"What a special and magical place.Loving,kind staff everywhere from gardeners to housekeeping,therapists,doctors,receptionists.Its very hard to leave.God willing – I will be back ASAP.Love to all of Soukya."

- Ms.Clare Alexandra Wise (London) after 27 days stay, February 2016

"People here are very dedicated,conscientious and exhibit by initiatives to do the work

- Mr.Mahendra Gandhi (USA) after 41 days stay, February 2016

"Leaving but carrying Soukya in my heart ,hoping to come back again.Beautiful place managed and run by beautiful people.Thank you and god bless you all."

- Dr.Salwa Alnuaimi (Dubai)after 20 days stay, February 2016

"Soukya is a beautiful,serene and calming place.Every person,every plant,everything in nature is at balance here and respects strong commitment towards life makes you want to live a life with such a balance and commitment across your body,mind and soul.Soukya is a true form of transformation that does not seem to cease and this enables everyone around here to embrace transformation within themselves too with ease.We will be back for sure.Our big thankyou to everyone here(even the rabbits).Keep doing what you do best as its definitely working."

- Ms.Vibha Kalathia (Pune) after 16days stay, February 2016

"Thankyou Again!"

- Dr & Mrs. Rossetto (Belgium) after 17days stay, February 2016

"Thankyou SOUKYA!"

- Ms.Yana Nebozhenko (Ukraine) after 22 days stay, February 2016

"I have been coming to Soukya from USA for 13 years.The holistic care keep my 80 year old body healthy and fit and they follow up with guidance for the coming year.Soukya is an environmentally glorious and calm 30 acres of gardens.Within the organic gardens they grow their own food,a medicinal garden for their own medicine,a 2km walking path,a yoga building for daily therapeutic yoga and a nourriture of birds.It reaches out to the body,mind and spirit."

- Ms.Maura H Brackett (USA) after 20 days, February 2016

"Thanks a lot and Iam lucky I happen to come to soukya.We will come back."

- Ms.Navini Sunassee (Mauritius) after a week stay,February

"The environment in Soukya

- Ms.Uma Anand Iyer (Bangalore) after 15 days stay, February 2016

"A wonderful warm and nurturing space for healing in an environment of comforting care.A great team of doctors who know what they are doing,therapists with a sensitive touch and staff who treat you like family.A retreat for mind,body and soul.This is because of the compassionate leadership of Dr.Mathai and his wife."

- Mr.Rajiv Mehrotra (Delhi) after 20days stay, February 2016

"We have really enjoyed our stay in soukya.Would like to thank the staff and management for the wonderful hospitality."

- Mr. & Mrs.Ashok Kirpalani (Hong Kong)after 10 day stay, March 2016

"Great time

- Mr.Manoj Tulshan (New Delhi) after 14days stay, March 2016

"The Best"

- Mrs. & Dr.Michael Dixon (UK) after 9days stay.

"What an energising,relaxing and enlightening 2 weeks at soukya.Brilliant doctors,wonderful therapy and hands on smiling staff.I will be back!God bless Soukya."

- Ms.Sagarika Ghose (New Delhi) after 14days stay, March 2016

"So much has changed from where I was here 5yrs ago but all for better.Soukya is moving by ceapst bounds

- Ms.Maya Lalchandini (Mumbai) after 3 days stay, March 2016

"Soukya just keeps bringing me back!Thankyou for a complete recharge.I go back feeling rejuvenated and ready for the world.Bring it on!!Once again I hope to see you all in the coming future."

- Ms.Meera Subherwal (UAE),after a 3 week stay, March 2016

"Thank you Soukya!"

- Ms.Katarina Pachova (Czech Republic) after 8 days stay, March 2016

"Thankyou for everything.Iam leaving from here with positive energy and thinking."

- Mr.Anas Al

"Thankyou very much for your care,for wonderful relaxing time!!!See you again!"

- Ms.Kolesnikova Lena (Russia) after 13days stay, March 2016

"Thankyou!Excellent time!!"

- Ms.Subbotina Marina (Russia) after 13days stay, March 2016

"A calming experience looking forward will come again."

- Dr.Annapurna (Telangana) after 8 days stay, March 2016

"As usual all is perfect.Life has been wonderful and sure will come back again and again."

- Ms.Daniele Gerbal (France) after 18days stay, March 2016

"The serenity of the environment,the dedication of the management and the sincerity of all the therapists greatly healed the body,mind and soul.Thankyou!"

- Ms.Valli Subbiah (Chennai) after a week stay, March 2016

"Thankyou soukya .Leaving with positive energy All were perfect."

- Mr.Suhail Sharma (Amritsar) after 10 day stay, March 2016

"Once again you have nestned my spirits and health.Many blessings to you all and thanks."

- Ms.Helen Symmons (USA) after 25 days stay, March 2016

"Once again a nurturing,rejuvenating experience with the warmth of the doctors and staff…Wonderful healing happens to your body ,mind and soul in SOUKYA."

- Ms.Susan Rahman(Bangalore) after 6 day stay, March 2016

"Calm ,cool relieved all the stress.Wishing a longer stay."

- Mr.Kumaraswamy (Bangalore) after 4 days stay, March 2016

"2nd visit.The grounds get more and more beautiful as does the smile and helpfulness of the staff."

- Mr.Steven Cosgrove (Hong Kong) after 10 days stay, March 2016

"Thankyou for all the care,detail and nurturing you gave me.Highly appreciated."

- Ms.Laura Lonsdale (London) after 9 days stay, March 2016

"1st visit.I intend to be here again.I feel wonderful after my visit.Thankyou for taking such good care of me."

- Ms.Nina Engineer (Dubai) after 9 day stay, March 2016

"It was a wonderful stay.Wonderful hospitality and treatment.Will come again."

- Mr.Arun Sharma (Delhi) after a week stay, March 2016

"Thank you

- Ms.Fatma Almarzooqi (Dubai) after 3 week stay, March 2016

"This silence and Nature has for the first time helped me to connect with my ownself.It was one of the newest and most beautiful experience I had.Special thanks to the Always wonderfully smiling and helping staff.It made my stay very memorable."

- Ms.Tina & Mr.Rajiv Jhaveri(Mumbai) after a week stay,April 2016

"It is excellent place to any person who really need to keep his life well.Excellent treatment,Diet,Doctors and staff.Iam proud myself Karnataka have this centre.Many many thanks to Dr.Mathai for having this centre that too in Karnataka."

- Mr.A.S.Patil (Bangalore) after a month stay,April 2016

"Once Discovered never forgotten.I now have 3 time in 5 years from USA.I come because the Dr & staff make results happen.It is always hard word.But at the end of my stay I see my body clock turned back 15 yrs."

- Mr.Jonathan Brett Baker (USA) after 8 days stay,April 2016

"4th Visit.Soukya the same as always home away from home serene,special & Magical.Staff so helpful and always smiling.Doctors and therapists always helpful.Dr.Mathai have a great place and a great team.Look forward to come again hopefully for a longer period this time.Thanks and love to everyone at Soukya."

- Mr.& Mrs .Sunil Bansal (Kolkata) after 8 days stay,April 2016

"Wishing you more success!"

- Ms.Lily Tharoor (Kerala) after 10days stay,April 2016

"Back to Incomparable Soukya

- Ms.Nathalie Brochand & Ms.Ranghuen (France) after 8 days stay,April 2016

"Very good hospitality,ambience and food.Thanks to Soukya to help me to improve my health.Will try to come again."

- Mr.Govind Raj Dempo & Ms.Lakshmi Dempo (Goa) after 2 weeks stay,April 2016

"After searching in internet among 1000 places,I decided to come to Soukya,and after my 28days ,I can affirm that I made the right decision.Iam going back home with other body,other mind and other spirit and all this was possible.Thanks to the relaxing peace that soukya gave me and to the help,attention and kindness of doctors,therapists and all the personal.Thankyou to all of you.See you next year!"

- Mr.Benjamin Villasenor (Mexico) after 28days stay,April 2016

"It was a uncomparable comfort and feelings we all had in Soukya.We will be back soon to enjoy the great hospitality and environment and great people of soukya.All the Best!"

- Mr.K.Ravi,Mr.B.Srinivas Rao & Mr.Chickkarayappa,after a week stay,(Bangalore)May 2016

"Excellent therapy and very good service by the respective therapist.The doctors were also informative and hands down to the basic.The yoga and the meditation techniques taught was very helpful. Also the staff at the restaurant were very careful serving the food and took special care to follow the diet being prescribed by the doctors to the patients.Last but not the least the surroundings of Soukya was ethical and gave a freshness in all forms.We would also like to thank each and every staff member of soukya.Look forward to visit again."

- Mr.Shashi Suvarna,Mrs.Chandravathi Suvarna & Mr.Muralidhar,(Mumbai) after 2 week stay,May 2016

"It was an excellent experience for me in soukya I enjoyed the place and I feel relax and Iam satisfied with all treatment was made for me.Sure I will visit this place once again."

- Ms.Al Anoud Al Marzooqi (Dubai),after 16 days stay,May 2016

"I enjoyed your therapy and feel relaxed.All doctors are friendly and kind and all staff are good.Dining food is good.I think I will come back."

- Ms.Munira Al Mulla,(Dubai)after 16 days stay,May 2016

"The whole systems are well planned and the way therapy and other activities are done keeps you busy all throught out the day and special words for the therapists and the food served.We would come back without failure and also inform our family about this lovely place created by Dr.Mathai."

- Mr & Mrs Vemi Prabhakar Reddy,(Andra Pradesh)after 4 days stay,May 2016

"Beautiful place with a great eye for detail.Apart from the lovely personalised therapies,foods,juices and doctor care

- Mr & Mrs Mahendra Jain,Ms.Snehal Jain ,Mr.Soham Jain(Bangalore),after 4 days stay,May 2016

"Overall an excellent experience very peaceful and harmonious.Staff are excellent.Rooms are spacious.Doctors and therapists very caring and helpful."

- Ms.Smeeta Chakrabarti,(New Delhi) after 15 days stay,May 2016

"Great experience.More people should experience soukya and get benefit from it."

- Ms.Manasi.S(Bangalore) after a week stay,May 2016

"Third time as excellent as prior visits.Staff well trained and naturally caring people."

- Mr.Robert Thoms (USA) after 15 days stay,May 2016

"Standards are well developed and maintained.Highly appreciate management team and entire staff.Excellent holistic health center."

- Mr.K .V Raju(Bangalore) after a week stay,May 2016

"Different world,natural greenery,lawn,trees,birds,flowers.Naturalist’s paradise.Place to forget the entire world,refreshing,relaxing and rejuvenating experience.Full marks for persons who have planned."

- Dr.K.S.Ravindranath (Bangalore)after 3 days stay,May 2016

"If there be an heaven on earth,this it is.This is the perfect place for the expert healing being done here by reknowned experts under Dr.Mathai.We had a wonderful stay."

- Mr.& Mrs B.K.Rathnakar Rao(Bangalore) after 10 days stay, June 2016

"Overall a wonderful experience.This is a blessing for health.Commendable efficiency in every area.Very well organised.Keep up the great work."

- Mr.& Mrs.Devendra Gupta(Delhi) after 10 days stay, June 2016

"Very good experience.Excellent facility.Very calming.Will definitely visit again."

- Nidhi Sachdev (Delhi) after 8 days stay, June 2016

"A wonderful stay.I cant complain or find a single amendment needed.Excellent service and make u comfortable.Customer Delight as they call it."

- Purnima Jagatiani (Bangalore) after 3 days stay, June 2016

"A wonderful experience.I enjoy the treatment and the hospitality all the time.Going back rejuvenated and happy.Looking forward to my next visit."

- Mr.Ramesh Ramakrishna (Dubai) after 12 days stay, June 2016

"Consistently very high quality of service and therapies.Immaculate maintainance of plush grounds is uplifting.Am sure I will be back."

- Ms.Sandhya Rajgopal (USA) after 15 days stay, June 2016

"A blissful stay at soukya!!!Must say that Iam feeling much better and peaceful staying at soukya.The staff here really need a round of applause for the excellent service and hospitality.The team of doctors and therapists are excellent.Iam sure of coming back soon to Soukya for more time with myself and nature.God bless you all!Keep up the good work.A big thank you all Doctors."

- Ms.Sai Shivani (Bangalore) after a week stay, June 2016

"What a unique and excellent place soukya is! Shall be back for longer stay."

- Ms.Samantha Gee (Bangalore) after 3 days stay, July 2016

"Revolutionary concept. Its high time humans go beyond conventional medicines and appreciate the ancient culture and well-being. Soukya has made a comfortable effort in maintaining the sanctity of the practices along with providing modern day comforts. God Bless the team!

- Mr.Anuj Wadhwa (Delhi) after 36 days stay, July 2016

"Soukya gathers into an warm embrace and you leave here feeling rejuvenated and touched at a very deep level!"

- Ms.Eliamma Rao (Bangalore) after 4 days stay, July 2016

"Same feedback as before.Wonderful people, great place, very good hosts everywhere."

- Mr.Shankar K (UK) after 8 days stay, July 2016

"Soukya is very beautiful place. This is my first visit to Naturopathy I was scared,but after I came to Soukya I really liked it so much. Very Homely, very kind, Good atmosphere,very good staff and good doctors.It was more than expected. I will come soon. Love your staff and Dr’s Lovely Gift. Thanks."

- Ms.Prem Hirawat (Chennai) after 8 days stay, July 2016

"Blessed to have discovered this lovely place, will definitely come again, asap. Thanks to each and all of Soukya for the wonderful experience.

- Ms.Shikha Sahu (Jharkhand ) after 4 days stay, July 2016

"Serenity concludes this place. Its an amazing place to get rejuvenated and get energy from the surroundings. The staff is excellent and friendly. We will definitely come back.

- Ms.Shamma Al Nowais & Mr.Yaqoob Al Mansoori (UAE) after 4 days stay, July 2016

‘’I finally feel rested after years!"

- Dr. Ivy John (USA ) after 10 days stay, July 2016

"The place itself is very soothing. A compelling face to visit again and again. Thank you for the wonderful experience."

- Ms.Elsy john( Nigeria) after 10 days stay, July 2016

"Overall a rejuvenating stay mentally, physically and spiritually! The physical environment, the attitude and expertise of every member of the team, and the processes are aligned seamlessly to Soukya’s mission and values. The core team can pat itself on its back for making the lead from a good health centre to an institution… No say all achievement! Thank you for an awesome stay!"

- Ms.Nooraine Fazal (Bangalore) after a week stay, July 2016

"I came here to relax, detox, feel healthy, energetic, to learn yoga, have fresh air, for some treatments, a good balanced diet and I must admit that all my objectives have been met. The place is heaven and staff is the best I have ever seen. Thanks to soukya for a great learning and I am sure I will come back again."

- Mr.Ajay Malhotra (London) after 8 days stay, July 2016

"I came here to relax and get therapies. I am energised more than I expected. The atmosphere is so good and enjoyed being here.Especially loved walking in the natural,unpolluted atmosphere. Doctors and staff are so sweet and felt like home."

- Ms.Chitra Krsihnaswamy (Coimbatore) after 12 days stay, July 2016

"Had a great time, relaxed and feeling good."

- Mr.Farid Bukhari (Bangalore) after 2 days stay, July 2016

"Feel great, satisfactory, Rejevenated. Thank you!"

- Mr.Arjun Reddy ( Bangalore) after 7 days stay, July 2016

"SOUKYA- an amazing place-with fantastic doctors- A salute to Dr mathai. All doctors are awesome. Delicious food each day by the chef and therapists were execellent in their service. Soukya is such a lovely place to come and relax and rejuvenate. The organic vegetables and fruits are to die for. Everything under one roof-a paradise on earth thats SOUKYA.

- Ms.Hema Chhabria ( Bangalore) after 19 days stay, July 2016

"The service here is the best I have ever experienced. This is very special place-best wishes to everyone and see you next year.

- Ms.Minty Pham ( Vietnam) after 18 days stay, July 2016

"I have the same comments as my daughter as above. We travel every two months and never experienced the special service as here.Professional and very warm from everybody. We will be back next year with our friends.

- Ms.Tran bich ha ( Vietnam) after 18 days of stay, July 2016

"Peace and tranquillity prevail scenic and healthy environment. Once in soukya you are in the lap of nature, on oasis in the desert -against the back drop of an unplanned concrete jungle. The hand of a genius is discernible in the soukya paradise. Wish him all the best."

- Mr. & Mrs. Manjooran (Bangalore) after 4 days stay, August 2016

"We had a very good experience and a very relaxing stay with yoga and some Ayurveda treatment. Service was excellent and people very friendly."

- Ms.Edda Schulz and Mr.Rakesh Asthana ( USA) after 8 days stay, August 2016

"A very special place- I feel energized and fresh.Wonderful friendly staff- A huge Thanks."

- Ms.Margo Marone ( UK ) after 13days stay, August 2016

"What a journey its been. Thank you all so very much for your experience, your professionalism but above all your kindness. Much love.

- Ms.Katie Mulloy (UK) after 8 days stay, August 2016

"A profound change has begun, the wheels are in motion-the ball is rolling..! Thanks to all! From the bottom of my heart."

- Ms.Jennie Roditi ( UK) after 28 days stay, August 2016

"It has been an experience of a life time short stay of 2 nights, but was more than expected. Will visit for longer duration in the near future. Must add Doctors were fantastic. It was great talking to them and receiving their most natural advice. Super. Therapists were out of the world. An asset to soukya, must compliment Dr.Mathai on creating a heaven on earth. Keep t up doc!!! Pity never had a chance to visit earlier. Better late than never."

- Ms.Ranjana & Mr.Deepak Malik (Bangalore) after 3 days stay, August 2016

"spirituality" and Dr Mathai deserves full marks to create that feeling in all these people. A lab for all HR, motivationists and people leaders. Truly a place to detoxify body, mind and spirit. A big Thanks."

- Mr.Ajay Mittal (New delhi) after 10 days stay, August 2016

"heaven on earth". I would like to thank Dr.Mathai and his team for giving me such a wonderful experience. Staff in this place are most amazing people. I would love to come to this place again and again."

- Mr.Anil Kumar K.S (Bangalore) after 16 days stay, August 2016

"Another therapeutic, relaxing stay. Thank you to Drs, staff at therapy and restaurant. See you next year."

- Ms.Mei Wen (Australia) after 9 days stay, August 2016

"I love soukya always, when I came first time I thought you are doing your best to please your guests. Second time I realize it is your way of doing your marvelous duties. Thank you so much for all teams, doctors, receptionists, dining, housekeeping, cleaners, gardeners and all staff and everyone in soukya. See you next time."

- Ms.Ayesha & Dr.Amina Almarzooqi ( Dubai ) after 11 days stay, August 2016

"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the care!

- Ms. Annapurna Vikram (Telangana)after 5 days stay, August 2016

"Out if the world! Congratulations to Dr Mathai and team for the vision. God bless!"

- Ms.Shobha & Ms.Sudha Philips ( New delhi) after 15 days stay, August 2016

"This is my first visit to any holistic centre. I must say I loved every moment. I spent here, wow what a humbling memorable journey it has been. To everybody to Dr Mathai and his team keep smiling. Hope to see the same soukya when I visit next."

- Ms.Priya Golchha ( Kolkata) after 22 days stay, August 2016

"A big thanks to Dr Mathai and his team. The stay was blissful and blessed.Keep smiling."

- Ms.Sai Shivani (Banaglore) after 22 days stay, August 2016

"Wonderful-Uplifting-Unbeatable!! Will be back as always."

- Ms.Radhika Bahl, Ms.Ruchika Narula, Ms.Surinder Soi ( New Delhi) after 9 days stay, August 2016

"This is my second visit to soukya. I was here this time in 2015. Dr Mathai & Dr (Mrs) Mathai have created a heaven on earth. The ambience is so serene and calm. The food, treatment and care is just fantastic. It is truly a world class institution. Thank all. The staff for their care.

- Mr.Manish Tiwari,Minister ( New delhi) after 9 days stay, August 2016

"Good time, enjoyed the stay. Therapies are very good. Doctors advice were excellent. Yoga in the morning was very good."

- Mr.V.Charles Jebakumar (Chennai) after 7 days stay, August 2016

"Thank you very much for your help and advice. Thanks to all at Soukya centre."

- Ms.Marta Bravo ( Portugal ) after 11 days stay, August 2016

"It has been a wonderful experience and a very good time. Dr Mathai & Mrs Mathai has created a new world, a heaven with good staff, ambience, caring team of Soukya. Amazing experience I wish I would come whenever I get time. My best wishes to Dr Mathai and his entire team for their care and concern."

- Mr.Alleti Maheshwar Reddy ( Hyderabad) after 8 days stay, September 2016

"It has been an extremely relaxing and worthwhile experience. It has helped me a lot and I will be back in november."

- Mr.Frans Visscher (Netherland) after 4 days stay, September 2016

"Fantastic experience. Excellent staff members. This has certainly improved my knowledge about well being. My best wishes to Soukya."

- Mr.Brij Tanti ( Pune) after 14 days stay, September 2016

"Once in a lifetime experience. Must congratulate Dr.Mathai on his leadership. It’s the place the staff that makes the experience blissful. Keep it up!"

- Mr.Phiroze Seth (Mumbai) after 28 days stay, September 2016

"I congratulate Dr Mathai and family stay with from of Soukya .Dr Mathai enterprise is nothing about of paradise. It has been a very fulfilling stay for me and I am sure to return next year. Soukya surpasses all others surely with its excellent and most comforting staff and doctors I have come across anywhere. Soukya in serene, calming, therapeutic and rejuvenating to anyone who is undergoing any ailments or stress. I hope and wish we get to see a soukya in Delhi too!"

- Ms.Shahira Akhter (Bangalore) after 12 days stay, September 2016

"What a pleasure it is to return to Soukya and to meet Doctors on my first examination/complaints/meeting. They are massive and made my anxiety, history. Of course meeting Dr Mathai again was a bonus. Thank you for your prescriptions. The staff were delightful at the dining hall. I will return again and again to this serene paradise. My love to Dr Mathai and team-not forgetting everyone in Admin.

- Ms.Sabera Sheikh (Malaysia) after 8 days stay, September 2016

"Dear Dr Mathai, this is my third visit to Soukya. At the outset both my sister Eleena and I would like to convey our heartful- Thanks to your good self, Dr.Suja and all of the Soukya staff who took such careful care us both for the past 10 days. We both feel completely rejuvenated in mind and body. Especially my sister Eleena is very thankful for the vigorous and trustworthy manners we were treated by your staff. My sister is truly happy with healing of her frozen shoulder ailment. Once again thank you for everything."

- Mr.Michael D Souza & Ms.Eleena D Souza (Dubai) after 10 days stay, September 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Soukya. The environment is very relaxing, rejuvenating and the treatment excided my expectation. I will be recommending this place to my friends and family and I will definitely return next year.

- Mr.K. J .George, Minister (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, September 2016

"A very special, magical space, healing and restorative to the last cell of the body, mind, spirit and soul. Congratulations Dr Mathai, Mrs Mathai and the team for meeting such and extraordinary environment. God Bless!"

- Ms.Parul Shah (Bangalore) after 8 days stay, September 2016

"Thanks to each and every one who is working here. You make this a wonderful place for vacation. This has been the most refreshing experience. Hope to see you again!"

- Ms.Hilde Hyrat (Norway) after 14 days stay, September 2016

"Once again I say, I am blessed to have discovered Soukya. As I was looking for a place to help myself, far off from the daily tension of life. Finally it’s here! Feel great after a 20days stay, going back rejuvenated mentally and physically + plan to visit here once a year for someday for sure. Everything is excellent out here. Thanks to Dr Mathai! For visualising such a beautiful concept and letting us avail it."

- Ms.Shikha Sahu (Jharkhand) after 21 days stay, September 2016

"An excellent place for a break from stressful routine, yet get medical, physical, mental benefits. Thanks to ever willing dedicated staff, doctors and salute to the vision of Dr Mathai. Thank you Soukya, will meet again."

- Dr.Neeraj Verma (Delhi) after 14 days stay, September 2016

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.ā€¯

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Weekā€™s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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