Guest Experiences


I want to thank Dr.Mathai and every single staff member at SOUKYA from the bottom of my heart. When we first met, you told me you were going to rebuild my nervous system - and boy did you deliver!! My back, neck, nerves, & energy are all transformed and I have released the emotional stress and wounding I was carrying. The thing I did not anticipate and which I am most grateful for, however, is the shift in my consciousness. It is difficult to express in words but I feel a clarity and a connectedness to the divine in myself and the world that I have never experienced as an adult. These last weeks have been life changing for me and I now feel that I have the ability to bring forward my vision into the world as I enter the second half of my life.

- Guest from California after a month stay at SOUKYA

Our deepest thank you to Mrs Suja Issac & Dr.Issac Mathai for a post wedding visit and orientation to Soukya. Wonderful friendly staff and doctors throughout. Namaste.

- Mr & Mrs Von Schlegell (USA) after 3 days of stay, 2020

As the MLA of Hosakote Taluk, I am really proud that this international quality wellness centre is located in my constituency. Personally I had a wonderful experience here. The staff are all very well trained and thoughtful. The environment is fantastic and being immersed in nature here is a blessing. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks and all the best.

- Mr Bachegowda (India) after 5 days of Stay, 2020

We are fifth time here, it is great. Thanks to Dr Mathai and all doctors and therapists.

- Mr & Mrs Bondarenko (Ukraine) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

Everything was excellent, thank you.

- Ms Gazioglu (Turkey) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

This has been a great experience. The treatment were unique and excellent. Everyone was so friendly. The environment was so clean and green. Thank you Soukya.

- Mr Gazioglu (Turkey) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

Right from the reservation to the airport pickup and the stay in Soukya has been amazing. Our first visit to Soukya and we are absolutely in love with it. It is such a beautiful place, full of greenery and fresh air, even the rooms have mini gardens which are so refreshing. The service in Soukya is excellent including the housekeeping and the dining staff. Everyone is so welcoming and warm. The food here is delicious and the best part is its all organic which makes quality of food so high. The best part about Soukya is Dr Mathai and his team organization. The composition of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy is brilliant. All in all the therapists are the real magicians, their hard work gives us the results and hence biggest thank you to them and everyone in the Soukya team. One last thing is the absence of Tv has blessed me with so much fun time and memories with my mom and I will always be indebted to Soukya for that, Thank you.

- Ms Shah (India) after 15 days of stay, 2020

What a blissfully wonderful sanctuary created with such loving care and vision by Dr&Mrs Mathai. We have been truly blessed to have experienced Soukya is all its glory. Our first visit but definitely not our last. The rejuvenating environment landscape organic, delicious healthful food, comfortable room, continues and helpful staff, not to mention the caring medical staff, doctors, therapists, attendants all contributed to the healing process. The offering of so many different national forms of medicine under one roof makes Soukya unique along with all else, rejuvenating not only body but spirit and mind. Heartfelt and immense gratitude to every member of staff who would have contributed in some way some more than others to the beautiful refreshing four weeks that flow by in this heavenly paradise

- Mr & Mrs Susan Ramlal (Trinidad) after 30 days of stay, 2020

Our experience was immensely positive. This is my second and my moms fifth time in Soukya and we are once again are certain that this is the best place for Ayurvedic and Naturopathic treatment in the world. We will definitely come back here as many times as possible. We wish the staff and Dr.Mathai all the best and hope to return soon.

- Mrs Alexandrine & Mr Lukach (Ukraine) after 22 days of stay, 2020

I entered the compound of Soukya December 17th 2019 and left in 2020. My initial intention was to stay 3 weeks yet fate would have it that I ended up staying 5 weeks. Indeed my stay was therapeutic physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially. I came for medical treatment in full faith and trust in the process. I know that my journey towards healing is long term process and I trust that I am on the right path. Soukya philosophy compounded to its expert team of healers, therapists and general staff are so good, on top of it treatments are magical in that they are or seem harmless but have amazing physical and emotional impact. There is nothing not to love about Soukya. It is home away from home. My sincere thanks and gratitude to the medical team, the therapists, the restaurant staff who made me feel like a queen, the cheff, housekeeping, reception team and more importantly to the unknown faces who keep this amazing Shangrila running smoothly and beautifully.

- Ms Bundgji (Jeddah) after 34 days of stay, 2020

Very relaxing visit feel recharged. Therapists better than usual. Great improvement all around, food, service and smiling faces. Thank you to all staffs and doctors.

- Ms Wen (Australia) after a week of stay, 2020

The place lived up to my expectations. However, my stay was too short to elaborate more. I hope to return soon to get the benefits I have heard so many others.

- Ms Cahudhri (India) after few days stay, 2020

Soukya is a dream come true, this is our home in India. We will come back every year for this magical place, excellent service and magical healing.

- Ms Hazinedroglu & Ms Ergelen (Turkey) after 13 days of stay, 2020

This wonderful magical place SOUKYA proved to be an amazing find for me following a very big loss. When I arrived here, I was very down and sad and very tired. With the help of this wonderfully warm, kind, loving and extremely competent team. I started to heal and feel better and better. May this beautiful, unique place make many more feel healed. May Dr Mathai touch the lives of many more with his unique knowledge and exceptional inner resources and talents. I salute Mr & Mrs Mathai with much love and gratitude.

- Ms Uner (Turkey) after 13 days of stay, 2020

Soukya changed my life. Best treatments I have come across. I suffer of fibromyalgia. I got 90 percent better. Will definitely come back.

- Mr Bhanji (Portugal) after 43 days of stay, 2020

Thank you to everyone at Soukya this experience has been life changing, I feel better than I can remember as an adult and my body mind and soul all feel it. The grounds are divine, the doctors top notch, the staff incredible and food delicious. It is truly a divine environment that allows for divine healing.

- Ms Bose (USA) after 29 days stay, 2020

Overall an exhilarating experience. A pity that it was too short only four days. The attitude of the staff and the personalised attention was par excellent. Th overall ambience and environmental was simply great. May come back for a longer stay. I had a lot of trepidations about the food before we came here. Expected it to be typically bland and dull. It was a pleasant surprise to have such nutritious, tasty food with a lot of variety.

- Mr & Mrs Shankar (India) after 4 days of stay, 2020

The most attentive staff, the most delicious soups, the most beautiful grounds.

- Ms Oldfield (USA) after 13 days of stay, 2020

An exquisite refuge of beauty calm and pampering, sincere gratitude to the entire staff for their demonstrated dedication and compassion and love. A shout sweet stay. Namaste.

- Ms Bell (Canada) after 6 days of stay, 2020

Soukya has been an amazing experience from the greenery to the food, doctors etc. everything is good, best part was meditation and pranayama it is an important part of healing. No Tv and Internet in the room is a blessing, hats off to Dr.Mathai & Mrs Suja for creating Soukya.

- Mr & Mrs parekh (USA) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

We came to address various health issues and found the treatments, attitudes of doctors and staff assuring and calming. We have learned so much about ourselves, our bodies and how to take care of ourselves. Thank you. Hoping to return.

- Mrs Ram (India) after 12 days of stay, 2020

Soukya just gets better and better, therapists the very best, the doctors, food is very delicious always interesting and the food information is really useful and more butterflies than ever. It really is paradise on earth. Everyone is cheerful, welcoming and helpful. We return home very much healed in Mind, Body and Spirit. Thank you so much.

- Dr & Mrs Dixon (UK) after a week of stay, 2020

Having arrived totally exhausted, I will be returning completely refreshed and feeling ready for everything. I love the yoga and the therapists are so wonderful and kind. This is an amazing place. Thank you for all your kindness.

- Ms Liberty Dixon (UK) after a week of stay, 2020

After so many years we still come with great pleasure because we are so sure of the results. Thank you so much to all the lovely staff at Soukya that make our stay a success every time we come.

- Dr & Mrs Rossetto (Belgium) after 18 days of stay, 2020

Heaven on earth. My first time in Soukya above any expectations, great staff, excellent food, fantastic therapies, everybody efficient, competent and with smile. Looking forward for my next stay. Thank you so much.

- Mr Koprivika (Russia) after 21 days of stay, 2020

Thanking everyone especially the doctors for all their kindness and commitment. The therapist were all so dedicated and helpful and caring. My stay has been an unbelievable experience and has given me a lot to think about in my life. Thank you for unbelievable experience. God bless everyone at Soukya.

- Ms Alireza (Bahrain) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

Thank you Soukya for a wonderful experience. Beautiful gardens reminds a true paradise. Thank you to the always cheerful staff, mainly Doctors and amazing therapists and their assistants. We hope to come back.

- Ms Natalia & Ms Anna Bodnarova (Prague) after 13 days of stay, 2020

It has been an amazing experience in this sanctuary of wellness. I am taking Soukya with me and will be back soon

- Mr & Mrs Sabharwal (India) after 8 days of stay, 2020

Wonderful, peaceful, restorative week in beautiful surroundings. Hope I can come again.

- Ms Hibbert Foy (UK) after a week of stay, 2020

Fantastic and thoughtful staff, very good ayurvedic treatments, cute sheeps on the lawn in the mornings, amazing stay, definitely coming back here.

- Mr Aziz & Ms Rudenko (Egypt) after 15 days of stay, 2020

Beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Great staff and treatments.

- Ms Buthaina (Bahrain) after 15 days of stay, 2020

Many thanks. All perfect as usual. Full love for all.

- Ms Gerbal (France) after 9 days of stay, 2020

I have known Soukya since its very beginning and have referred colleagues and clients but this was my first Panchakarma a life changing and lifesaving commitment for me. Therapeutically the team are magnificent in every way. As a place of healing Soukya might well be called The Garden of Eden. I am grateful beyond measure and look forward to many more years of relationship. Thank you.

- Dr Jobst (UK) after 5 weeks of stay, 2020

I arrived here extremely tired and totally confused on how to tackle my health issues. I stayed only 8 days but the difference is incredible. Thanks to all the professional adviser of such top notch doctors of Dr Mathai and the lovely therapists. I have now a much better understanding of my body and of how my mind connects to it. I will be extremely grateful for this experience and the food will be something I will always remember with admiration. Cannot wait for the cook book. All the best.

- Ms Caine (Italy) after 8 days of stay, 2020

I did not think I would find the perfect combination of serene tranquil place with the healing therapies of complementary medicine. I consider myself most fortunate that I found Soukya, that perfect serene place and healing powers. I noticed the huge benefits after just 5 days and so will return for longer to the fitfully. Everyone has been simply brilliant. All the staff are kind, helpful, thanks to them. The lovely gardeners too cheered me up. The gardens are to be admired for all they produce, the food is delicious as are the staff and how I know what to do when I get home. Mt thanks to all the doctors and all the therapists who do a great job with great skill. Thank you Dr Mathai for your vision and energy in healing this perfect place. We need more places like this.

- Ms Sindle (UK) after 6 days of stay, 2020

A heaven of peace, tranquilly and harmony. Perfect in every way. Thank you.

- Ms Falconer (UK) after 6 days of stay, 2020

Garden of Eden with excellent treatment and lovely staff.

- Ms Probert (UK) after 6 days of stay, 2020

Birds, butterflies and a harmony of life in this special place. Thank you.

- Ms Bacon (UK) after 6 days of stay, 2020

What I love about Soukya are the thoughtful little things one experiences many times over during the stay. I love reading the carefully curated Thought for the day, that is left on my bed, ever so discreetly or walking through the fragrant Jasmine pathway leading to my room or the way the mirror work lights up the black oxide floor every evening in the yoga hall. The chapel on the hill has always been one of my favourite places that I go to when I need to look within. Dr Suja & Dr Issac have created through Soukya a beautiful harmony that enriches human & environmental health. I love the energy that Soukya has and will always treasure my time here.

- Ms Bhattacharya (India) after 4 days stay, 2020

It is a fourth time experience for me and it is extremely good. This place is blessed with nature with all its luxury. Excellent service and lovely ambiance with good therapies. A well maintained place. A very good experience mentally and physically.

- Mr M.P George (India) after 10 days of stay, 2020

It was a lovely and calming experience, I found that the staff were very well trained, polite and made the whole experience very pleasant.

- Ms Pullela (India) after a month stay, 2020

The Ambience is wonderful, hygiene is top notch. Excellent staff. The treatments were really good. Quality of food is great. I had a very peaceful time here and I am more healthier. Thank you All.

- Dr Patel (India) after 13 days of stay, 2020

Dr.Mathai is one of the most excellent doctors in the world. This is not my first stay but yet again wonderful experience I had and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The Soukya Dr.Mathai and his entire team made me feel at home. I truly not only appreciate people in the centre are friendly but the gardens, birds, trees, plants and flowers are so friendly. Everywhere every corner there is only positive energies flowing which make us feel fresh always. Soukya heals mind, body and soul. This made my stay as memorable as always, Soukya will always live up to its expectations. Dr.Mathai thank you from the bottom of my heart for treatments, had a beautiful experience with healing and rejuvenated. I really appreciate every single day of my stay. The food was also very refreshing, detoxing and delicious. Thank you all. Heartfelt gratitude.

- Mr & Mrs Senapaty (India) after 19 days of stay, 2020

I simply do not have words to tell, you the transformation that I have gone through during my stay at SOUKYA. The space is blessed with the most positive energy. I spent my week eating the most Satvik food, immersed in a world of healing, walking along treasures to the senses, for example, the church was so peaceful and gave me a sense of not being alone, that all will be well. My mind, body and spirit are ready to take on the world. I cannot thank Dr.Mathai and Mrs.Suja Issac enough from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

- Mr Kalyanaraman (India) after 8 days of stay, 2020

Everything at Soukya finds itself to the life and spirit of healing that I have experienced here. The beauty & sounds and life of nature to the well cooked and nutritious meals, the expert guidance of the doctors & therapists in my treatment are just glimpses, a very few in this wonderful and interconnected world of nature and healing that is pleasant here. Thank you Suja, my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Dr.Mathai.

- Mrs Chaudhuri (India) after 44 days of stay, 2020

Excellent doctors, treatment and am going back feeling much better.

- Ms.Balraj (India) after 10 days of stay, 2020

Soukya is a temple of healing. The facilities are fabulous, state of the art. Ayurveda at its best, staff, doctors, therapists and food are outstanding. Truly an ocean of joy and peace.

- Mr.S.S.Naganand (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

Thank you to all the members of Soukya for a wonderful experience. A special thanks to all the doctors and therapists. A beautiful place and had a memorable experience as usual. We all are grateful beyond measures and look forward for building our relationship. Special wishes and blessings to Mrs. &. Mr. Issac Mathai by our beloved mother BA. PRANAM.

- Tanti & Family (India) after 15 days of stay, 2020

Had a wonderful time at Soukya, it was a treat to all the five senses. Hats off.

- Mr.Cyriac (India) after 11 of stay, 2020

It was very holistic treatment and good environment, greenery, feel very beautiful, all staff were complete discipline and good behaviour, treatment was very good, feel stress released completely and lighten the body, am taking all the positive thinking, food was very nutritious and delightful, we enjoyed lot and good memories. Special thanks lot to Dr.Mathai sir and Miss Suja Issac Mathai madam, you have maintained good discipline with all staff. Thanks for your lovely host.

- Mr.Bose and family (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

My visit to Soukya was prompted by war-time injuries sustained in 1971 as well as childhood Asthma issues that revisited some years ago, neglected and resulting in COPD. I have only praise for Soukya, not to mention Dr.Issac Mathai, Suja & their team. My condition is definitely better, especially my breathing and restoration of a better lung capacity, as for Soukya, it is a first class institution raised by Dr.Issac Mathai & Suja, for the absolute wellbeing of all that enter its gates. The Doctors, Ambience, Food, Service, Treatment and staff are very very good. Yoga was outstanding. I am leaving with a very good therapeutic experience both physically and emotionally. Exactly what I needed, exactly what I wanted & exactly what I got. Thank you Soukya.

- Mr. K.C.Kuruvilla (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

I came here for IBS, hormonal & chronic fatigue issues, the place is amazing with wonderfully created flora and fauna, making it ideal for healing. The doctors were exceptional. The food is outstanding and the staff are incredible at the F&B and therapy centre. Yoga & Meditation were very good too, making holistic healing possible. I am very happy & grateful to Dr.Mathai & Dr.Suja.

- Ms.Pritha Kuruvilla (India) after 19 days of stay, 2020

Despite high BP and varied aches and pains, I was functional and so assumed all was well, I had always learned an allopathy for help. Then when COVID struck, visits to regular hospital became risky and somehow Soukya happened and I am glad it did. I had no clue that I needed the help I got. The doctors patiently explained the impact of the stress of my life style and why I needed to slow down. Excellent treatments, great ambience and the gentleness of the doctors and staff was made my stay here a lot more than I had imagined. I am grateful I have had the good fortune of having the experience. I am already talking to friends and family on why they need to check this out.

- Mrs.Menon (India) after 13 days of stay, 2020

Soukya is beyond special in every way, it is connected between the earth and the sky seamlessly and effortlessly. Apart from the amazing doctors, treatment and therapists, its an ecology onto itself and one that reminds us that nature can and is within us.

- Mr.Chaudhuri (India) after 4 days of stay, 2020

This is wonderful institution, truly holistic in its excellence, not only the doctors & therapists, but also every aspect that you touch during your stay. It is amazing that this culture has been created and sustained. Looking forward to coming back after a year or so. Special thanks to all the therapists, staff and Admin department.

- Mr.Sankaran (India) after 12 days of stay, 2020

Its been long in the works and we are absolutely thrilled that decided to come. The place is divine, the personal touch and dedication of all the involved apparent, the case well researched and effective and the entire team well trained and eager to please. Thank you Dr.Mathai & Suja for this wonderful stay at Soukya. My thanks to all the team of doctors and the whole team of Soukya. This visit is the first of many for us and we will be back soon. Thank you Team Soukya.

- Mr.Muthappa & family (India) after a week of stay, 2020

This is the most beautiful enriching stay of my life. The peace of the ambience, the treatments, the general aura of that place is so positive and energitive. The food was very good. The staff very cordial affable. The looming personality of Dr.Mathai was most reassuring and caring. The other doctors were brilliant. Many thanks to the management for following up with everything. Love the experience. So proud of Dr.Mathai and Suja Mathai for creating this fabulous place in India and more so in Karnataka. Surely a jewel in the crown of the state. Will be back again. Thank you Team Soukya.

- Mrs.Dinesh Rao (India) after 10 days of stay, 2020

This was our fifth stay at Soukya over the last 16years. Every time we have found it as more beautiful than the previous time. The maintenance is spot less and it is still as if a new place. The treatments and doctors are of the highest standards. The food is not only healthy but very tasty and plenty of variety. I am particularly impressed with the wonderful work that Dr.Issac Mathai and Dr.Suja Mathai are doing through the Soukya foundation, providing free or subsidised medical care to the rural people of Bangalore. This is a heaven for nature lovers and a very relaxing place to stay. The bird watchers can spend days here looking at the wonderful creatures. Our congratulations to the entire team of Soukya and best wishes for the future.

- Mrs&Mr.Luthra (India) after 10 days of stay, 2020

We came here for a quick getaway from the chaos of Bangalore. The pristine surroundings and the wonderful treatments and the delicious food cocooned us in absolute luxury. Will be back with more focus. Thanks Team Soukya.

- Ms Asma & Ms Almas (India) after 5 days of stay, 2020

Here the treatments are good, the staff are good and they have taken a good care of us, very homely and friendly, I am very thank full to Dr.Mathai and Soukya management.

- Ms.Thulasi.N.M (India) after 3 weeks of stay, 2020

We came here for a much needed break, to detox and destress, just entering the campus seemed to start the process of relaxation, the room the gardens, the food and the staff and most of all the therapists and doctors all made us feel that they were all committed to our best interest, we have stayed in 5 star hotels which looked splendid and spas that offer a good treatment, Soukya combined 5 star treatment with therapy plus a lot of soul. Thank you to Dr.Issac and Suja Mathai and all the staff.

- Ms.Mendonca (India) after 3 days of stay, 2020

Serene, professional, fabulous healthy food, objective treatments, great doctors and therapists, friendly and flexible staff, enjoyed the walking track. Spent a very nice time. Will be back with family. Thanks to all of you who made my stay so comfortable, grateful.

- Mr.Kumble (India) after a weeks of stay, 2020

Brilliant experience and thank you for creating such a wonderful space.

- Mrs.Chellaram (India) after 18 days of stay, 2020

A big thank you to the entire Soukya team for putting me back together, it was a truly wonderful experience.

- Mrs.Shankar (India) after 20 days of stay, 2020

Thanks for the wonderful time here in Soukya, you changed my lifestyle and thinking about Holistic health.

- Mr.Almaawali (Oman) after 38 days of stay, 2020

Thank you very much for very nice hospitality and it is one of the best travelling experience, also it was nice gesture to celebrate my birthday in Soukya, see you after 6months.

- Ms.Almaawali (Oman) after 38 days of stay, 2020

We thoroughly enjoyed our all too brief stay at Soukya, which gave us a welcome and much needed despite from the restrictions imposed on us over the past six months, thanks to COVID 19. Everyone has been kind & helpful and that has made all the difference to the whole experience. We are truly impressed by every aspect of this wonderful sanctuary.

- Mr.Vasudev & Mrs.Joseph (India) after a week of stay, 2020

The three days I stayed here seemed too short. The treatments were soothing & rejuvenating and the food wholesome and tasty. Thank you team Soukya, it was wonderful to be here, you are both professional and warm.

- Ms.Muthappa (India) after 3 days of stay, 2020

One of the best decision in my life to come to Soukya, it is truly a sanctuary established by Dr.Mathai and nurtured by his team. Beautiful landscape by professional approach to treatment and very warm hospitality and 10 out of 10 to dining, looking forward to my next visit.

- Mr.Bhandari (India) after a week of stay, 2020

Had a wonderful stay at Soukya the scenery and the ambience of the place really calms you mentally and the food was one of a kind. Thank you.

- Mr.Srinivasulu (India) after 2 days of stay, 2020

Loved coming to Soukya. Therapies and being among nature was absolutely revitalising. Staff was professional, incredibly kind and helpful. Thank you for a great trip.

- Mrs&Mr.Swarup (India) after 6 days of stay, 2020

Very good and wonderful experience, it made us understand what is good for our health. The greenery around very positive, food is very good lovely, whole staff including doctors are loving and caring, we will come again.

- Mrs&Mr.Modi (India) after 4 days of stay, 2020

This is our second visit and stay in Soukya again, god willing we thoroughly enjoyed our stay this time also. The ambience, the beauty of the surroundings, the serenity that prevails all around are captivating. The excellent service in therapy and friendliness of staff is very heartening. Food served was excellent and description of the nutrition of each item served is very impressive. Service at the dining hall was excellent, the staff were friendly and very obliging. There is nothing wanting in all aspects. I am at a loss for words, Number 1. My health has improved. Number 2. Mind is at peace. Number 3. General wellness at its peak. Enjoyed every minute of my stay here. Really a piece of gods own country where Dr. Mathai belongs. Happy faces all over. Peace and quiet all over.

- Mrs&Mr.Shetty (India) after 8 days of stay, 2020

As good as always.

- Ms.Varghese (India) after 4 days of stay, 2020

Second visit as good as ever peaceful, happy and satisfied every moment. Thank you SOUKYA TEAM.

- Mrs.Dinesh Rao (India) after 8 days of stay, 2020

Had a wonderful, relaxed stay, Soukya provides such a sanctuary in these stress filled Covid times. Everything was wonderful, friendly staff, great meals & treatment and outstanding landscaping.

- Ms.Agrawal (India) after 8 days of stay, 2020

First visit to Soukya, this is an absolutely superb place and experience. The staff, the service, the food the doctors everyone and everything is superb. Thank you very much. I hope to be able to visit again.

- Mr.Malvi (India) after 8 days of stay, 2020

It is our first visit to Soukya, this is really a beautiful place and ambience is really good. The doctors here are really very loving and caring. Hospitality is good and the attitude of staff is really very satisfying. Everyone here are humble and have a smile and greet always. We really appreciate each and everyone here and thanks to everyone. The doctors are really superb and amazing, so careful and loving. Special thanks to Dr.Issac Mathai who always shows special attention and care to every guest who visits here. Best place to come again. Lastly special thanks to each and every therapists who are really experienced and extra ordinary. Thanks to each and every one in Soukya Team.

- Mrs&Mr.Mandava (India) after 9 days of stay, 2020

First visit to Soukya, very good and satisfaction. I hope to be able to visit again.

- Mr.Faris (India) after 2 days of stay, 2020

Thank you for creating such an incredible place of healing. The staff are the kindest and have made me so at ease. Everything here is like a dream, the food, the insanely beautiful surroundings, the treatments, the peace and again the wonderful people who work here. Without whom it would not be the same. Thank you to Soukya for all the hope you have given me, for what no longer seems like a daunting future, but a bright one.

- Ms.Tara (UK) after 34 days of stay, 2020

Soukya was the last resort for my daughter health, on the strong recommendation of London doctor, we braved the pandemic and flew 10hrs to come here, seeking treatment and hope. We found this and more at Soukya, We found a warm welcome, we found love, care support, understanding, we found incredible professionalism, knowledge, experience, empathy, flexibility, openness, extreme willingness to answer all our questions and adapt treatments, from the gardeners all the way to the top wonderful founders and visionaries, Dr.Issac Mathai and his beautiful wife Suja, passing through the Doctors and the Therapists, Amazing, embracing and healing experience with very special place. A place which respects and celebrates our Earth, Nature beauty, our humanity and our spirituality. Eternally grateful, Thank you!

- Ms.Diane (UK) after 34 days of stay, 2020

Top quality experience.

- Mr.Rehman (India) after 22 days of stay, 2020

Soukya is the place to Relax, Repair & Rejuvenate your Body Mind & Soul. During this pandemic period to keep the place with strict protocols and give extra ordinary service is very recommendable. Dr.Mathai and his team is giving the service of very high quality with dedication and love. God bless. This is a repeat visit, we visited in October 2019 last.

- Mrs&Mr.Vaikunth (India) after 4 days of stay, 2020

Had a wonderful time, very relaxing and peaceful.

- Mr.Venkatesh (India) after 12 days of stay, 2020

Had a really good experience at Soukya. First and foremost my heartfelt gratitude to the staff, doctors, therapists, dining, kitchen, housekeeping and the entire team to help makes the stay comfortable, with care, patience and support at every step. Special shout out to Doctors for being there emotionally as well, Thank you for addressing the issues and helping overcome pain. Hope to come back soon!

- Mrs.Lokeshwar (India) after 12 days of stay, 2020

Soukya is a heaven in the times of the Covid pandemic. It is a peaceful and healing nature sanctuary which I keep coming to every year since the inception in 2001. A big thank you to Doctors, Therapists and the entire Soukya team for their dedication, warmth & caring during my entire three week stay. A special mention of chef and his amazing delectable vegetarian creations, his soups are yummy!

- Ms.Rahaman (India) after 3 weeks of stay, 2020

I am very happy from so many years I am visiting Soukya they have maintained same and very good standards, treatment, food, housekeeping, discipline and good behaviour. I am 100% satisfied, I will come again next year. All the best to Dr.Mathai and his wife and other doctors and therapists. Thank you very much.

- Mr.Ibrahim (India) after 10 days of stay, 2020

This is my third stay and how satisfied I am in evident. Keep the good work on let many come to this blissful place and get healed, physically and mentally.

- Mr.Tyagi (India) after 19 days of stay, 2020

I have visited Soukya regularly over many years. This time too, I leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The treatments advised and guided by the expert medical staff have helped me greatly. As on each visit, this one too, the staff are most pleasant and helpful. The food, as always, maintains its excellent quality & flavours out here. Amidst nature, Soukya has a healing ecosystem that I can look forward to coming back to.

- Ms.Chaudhuri (India) after 10 days of stay, 2020

Good experience and wonderful place.

- Mrs.Ratnavva (India) after a week of stay, 2020

It was my first experience in this beautiful place. My family visits every year and now after experiencing it first-hand, why they always choose SOUKYA. It is a beautiful place, with great accommodation & staff. The doctors were great and very understanding. The food was nourishing & satisfying. We were really grateful for the whole staff to make stay for our daughters comfortable & enjoyable. Thank you Dr.Mathai for the guidance for treatment. Congratulations Doctors on this world class facility and the wonderful work at SOUKYA. Thank you for a truly refreshing experience.

- Mr.Mohammed (India) after a week of stay, 2020

This was my first time at Soukya and I have to say I have had a very pleasant experience. The stay has been nothing but extraordinary. The staff have been very professional and has made my stay very enjoyable. The doctors have been very professional and quick to help the treatments have been very therapeutic and have definitely helped me a lot.

- Mr.Menon (India) after 35days of stay, 2020

This was my first time staying at Soukya though I have been a patient of Dr.Mathai since childhood. I am so glad I stayed this time, the retreat is like a beautiful oasis and heaven. The grounds are lovely, the accommodation very comfortable and the staff are fantastic from doctors and therapists to the dining room attendants. Everyone makes you feel taken care of, my treatments have been wonderful and for the first time this year, I feel relaxed and at peace. I must specially mention the food, every meal has been delicious! I will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, Thank you!

- Ms.Saran (India) after 5 days of stay, 2020

My husband had planned a 2 week stay, I came for only 6 days and it was a last minute programme. I am very glad the 6 days here have been therapeutic and were what I needed. The grounds the chirping of the birds, the cool weather and the staff and service made this a memorable visit to help and hope to come back to. The treatments, the attentiveness of the stay and the sheer attention to details make Soukya an outstanding institution. All the very best to Dr.Mathai, his wife who I did not have the pleasure of meeting at this stay.

- Mrs.Hiremath (India) after 6 days of stay, 2020

Beautiful facility, friends, staff, excellent food, good massages, all the ingredients for a great time. We loved our 3 day stay. Will come for a longer time, wish you all the best & great success.

- Mr.Siddharth & Ms.Malavika (India) after 3 days of stay, 2020

Hats off to the Mathai family for running this very tight ship. I have enjoyed my 2 weeks here. The surroundings are beautiful and the people are so attentive. I feel healthier and look forward to maintaining this good health after I leave.

- Mr.Hiremath (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

So thankful to have been able to come to Soukya and end this crazy year in a relaxing way and even more delighted to have been able to get my mother and grandmother along. Appreciate the friendly service, support and calm, peaceful environment. My grandmother also enjoyed the food and her time here and I am grateful for all your help, feel like I am returning a rejuvenated person.

- Ms.Sneha (India) after 12 days of stay, 2020

Really happy to end 2020 and begin 2021 at Soukya. This experience of a week has been rejuvenated and de stressing. Dr.Mathai and his team of doctors, therapists and staff have been caring attentive and competent. Thank you.

- Mr.Govind (India) after a week of stay, 2020

We five friends needed to go someplace, this challenging year full of travel restrictions & protocols so chosen Soukya. Thanks Dr.Mathai for the wonderful creation Soukya total team is a friendly and happy one. Got to see a lot of happy faces. Doctors, therapists, chefs, hospitality staff all need a big Thank you for the wonderful work they are doing. All be blessed always.

- Mrs&Mr.Kumar (India) after a week of stay, 2020

Glad we took this break to detox and relax with friends, Soukya is peaceful, green, well planned, well maintained with good vegetarian food and very courteous staff. In addition good treatments where required. Compliments to Dr and Mrs.Issac Mathai and team for creating an excellent place just in the outskirts of Bangalore. Best wishes for continued success.

- Mrs&Mr.Shankar (India) after a week of stay, 2020

It was the perfect place for a good retreat and wellbeing at the right moment after a hectic year. Staff is particularly nice. Place is peaceful and the food is very good. Thanks I feel much mire better after this week at Soukya.

- Mr.Eric (India) after 6 days of stay, 2020

Just loved the break we took, thanks for the extremely courteous staff services, made the whole atmosphere very relaxing and pleasant. The food was excellent with the staff wanting to please us with every request we had, a green heaven in close proximity to Bangalore, congratulations to Dr.Mathai & his entire team. The therapists here healed us in many ways. Special mention to be made of the smiling staff especially the garden cleaners who charmed us. Would definitely recommend to family & friends.

- Ms.Meera Krishna Kumar (India) after 6 days of stay, 2020

Very wonderful place, I am very fortunate to come here for treatment, very peaceful & relaxing. Dr.Bindhu was too good in her treatment & support, I am thankful to Dr.Bindhu. Thank you Dr.Mathai for making this place awesome, thank you for your counselling & the staff were very good, special thanks to yoga classes, food was excellent. Thank you Soukya team for making my stay wonderful. Thank you Dr.Mathai for your concern & wonderful gifts.

- Dr.Vinutha (India) after 2 weeks of stay, 2020

We had a relaxing & thoroughly enjoyable time at Soukya. Food was exceptional. All the staff are very attentive & generous with their hospitality. We feel energized and our stay at Soukya sets up for the year ahead. Happy New Year to all & we pray all have a wonderful year ahead.

- Mr.Jay & Ms.Sharmistha (India) after a week of stay, 2020

Brilliant place, excellent staff, overall wonderful experience.

- Mr.Bharat (India) after two weeks of stay, 2020

My second visit every bit as wonderful as the first. The lush, lovely environs, the friendliness and perfect treatments make it an unforgettable place. Going back feeling energized and rejuvenated. Thank you team Soukya, I wish you all a very healthy, happy, peaceful & prosperous New year.

- Ms.Dubey (India) after 9 days of stay, 2020

Truly grateful for the amazing 21 days filled with so much of health & rejuvenation. I am going back with amazing clarity of thought & fantastic health. I came here to detoxify & reset my body, mind & soul. I have achieved that I am filled with gratitude to Dr.Mathai and his team for their amazing treatment, guidance & support. I am truly going to miss this place. I am looking forward to coming here again. Thank you.

- Mrs.Vasanadu & Mrs.Mohan Rao (India) after 21 days of stay, 2020

A very very good break. Thanks to my son for forcing me to experience this new life of earthiness. A very amazing way to rejuvenate and bring life to live better. The Doctors, gardeners and cleaners all with their warming loving smile and Namaste use to make the day a wow. Dr.Mathai really a dream come true, Thanks.

- Mrs.Khokhawala (Dubai) after two weeks of stay, 2020

Sometimes we forget to thank the people who make our lives so happy in so many ways, so I thank Dr.Mathai and family for treating me as his own family members and taking immense care during my stay at Soukya. We are truly blessed to have people like Dr.Mathai who are truly dedicated in their service towards mankind.

- Mr.Manjunath Gowda (India) after two weeks of stay, 2020

My stay and treatment at Soukya was the gift of a lifetime. I truly appreciate the medical and the authentic service offered to me to get rid of my ailments completely. The atmosphere in this place is extremely rejuvenating. My sincere appreciation and thanks to the doctors, therapists, kitchen & dining staff, the garden people and the front office people. Thank you so much.

- Ms. Revathy Vaidyanathan (India) after two weeks of stay, 2020

"SOUKYA is deservedly called "The Best ". Doctors and therapists are very good. All staff very cheerful, professional. We return home thoroughly rejuvenated. Healthy and energised by all that you do here.”

- Mrs. & Dr. Dixon (UK) Week’s stay, 8th visit, January 2017 (Personal Physician to Prince Charles)

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